2000Tuesday: 1969 BMW 2002ti turbocharged

Update 11/20/18: Blast from the past! I wrote this custom turbocharged drag racing BMW 2002 back in the Summer of 2014. It failed to sell on eBay but apparently did change hands, and the current owner has relisted it with basically the same photos and information as the original listing. The reserve auction has yet to get a bid at the $5,500 opening bid. It’s a long road ahead to get this one back in shape, but it’s still a pretty neat car!

I know what you’re thinking. “Carter”, you’re saying, “you spent a little too much time around the high test this weekend. This thing is a wreck”. And you know what? You’re right. This car is a wreck. Yet I’m still mystified by it, like a Siren’s call – there is just something about period race cars that I find very, very cool. So if you’ll indulge me a bit let’s look at this turbocharged 2002ti from 1969. Perhaps not the most likely car you’d consider for the form of motorsport it ended up in, this car was modified in the early 1970s by Holger Tapp. Mr. Tapp built his own turbocharged setup, running a KKK turbo through the twin Weber carbs. Then Mr. Tapp went racing – drag racing – with this 2002. The period picture reveals the car appeared to originally be a orange and wear some awesome BBS magnesium race wheels. Some of that original color can still be seen on the unmounted and damage chin spoiler. According to some light research I found, Holger Tapp was actually quite successful with the car, according to a competitor winning quite often. It also appears that at some point he built a second, more wildly flared car that picked up the BBS wheels – indeed, in one photo the plate “HU AV 303” this car wears can be seen on that car. The rest of the history appears to be pretty fuzzy; however, if you brush up on your German, Holger Tapp is still in business today doing much the same thing:

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1998 BMW 318ti M-Sport

Like the M535i from the other day, the 318ti continued BMW’s expansion of M branding to pedestrian models. That plan included inclusion of a new down-market economy model; the 318ti Compact. The new hatchback platform brought the pricing of the small executive into the teens (just), but the only engine available – the 138 horsepower M44 1.8 liter 4-cylinder – proved just adequate motivation. Though big brother power wouldn’t come to the chassis, the Sport, Club Sport and later M-Sport packages added BMW Motorsport DNA into the E36/5. Subtle styling revisions included M3 front bumper cover, revised rocker panels and a diffusor-inspired rear cover. The Club Sport and M-Sport received special mirror covers and integrated fog lights, as well, along with the M-Sport suspension. Inside, special sport seats with Millpoint fabric (red in the case of the Club Sport), along with an M branded wheel and shift knob, helped to remind the driver that they were in the sportiest of economy BMWs. And the basic package was fairly good to begin with, in spite of the power shortfall; Car and Driver rated the 318ti Sport second in its handling competition, though it should be noted that it lost to a front-wheel drive Honda.

These 318ti M-Sports have developed a bit of a cult following as a result, offering economy car sensibility and cheap repairs with M3 looks – and, for many, a great basis for motor swaps down the line:

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1969 BMW 2002Ti Alpina

It’s always a bit strange when highly sought cars come to market with few details. Today’s 2002Ti is a great example; the 2002Ti is already sought after model thanks to the dual-carb, high compression motor, and of course being a “Roundie” an early model 2002 like this is automatically more desirable. But start to throw in some of the other details, such as “Alpina”, “Race Car” and “Original” and the dollar figures start climbing. If, that is, it’s all to be believed:

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Tuner Tuesday: 1974 BMW 2002Ti

There are some pretty distinct tuning periods, such that you can generally peg the time frame that a car was modified if it was “cutting edge”. For example, when I saw this 2002Ti pop up on eBay, I immediately thought it was a late 80s/early 90s modification. Most of that, to be fair, came from the dated wheels, but the boxy styling, attempt to update the grill and paint scheme just said to me that M.C. Hammer may have been playing in the background when this car was revised. And like early modified cars and even more recent examples, dated mods sometimes make a bit of a mess – and this car certainly looks dated to me. Despite that I think there’s still a lot to like here; the base is a clean 2002Ti, the box-flares aren’t horrible and inside there are some great Recaros and a Zender wheel. What would you do with the rest?

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1997 BMW 318ti M-Sport

It seems like just yesterday I was writing up a clean 318ti M-sport. The condition was great on that particular example; miles were lower, it was all original and the color was nice. But there were several drawbacks, too – the California roof, while cool, was noted by one of our readers as a potential problem spot. Then there was the transmission; an automatic, it robbed a fair amount of the sport and fun out of the package. To top it off, there was the asking price – a staggering $13,000. As if to answer every single one of those points, another near-mint example of the rare to see M-Sport package has popped up this week; conventional sunroof, lower price and thank heavens a manual gearbox are the highlights here:

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1999 BMW 318ti M-Sport

BMW’s introduction of the 1 series baffled me a bit. Sure, the idea of a rear-drive hot-hatch is enticing, but then two things happened. First, BMW made the version of the hot-hatch that was actually hot very, very expensive. Then, they didn’t bring it to the U.S., instead sending the 2-door sedan version over. In 1M form it certainly wasn’t bad, but the normal 128i and 135i versions look a bit like E46s that were left in the sun a bit too long after being sandwiched in front and rear collisions. Sound harsh? It is, I know, but I can’t help but see an English bulldog every time I see one of the 1 series cruising towards me. I much prefer the looks of BMW’s second attempt at a hatchback, the 318ti. It was funky, spunky and – especially in M-sport trim – looks exactly like what I’d want in a BMW hatchback. Okay, so there wasn’t the massive performance of the M-versions of the new 1 series or 2 series here, but then there isn’t the massive price, either. For a daily driver with good economy, it’s nice to couple that with good looks in a package that is very different than the norm:

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1996 BMW 318ti M-Sport

One of the great unsung heros of the E36 lineup was the compact three-door hatchback, sold in the U.S. as the 318ti. Journalists decried the E30-based rear suspension and oversteering tendency of the 318. Enthusiasts were grumpy that it only came here with the 4-cylinder. And practical folks were happy to pass up the rear-drive amusement for a cheaper and better equipped Golf. But in my mind, the proportions of the 318ti were just right – like a rear drive Corrado, this car screamed of the potential for fun and practicality in one little package. The best looking of the bunch were the M-Sport models – though the changes were only cosmetic, they made the hot hatch look great!

