1989 BMW 635CSi

The E24 was an amazing survivor; consider, for a second, that like the R107 this was a child of the 70s that was still sitting in showrooms at the dawn of the grunge era. The E24 was initially based upon E12 bits and produced by Karmann, but in 1982 updated components from the E28 series were introduced. Finally, a second round of updates were introduced in 1988 as the E28 was phased out, and the E24 received components shared with the E32 and 34 models. New were body-color corner trim caps on the bumpers, ellipsoid headlights, and an airbag steering wheel. The rear air conditioning console, which had been a neat feature on the L6, was now standard. But the big news was under the hood, where the newest version of the venerable M30 – the B35 variant – was now found. The E24 now had over 200 horsepower on tap and freshened looks to see out production:

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1989 BMW 635CSi

Just as Rob’s first 911 experience was a Targa and he consequently always has a soft spot for them, my formative BMW experience was my father’s first foray into German automobiles. I was a young teenager when he purchased a 1982 633CSi. Coming from a family that had otherwise had only Toyotas, the 633CSi looked, felt and went in exotic ways I could never have imagined. The tactile sensations remain with me; the bark of the exhaust, the smell of the leather, how unbelievably small and uncomfortable that rear seat was.

He later followed up the 633 with a 1985 635CSi. Though outwardly the only change was larger wheels and the front air dam with integrated spoiler, it felt much more modern. I didn’t know it at the time, but of course that’s because it was – underneath, the E24 had moved to the E28 bits and that really did make a difference when you drove the two back to back. But BMW wasn’t done updating the dinosaur from the 70s quite yet.

1988 saw a host of further upgrades to the chassis even as its planned successor 8-series was completed on the drawing board computer. Inside the car got an airbag steering wheel, while outside saw revisions to the headlights and bumper caps. But the bigger news was under the hood, where the M30B35 replaced the B34. Moving from the 3.2 to 3.4 motor between the 633 and 635 change had netted only 1 more horsepower for the shark, though it did have more torque. However the newly updated 3.4 really did up performance a few ticks. Now with 208 horsepower and 214 lb.ft of torque, the last of the E24s were the best non-M you could buy in terms of luxury, performance and drivability. It’s no surprise, then, that they’re also generally the most valuable outside of the M range, and this 1989 has been offered with no reserve to the delight of many bidders:

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Roll the Dice? 1990 BMW 735i 5-speed

Okay, let’s get this out of the way first. This is certainly not the nicest E32 on the market. With 190,000 miles on the clock, there’s plenty of evidence of the 27 years that have passed since it entered service. The leather is tired, the pinstripe is faded and under the hood looks quite dirty. It’s got blacked out windows and sits on wheels some three inches larger than the stock units. It’s not the best color combination, nor is it the biggest motor available in the chassis. So why the heck is this 735i up here? One reason – the transmission. Like Audi, BMW took a gamble that a few select drivers in the early 1990s would want to row their own gears, so for a brief period you could opt for a 5-speed manual in your large executive sedan. This is one of those original cars, but is it worth a roll of the dice?

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End of the Shark Era: 1988 BMW 635CSi

We have not written up an E24 in the past few months.

‘For shame!’ you should be shouting at your screen, and you’d be right. Quintessentially an 80s car (though designed in the 1970s), the BMW 6-series offered performance, elegance, presence and practicality to the 2-door luxury market. While the Mercedes-Benz SEC might have enjoyed a better reputation and the Audi Quattro was technically more exciting, the E24’s resilient staying power has meant that some 28 years after production wrapped these lovely coupes are still eye catching.

This particular car caught my eye because of a unique combination of factors; the Cirrus Blue Metallic exterior mated with the later bumpers is a rare sight, but inside was a 5-speed manual. How rare is this combination? Well, prepare yourself for one of the most exhaustive (and entertaining) listings we’ve seen in a while:

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1988 BMW 735i 5-speed

1BMW introduced the E32 generation 7-series in 1987. The car’s design was a successful blend of the old and the new. Traditional styling cues – the four headlights, square kidneys and angular lines – kept the car looking fairly restrained and clearly part of the BMW stable. But it was also eminently more modern-looking than its main competitor, the W126 chassis S-class. And perhaps a bit less stately too. If the Mercedes was a car for high level officials and diplomats, the BMW was a car for the young, new titans of the 80s and 90s; Wall Street bankers, lawyers and real estate tycoons. Both cars still look good today, and each can give even the most budget-conscious, contemporary owner a frisson of ultra luxury, albeit 30 years after the fact. But there are hardly any E32s left on the road these days. Whether because of finicky electronics, poor paint and interior materials or just wayward owners who didn’t care for them as they should have, most have been left to rot in junkyards. This makes this low mileage, nicely specified car an attractive proposition.

