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Afternoon Accessories: Hartge Steering Wheel


Want to stand out in the E30 crowd? That E28 M5 looking a little too Darth Vader for your liking? Hartge has the solution for you. This period correct white leather Hartge wheel may be just the accessory you need to complete your BMW look. Is it for everyone? Of course not! But that’s why they make more flavors of ice cream than just vanilla. Speaking of vanilla….


Year: 1980-1990
Model: All BMW
Price: $379 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: Hartge Steering Wheel on eBay

Rare HARTGE steering wheel for BMW. Fits any model using MOMO-compatible BOSS kit.
The item is NEW.
Imported from Germany.

Please PM me if you have any questions.
I’ll ship Worldwide, please contact me before bidding for the shipping cost.

For search: BMW E32 E34 E36 E30 E28 HARTGE

Cheap? Nope, but it’s a pretty rare detail to come across. I could sure see this finishing off a M-Technic 325i convertible or Euro-spec white E28. What do you think – awesome period detail or horrible tuning fail?


Tuner Tuesday: 2008 BMW M3 Dinan/Hartge

In the wonderful world of tuning, there’s taking it to the edge, and then there’s stepping over the edge. For every tasteful example of a tuner-modified car, it seems that there are several that take it one (or many) steps too far, creating a bit of a monstrosity in the process. While modifying cars is and will always be a form of individual expression, tuning firms always attempt to produce what will sell, not necessarily what is in the best taste. In the spirit of this, today I want to look at a car which I feel was taken a few steps too far; a 2008 Dinan and Hartge modified M3:

Year: 2008
Model: M3
Engine: 4.6 liter V8
Transmission: 7-speed DCT automatic
Mileage: 25,959 mi
Price: $67,500 Buy It Now


Please call or text BART @ 724-630-1170 or NICK @ 770-899-0962 to ask any questions regarding this vehicle.

BART @ 724-630-1170

NICK @ 770-899-0962




Aftermarket Upgrades:
- Dinan 4.6L Stroker with the Under drive Pullies – Clamed 527 HP
- Grouppe M Carbon Fiber Intake
- Custom Painted Hartge Engine Cover

- Active Autowerke Catless X-Pipe
- Active Autowerke Rear Mufflers

DCT Tranny/ Differential:
- DCT Flash (No lag in-between shifts)
- Dinan 3.62 Limited Slip Differential

- Front – Hartge 20×9 Conti Sport 3 Tires
- Rear – Hartge 20×10 Conti Sport 3 Tires

- Front – Brembo 380mm 6 Piston Painted Silver with Black
Hartge Logo
- Rear – Brembo 380mm 4 Piston Painted Silver with Black Hartge Logo

- RD Sport Springs
- RD Sport Front Sway Bar

- OEM Front Bumper with Hartge Molded Front Lip and Carbon Fiber Tabs
- OEM Rear Bumper with Hartge Molded Diffuser
- Hartge Side Sills
- Hartge Carbon Roof Spoiler
- Vorstiener E92 Double sided Carbon Truck
- Hartge Front and Rear Emblems
- Hartge Ghost Graphic on doors that matches the Interlagos Blue
- Flat Black Front Grills
- Carbon Fiber Kidney Grills
- Top half of mirror is Carbon Fiber low half is Interlagos Blue
- Carbon Fiber Hood Vents

- BMW Performance Seats
- BMW Performance V1 Steering wheel
- Hartge Sliver Carbon Fiber interior
- Hartge E-brake Lever and I-Drive wheel
- Hartge Pedal Set
- Custom Suede Matched rear BMW Performance seats
- Custom Suede Matched Door Panels Front and Rear.
- Macht Schnell gauge panel in place of Ash Tray
- Macht Schnell Passenger Occupancy Sensor

Indeed this is not your ordinary M3, and I was able to write that without caps lock on. In fact, I don’t think you’d need to write that this wasn’t your ordinary M3 if you just look at it. There are so many items that are to like here, and well engineered components at that. First, there’s the superb M3, made even more superb in the beautiful shade of Interlagos Blue. You could have stopped there, and I would have been sold. Then there are the Dinan upgrades; well, who doesn’t like a bit more power? How about one hundred bits? The Dinan upgrades also extend to the transmission reflash and rear end. Okay, I’m still on board. We move on to the Active Autowerks exhaust. I’ve heard these cars opened up, and it’s pretty glorious. Haven’t lost me yet.

Then there are the Hartge bits; wheels, rockers, bumper add-ons and roof spoiler. It’s here where I start to loose some enthusiasm for this build; these items are a bit too blingy and take a bit away from the understated performance of this car. Still, they’re Hartge pieces, and that carries some weight, so I’m not completely lost. However, the shouty “Hartge” custom graphics, the custom painted engine cover, the pedal set, badges everywhere….I just don’t know, it seems akin to digitally inserting Jabba the Hutt into the original Star Wars. Does it add anything? No, you’re just sitting there saying “Okay, I get it, you just wanted to show off that you have money and can do whatever you want”. It goes even farther downhill for me from there, with a few more badges and names thrown into the pile. It’s as if the owner decided to make a sunday at Cold Stone Creamery and added every single item from the toppings menu. Sure, it may taste great for a bite, but in the end you just have a brown pool of melted ice cream with gummy bears and soggy oreo bits floating all over.

