1990 Volkswagen Corrado G60

The strange thing about “unicorns” in the Volkswagen world is that they’re not always the most rare, the fastest, the rarest, or the prettiest model. Unicorns are the models that everyone wishes for though, the cars that are so hard to find that people are willing to pay a serious premium when they pop up. What constitutes “hard to find” in the Volkswagen world is an unmolested example and that seems to be especially true in the higher performance models; the GLi, the GTi and above all the Corrado:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1990 Volkswagen Corrado at Coventry Motor Car

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Volkswagen Corrado-off: 1991 G60 v. 1992 VR6

This past week, I wrote up a heavily modded Corrado VR6 that pretty much universally was disliked. As Corrados go, I don’t even feel that car was too extreme, but in the highly individualized world of modified Volkswagens I also get that not everyone like what others have done. That’s why, for the most part, most enthusiasts would like to start with a clean slate; an original example of what drew them to the car in the first place. Today I found two better examples of original (or, mostly original anyway) Corrados, one each in G60 or VR6 form. What’s your flavor? Let’s take a look at the G60 first:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1991 Volkswagen Corrado G60 on Honolulu Craigslist

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Tuner Tuesday Afternoon Accessories: Volkswagen Corrado Zender bumper covers

Zender. There are few other names in tuning quite as polarizing in the Volkswagen crowd. Though I think they don’t do much to enhance the look of most of the cars they kit out, there are many enthusiasts who love the Zender pieces. For you, this is a rare treat look at a Corrado Zender kit that is brand new – the front and rear bumper covers are in different auctions, so follow the links or the pictures to see each individual auction:

Year: 1989-1995
Model: Corrado Zender
Condition: New
Price: $374.95 Buy It Now (Front), $349.95 Buy It Now (Rear)

CLICK FOR DETAILS: Zender Corrado Front Bumper on eBay

CLICK FOR DETAILS: Zender Corrado Rear Bumper on eBay

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1989 Volkswagen GTi VR6 swap

It’s been a fantastic week on GCFSB for fans of the Golf. Paul started with a great Rallye Golf, then yesterday I tacked on a neat Golf Variant 2.9 VR6 Syncro and Golf Country. Well, we’re not done yet, and today there’s a neat 1989 GTi that has been updated externally and internally with some parts-shelf grab. Gone are the early bumpers, replaced by the 1990 up “big bumpers”, along with a Euro Jetta front end. Additionally, there are Golf G60 flares fitted and some GTi 2.0 16V BBS RMs that have been widened. It’s also got the great later Recaro Trophy seats to help you through the corners and a Corrado dash swap. If that wasn’t enough, a desirable VR6 powerplant has been dropped in to make this ride more fun. Take a look!

Year: 1989
Model: GTi
Engine: 2.8 liter VR6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 74,000 mi
Price: Reserve Auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1989 Volkswagen GTi VR6 on eBay

Top of engine redone
Car runs super strong
Car has no leaks and does not over heat
Car is being sold as is
I have brand new grill for car that fits round headlights
I have 5 inch and 7 inch round headlights
I also have the round headlights and stock tail lights

Things the car has:
Viper alarm system
262 Autotech Cams with C2 chip
2.9 clone intake manifold
Carbonio CAI
ECS tuning lightened pulley
Supersprint header
Autotech lightened flywheel
TT 2.5″ stainless exhaust with Borla
42-draft hi-flo cat

Bilstein coils
Eiback flat front trut bar
BBS RMs 15×8 all around
Neuspeed rear sway bar
VF engineering mounts

OEM Recaros
Carrado dash
Sparco steering wheel
Pioneer CD player
Diesel Geek Shifter
Plaid healiner
Power Windows

Euro Mk2 Jetta front end
G60 Fender flares
Bonrath single wiper
Euro smoke tail

I’m not a fan of all the mods – I’d rather see either the quad-headlight grill installed (which is included, apparently) or Rallye Golf headlights here. I also think the BBSs are just a bit too mid and look a little out of place. The front bumper also needs paint on the lower section and the mirror on the driver’s side appears to be missing. Otherwise, this car has a lot going for it; it looks clean, well setup by an enthusiast overall, and unlike most of other Golfs we’ve shown it’s stateside. The bidding in below $5,000 as of this writing but the reserve is still on; I’d expect that reserve is probably set in the $7,000 to $8,000 range, and this is a lot of car for that kind of money if that’s where it ends up.


