2001 BMW 740i Sport

The BMW 7 Series of 1995 through 2001 is one of those cars that was instantly immortalized once its less than pleasing successor was introduced. Offered with a the versatile 4.4 liter V8 or the 5.4 liter V12, these executive sedans were slightly less popular with dignitaries and businessmen than the Mercedes-Benz S class, however, they were a more mainstream choice than its other compatriot, the Audi A8.

My favorite of all the E38 7 series is the short wheelbase 740i with the M Package. Included in this option package were the classy 18″ M parallel alloys, black shadowline trim, a stiffer suspension and a modified Steptronic transmission with a higher stall speed on the torque convertor. Low mileage examples are getting hard to come by, but here is 740i Sport in a sinister shade of black for sale in California.

2001 BMW 740i M Package on eBay

You are looking at the cleanest blk/blk 2001 BMW 740I M pkg, sport pkg, and convience pkg. Have all service records and owner manuals. Options, xenon headlights, sunroof, leather seats, wide screen navigation only comes on sport pkg, M steering wheels, and wheels, bluetooth, 6 disc cd changer, rear window screens, wood trim, and much more. This is a one of kind car so dont wait!!!

The buy it now price of $14,500 is in line with market values and given the desirable color, full service history and stunning condition, I have no doubt this car will go fast. I think the complexity and looks of the 7 series that followed beginning for the 2002 model year will continue to put the E38 in a good light and position it as a modern day classic.


1988 BMW M5

The seller of the BMW 2002ti featured two weeks ago has come to us at German Cars for Sale Blog with another stellar example of an oft favored BMW classic: the 1988 BMW M5. This car needs no introduction, as it was this vehicle, along with the original M6 and M3 that really begun to put the Motorsports brand on the map, after the demise of the M1 supercar in 1981.

This is a US model M5 residing in Canada, with Euro bumpers (which, in my opinion, clean up the look of the car). Overall, a nicely presented, well taken care of first generation M5.

I’ve found that with the E12 M535i that I recently purchased and the fact that it is winter in Calgary 11.5 months a year, I am not using the M5 enough and it’s too nice to let it just sit. The highlights are:

• 88,500 miles – sort of. The previous owner advised that the odometer was inoperative for a period but estimated that he drove less than 1000 miles in that time. No way of knowing for sure but he is the U.S. Attorney for North Carolina so I’m prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt.
• All original panels and paint. The only flaw in the paint is some touch up work done on a scratch near the door handle on the right front door. Very hard to see but it’s there.
• Euro M5 headers, jet hot coated.
• UUC stainless steel exhaust with Fahey track pipe.
• Timing chain, guides and all related components replaced at 80,000 miles, including cylinder head gasket, ignition wires. No issues – PO was very big into preventative maintenance
• Within the last 6000 miles or so the car has had new OEM leather dashboard and door caps, windshield, emblems inside and outside, Euro grills and headlights, taillights, steering wheel, rear window roller blind and rear package shelf, oil pan skid plate, front door cards, left and right, fire extinguisher and shift boot
• Dinan chip
• Fahey crank hub and cam gear
• New aluminum radiator from the recent group buy
• All suspension bushings replaced
• All interior seals replaced – windows, sunroof, trunk, etc.
• UUC pedal set
• Cross-drilled brake rotors
• Mason Engineering front strut bar.
• OEM rear strut bar (from trailer hitch package)
• Powerflex urethane sway bar bushings
• SLS system removed and replaced with Bilstein shocks/struts and MTechnic springs (original parts retained)
• North American bumpers removed and replaced with chrome Euro bumpers (original parts retained)
• New OEM front valance and Euro M5 airdam (original pieces retained)
• New Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec tires
– Valve adjustment within the last 500 miles.

Here is a link to some photos I’ve accumulated – you’ll see that photography is not high on my skill set but if anyone wants a shot of something specific, please let me know.


When I bought the car I had a PPI done at MPowered Automotive in Cary, NC – the tech was a Board member here. I’m happy to share that with anyone who’d like to see it. I can also send PDF copy of the receipts from the last seven years or so, when most of the expensive work has been performed.

This car is nearly flawless – fast, tight, rust free and, with the Euro bumpers, a great looking car. For the purists in the crowd, I retained everything needed to put the car back to US Spec if you so desire.

While the car is in Canada, it is a US car and therefore returning it to the US should be no problem. If you live in a state that tests for emissions, you are going to need to install a catalytic converter.

Price? I’m buried so deep in this car I’ll never see the light of day (you’re crying inside, I know you are) but given the low mileage, maintenance history and desirable upgrades, I’m going to say CDN $28,000.

If interested, please contact the seller here: grbennett@shaw.ca


1991 BMW M5

Of all the generations of M5s that have come and gone, the E34 is my favorite, even over the considerably faster V8 powered E39. The current E60 never did anything for me and it remains to be seen how good the upcoming F10 will be. The E34 just embodies the peak of BMW styling mixed with their fantastic, breathed on straight six engine. Here is a relatively low mileage 1991 E34 out in the midwest. It’s a bit rough around the edges, but generally looks sound.

Up for auction is a rare 1991 BMW M5. These cars were handbuilt in Germany and there are not too many around these days. The car has 89,000 miles, is a two owner car, and has full service history.

Now the car is not concourse ready but a nice example for someone who wants an everyday driver or too spend a little time on it and make it perfect. The car has spent its life in the midwest so there are a couple of spots were rust has formed on the bottom of the doors and the door seams(see pics). Has had some paintwork (20 year old car), all panels are original except it does have a r-dot hood.

Mechanically the car feels very solid and strong. The transmission has no syncro issues and the clutch feels tight and it pulls hard, the car starts right up and the engine is strong. I do have a extra set of snow tires and BBS rims that do come with the car that in my opinion look better than than the factory wheels(forgot to take pic).

