2016 Porsche Macan S

Last month Porsche announced a facelift to the current generation Macan that introduced some minor visual tweaks, some changes to the interior, and a power upgraded across all the engines. The most noticeable change was with the front fascia, which lets just say has resulted in mixed reviews. Still, the Macan is the butter on the bread of the Porsche lineup, as consumers love their mid-size crossovers even more than the Cayenne. Still, these are “buy, drive, and repeat every three years” kind of vehicles. No one is going to be nostalgic for a used Macan S that someone leased to drive to their cubical everyday, but that doesn’t mean people still don’t want them today. This particular 2016 Macan S up for sale down in Florida isn’t your normal lease-spec, and you are certainly reminded that when opening the doors to see what is inside.

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2019 Porsche Macan

Last week I took a look at a 2017 Porsche 911 finished in Miami Blue that surprisingly wasn’t a paint-to-sample color. Porsche is dipping back into the popular color game as options now, but of course, that comes at a cost. Miami Blue was a $3,140 extra cost over a standard color, but that is much cheaper than paying another $7,000 for a true custom blend. Believe it or not, you can even give some wild colors on the SUVs, which of course brings up to today’s car.

This 2019 Macan is finished in Mamba Green Metallic. This, along with six other colors, was just a $700 extra. You could get Miami Blue, along Chalk and Carmine Red, for a much bigger premium of $3,120, which seems odd since there is physically more paint on a Macan than a 911. The even more interesting thing is that if you really wanted to go paint-to-sample on your Macan, you have to hand over $11,430. Yes, I’d think I’d be sticking with one of those $700 colors.

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Viper Green 2017 Porsche Macan GTS

I won’t proclaim myself any particular fan of the Porsche Macan. They’re fine machines, but SUVs aren’t really on my radar so I pay little attention to them. If you paint one Viper Green you will get my attention. This is a 2017 Porsche Macan GTS. It’s basically brand new and being offered for its MSRP. It’s got a lot of options on it – to the tune of around $15K – so that actually makes this more difficult for buyers primarily interested in the color. That said, if you’re a huge fan of these early Porsche colors and don’t want to wait to special order your own Macan, or if this one is optioned how you’d like, then here’s an opportunity to pick one up immediately.

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Year: 2017
Model: Macan GTS
Engine: 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged V6
Transmission: 7-speed automatic
Mileage: 22 mi
Price: $90,980 Buy It Now

2017 Porsche Macan GTS

Finished in Viper Green with Black Leather

22 Delivery Miles Only

Nothing conjures up images of 1970’s 911’s like Viper Green

It was the color to have in the iconic 1973 911 “S” Coupe or Targa

Fast Forward to the year 2017 and we have a Blast from the Past

Decades from now when Macan GTS’s are in museums and collections this will be the one to have, just as a 1973 Porsche 911S in Viper Green is highly desired today!

In addition to the high level of standard equipment on today’s Porsche products, this car has these desirable options:

Exterior Paint to Sample (non-metallic)
Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus (PTV+)
Fuel Cap with Aluminum Look Finish
Steering Wheel Heating
Roof Rails in Black
Sunblind for Rear Side Windows
Seat Ventilation Front
Side Blades in Exterior Color
Gear Selector in Aluminum
Navigation Module for Porsche Communication Management (PCM)
Lane Keep Assist (LKA) i.c.w.Lane Change Assist (LCA)
Adaptive Cruise Control incl. Porsche Active Safe (PAS)
Smoking Package
Connect Plus
Power Seats (14-way) with Memory Package
Premium Package Plus
Voice Control
Sport Chrono Package i.c.w. PCM
Leather Package in Black
Door Sill Guards in Brushed Aluminum, Illuminated

This great group of options, creates an MSRP of $90,980


Please call Mike Hughes at


As always, bid and buy with confidence from

Stevinson Porsche/Jaguar

Denver’s only Family Owned Porsche Dealership

The Macan is a fairly sleek design with little extra bloat. It’s a decent bit smaller than the Cayenne though at over 4,100 lbs it isn’t exactly a lightweight. That’s not too bad for this class of vehicle though. The Macan does ride relatively low among SUVs and is easily identifiable as a Porsche through its lines and especially the front end. When I see one on the street it is capable of turning heads and this Viper Green example certainly should increase that even further. That size and weight doesn’t hold it back too much as the 360 hp delivered from its 3.0 liter twin-turbo V6 makes the GTS plenty quick. Like with the current 911 it’s a turbo without the model designation, and only trails the Macan Turbo by 40 hp. So like any Porsche you’re getting plenty of performance for your dollar.

The GTS asks for a lot of your dollars and with this one you’re almost in 911 territory. As I said above, it took a decent number of options to get to that $90K price tag, but if you must have one now and don’t want the potentially long wait for a special order color then this is the time to pounce.


Porsche Exclusive: 2016 Porsche Macan S

My disdain for the common SUV is well documented here on GCFSB, but a funny thing happened in 2014. Porsche released the Macan. At first glance, I wrote this car off as a smaller Cayenne. And yes, I’ll call this a car because anyone who has seen one in real life knows about its compact dimensions. My attraction to the Macan has grown over time to the point that I would be tempted to pull the trigger if a 6-speed manual were available. I’m not writing off the perfectly fine 7-speed PDK transmission, but three pedals is really how I’d prefer my car to be configured, especially if I’m going to drop down this much coin. Nevertheless, after a discussion with my father, the Macan is a serious contender to replace my mother’s trusty 17 year old C-class. So maybe a Porsche will finally wind up in the family somewhere after all. If you’re looking to be shouty about your P-car purchase, check out this Macan S for sale painted in a vibrant Paint to Sample hue of Gulf Orange.

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2015 Porsche Macan Turbo

Anyone who reads GCFSB knows that your managing editor isn’t too keen on SUVs. After being driven around in a Range Rover Sport yesterday morning, I was impressed. Not impressed as something to drive but rather to be driven in. Occasionally, an SUV will come along that forces me to take a second look, like the Porsche Macan. Based on the Audi Q5, this is Porsche’s smallest SUV. The top model is the one you see here, the Macan Turbo, with a 3.6 liter, turbocharged V6 pumping out 395 horsepower. Mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic, this SUV can launch to 60 mph in well under 5 seconds. One curious side note about the Macan is that it is the first Porsche to be offered with a four cylinder engine since the 968, as a base Macan has been released for the UK and Japanese markets with a 2.0 liter turbocharged inline-4.

Beyond the performance, the looks are rather handsome. The rear three-quarter view is especially attractive to me, with tail lights that could almost be described as an update of those which adorned the 928S4, GT and GTS. For me, this is a much more attractive looking machine than the oft-maligned four-door in the lineup, the Panamera.

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