4WD Week: 1990 Volkswagen Passat GT Syncro G60 Variant

We’ve gone on at length about the wonderful German cars we haven’t gotten to experience here in the U.S., and the 4WD Theme Week offers us a chance to expose even more gems that were not imported. For various reasons including low overall sales number and a fear of cannibalizing Audi’s already small all-wheel drive market share in the early 1990s, Volkswagen chose not to import many of their Syncro cars. True, we did get the Audi 80/4000 based Quantum, but the third generation Passat introduced the first non-Audi based floorpan for the larger Volkswagen. What it was based on instead was the Golf, meaning that it could use a lightly modified version of the Golf’s Syncro system and engine choices. Hence, while the American market did get the great 2.0 16V in the front-wheel drive Passat, Europe and Canada got the more potent, tunable and all-wheel drive supercharged Passat G60 Syncro. They were expensive and rare cars when new, but can be found from time to time. Today there is a decent looking one on Ebay.de:

Year: 1990
Model: Passat GT Syncro Variant
Engine: 1.8 liter supercharged inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 220,000 km (136,702 mi)
Price: No Reserve Auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1990 Volkswagen Passat GT Syncro G60 Variant on eBay.de

Passat GT G60 Syncro ( 35i )

EZ 06.09.1990

Top notch runner until 02.01.2008 due to Audi quattro purchase . 240km/hr speedometer was not an issue here . G-Lader updated. Larger Pulley installed , chip tuning . Thereafter, about 8,000 km covered.
Boost gauge installed cleanly. Oil cooler installed . Trailer hitch. Original aluminum wheels with 205 ‘s and of course, all-wheel – drive !

Total mileage 220,000 km .

After taking it off the road I began rewiring for sound system – cables are already installed but sill panels etc. still need to be built back . Parts for all available.
Driver’s seat has minor damage. Floor should be cleaned. I have not discovered rust.
Unfortunately , according to the extended length of time , the starter froze, ie currently does not start.
The car is quite smart , but needs an expert hand.

Inspections in 32361 Pr.Oldendorf welcome!

Admittedly, this isn’t the nicest Passat G60 Syncro I’ve ever seen; but they’re rare cars and this one is reasonably clean outside – which is the most important part. The combination of Passat, all-wheel drive, supercharger and wagon isn’t everyone’s favorite, but I really like the grill-less early B3 cars; they’re a clean and sharp looking design. Some work will be needed to get this one back into shape. Unfortunately, that may not come; the Passat isn’t highly sought after and remains a bit of a novelty compared to the more desirable Golf models. Further, VWs of this era weren’t known for their stellar reliability, construction or great materials – and the early Syncro systems in the Golf and Passat weren’t particularly good all-wheel drive systems. Still, it’s a neat car to see and a small reminder of the many cars we never received here in the U.S. Hopefully, someone will resurrect this car to it’s former glory!


1990 Volkswagen Rallye Golf

$_57 (1)

With the last few generations of Golfs, a hot variant appears from time to time in the lineup. I’m not talking about your garden variety GTI, however. No, we’re talking about cars like the R32 and Golf R that provide near supercar thrills in a rather unassuming, everyday package. But where did this tradition start? Right here, with the Mk2 Rallye Golf. Built in Belgium, this was a homologation special that featured flared wheel arches and projector headlamps to compliment the 1.8 liter supercharged engine hooked up to Syncro four-wheel drive. Initially this car was considered for sale in the US, but Volkswagen ultimately decided it would be too expensive to be taken seriously by consumers in North America, costing nearly two times as much as a GTI. This Rallye Golf for sale in Barcelona, Spain is only one year away from legal importation for US enthusiasts.


Year: 1990
Model: Rallye Golf
Engine: 1.8 liter supercharged inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 113,700 km (~ 70,649 mi)
Price: €10,500 (~ $14,427 USD)

Click for more details: 1990 Volkswagen Rallye Golf on Mobile.de

$_57 (3)

First registration was in Germany at 16-08-1990 and was imported middle new to Spain at 1991. Only 1 owner in Spain. Perfect condition like new. Complete service new including timing belt, oil, filters, spark plugs, new battery, new tyres and lot more. The car have original sunroof, original BBS RM 012 wheels optionals from factory and electric mirrors.