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1991 BMW 535i 5-speed

3A 535i with a manual transmission is probably the third most desirable version of the E34 5-series, after the M5 and the 540i/540i M-Sport. These cars came with the 3.5 liter “big six” M30 engine (technically a 3.4 liter mill) and represented the top of the non-M lineup until they were replaced in 1993 by the V8-powered 540i. While manual 540s are a hoot if you can find them, they are not without their faults (somewhat thirsty, and susceptible to the nikasil issue, in which the sulphur content of 90s era gasoline had the tendency to eat away at the nikasil lining of the block, requiring a replacement engine). The six-cylinder manual 535 on the other hand, which is perhaps even harder to find than a manual transmission 540, is torquey, smooth, reliable and fun to drive while returning decent fuel economy.

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1988 BMW 635 CSi

One of the most popular theme weeks we’ve head here at GCFSB.com was “Shark Week”, where we reviewed one of each iteration of the E24 chassis. People love the classic styling, the understated performance, and ability to gobble up miles on the highway, and the relatively low entry price. They’re all the makings for an enjoyable classic that is affordable, too! With prices of the M models and every E30 made on the rise, these E24s are still good value. While most enthusiasts lust after the M6 and the legendary S38 powerplant, the reality is that for most of us, the less complicated and less expensive to maintain M30 found in the 635 CSi among others is a smarter option. Production ended in 1989 and these cars were lightly updated mid-88 with revised headlights and bumper covers, such as we see on this sharp white 1988 model:


Year: 1988
Model: 635 CSi
Engine: 3.5 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 113,455 mi
Price: Reserve Auction, current bid $5,600

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1988 BMW 635 CSi on eBay

The classic “shark” or “sharknose” body style, chassis code E24, which is often heralded as the most beautiful of all vintage BMWs, had a very long production run from 1976 until 1989. Unfortunately, the 6-series cars for the United States market were crippled with significantly reduced power in addition to ugly and bulky padded bumpers up until the 1988 model which featured revised aerodynamic “world” bumpers and an engine upgrade that boosted power up to match the European specification car. These revised and very desireable post 1988 cars were then discontinued the very next year in 1989 and virtually all the cars imported to the US were optioned with the Automatic Transmission. This car has the best and rarest possible combination, the final body style, final upgraded engine, Manual Transmission, nearly all factory options, a full service history including original manuals and window sticker, we believe this car to be in original condition and completely unmolested. The only non-original parts on the car are 16″ authentic BBS wheels, replacing the stock TRX wheels which are no longer viable (the TRX specification tires are no longer in production).

Originally purchased in Hollywood California by a BMW collector who used it as his driver before passing it on to another BMW collector in New Mexico, this car has been in the best of hands its whole life from new. Of the 47 Alpine White 635csi’s with the Lotus White leather interior, only 11 of these cars had manual transmissions. This may be the only surviving one, and it is in pristine condition, with only minor flaws which I will note in detail. Being a Southwestern car, it has absolutely no body rust of any kind, the underbody coating is completely intact.

1988 BMW 635CSi, Alpine White over Lotus White
– Full leather interior, all seats, center console, headliner, door cards and handles, dash underside, rear speaker shelf leather wrapped
– Power seats with 3 position memory, power sunroof, power windows, cruise control
– Cold air conditioning (I do not know whether it is R12 or R134, but it works!)
– M30B35 3.5L Straight 6-cylinder engine with Motronic Fuel Injection, 221HP and 225LB-FT Torque
– Getrag 260 5-speed Manual Transmission
– Original BMW stereo, speakers, power antenna fully functioning, even BMW tape deck cleaner
– All features, lights, buttons, inside and out are fully functioning properly
– Heavy duty floormats
– BBS chrome 16″ wheels with nice 225/55/16 tires
– Rear air conditioning and drink cooler works great
– Suspension has been updated with Bilstein shock absorbers

This car runs and drives like you would expect it to as new in 1988, it runs nice and smooth, the engine purrs and pulls hard to redline, the suspension soaks up road imperfections as it should in a world-class touring car.

