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Tuner Tuesday: 1986 Porsche 930/DP 935 – REVISIT

Darth Vader, your car has arrived. One of my favorite cars that I wrote up for “Tuner Tuesday” was the crazy all-black DP935 back in August. The car has moved sellers and is now available on Ebay. A reserve auction this time around, the opening bid price has climbed with reserve still on from the original $109,500 to $124,900. While there are much better photos of the car this time around, nothing else appears to have changed making those some pretty pricey pictures. Still, this is a fun car to look at, so enjoy the darkness!

The below post originally appeared on our site August 27, 2013:


In the world of tuners of the 1980s, there were bonkers cars like the Treser Quattro Roadster we featured last week, and then there were the seriously bonkers cars. What separated them was a level of taste, power and money. Design Performance Motorsport, better known as DP Motorsport, was one of the home of some of the most outrageous street cars available in the 1980s. Starting with their racing connections at Kremer and Porsche, they helped to develop the bodywork for the 935 silhouette cars with their radical slant noses – an interpretation of the rules that took advantage of a lack of specification for where the headlights needed to be located. This resulted in not only a more aerodynamic nose on the car, but one that was capable of generating downforce – something that the 935 took full advantage of.

DP saw the opportunity to bring this loophole to the public roads, and did so with the DP935. Not only looking the part, the modified motors pumped out a then astonishing 400 horsepower and the ridiculously wide rubber helped transfer that to the road. The ridiculous looks were accompanied by some ridiculous pricing, and as a result not many were made. However, a few did make it to the U.S. and somehow escaped all of the government seizures of drug-cartel car collections. Today’s example is one of the DP935 Series 2, intended for the U.S. and missing the signature 935 front bumper with integrated headlights, instead adopting a more factory slantnose look:


Year: 1986
Model: DP935
Engine: 3.3 liter turbocharged flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 27,500 mi
Price: Reserve Auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1986 Porsche 911 Turbo DP935 on Ebay

Black/black, 27,500 mi, very rare US version 935 DP stage II street model based on a 1986 US model 911 Turbo, twin plug 412 HP Deman Motorsport engine with dyno sheet, K29 turbo, rare 5-speed, brand new Zuffenhaus 17-inch “Fuchs” wheels powder coated black, Bilstein coilover suspension with Brembo GTP brakes, fuel cell, DP intercooler, oil cooler and race exhaust, DP seats, white gauges and piping, RUF steering wheel, special center console, fresh major service with engine and transmission reseal by Rennsport/Mike Callas, immaculate condition, $109,500


An interesting counterpoint to the understated Rufs, the DP 935s don’t seem to hold the same value. As DP 935s go, however, this car is about as understated as they come. While some may prefer the wild stripes and massive nose that accompanied most of the DP cars, this all black model looks great without them and flies low on the radar. The 17” wheel upgrade is tastefully done even for black wheels, and fills out the fenders more than the crazy 15” stock that originally came on these cars. Those original 15”x11” wheels are neat to look at, but try buying tires for them now! Going to 17” opens up some good tire options and are more practical, as well as giving the car a slightly less clownish appearance.

The Deman motor is welcome addition as they’re well known for building solid products, and although out of place the Ruf steering wheel looks nice. As a DP935 build then, this car has lost a lot of its originality but makes up for it with some tasteful resto-modifiction. It is neat that it was originally a 930, since some of the DP cars were built on a regular 911 chassis. The price point is sure high, but in comparison to the Ruf motored car at $100,000, this may seem like a better deal. Still, it’s possible to get into a very clean 930 for half of this amount, and my feeling is that the rarity and appeal of the DP935 build isn’t strong enough to justify the higher price tag, even if it does look pretty menacing.



  1. Ricky
    Ricky January 28, 2014

    Oh. My. God. That is an awesome find. What a car.

  2. Adam
    Adam January 28, 2014

    I’m glad to see this car again (this is pretty much 100% my favorite 911) but I’m sad to see it hasn’t sold yet.

    Love this car!

  3. David
    David January 30, 2014

    Below was the spec sheet for a Type II DP. Based on the below, the car offered for sale seems to have the DP bodywork and intercooler, and not much else, i.e. doesn’t have a DP paint job. Someone else seems to did the suspension and engine (engine by Deman), all as Carter rightly pointed out. I think it is a stretch to call this a true DP car without more info about what work DP actually did (or if someone just installed a DP bodykit). more info on DP

    1 front spoiler with headlights, turn signals, glass covers and oil cooler grid
    1 rear bumper with taillights and license plate illumination
    2 flat front fenders with grilles, wheel flares, and tank pit
    2 rear side parts with brake ventilation &lld wheel flares
    2 large doors sills with embedded logotype
    1 trunk hood, oilcooler exhaust duct
    1 rear spoiler with large grille, additional air lovers and improved loading air supply
    2 outside rear view mirrors (Genuine racing type)
    1 heavy duty oilcooler in the front of the car
    4 spacers
    1 front acle reinforcement bar
    1 center console (various equipment options)
    1 foot support
    1 completely new suspension kit
    2 stabilizers in front and in the rear
    1 complete paint job with outside color striping
    1 approval by state safety agency
    2 rims in front, 9″ x 15″ with 2 tires (225/50×15/P7)
    2 rims in the rear, 13″ x 15″ with 2 tires (345/35x.l5/P7)

    Type I:

    2 rims in front, 8″ x 15″ with 2 tires (205/50×15/P7)
    2 rims in thr rear, 11″ x 15″ with 2 tires (285/40×15/P7)

    Optional Equipment:

    various interiors in leather and velours materials
    various stereo equipment consoles with different instrumentation
    performance improvements of the turbo engine up to 400 hp
    adjustable boost on turbo models
    large boost gauge
    aspirating engine with increased displacement and power
    special steel exhaust systems
    targa or convertible version with turbo engine
    aluminium roll bar with leather cover
    modified hi-performance front suspension
    shorter shifting distances
    various sport seats
    light weight bodies
    AC and a power sunroof

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