2004 BMW M3 Dinan Supercharged – REVISIT


I posted a couple of Laguna Seca Blue E46 M3s yesterday that looked like they were owned and modded by a couple of similarly-minded fanboys. Today, we’ll shift gears and look at one of the most tastefully and maturely modified E46s out there (chrome exhaust surround notwithstanding). Carter featured this car for Tuner Tuesday earlier in the month and it’s received the full Dinan treatment, earning enough points via supercharger, exhaust, suspension, and more to get the official Dinan badge. The badges sit on a custom and beautiful red paint job, with CSL nods in the wheels and trunk spoiler. It has only covered 40k miles in its 10 years and was honored with the cover of BMWCCA’s “Roundel” magazine a couple years back. The seller says its “generally considered to be one of finest E46 M3 in the country,” and it’s hard to argue against that.


CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2004 BMW M3 Dinan Supercharged on eBay

The below post originally appeared on our site September 2, 2014:

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The One? 2004 BMW M3 with 9,900 Miles

For some time I’ve talked about how I’d really like to get an E46 M3. I still remember well when the M3 launched; it felt as if a giant weight had been lifted from the collective shoulders of those who complained that the E36 was too watered down for the American market. Under the hood lurked the high-revving S54 3.2 inline-6, replete with individual throttle bodies. It was a return to form for BMW M, who managed to squeeze over 330 horsepower from that engine. In the world of racing cars, before 2000 it was considered to be quite good if you could make 100 horsepower from a normally aspirated liter; but Honda and BMW both left countless engine builders shaking their heads in disbelief as they were able to best that feat while retaining day to day drive-ability, longevity and a warranty. Outside, BMW stepped up the game to make the M3 stand out a bit more than the E36 had. Like its predecessor, the E46 had revised and deeper front and rear bumper covers, but the M3 added some venting behind the front wheels and some quite sexy rear flares and wide tires, along with four exhaust pipes. It was as if someone had taken the better styling ques from the M roadster and M3 and combined them. Then, there were the colors – Laguna Seca Blue has proven to be a fan favorite, but I always loved Dakar Yellow. So, I was quite excited to get a poster when new of the color that personified the rebirth of the M3 – named Phoenix Yellow – with the tag line “Okay, a Ph.D is pretty impressive, too”:

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Motorsport Mondays: 1972 BMW 3.0 CSL

The “Batmobile” is a legendary car that helped to both define BMW’s place in global motorsports and to solidy its presence in the sports sedan realm. Sure, they had competed successfully for years in touring car and sports car races, not to mention substantial involvement in motorcycle racing. But the bread and butter of BMW’s 1980s reputation was built on their sporting nature, and that legacy was born in the 1970s touring cars. The CSL was a message to the world, much like the Porsche 911RS was – BMW was a major player, and here to stay. They’ve since built upon that racing legend, but enthusiasts look back upon these models as the ones that spawned the dreams of countless children – the lucky ones of which would go on to buy new BMWs in the 1980s. It’s not often that you see a well presented CSL with racing pedigree come up for sale, but there’s a stunning example available today:

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1970 BMW 2800CS

“Restomod” is probably a word that’s overused and misappropriated often. I’d consider any car with period-correct or period-inspired modifications, updated to make it more fun to drive or more reliable, and cleaned up to look a bit more sporty while still retaining the essence of the car a “restomod”. Nothing important is taken away, but some of the shortcomings are improved upon – or, at least made more enjoyable. Looks wise, there isn’t much that you can do to improve the E9 BMW – it’s a timeless classic design, beautifully elegant and simple. I wrote up a 1967 Ferrari 330 GTC on our sister site, Classic Italian Cars For Sale, and it’s amazing how similar the overall look of the two cars is. Yet, while you wouldn’t dream of resto-modding a $800,000 Ferrari the prospect of changing your E9 – especially when it’s not the most sought after model – suddenly becomes much easier. As such, I really think the seller of this E9 made a pretty design much prettier with some minor modifications, some nice period details and a bit more sport with a heart transplant:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1970 BMW 2800CS on eBay

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It’s been a great week for rare-toned E46 M3s, and the Estoril Blue special order model that I wrote up last October is back up for sale. With the addition of only 330 miles since we last saw it and now for $1,000 less, the only drawback I see here is the SMG transmission and that the seller still doesn’t know the proper name for the color. For $16,500 this car certainly looks like a great deal for the right buyer!