Noted Imperfections:
– Very small clearcoat loss (about quarter sized) driver’s side fender near base of windshield
– Shift knob is loose
– Scuffed paint on driver’s side front fender top edge
– Trunk can get stuck if opened too far
– Driver’s side interior door handle shows slight wear and is pulling away from door card slightly
– Center console leather has two small imperfections
– There are a two slight depressions in the roof, and one in the hood, very hard to see unless you look, easy to correct
– The exhaust has a broken hangar and the muffler is somewhat rusty, it does not leak
– A metal bracket attached to the front driver’s side frame rail, that appears to be an attachment point for an engine undertray is bent
– Rubber seals around outer door handles need replacement
– I cannot discern whether the memory function on the power seats work, all power functions work great however
– Slight scuff on driver’s side rear bumper

My name is Ian, and I am here to help you with your purchase. Do you have any questions about the vehicle? Call my direct line at (505) 449-1316 or email me at iriela@powerfordnm.com.

This sales account is brand new, and as such we realize that we have yet to build up a large background of positive reviews on eBay. Our sales team is well versed in eBay auctions however, and we will treat all bidders with the same care and respect we treat all our customers at Power Ford. Please feel free to contact us, we are here to address your concerns and provide you with customer service that is second to none!

I have a complete album with 100 pictures including underbody and all detail shots of imperfections in this web album: Photo Album. Listed below are some pictures of the car as it is right now. Some minor defects in the white paint were too difficult for the camera to pick up and are hard to detect even by human eye and shots are not included.


For a dealer, this car seems to be very honestly presented, which if you follow auctions is fairly remarkable. The seller notes the small details that are imperfections on the car, and seems to actually know what it is, too – a bit of a rarity. As the seller notes, the later cars are hard to find with a manual transmission. This car has the extended leather option like the M cars, and it looks to be in fantastic condition. Also rare for an Ebay dealer are all of the records which come with the car, making this the one to look at seriously. Downside? Well, the 528i spec wheels in chrome fit the Hollywood origins, but not the car. That said, wheels are a pretty easy fix and generally an individual item anyway, and while I’m not a fan of those wheels on this car it certainly wouldn’t stop the sale for me.

Values of these 6s have been all over the map as of late – some M6s pushing $20,000 plus for nice examples, but some 635s failing to sell well under $10,000. As the last of the breed and equipped with a manual condition, with all records and in good condition, this is the most valuable of the non-M models currently, and I would expect it to be priced between $10,000 – $12,000 depending on interest. I do hope that this dealer receives positive feedback for their ad print as I really think they advertised the car the way we all like to see it. It’s hard to believe, but in most states around me, this car could be registered as an antique and enjoyed on the weekends and at shows – rather than purchase an older car that has more needs, this might be a smart way to have a great looking and reliable weekender!


1991 BMW 325i w/ M30 swap


Today we have an extremely clean 325i from the final year of the game-changing E30 chassis. An impressively original exterior and interior hide a trump card, the 211hp 3.5l M30B35 from the E34 535i. The owner is clearly detail-oriented and has spent much time and effort making an even better E30. No track day monster or daily beater, this is just a well-loved cruiser with plenty of grunt to surprise much newer competitors.


Year: 1991
Model: 325i
Engine: M30B35 3.5L inline six
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 119,500
Price: Reserve-off bidding at $7,500

Click for details: 1991 BMW 325i with M30B35 on eBay


Deciding to sell my 1991 E30 325i. I bought the car from Texas with 93,000 miles on the clock 4 years ago. The man I purchased it from was the second owner, who purchased it from the original owner (an elderly lady from Las Vegas) with 75,000 miles on the clock. This makes me the third owner. The car has always been garage kept and never been in an accident. Always been meticulously maintained. The paint is all original aside from the added “iS” lip and the rear bumper which I had repainted because it was faded by the sun. I have always been a freak about keeping the car clean, often washing it multiple times a week with the two bucket wash method and drying with compressed air to make sure I don’t harm the paint. I have spent countless hours and dollars on detailing the car to make sure it is the cleanest I could possibly make it. I have always used top of the line detailing products (menzerna, lake country, chemical guys) to ensure the best results.