$_57 (4)

As with many hot hatchbacks, the problem with the Rallye Golf these days is finding an unmolested one. Due to the initial cost and complexity of the Rallye Golf, fewer have been modified than GTIs, but that hasn’t stopped some from trying. This particular car certainly appears as original and looks decidedly purposeful in black. While $14,000 might seem steep for a Mk2 Golf or GTI, this isn’t your ordinary Golf. With the first of these models nearing the legal age for import to the US, will values rise even further? That remains to be seen. But for now, it should be possible to snag one of these, barring transport and importation fees, for well under $20,000. Some might consider that a small price to pay for a cool piece of World Rally Championship history.


1991 Volkswagen Golf G60

The GTI has always been the performance oriented Golf, but there’s been a few über Golfs that have graced the lineup throughout the years. Many VW fanatics are familiar with the MkII Rallye Golf. This was an all-wheel drive homologation special with box fenders and was powered by the 1.8 liter, supercharged G60 four cylinder engine. Built in Belgium, these special Golfs cost almost twice as much as a base GTI. Since then, we’ve seen a few more all-wheel drive Golfs, including the current Golf R. While the Rallye Golf was being sold, there was a cheaper, more tame option: the Golf G60.

The Golf G60 was another pumped up Golf that wasn’t available to US customers and featured the G60 engine in front-drive form. These lesser known Golfs are not too common, as they were launched in 1990 and were marketed for only about a year and a half. This particular G60 is on offer not too far from London and will be legal for importation to the US in a little over two years.


Year: 1991
Model: Golf G60
Engine: 1.8 liter supercharged inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 135,403 km (84,135 mi)
Price: £10,995 (~ $16,769 USD)

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1991 Volkswagen Golf G60 on 4StarClassics

The VW Golf Mk2 succeeded the Mk1 from 1983 and remained in production until late 1992. Volkswagen reportedly spent £500 million developing the Mk2. The car slightly grew in wheelbase, exterior and interior dimensions over its predecessor but still retained the overall look of the MK1 albeit slightly more rounder so to improve aerodynamics and reduce drag. During the life of the Mk2 there were a variety of updates and revisions to styling and trim, the most notable was the introduction of the ‘big bumpers’ introduced in the European market during the August 1989 facelift.

The success of the Mk1 GTi was continued with the sporty Mk2 GTi and to capitalise on the world wide success of the MK1 GTi. Volkswagen chose to release the Mk2 GTi in the same year as the rest of the fleet. The Mk2 featured a 1.8litre 8v engine but also a second engine choice, a slightly more powerful 16v variant followed shortly, the 8v displaying good low down torque and driveability while the 16v enjoyed high revs and more top end power. During its midlife update the 8v unit benefited from the introduction of a Digifant engine management system.

Popularity of the MK2 grew from the 1987 commercial “changes” in which Paula Hamilton bearing a close resemblance to Diana, Princess of Wales is seen leaving her husband, posting her wedding ring back through the letterbox, ditching her mink coat, throwing the house keys at the cat and dumping the pearl necklace BUT keeping the car keys – the tag line ‘If only everything in life was as reliable as a Volkswagen’. The commercial was a hit and changed the way cars were advertised from then on.

In 1990 the Golf GTi G60 was introduced featuring the 8v 1.8 with a Supercharger, wider wheel extensions, BBS alloy wheels, tinted rear lights and clear front indicators. The engine delivers 160bhp and a very impressive 166ft lb of torque.

Supercharged, Wide G60 arch extensions, 15″ Lenso alloy wheels, Smoked rear lights, Brilliant black (LA9V) paint, Central locking, Full black leather (PL7) interior, Trip computer, Sunroof, Alpine head-unit.

This rare and desirable G60 is finished in sparkling (LA9V) brilliant black and is in excellent shape with no dents, scratches or signs of corrosion. The only negatives to the paint being a couple of minor stone chips to the front. All of the plastic trim and body kit are in good order with no signs of fading or damage and the factory Hella lights on the front are free from chips or cracks as is the windscreen and other glass. The original VW sticker is still inside the boot confirming the specification and that it’s an original G60.

A rare option on the G60’s is the (PL7) leather option which really improves the look and feel of the interior and sets it apart from the standard Mk2s. The leather remains in excellent order with only the smallest amount of wear to the drivers bolster and some discolouration and marks on the steering wheel. The door cars are also very nicely trimmed and show no signs of wear. The boot area is perfectly clean and the space saver wheel and tool kit are neatly stored under the boot carpet.