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Motorsport Mondays: 1972 BMW 2002 Alpina Tribute

Yesterday on our Facebook fanpage I posted a 1972 BMW 2002 track car with Zender flares and an S14 swap; while not original, it sure looked neat. Today’s car isn’t original either, but is built in the style of the Alpina racers and if anything looks even better to me as a result. Looking splendid in red over those classic turbine wheels, take a look at this 1972 2002:

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Motorsport Sunday: 1972 BMW 2002 Ti Touring

As Paul noted nearly a year ago with his post on a 2002 Touring, they’re quite rare to see in the United States with very few imported and kept running. However, while perusing Ebay.de looking for cars for our “Party Like It’s 1989 Week”, I came across a very cool 2002 Touring that has been given the Turbo look and is ready for completion. With a host of upgrades and fresher bodywork and paint, this may be a worthwhile project for the right person to import even if it’s been legal to do so for nearly two decades! There isn’t much time to jump on this auction but it was simply too cool to pass up!

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1971 BMW 2002ti

Update 9.24.2011: SOLD!

The BMW 2002 is no stranger to German automotive enthusiasts. This is the car that virtually invented the sports sedan category, and the high performance, fuel injected 2002tii was the model that put this range on the map. Other models such as the cabriolets, the Touring hatchback and the legendary Turbo helped solidify this lineup in BMW history.

One 2002 that you don’t hear a lot about is the twin carburetted 2002ti. Introduced in 1968, the 2002ti had twin Solex carburetors, front and rear anti roll bars and was offered with a 5 speed manual gearbox. Larger tires rounded out the package.

BMW 2002ti For Sale

An owner of a 2002ti with the sought after dog leg, 5 speed manual gearbox has brought his car to our attention in the hopes that this honest, two owner example of the car that popularized BMW would find a good, new home.

1971 BMW 2002ti

I own the ti along with one of my brothers. VIN is 1691012. Current mileage is approximately 145,000 miles although the odometer started working intermittently on the last drive. We bought it from the original owner in 2002 (appropriately) – a fellow Canadian who bought the car while overseas and brought it back to Vancouver, Canada. It is completely stock and (nearly) unmodified.

The car has all of the sought after ti features such as a dogleg close ratio 5 speed, wider ti steel wheels, sport steering wheel, crack free two piece dashboard, original small console with AM radio, clock, four blade fan, boxed trailing arms, etc.


The interior is completely stock. The front seats have sheepskin seat covers but are in good condition although the driver’s seat does have a seam split on the seatback. New carpet kit installed this summer. The original owner installed a Webasto-style sunroof (Weatherford) when new – works well and does not leak.


In 1981 the first owner stopped using the car as his daily driver and performed a fairly major ‘restoration’. This resulted in a couple of issues with the car – the front radiator support is a ‘snorkel’ type and the front turn signals are the North American style. Nothing to be done about the snorkel but we do have a couple of sets of Euro turn signals that will come with the car. We were never happy enough with the quality of the used sets we bought to warrant installing them.

In 2008 we spent a pile of cash chasing rust out of the car – mainly the pedal box and driver’s side rockers. I would not say the car is completely rust free as I suspect both rockers are still a bit soft in spots but there are no major issues whatsoever.

Lastly, sadly, one of us who shall remain nameless lowered the car off the floor jack last week without confirming everything was out from underneath – the result is a crease in the front valance. The neighbour’s children also now have a jumpstart on their peers in terms of colourful language.


The car has no major issues of any kind. No smoke on acceleration or deceleration, no major syncho issues once the transmission is warmed up, no weird noises. It is currently equipped with twin Weber 40 DCOEs with the stock air box and carburettor linkage rather than the two Solex 40 PHH carburettors that were original equipment on the car. The original Solexes will come with the car, along with a rebuild kit.

Note that the Getrag Close Ratio 5 speed has first gear below reverse while second gears through fifth gear are in the H pattern. Fifth gear is not an overdrive gear and is a 1 to 1 ratio like the 4th gear in the standard 4 speed transmission.

This is how the gear ratios in the two transmissions compare

4-speed 5-speed
1st 3.835 3.368
2nd 2.053 2.16
3rd 1.345 1.579
4th 1.0 1.241
5th – 1.0

Mechanical work completed and parts replaced during the last 9 years.

-Most of the brake system including; master cylinder, wheel cylinders, hoses etc
-KYB struts and shocks
-Strut bearings
-Transmission shift tower and bushings
-Rear exhaust system
-Water pump
-4 185/70R 13 tires

The car would drive anywhere with no issue. Photos of the car can be seen using the following link:


Further, we have some records from the original owner dating back to 1981 showing an engine overhaul at 107K miles and the bodywork for $7800 in 1981 dollars. To put the bodywork into perspective, a new BMW 318i was $14,000.

We have decided to sell the car as neither of us use it enough to warrant hanging on to it. We are asking CDN $20,000. Is that fair market value – who knows? There really is no market for this model because they rarely come up for sale. What we do know is that there are reportedly fewer than 50 ti in North America and this is certainly one of the most original examples anywhere.

If interested, please contact the seller here: grbennett@shaw.ca