While I have no doubt that the asking price of this car doesn’t come close to claimed $100K build costs, the reality is that I don’t really see much value in this car over a stock ZCP car. For all it’s Hartge bragging it’s not a Hartge, and doesn’t identify as a Dinan either, and that leaves it a bit of a “dog’s breakfast” to quote Clarkson. That’s sad because it has all of the right ingredients; I just really wish they hadn’t dumped all of them in at the same time. What do you think?


Lower-mileage 1989 BMW Hartge H26 for sale

Update 12.6.2011: Back on eBay, links updated. Previously listed in November. -dc

The Hartge wheels on a local 325is caught my eye, and while I’m usually more of an Alpina fan, I’m starting to really dig the rare Hartge models of 80s Bimmers. With only 113k miles, today’s beefed-up 325i is beautifully clean inside and out. It has obviously been well taken care of, with the pinstripes and spoilers still looking great, the interior nice enough to eat off (if you allowed food inside), and the underside looking close to new. I can’t see paying the premium on these unless you’re a serious enthusiast, but those who do will get a great looking E30 with as much power as the M3.

1989 BMW Hartge H26 for sale on eBay

A nice recounting of provenance and recent care:

1989 BMW E30 Hartge H26
Bronzit/nature tan leather – shadow line trim & mirrors – Hartge logo’s front & back.
· US Spec. 325ia car prepared by Hartge in Germany – delivered through the “Fly & Drive” program that began in 1987 – a very, very rare car. Build sheet code #0841.
· Low mileage 113K – 5200 miles/year – always adult owned/driven.
· Recent mechanical & restoration.

The vehicle was purchased new by Mr. Jung through Vasek Polak BMW in Hermosa Beach, Ca. The original service booklet & manual verify. My Jung picked out his options & order/pay for the car.The German plant would send the vehicle to Hartge Mfg. to have the options installed. Being in the “Fly & Drive” program (started by Porsche). The buyer would fly over to Germany, take delivery at the plant, drive around Europe for a time, drop the car back at the plant, where the manufacturer would ship the car to the US dealer.

It would also explain how Vasek Polak BMW ended up delivering the car as they could handle all the paperwork & arrangements for the Hartge without being an authorized distributor-they never took possession of the car, floored it, or took it into their inventory. It is also interesting to note that they did not fill in the “delivery mileage” in the vehicles service booklet. This being US Spec. it does not have a “federalization sticker” in the door jamb. H26 4258256 received 12 of the 17 options available from Hartge. Over $14,000 worth, according to the Hartge 1988 catalog. That includes the cylinder head and exhaust system, which was recently replaced with Ansa.

    Hartge H26 Option list

11 27 0490 – Performance H26 Cylinder head conversion 190bhp consisting of:
11 22 0432 – Hartge sport camshaft
11 22 0436 – Hartge light alloy valve cover
12 27 0103 – Re-profiled Montronic
18 27 0500 – Tubular 6 branch Headers – free flow exhaust system.


31 22 0420 – Hartge Sport suspension (35mm lower) consisting of:
Hartge progressive rate Coil Springs.
Hartge/Bilstein special valving struts & shocks.
31 27 0470 – Hartge stabilizer set consisting of:
Hartge stabilizer front adjustable @ 22mm, rear @ 16mm.
31 16 0350 – Hartge aluminum front strut brace, added rear strut brace for improved handling.


36 22 0754 – Hartge aluminum wheels 7.5×16” w/custom machined aluminum center caps.

    Car Body

51 22 0500 – Hartge aerodynamic kit for E30 from 9/87
61 22 0435 Hartge mono arm windscreen wiper system *LHD for E30


62 22 0150 Hartge instrument console oil pressure gauge, amp meter gauge & clock.
32 27 0400 Hartge 4 spoke leather steering wheel@380mm with hub/horn button.
41 22 0100 Hartge foot rest.
Hartge leather shift knob.
Hartge tach.

The paint is original – in some area’s the paint is checking. On the passenger side of the roof has some dents from an object falling on it. Overall the paint shows well.

Maintenance at 112,422
Water pump
Timing belt
Timing belt tensioner
cam seal
Valve adjustment & valvecover gasket.

Maintenance at 113,050
Getrag 5-speed (80K) with new seals and pilot bearing
ZM3 short shift kit – new selector rod bushing
Sachs clutch disc, Pressure plate, T.O. bearing
13lb flywheel was resurfaced
Rear main crankshaft seal – zero leaks!
Balanced driveshaft, new CCB and Guibo
Slave cylinder/ clutch master cylinder
Pedal assembly was inspected – excellent condition.

s3:46 limited slip – Redline 75w-90
Fresh spark plugs
8MM Blue Silicon spark plug wires in loom.
Cap & rotor
Oil filter housing o-ring, new filter – fresh 20w-50 oil
71 degree thermostat – BMW coolant
New belts
New washer bottle – new washer hose

4 Calipers completely rebuilt
BavAuto cross drilled rotors
Carbonfiber brake pads
DOT Stainless Steel brake lines
Fresh ATE brake fluid.

rear strut brace
New Interstate battery
Rear ANSA muffler (have Hartge exhaust tip)

Bidding is moving already, with just under 9 days left at time of writing and 11 bids pushing it to a still-reserved $6,800. Considering the rarity, it’s hard to know exactly where the bidding will push it, but the cleanliness, lack of miles, and heavy optioning should easily push this towards, and maybe even above, $10k.


