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Wagon Week: 2015 BMW 328d xDrive

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I’m not a huge fan of buying new cars – my brain just doesn’t see the logic in accepting instant depreciation as the price for being the very first person to own a car. I clearly lean towards well-used classics anyway, but at the very least a certified pre-owned car seems like the way to go if you want something modern. I have to make an exception here because somewhere along the line of bloating and modernization, BMW decided to make a car that seemed as likely as an albino unicorn not long ago – a turbodiesel, all-wheel drive, M-packaged station wagon. I’m getting used to the newer BMW styling and almost liking it, especially here on a white longroof spiffed up with black M accents and two-tone 20-spoke wheels reminiscent of the E39 M5’s all-time-great rims. Too bad that it doesn’t have a manual, but these 8-speed autos are supposed to be excellent. Overall, it’s pretty epic as far as new cars go, but then again so is its price.

Click for details: 2015 BMW 328d xDrive on eBay


Year: 2015
Model: 328d xDrive
Engine: 2.0 liter turbocharged inline-4 diesel
Transmission: 8-speed automatic
Mileage: 0 mi
Price: $59,518 OBO


I bet the only reason BMW went with 328d instead of 320d is so they could charge more. Nearly $60k is just nuts for a mid-size, economy-engined wagon. The Premium, M-Sport, and navigation packages add nearly $8k to the price, and yes, you get a 4-year warranty, but holy cow. You could have an E30 325ix Touring, an E39 M5, AND a brand-new GTI for the same money! Clearly I’m not the target market for this 328d – I imagine they’re aiming for a young urban professional new-mom of some sort. Oh well; we should’ve known that an AWD diesel wagon was a bit of a pipe dream anyway.



  1. Brad
    Brad May 8, 2015

    I really like this Subaru! This Subaru has all the Subaru design elements, inside and out. It’s a very nice Subaru. Someone should buy this Subaru.

  2. Another Bob
    Another Bob May 8, 2015

    I rented the 1.8 litre diesel version of this last summer in Munich. Put 2000 KM on it. As the owner of an E46 wagon with Sport package, I would not buy the new one over the E92. This new wagon was hard to see out of and near impossible to back up. It was also not that engaging to drive. I’d go with the 2012 one as it has hydraulic steering.

  3. Karl
    Karl May 9, 2015

    Actually, automatic and turbodiesel works very well together. It just stays on boost throughout the gears, unlike a manual – lift, lose boost, shift, wait…you get the picture.
    Now if they’d only make a 330d wagon.

  4. Andrew
    Andrew May 9, 2015

    My good friend has the gas powered version with the M-Sport package, it’s an absolute joy to drive aggressively, just glad the payments aren’t mine to make!

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