The interior is in good shape for a car of this age but does need some work to be perfect. The drivers bolster is torn and missing a chunk of foam. the rest of the seats are good but could use a dye job. The rugs are clean. All power options seem to work fine.

The asking price is hovering right around the clean retail mark at $10,000, however, knock a grand or two off the price and this would be a decent value. The one thing that puts me off is the light colored leather. I had a friend with a 1992 325i with the same interior color and as it ages, it looks awful. Too bad it’s not a darker gray or black. Still though, a solid looking example of one of the M division’s finest.


1991 BMW M5

We received the following listing from a reader of ours who has his E34 M5 for sale on MyE28.com. The second generation M5 needs no introduction on this site, as it straddles the gap between the limited run first generation and the legendary E39 M5 with its 400 horsepower V8. These E34s are not too common these days, but good ones do come up for sale here and there. This one, while well used, has an extensive service history and is ready to enjoy.

1991 BMW M5 on MyE28.com

The seller states:

Well, it has come time for me to move-on to another vehicle. I can hardly believe it has been less than a year since I bought this fine machine. However, I have the opportunity to purchase another well-kept vintage BMW model that I’ve always wanted but have never pursued. As it turns out, the right one has become available from a true BMW enthusiast. I would really prefer that this ///M5 go to another 5er fan. I have been favorably impressed with the e34 experience and would gladly own another. They are superb long-haul road cars with enviable build and design qualities.

Maintenance has been performed by independent shops and DIY. I purchased the car from an enthusiast in VA who bought it from his BMW technician / independent shop owner in Alexandria, VA. This car was in his small collection of ///M cars and is still shown on the splash page of his shop’s website…2nd from the left: www.martinmotorsportsinc.com .

Major work done in the past few years includes:
– Timing Chain Assembly (97k)
– Clutch and Flywheel (160k)
– Brake pads and Zimmerman cross-drilled rotors (130k)
– OE Water Pump (171k)
– Coolant reservoir (OE BMW)
– Thrust & Control Arms (177k)
– Tie-Rods (177k)
– OE Ignition Wires
– Bosch Cap & Rotor (~171k)
– S38b36 valve adjustment (~171k)
– Air Conditioning system upgraded (2009) — works very well even considering the extreme Florida temps & humidity during the summer

Performance & Cosmetic Modifications include:
-H&R lowering springs
-Bilstein Sports
-Self Leveling Suspension Delete
-850 bushings
-Turner Motorsport chip (+39hp +38tq 7500rpm rev limit)
-UUC Short Shifer (177k)
-UUC DSSR (177k)
– UUC “Rob Knob” Weighted Shift knob (177k)
– ///M-Sport Mirrors (OEM)
– e39 ///M5 low-profile rubber trunk lid spoiler (OE BMW)

I have performed the following work since buying the car (April 2010):
– Radiator (Sickens) and cooling hoses
– Drive belts (Continental)
– Dog Bones (Lemforder)
– New Tires (Sumitomo HTR-Z)
– Brake Fluid change (SuperBlue)
– RF caliper rebuilt
– Spark Plugs (Bosch OE)
– Bosch O2 sensor
– Half-shafts repacked and boots replaced
– Tail lamp gaskets (OE BMW)
– Rubber Door Pull Surrounds (OE BMW)
– New leather shift boot (installed)
– New leather e-Brake boot (not yet installed)
– Leather-clad center console, glove box, and dash from Euro ///M5
– Eurospec ///M-Tech 3-spoke steering wheel (note: I reserve the right to keep this for my next BMW, however)
– Installed protective headlight film (w/ “French” yellow on high beams) by www.XPel.com
– New rubber shift “donut” (OE BMW)
– New OE BMW under tray (not yet installed)
– Door Cards replaced with nicely kept used set
– Regular oil and filter changes (5k mile intervals; Valvoline VR1; Mahle filter cartridge)
– OE BMW Plush Floor Mat set
…and MORE (will add as I remember it)

Things to Consider & Points to Ponder:
My M5 has been driven by all of its previous owners. It is not a garage queen or show car. It is exactly what I wanted in an e34 M5…a “nicely preserved and maintained daily driver.” Exterior trim and paint have been well kept by me and the previous owners. At some point, the entire car was resprayed. I would consider it a good job but the prep work could have been a bit better in some places. Presently, I would rate the condition of the paint 7.5/10. The interior has been very well kept (8/10). There are no rips or tears in the leather. There is no rust or corrosion on the car. However, the heat shielding / sound proofing around the factory final silencer (muffler) is peeling off in places (see photos from PPI below). Also, the undercarriage is clean but some careless fool caused some jack damage to the forward frame rails (see link to PPI photos below). This could have been easily prevented with the judicious use of a wooden block. Finally, at the next valve adjustment (due @ ~186k miles), a source of minor oil seepage will need to be addressed at the front of the valve cover and/or at the gasket where the distributor housing attaches to the head. Again, this is minor but is annoying to me. At present, if the car is parked for 2 or 3 days, a nickel-sized oil drip is evident on the garage floor or driveway.

All original VIN tags in place except RF fender, which was replaced with a OE BMW unit at some point in the car’s history. The body is in nice condition. The car tracks straight / true and exhibits no unusual handling characteristics whatsoever.

This M5 ticks all the right boxes for me. Given this model’s rarity, you will oftentimes find ones with insanely high mileage that are clapped out, or cream puff examples with under 50k miles that you would be afraid to take on a long journey. This car hits the sweet spot and has the documentation to back it up. For around $10,000, it’s a hell of a lot of car and should have plenty of enjoyment left to give.