1974 BMW 3.0CS Hartge H15 5 speed

Here we run across the common problem of the undocumented tuner car. This BMW appears to have been modified by Hartge, but comes with no official documentation. Fortunately in this case it doesn’t look like a simple later badge only car. The owner claims the car has a 3.3/3.5 engine pulled from a 5 series and tuned by Hartge. It also has had a Getrag 5 speed manual tucked underneath. That nifty combination surely makes this a bit sportier to drive.

The car looks nice in the blue color inside and out. The interior looks great with proper wood steering wheel and shift knob. The outside looks quite clean with some minor signs of age. The 130,000 miles shows the car has been enjoyed.

The car has had aftermarket springs and sway bars added. With the car already not being original I think those horrible U.S. bumpers need to come off ASAP. This could be a real fun car to spend some time sprucing up. The price puts it out of the range of the average project car hunter. The opening price is $18,500 with a reserve. It will be interesting to see if this gets any bites.

1974 BMW 3.0CS Hartge H15 on eBay


2006 Hartge H50 V10 E90 Sedan For Sale

Our friends at Turner Motorsports have an incredible 2006 Hartge H50 available for sale. Less than 10 worldwide and the ONLY one in the U.S.!

from the Turner website:

Started life as a 2006 US Spec 325i shipped to Germany.
Current Mileage: 24,532
Power: 550 hp @ 7750 rpm
Torque 391 lb-tq @ 6100 rpm
Weight 3676 lbs
0-60 4.3 seconds
Top Speed 200 mph

There is only 1 Hartge H50 in the United States. Less than 10 exsist worldwide.

The H50 conversion package costs roughly $220,000 (new E90 325i included) and takes 7-8 weeks to complete (not including shipping time to germany).

This car was built to be 100% legal in the United States. The HARTGE H50 Conversion is done at the highest quality of workmanship. All factory features are still functioning. This car has not been compromised in any way during its conversion. The OBD port and factory check engine lights function like stock.

“A 200-mph BMW 3 Series is one of those deviant cars that we’re just happy to see from time to time. The fact that this one is every bit as easy to live with as the slightly more upmarket M5 makes it the ultimate sleeper.” — Edmunds Inside Line

“Beyond such shenanigans, everyday use is absolutely not out of the question. Just leave DTC on and Power off. The default setting for the seven-speed SMG III (pulled also from the E60) shift rhythm, however, is always at Level Five. For me, this is great since I do that anyway in either the M5 or M6. You can tell Hartge that you don’t want full-time Level Five as the default, sure, but that would, in turn, make you a wuss.” — European Car

“On the plus side, the H50 has the practicality of a 3 Series, including four real seats, highway cruising capability and all the storage any human being could reasonably want from a 200-mph car. Hartge has dressed the interior with a new steering wheel and acres of carbon-fiber, although this is all optional. This 3,680-pound beast is effectively the M5 CSL-Lite that BMW says it simply cannot make.” –Edmunds Inside Line

Hartge Conversion Equipment Listing:

E60 M5 V10 Engine with all associated parts, radiator, modified wiring harness, modified headers, sports catalytic converters.

Own bespoke engine mapping including HARTGE modification of the top speed limit, 7 speed SMG gear box, special exhaust system, modified rear axle, rear differential with 0-100% LSD, modified drive shafts, modified underbody, modified gas tank system.

HARTGE stainless steel rear silencer with doubal oval tail pieces left and right
HARTGE coil over sports suspension 1.2 inches lower (30mm)
HARTGE front spoiler lip, HARTGE rear wing
HARTGE Carbon Mirror casings
HARTGE Carbon Fiber interior trim, dash, steering wheel
HARTGE instrument cluster consisting of 200 mph speedometer, tach 9000rpm
HARTGE Pedals & Floor Mats
HARTGE 15 x 1.3 inch cross drill floating rotors with 8 piston brake calipers front
HARTGE 13 x .09 inch cross drilled floating rotors with 4 piston calipers rear
HARTGE 9.0 x 20 front wheels offset 40 with 245/30/ZR20 Conti SC3 Tires
HARTGE 10.0 x 20 rear wheels offset 40 with 295/25/ZR20 Conti SC3 Tires
On-Dashboard indicator for gear box mode, gear indicator, power mode, oil temp, and water temp.
HARTGE Leather E-brake Handle
HARTGE hood and trunk Emblems

Price: $85,500

An amazing opportunity for a lucky buyer. Thanks for the heads up Jay and good luck with the sale!


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