The below post originally appeared on our site October 22, 2013:


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Belated Motorsport Monday: 1973 BMW CSL Race Car

One of the best ways to get into a classic race car is to buy a fully built replica. While everyone really wants the real deal, no one wants to step up to pay the bills; and even if you did, would you really have the serious coin necessary to race a near priceless original race car to the max? While undertaking one of these race replica projects can be entertaining to say the least, more often than not the best way to get into one of these cars is to buy one that’s done. Today’s CSL replica is no stranger to the interweb faithful; it’s been featured on sites such as Bring A Trailer multiple times, and it’s up for sale again. In one of the most recognizable liveries run on German cars from the 1970s, sit back and soak up this awesome visual feast:


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2002 BMW M3


If there’s one thing that I really love it’s rare colors of already unique cars. I’m not even sure why the rare colors appeal to me so much, but I just love seeing neat German rides in something other than silver, white or black. In the case of the E46 M3, that means my favorite by far is Phoenix Yellow, but that’s not the most rare color on E46 M3s. No, there were some individuals who decided that the color pallet offered by BMW just wasn’t enough; this particular M3 was specified by the owner in the E36 shade of Estoril Blue. Original idea? Well, not really, but boy the results are good. Take a look at this Easter Egg:


Year: 2002
Model: M3
Engine: 3.2 liter inline-6
Transmission: 6-speed SMG automatic
Mileage: 77,021 mi
Price: $17,500 Buy It Now




Why you would go through the effort of buying the beautiful BBS CSL 19″ wheels and painting them dirty is beyond me, but like so many other things, it’s not all about me. I’d immediately refinish those gems back to the original silver as I think it would fit the car a little better. This car was mildly modified with exhaust and some blackouts, and looks to have Alcantara seats. Luckily for my bank account, it also has the SMG transmission which rules it out of ownership for me, but if you’re interested in a track ride this could be a good deal. At $17,500 with 77,000 miles it seems pretty appropriately priced and would set you apart from the rest of the E46 M3 crowd!


1995 BMW M3 Lightweight

The lightweight E36 Lightweight (not officially badged as a CSL) M3 cars pop up every now on then on eBay. Ones for sale off eBay are usually for sale north of $40,000. The price can be seen as justified with somewhere around 120 of these produced.

This car has traveled 74,000 miles and still looks good in the standard white and tri-color paint job of most the lightweights. The less is more M3 came without A/C, sound deadening, sunroof, or other luxury interior appointments. Aluminum panels also added lightness. This car comes fitted with the BMW high wing spoiler.

The owner says that he has all the original pieces for the car, but he has done some modifications, nothing that couldn’t be undone if a purist was taking an interest, though this definitely is more of a drivers collectable. Modifications include aftermarket headlights, and exhaust items, some extra gauges and some stereo improvements.

The owner retains the original window sticker on this car, which is a pretty neat thing to have on such a rare car. Currently the car is with its second owner and it has had 60,000 miles put on by him in the past nine years. As such the car has some road wear, but I’m sure it is happier than had it been sitting in a garage. The inside looks great, which is something to look for on these since the cloth only seats often show some scuffs.

The price of lightness here is $29,500. A fun car, but bang for the buck isn’t the greatest at that cost, however the rareness of the vehicle makes that ask price within reason for those BMW enthusiasts.

The car appears in the E36 Lightweight registry, of note is that the same photos used in the registry are being used in the auction, this could mean the auction photos are out of date.  http://www.bmwmregistry.com/detail.php?id=6867

Learn more about the E36 M3 Lightweights here:

1995 BMW M3 Lightweight on eBay


Legendary M5 CSL race car for sale in Sweden

I can’t get away from E28 M5s these days. My local search has turned into a cross-country endeavor, but I have faith the time and effort will pay off. Time and effort are in no short supply with today’s extreme M5, the world-renowned E28 M5 CSL. For those who haven’t been exposed to this beat before, it’s two E28s frankensteined into a wide-body E28 M5 cropped to 2 doors and fully race-prepped. White with m-striping gone wild, this is BMW extremism at its finest. Surprisingly, there’s none of the usual Swedish tricks with turbocharged V8s or V10s needed here; it’s got an honest-to-god S38 in it, albeit improved with a B36 bottom end and B38 top end. If you have about €40,000 (€38k if you join Classic and Vintage BMW on Facebook!) and the energy to ship a car from Sweden, buying this car would be the fast track you to BMW M legend.