It was my daily driver up until this past fall as I did not have covered parking at my new apartment and I did not want the car to get damaged. The car has sat in my parents garage and probably been driven about 1,750 miles this past year and has rarely been driven in the rain. The car is 110% reliable and I would not hesitate to drive it across the country. I have driven many 8+ hour trips to Tennessee without a hiccup and even drove a 26 hour round trip (1,370 miles) to Maryland and back with no issues. I have always bought the best parts I could and always did every job to the best of my ability. I always reference the Bentley manual (using both E30 manual and E34 manual for the new engine) for proper torque specs and do everything as specified. I often get made fun of by my friends for doing everything by the book. That car has been featured on multiple websites and is well known in the BMW community.

A year and a half ago I decided to pull the original M20B25 out and swap in an M30B35 from a 1991 535i. The idea was to create the perfect E30 as it would have been made in 1991. The M30B35 makes 211hp and 225 ft/lbs of torque in stock form; a 43hp increase and a 61 ft/lbs of torque increase to the M20B25. The engine was disassembled and all parts inspected and cleaned. The head was sent to the machine shop to be hot tanked, resurfaced, valve guides replaced, valve seals replaced, valve seats recut, and pressure tested. The cylinder walls in the bottom end still had the factory cross hatchings so I did not replace anything on the bottom end. The motor has great compression test numbers. The firewall was pushed back to make room for the bigger engine. The M20B25 and M30B25 run off the some Bosch Motronic 1.3 engine management system. This means that all of the sensors and the ECU boxes between the motors are the same. The original M20 harness was used with minimal modification and re wrapped in OEM Certoplast harness tape. The E34 ECU was put in the factory E30 location and the E30 harness plugs right in.

All gauges work 100% perfectly; even down to the MPG meter (SI board went out but will be replaced before sale). No check engine lights and the car starts up perfectly every time. No smoking and no burning oil. The A/C system, cruise control, and washer fluid systems were removed to keep a clean look in the engine bay and allow the use of the factory E34 airbox. On my trip to Maryland, I got over 27mpgs on the highway. On average, I can get about 22mpg around town. The engine swap looks 100% OEM and is period correct. The only people that notice it is engine swapped are BMW enthusiasts. All silver parts on the engine are raw aluminum, not painted. Every single nut and bolt was cleaned with a wire brush or replaced and torqued down to the proper spec. I have all receipts available and pictures of most of the process. By the time all the kinks were worked out, I have over 5k invested in the engine swap alone.

The car is in very good shape. It is very hard to find an E30 this clean both inside and out. I can count on my hands how many cars have popped up for sale this clean in the past 4 years. The color is Calypsorot Metallic and was only offered in 1991. This known for the clear coat failing, making this a true survivor. The main compliment I receive on the car is the cleanliness of the paint. I am often asked where I had it painted and they are very impressed when they hear it is original paint. 1991 is the last year that the E30 sedan was offered. There was no option for a 325is in 1991, however this car had almost all of the sport options from the factory. Including sport seats, basketweave wheels, the iS rear spoiler, and iS side skirts.

A limited slip differential was added by the previous owner and an iS front lip spoiler was added by me to complete the iS package. OEM euro parts were purchased new to help set off the OEM+ styling. Never been tracked/drifted/autocrossed; strictly a cruiser with an occasional run through the mountains. Car rides and handles great with no shakes or shimmies. I really do love the car; however I have another project that won’t be able to get underway until this car sells. The car has been through many phases but its final form is with the Ronal LSs. It is time to move on to something new. I have now realized I care more about actually building the car itself rather than the finished product. I really hope it goes to an enthusiast that cares for it in the same way I did. Clean E30s are few and far between and this is one of the cleanest and most complete cars around. It is very uncommon for one to pop up this nice and complete. If you have been paying attention to the market, you have seen that E30s have been steadily rising in value for the past few years. I have well over 25K invested in the car.

What I have done in the past 15,000 miles:


– Ground-Control complete E30 coilover kit (400f/550r) with shortened strut housings and adjustable Konis. Can adjust ride height and dampening
-Ground-Control touring camber plates
-Ground-Control High Rise reinforced RSMs
-Ground-Control adjustable M3 front sway bar end links
-Power Flex rear subframe bushings
-Power Flex control arm bushings
-BMP/Korman rear trailing arm bushings
-Lemforder rear sway bar end links
-Lemforder tie rods
-Lemforder control arms
-Power steering hose replaced
-New power steering fluid (ATF)
-New front wheel bearings
-UUC vented and slotted rotors all around
-PBR brake pads

Wheels and Tires (about 500 miles on the setup):

-Ronal/ACT LS mesh wheels 15×7.5 +25 (direct E30 fitment with 4×100 pattern and 57.1mm hub bore)
-Falken Ziex 912 225/50/15