The car comes with an excellent history showing plenty of maintenance work and light regular use. The engine benefits from some mild modifications to improve drivability, these include a stage 3 supercharger, 68mm pulley and performance a performance tune. The engine runs very well and makes a fantastic noise as the supercharger winds up. The cambelt service was done less than 3k miles ago in 2010.

The alloys are all in excellent condition with no signs of corrosion or curb marks and are shod in a matching set of Yokohama tyres. The brakes and suspension are all in fine order and the car recently benefited from some new front discs, pads and shocks. Since arriving at 4 Star it has also had a brake fluid service.

The car was first registered in Germany in May 1991 and was then imported to the UK in 2004. The history file contains a certificate from VW confirming its originality along with lots of German history and the import certificate. Since being in the UK all the history has been kept which includes parts and service invoices, all the old MOT certificates and tax disks. The last service was done in 2011 at 81,670 miles. The car also comes with the original VW sales brochure and 3 keys. The mileage is 135,403 KM with equates to 84,135 miles.


This dilemma some people may reach with the Golf G60 boils down to one word: Corrado. Why not buy Volkswagen’s sport coupe from the 1990s with it’s similar engine? Well, the Golf G60 is certainly an unorthodox choice for VW aficianados and you’ll be in more rarefied air than if you owned a Corrado. Then again, only the most astute VW fan will be able to spot one of these in a crowd. This particular seller always does an excellent job of photographing their stock. It makes these cars look showroom new. While the mileage is low for a MkII, the asking price is a lot more than anyone could reasonably consider spending, at least in the US. It’s hard to say what it would be worth once it’s legal stateside, but I would be willing to hazard a guess of somewhere around half of this asking price.


1990 Volkswagen Corrado G60

The Corrado always gets a lot of love from the Volkswagen faithful and has been recognized as an up and coming classic in various automotive media outlets. However, when people fawn over this sports car for regular volk, more often than not its the VR6 engined Corrado that gets all the attention. The earlier G60 model, with it’s G-lader supercharged four cylinder engine gets a bit overlooked. Has the time come for these early model Corrados? This G60 for sale in Illinois is a two owner vehicle with a shade over 80,000 miles that looks rather fresh with a recent repaint.

Year: 1990
Model: Corrado G60
Engine: 1.8 liter supercharged inline four
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 82,400
Price: $6,500 Buy It Now

1990 Volkswagen Corrado G60 on eBay

I am selling a 1990 Volkswagen Corrado G60. This uniquely rarely seen car runs great, is extremely clean inside and out, and is in very good condition. It has just over 82,000 original miles and I am the 2nd owner of this car. The 1st owner maintained this vehicle well and kept good records. It has a 1.8-liter 5-speed manual supercharged engine, 158 horsepower, 4-wheel disc brakes, 15-inch wheels, an and active rear spoiler which extends automatically when the car reaches 45 miles per hour. Standard features include power windows and mirrors, power door locks, air conditioning, rear window defrost, fog lights, cruise control, a tilt steering wheel, an AM/FM/cassette stereo system, and a sliding power sunroof. Everything works on this car and is a blast to drive.

The car has been recently upgraded with:

new paint job
front brakes and rotors
new battery
plugs and wires
new tires
new heater core
new A/C compressor, condenser and radiator

Please read up on this car by doing a search on the internet before contacting me. There’s plenty of info available if you want to know more about the history of Corrados. Serious inquiries only please at roland1231@prodigy.net.

Corrado G60 prices have always trailed the VR6 model, unsurprisingly. If this car is as good as it looks, $6,500 isn’t too far off the mark. Between $4,000 and $6,000 is about what you can expect to pay for a G60 in decent shape. The only problem is that cars such as the BMW E36 M3 or a nice E30 325is can be had for not much more money. The Corrado certainly has its merits, but if it were my money, I’d be gunning for the M3 (or a VR6 engined Corrado).


1992 Volkswagen Passat G60 Syncro

After the Quantum’s exit from the US marketplace in 1988, Volkswagen decided to use the Passat name for the first time stateside. The B3 Passat was released in North America in 1990 with the 2.0 liter, 16 valve four cylinder engine. The 2.8 liter VR6 engine did not appear until 1992, but in between, there was a little known variant offered with the Syncro four-wheel drive system: the G60. Under the hood was the same supercharged 1.8 liter four cylinder engine that first appeared in the Corrado, producing 160 horsepower. This model was not for US consumption, but a handful did make their way to Canada. This G60 Syncro sedan for sale in Illinois is one of those few.