BMW E28 M5 CSL race car for sale in Sweden

A thorough description of pure awesomeness:

This is a great opportunity to purchase one of the world’s currently most famous BMWs. The Swedish BMW E28 M5 CSL. The E28 body shell has been rebuilt to a coupé and the body modifications have been custom made from fiberglass. Absolutely no expenses have been spared in order to get this car to the state that it’s in today. It’s flawless and it’s in excellent, clean condition. It’s a race car however, and it’s been raced for three years by our racing team in the Swedish BMW Cup series with a good results. It’s been kept in mint condition and is a candidate to compete in any car show.

Drive train:
Custom S38B36 bottom part with S38B38 top / throttle body / manifold.
Freely programmable engine management. Approximately 325Hk/380Nm (dyno figures). Getrag 260 gearbox with short shift, brand new LSD with 60-70% locking effect & 4,27:1gear ratio. Dual 2.5” race exhaust system with dual stainless FIA Race cats. Included is also a set of non-silenced CSL exhaust pipes that come out from under the right side floor. Extreme sound in the high revs with this set installed.

White painted body coupe with FIA APPROVED seat and belts. All of the necessary safety systems are available such as window net, main electrical switch from inside / outside and so on.

E28 without a sunroof, rebuilt to Coupe. Single wiper system, Expanded 100mm per side in the rear, 80mm per side in front. Roof spoiler and front airdam comes originally from 3.5CSL factory cars. Rear spoiler is a rebuilt E30 M3 DTM with an adjustable big flap. Anti-scratch coated thin plastic windows, roll cage, plastic headlights “Hella black”. Its race weight is approximately 1150kg.

Rebuilt front suspension. Custom-built Bilstein coilover system built according to 635CSi Grp. A specs. Adjustable top mounts, adjustable rear wheel angles.
330mm front race brakes with six-piston aluminum calipers and optimized cooling. 303mm rear race brakes with four-piston aluminum calipers.

Slick tires on two sets of three piece BBS wheels, 10.5×16”front and 12.5×16” rear. Inters on 10×17” front, 12×17” rear.

30 liter fuel system with catch tank, breathing tank, rollover valve, pressure sensor, dual filters, Bosch HP pump, high flow LP pump, adjustable fuel pressure regulator in the engine compartment. Intercom with radios, additional pre painted/striped drivers door, additional front spoiler, passenger seat with extra 4-point harness.

Molds for fiberglass body parts are sold together with the car. A color matching Chevy G20 van can be sold together with the M5 CSL. The van is also in very good condition.

This is a powerful and extremely eye catching race car that’s been exposed in 5 different international magazines, 4 domestic magazines. It’s won podium prizes in both races and in exhibitions. The attention on race weekends is quite amazing. If you are looking for publicity and the possibility to catch sponsors in a easy and effective way, this is without a doubt the best car out there!

A great mix of history and imagination, this M5 CSL is amazing. Jaws will drop at any track day or BMW show you take it to. There’s no “market” to compare this price to, but for a one-of-a-kind, fully race-prepped car that oozes everything great about BMW M, I’m guessing the price will be fair for an exceptional enthusiast.


1995 BMW M3 Lightweight

This is one of the scarce 1995 M3 lightweight models, one of approximately 120 built. The lightweight model saves around 250 pounds off the standard M3, by losing things like aircon and insulation and adding things like aluminum doors. The 3.15 rear diff was replaced with a shorter 3.23 for quicker acceleration.

When purchasing one of the lightweights buyers had the option of adding the warranty voiding adjustable high wing spoiler featured on this car, which proved more down force, but hurt top speed or sticking with a lower model. The seller here says he has both spoilers, which is great, because the low spoiler looks much better. Plus since the lightweight came with a remapped ECU that removed the electronic top speed limiter, some owners wouldn’t want to slow the car down with a higher drag spoiler.

With 40,000 miles and a complete service history this appears to be a nice collector piece, but not to the point of being a cream puff garage queen. The rarity of this model along with the fanaticism of some BMW enthusiasts should bring a strong price that isn’t likely to lose value. This seller has a buy-it-now of $46,600 and bidding is at $35,000 with the reserve not met.

Learn more about the E36 M3 Lightweights here:

and here: