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Tuner Tuesday: 1986 Alpina C2 2.5

It’s somewhat amazing that a small tuner like Alpina managed to turn out nearly as many variants of the venerable E30 chassis as the factory did. Alpina developed a total of 11 variants of the 3 series that I can figure out, and with the Japanese specials there may have been even more. The C2 was the top-tier model of the small Alpinas until the introduction of the M3, which effectively negated the entire point of the C2. It was a bit quicker and cost less than the Alpina, and consequently the small tuner upped the ante by slotting in the larger M30 motors to really take performance to the next level. But the early cars are still quite potent; in 2.3, 2.5 or 2.7 form, the C1 and C2 had between 170 and 190 horsepower, and with only a reported 160 built between all the “C” models, they’re certainly much more exclusive than the M3. The same seller as earlier’s AMG has turned up with a late C2 2.5 from Japan; wearing gold Alpina decor over the Alpine White exterior, this is one shining gem of an E30:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1986 Alpina C2 2.5 on eBay

Year: 1986
Model: C2 2.5
Engine: 2.5 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 93,060 mi
Price: $24,990 Buy It Now

Powered by a 185 HP, naturally aspirated 2.5L six, these cars offer a broad torque curve—an Alpina specialty—and it makes for effortless performance that can easily tame S14 M3 cousins. Alpina modified the cylinder head and combustion chambers, fitted lighter, higher compression Mahle pistons, a new camshaft, and free flowing exhaust system. Alpina-specified close-ratio gearing. Other Alpina modifications include custom valved Bilsteins, progressive rate springs, and larger front brakes with ventilated discs. The car is in ready for show condition with only 149.000 kilometers from new. The car is a genuine Buchloe built car with the VIN :WABAAA8101075438559 . Accident free and equipped with all-original bodywork,. The car is offered with clean PA title.

This 1986 Alpina C2 is a rare sight in the USA and The stance and Euro bumpers make for a fantastic attitude. Dark green is the perfect color and deep chinspoile separate this car from the numerous decaying North American E30’s. The interior features Alpina signature sport seats in dark grey with blue/green stripes. The dash is very clean without any cracks and retains the Euro cluster with metric gauges. The 4-spoke steering wheel has the right look and details like a new tires with uncurbed wheels and factory radio are nice touches.. The interior remains all original, with green and blue-striped Recaros, Alpina steering wheel, center vent/engine monitoring computer, factory number plaque and wooden, Alpina-badged shift knob helping to differentiate the car from standard E30’s. The dash is very clean without any cracks and retains the Euro cluster with metric gauges. The 4-spoke steering wheel has the right look and details like a new tires with uncurbed wheels and factory radio are nice touches.. This car will cost you little cheaper then fairly nice M3, but will behave and look completely different not as 80’s “boy racer” but rather mature and expensive gentleman’s E30. . Please feel free to contact us for any questions regarding this beautiful automobile.

This vehicles vin is WBAAA810107543859

This vehicle was legally imported from Japan and currently has a valid PA title. The mileage is displayed in kilometers which we cnverted to miles for the add.

I’m not sure where the seller is getting the “dark green” from, but that may easily be a mistype or cut and paste error. Condition on this C2 is certainly top; with only 93,000 miles on the clock, both inside and outside look to be in splendid condition. The original alloys and spoilers are hot items and really help to set the car apart if the Alpina stripes inside and out didn’t. Interestingly, this car – chassis number 36 according to the plaque – isn’t listed in the Alpina Archives, but the car does look to be quite legitimate with all the right details. Under the hood is a touch boy-racer with the cone air filter and blue wires which look slightly out of place in my mind, but aside from that this is really an excellent example of one of the claimed 50 produced C2 2.5s. Now, while performance was close to the top of the small chassis range for 1986, the performance of this car will fall short of a S50/52 swapped car – but if you’re really into Alpinas, it isn’t the speed but the entire package that is really special. The asking price – about $25,000 – is right in line with what other similar examples have come to the market at. The last really similar example was the Japanese B6 2.7 at an ask of nearly $30,000. In fact, look closely at the wording in that advertisement, and you’d probably come to the same conclusion as me that it’s the same seller here. We also saw a C1 2.3 in great condition sell for $20,000. An automatic with the smaller motor, it wasn’t as desirable as this example despite looking quite similar. Overall, in the crazy world of E30 pricing today the asking price doesn’t seem terribly outlandish at $25,000 for what is a rare and good performing 3-series in top condition.



  1. alpinist
    alpinist June 17, 2015

    it seems very doubtful that is anything but seats and stickers from an Alpina. plus, it only has 2 pedals… the ad has wonky all overy it.

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