2001 BMW 740i Sport 6-speed manual

What’s better than an E38 740i? A 740i with the Sport package, which adds 18″ M-Parallel wheels, shadowline trim, sport suspension and seats. And what’s better than a 740i Sport? A 740i Sport with a manual 6-speed gearbox. Wait, what? Yes, you read that right. While these cars were only available from the factory with an automatic, a brave soul with a healthy supply of time, money and genius has converted this 740 to a stick shift by swapping in a transmission from an E39 540i. That should turn this luxo-barge into a bit of a canyon carver.

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2003 BMW 540i M-Sport Touring

I’m not really sure where the “wagons are cool” craze comes from. Back in Europe, estates tend to be regarded as a bit boring. But the longer I’ve lived in America, the more I can relate. Camping trips, afternoons spent chasing down furniture on Craigslist, and weekends spent helping friends move apartments in the city have all led me to appreciate the appeal of a good wagon.The highly competent 540i sedan is already well loved, combining a well-balanced chassis with a torquey 4.4 liter V8 that puts out about 290 hp. The Touring version offers all of this plus a load space nearly on par with that of a small pickup, once the seats are folded down. What’s even better than a 540i Touring? A 540i Touring M-Sport, which adds more aggressively styled, M5-like bumpers, firmer sport suspension, sport seats and shadowline trim (sedans also received M-Parallel wheels, although Tourings did not).

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Row Your Own? 2000 BMW 528iT v. 2003 BMW 540iT

I have a bit of an interesting comparison today, and I think in many ways it’s harder than it would first appear to be. If you said to most enthusiasts “Would you rather have a manual or automatic?”, the collective ire of autophiles towards self-controlled cars is akin to suggestion a revision to the 2nd Amendment at a NRA rally. And outwardly, today’s two E39 5-series wagons seem quite similar. But they represent two different directions for BMW and I think it will be interesting to see which foot enthusiasts land on. So, what would it be, then – a 5-speed 528i Sport Touring or a 5-speed (automatic) 540i M-Sport Touring?

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As Good As New? 1999 BMW M3 with 22,000 Miles

From a string of well priced, overall nice examples of M3s, I’m returning back to a lower mile example – perhaps one of the best condition E36s on the market today. It’s a rare one, too – produced in January 1999, it’s one of the last BG93 E36 M3 coupes produced. Considering I spent some time talking about how the Lime Rock Park Edition E92 is coveted as the end of the run for the M3 Coupe (and E9X), it’s interesting how there seems to be less attention paid to the last of the E36 run. This car popped out at me for a few reasons; I was pondering a low-mile E46 v. E92 post as asking prices on both are nearly identical, but here was a low mile E36 languishing at under $20,000 bidding – less than half the asking price of the super-low mile later models. Unlike the other 26,000 mile Dakar Yellow coupe I looked at, where my big complaint was that I felt the car was overpriced considering the lack of originality, this car has even lower miles and appears completely stock and unmolested. Is this as good as E36s get?


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2001 BMW M5

Produced to go head to head with the E55 AMGs in 1999, the E39 M5 hit North America for model year 2000. Compared to previous generations, the E39 M5 boasted the high strung S62 V8 engine which displaced 4.9 liters and made 394 bhp. In contrast to the M62 V8, the S62 offered a higher redline, variable intake and exhaust valve timing, and individual throttle bodies. All of these things made for a fast revving beast of an engine that was the benchmark that all other sport sedans would be measured against.

This Titanium Silver Metallic over black leather M5 for sale in Fairfax Station, VA represents the quintessential sports sedan of its generation.

2001 BMW M5 on eBay

You are viewing a CARFAX CERTIFIED 2001 BMW M5 SEDAN / 87535 MILES / 6 SPEED MANUAL TRANSMISSION / GPS NAVIGATION / FULL LEATHER / LUXURY TRIM / HEATED SEATS / SKI BAG / BI-XENON HEADLIGHTS / ENHANCED PREMIUM SOUND.  The color combination on this vehicle is: Interior-Black Boston Leather.  Exterior-Titanium Silver Metallic.  This vehicle is free of any dings, dents, scratches, parking lot scuffs-as the photographs will show.  This vehicle includes a full and complete owners manuals kit.  With over 23 years in highline automobile sales and service, you are insured integrity.

As a licensed Virginia dealer, I will gladly provide the buyer with a set of temporary tags and registeration.  Located just outside of Washington D.C, I will be glad to provide transpotation to any of our local airports.  I also can provide door to door vehicle delivery services.

In my eyes, this is the best M5 to own, with 80bhp more than the E34, and the V8 growl, and stunning good looks, these are the cream of the M5 crop. The E39 is also the last generation of a pure driving M5, as the E60 brought technology overload, which in my eyes takes away from the driving experience. At $18,700 this M5 is priced right out of the pages of NADA, and right along where the market has been. With reasonably low miles, and in seemingly pristine condition, this is a great buy on an epic sports sedan.