1992 Volkswagen Passat G60 Syncro on eBay

You are bidding on a extremely rare 1992 Volkswagen Passat supercharged G60 Syncro (AWD) sedan, which only 250 were sold in Canada. The car has zero zero rust! In showroom condition! New headliner, rebuilt supercharger, updated T-belt, newer clutch. Hella round headlights with HIDs, smoked tails from Europe, Clarion CD player, 274,000 kilometers about 170,000 miles, original Fuchs 15 rims with like new winter tires. Keyless entry alarm with remote start! A/C has been retro fitted to R134. New tints on the windows. Rear reclining seats! Bilstein shocks with H&R springs! The runs and drives perfect, can be driven all the way to Alaska if you like. Heating pads replaced in the seats. The HVAC controls are acting up so it will need to be replaced soon. Clean Illinois title in hand!

The B3 and B4 Passats were never known for their reliability, so taking a chance on this oddball with mechanicals more complex than your usual B3 Passat takes a brave soul. A car like this would more than likely appeal to the die-hard water cooled VW enthusiasts or for someone who likes obscure cars and lives in a climate that necessitates four-wheel drive. By itself, the B3 Passat isn’t a terribly popular car and didn’t sell in huge numbers. Even the best example out there might struggle to break the $5,000 mark. At a starting bid of $4,000 with this kind of mileage, I’d say this is all of the money for this car, if not more. I’m attracted to this car because it’s unique, but I’m sure maintenance and sourcing parts would keep you on edge.


1989 Volkswagen Rallye Golf

One of my favorite periods in car history was the 1980s, specifically, the creations that hit the street as a result of rally homologation. The Lancia Delta Integrale, Audi Ur Quattro, Ford Escort Cosworth and Porsche 959 are some great examples of competition vehicles that transformed the world of performance cars. Some cars, like the Volkswagen Rallye Golf, had a more limited racing career than others, as this car competed for just one year in Group A WRC, in 1990. The Rallye Golf featured Syncro four-wheel drive, the 1.8 G60 engine with the G-lader supercharger, anti-lock brakes, flared fenders and Recaro front seats, among other features. A little over 5,000 examples were built at Volkswagen’s plant in Belgium, but none came to North America. A few are starting to trickle over to our shores, such as this one that is for sale in Ontario, Canada.

1989 Volkswagen Rallye Golf on eBay

1989 Volkswagen Rallye Golf. 1 of 5.000 limited production factory homologation cars built at their factory in Belgium. 103,854 km, OEM condition. Syncro AWD, G60 supercharger, widebody fenders, rally suspension/brakes (all factory). Power mirrors, locks, Factory split leather Recaro seats. leather door cards, sunroof.Outside of Blaupunkt CD, there have been no modifications done to the car. 2nd owner. 1st owner from Zurich, SUI. Car purchaced from Rothbee Autohaus in Nurburg Germany. All service records. Garage stored by both owners. Car has some minor flaws as to be expected from an untouched 23 year old car, but is in solid shape, undercarriage is remarkably clean. Original paint. 4 time 1st place in class show winner, 1 second place, and one best interior in show. Car has been driven once in the last two years, and has some issues related to lack of use. Window regulators are lazy (common problem – standard Corrado parts). Pirelli P6000 tires are estimated at 85%. No time to spend on it, so it needs to go to a VW enthusiast who will appreciate a rare, unmolested piece of VW History. Car is registered, insured, and licensed for the road. Plate stickers are not up to date.

This Rallye Golf won’t be legal in the US for another year and a half, but for the ardent US Volkswagen enthusiast, it may just be the time to scoop one of these up, keep it in storage and register it in 2014. Or, if you live close enough to the border, find an address in Canada to attach this car to (you didn’t hear me say that). A Rallye Golf came up for sale in October of last year for around $20,000. That’s hovering around resale values for some Ur Quattros. With this car’s approximate 64,000 miles, I could see a sale price of around $15,000, maybe a little less, depending on how much interest the seller gets north of the border. With the registration restrictions, this car would only be for the very serious enthusiast willing to either bend the rules or jump through a lot of hoops.