Drivetrain (about 6,000 miles since the engine swap):

-M30B35 swap (pictures of the whole process available)
-E34 535i ECU with Dinan chip
-Every single gasket replaced. 100% leak free
-Valve cover powder coated by Renewed Finishes
-Head removed and resurfaced, pressure tested, valve seals replaced, valve guides replaced, and valve seats recut. All components chemical dipped to look like new
-Intake manifold chemical dipped and cleaned out
-Good & Tight E30 M30 motor mounts in the rear position
-AKG M20 motor mounts
-Rubber M20 trans mounts
-E30 rear drive shaft with E28 front. Shortened and balanced with all U-Joints replaced. New center support bearing and guibo. Done by Driveline Services of Atlanta OEM hardware everywhere I could get it.
-Getrag 260/6 with Redline fluid
-All shift bushings replaced. Stock E30 shift lever with E24 carrier (shifter does not line up like factory)
-Spal pusher fan wired to E36 318ti temp switch so it automatically kicks on(runs very cool)
-New Behr E28 radiator
-Resurfaced E34 M5 flywheel (20lbs lighter than stock)
-Sachs E34 M5 clutch kit (~400 miles on clutch and flywheel)
-New throw out and pilot bearing
-New clutch slave cylinder
-New 19lb Bosch design 3 injectors from fuel injection connection (balanced and flow tested)
-Full custom exhaust manifold back exhaust system. Down pipes to Y-pipe, single 3 inch pipe with E34 oxygen sensor to catalytic convertor all the way back to muffler and Magnaflow exhaust tips. (passes emissions with flying colors)
-M20 engine harness
-New crank sensor
-New coolant temp sensor
-All fluids and filters up to date. Using OEM BMW coolant and Castrol GTX with Mann filters.
-100% leak free
-3.73 Limited Slip Differential


-iS front lip (has some chips in it)
-New roundels
-Front plate filler
-Euro rear plate filler
-Euro trim all around
-Euro grilles
-US projector lights
-New lenses for headlights and fog lights
-Lots of detailing
-Fenders rolled flat, no pulling
-Front and rear valences straight as an arrow
-No cracks in bumpers or trim
-All original paint


-MB Quart speakers all around (the sound is great)
-Pioneer DEM-4300UB headunit (blends nicely with the screen a perfect match color-wise)
-Monster Cable all around
-Coco floor mats
-Leather shift boot
-Leather e-brake boot
-Leather e-brake handle
-New center console
-Maplight mirror
-Houndstooth door cards (have originals I can include)
-Natur color interior
-Rare trunk storage boxes with battery cover
-Tool kit has all the tools there
-Factory jack kit is all there
-Headliner in great shape
-Dash 100% crack free
-All door and window seal rubber supple and like new
-All original carpet and seats (minor cracking in driver’s side seat piping)

While the car is in very nice shape, it is not perfect:

-Minor clear coat failure in some spots. The biggest one if from taping up the fender to prevent damage while doing the engine swap. See pictures. The paint is 22 years old, while it is in amazing shape, don’t expect a perfect show car. Minor chips and dings. Nothing major.

-Shifter does not line up perfectly. This is only aesthetic. Mechanically shifts perfectly.
-Sunroof sometimes leaks only when washing the car, never during regular rain.
-I do not have the means to fabricate radiator brackets, so it is held in with industrial cable ties. Very solid and never had an issue with it.
-Gauges not working at the moment as the batteries on the SI board have died. A new one is on the way and everything will be working upon sale. Reverse lights are also intermittent but will be repaired before sale.

I try my hardest to keep it as clean as possible and do not skimp out anywhere. Every modification I have made has been done to the best of my abilities with no expense spared. If you are looking for the perfect OEM+ E30, this is it. Original paint and no wrecks means this car is perfectly straight and has nothing to hide. What you see is what you get. With the current state of the E30 market, this car is truly a rare find and you would be hard pressed to find a nicer one for sale.


Once the playground for scrappy tuners on a budget, E30 swaps are becoming much more respectable as the tide of the E30 rises in general. It takes some work to get everything squared away, but a torquey OEM+ engine in the epic E30 chassis checks a lot of boxes. The Calypsorot is an intriguing hue that, as the seller points out, is rarely in this good of condition. I think a little over $8k is a fair price for a clean and well-sorted E30 swap with tens of thousands invested in it.