1999 Mercedes-Benz C280 Sport

I’ve always been quite partial to the W202 C class, as I used to own a 1998 C230 and my mother is still running a 2000 C280 with almost 90,000 miles and winces at the thought of giving it up for a lesser vehicle (read: any new mid-sized luxury or near luxury sedan on the market today). These were some of the last over-engineered Mercedes, along with the Geländewagen and R129 SL roadster. With their demise came a new era of Mercedes-Benz cars and trucks that, good vehicles as they are, don’t quite capture the classic essence of the marque. Here’s a very tidy C280 sport in Florida with a set of tasty AMG wheels that are thankfully not oversized and period correct.

1999 Mercedes-Benz C280 Sport on eBay

Mercedes C280 Sport

You are viewing a stunning, low mile 1999 Mercedes C280 Sport. Only 55k actual miles. No accidents, only two owners. Loaded with AMG wheels with new tires, sport package (sport seats, sport steering wheel, carbon fiber look trim, sport exterior trim, sport suspension). Also loaded with moonroof, 6 CD changer, Bose audio, telephone, dual power seats and much more. Florida owned and rust free. Drives as if new. Looks as if new. No dents or dings. Excellent condition. It will not be easy to find another one like this.

With a little over three days in the auction to go, there’s been a fair amount of bids and the price has reached just under $6,500. With low mileage, a desirable color and the sport package, I could see this C280 fetching maybe between $8,000 and $10,000, at the high end. Clean, low mileage W203s are not much more, but then, they don’t carry the cache of these first generation C class sedans. This isn’t the fastest or most exclusive piece we’ve featured on GCFSB lately, but this is a tasty piece that could serve someone very well as a daily driver for several years to come. Just ask the family (mine) who have owned two.


2001 BMW 740i Sport

The introduction of the E65 7 series in 2002 left many BMW faithful scratching their heads. Not only was the styling questionable, but the new iDrive control garnered much criticism in the press for being too complex. As a result, it left many pining for the days of the previous generation E38 7 series. 2001 was the last year for this generation, and one of my favorites has always been the short wheelbase 740i with the sport package and M Parallel wheels. Here’s a clean, low mileage example in Florida for sale.

The seller states:

Extremely clean, great running 740i Sport. This is not a 740i with the M parallel wheels, it is the true sport package. I really enjoy this car, but with the amount of driving I do, it is time for something that is more efficient. Low miles for this year and always garaged. Tinted windows all around. Will need a glove box handle (glove box still opens and closes) and the rear driver’s side door lock actuator (works intermittently). Traction struts were replaced in November or December of 2010. The bushings in the traction struts are a common point of failure on these cars. Both of the small rear window shades have been repaired so they do not fail in the open position, and the front dash cupholder has also been repaired to keep it from failing in the same way that so many of them do. Front tires were replaced with Pirelli P-Zero tires at 60,840 and rears will need to be replaced soon. The price of the car reflects those few items that need to be taken care of AND the exceptional condition of the paint. Check my feedback and bid with confidence. Please ask any questions prior to placing a bid, and PLEASE do not bid if you do not intend to pay… if you aren’t prepared to pay, please don’t bother bidding.

A couple of other features that aren’t listed on the standard features page…

Auto dimming mirrors
Dual zone climate control
Vehicle alarm system with motion sensor
CD-based navigation system
6 disc CD changer
Premium sound system
HID headlamps
Soft-close trunk lid feature
Measured 66dB cabin noise at 70 mph on I-95… by comparison, my 2011 Honda civic is 70dB on the same stretch of highway, over twice as loud!

At $13,900, this is a hell of a lot of car for the money, even with it’s minor issues as described by the owner. The V8 version of the E38 is surely the one to have, as the more complex V12 will lead to higher running costs over time for not much more of a return in performance. If you are looking for a good long distance cruiser and appreciate the zenith of BMW design, this is the ride for you.


Supercharged 1997 BMW 318ti for sale

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I’ve never given the BMW E36/5 318ti a second glance, let alone any respect.  Kind of the predecessor to the 1-series, it was BMW’s unique (eschewing more common derisive descriptors) rear-wheel drive compact, the only of its genre in North America.  MSRP’d below $20k, it was definitely an economy-BMW, and this association along with it’s slightly awkward profile kept it from being taken very seriously and it never sold well.

Today, however, I found one on Craigslist that has me questioning my dismissal of the baby Bimmer.

Supercharged 1997 BMW 318ti for sale on Craigslist

Not only does this beautiful white 1997 version have the sport package, it’s been upgraded with a very clean Eaton supercharger installation.  That has to make some positive steps towards discarding the frumpy reputation, as well as the M3-style front fascia and the very, very well-chosen 17-inch BBS RKs.  The M-accented cloth seats are decidedly 90s, but that’s ok and the rest of the interior is clean and sporty.  The proportions will always be funky on this car, but the aforementioned upgrades along with a trunklid spoiler and M3 mirrors really suit it and make you think how tossable that short wheelbase must be.  For sale just under $9k, 165k miles seems like a bit, especially with a boosted engine.  That said, it looks extremely well cared-for, and is probably a ton of fun for under ten grand.

For the first time, I’m finding myself giving a 318ti a long, desirous look.