1990 Porsche 944 S2 Cabriolet, 20k miles

With just under 4,000 produced for 1990, the Porsche 944 S2 cabriolet is one of those classics you don’t see every day. Finding low mileage ones without the automatic transmission is even more difficult. Here we have a clean example that fits both of the above criteria. The S2 model also had the biggest production four cylinder engine of its time, at 3.0 liters. With the manual transmission, this was good for 0-60mph runs in the low six second range.

The seller states:

Nicest S2 convertible available!! No dents or dings, smoke-free, no fading, blue leather interior, all original, 3.0 liter 4 cylinder, new convertible top, stereo does not work.

If this car checks out on Carfax and is mechanically sound, it could be a fairly economical way into open air Porsche motoring. Having driven an earlier non-S2 944, I can attest that it was not a slow car, but one that wasn’t a hair raiser. Even though it isn’t an iconic 911 and has a broken radio (and who needs it) you surely would be the only one on the block with a 944 cabriolet.


1975 Porsche 914 electric vehicle conversion

We don’t really post vehicles like this, because really if you can’t  hear the growl of a finely tuned piece of German craftsmanship or smell the fumes, what’s the point right?

Well loyal reader Bob pointed this out to me and I was bored tonight so here it is for you folks who want a German Prius.

$15,000 gets you a plug in Porsche with 92,000 miles on the body. Here are the details from the seller:

144 volt system
Azure Dynamics/Solectria AC24 3-Phase AC Motor and DMOC445 Controller
Zivan NG3 onboard charger
Iota DLS-45 DC/DC converter
New batteries as of August 2009 (US Battery US8VGC)

Highway driveable electric conversion. This is the AC VoltsPorsche kit from ElectroAutomotive (www.electroauto.com). The AC motor/controller allows for custom settings of the controller and regenerative braking to increase range and save wear and tear on the brakes. Extras include Custom wheels, CD stereo, Aluminum seat adjuster handles, Custom steering wheel, Rebuilt VDO clock, Fog lights, European style front turn signals, All rear lights are super-bright LEDs, Oil/Alternator light displays controller status, Controller also drives tachometer, Upgraded brakes with BMW320i calipers.
For more information see: http://www.evalbum.com/2615

For a detailed diary of the actual conversion, please see: http://914ev.blogspot.com/


1992 Porsche 911 Turbo in the 964 Hunt

I struggled with the 964 scavenger hunt to be honest, but this in turn taught me an invaluable lesson on the challenge of finding that just right Porsche.  Perhaps owing to its longevity and continuous shape, the 911 is pretty much the ubiquitous sports car, and even for the relatively-educated model years and changes can blend together.  I love Porsches, but being more of a BMW/VW guy, I’ll bashfully admit that sometimes I’ve lumped them together as “another 911.”

Late-model, black on black RWD 964s are apparently not just “another 911.”  So this became an exciting scavenger hunt for me.  The closest example I could find was a Turbo, which probably puts it in the “too much money” category, but it’s still worth a good look because this is a beautiful car.  Low-mileage and pure early-90s Zuffenhausen sex, this is one of the best of the breed.

1992 Porsche 911 Turbo for sale on SF Craigslist

If Evan’s Lightweight 3.3 Turbo can go for ~$64k American, $48,800 for this immaculate 911 Turbo seems fairly reasonable.  The interior is impeccable and the exterior looks flawless, a black-on-black beauty.  It’s no bargain, but it’s not just another 911 either.


1990 Porsche 911 Carerra 4

Here’s an early, but relatively low mileage example of the 964 chassis 911, which is becoming more of a collectors item as time passes. This example has also undergone a recent comprehensive service, which, no doubt, is of great value to potential buyers.

1990 Porsche 911 Carerra 4

The seller states:

This 1990 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 is in excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition. It is a 2-Owner Carfax Certified vehicle with zero accident history. It has always been a local car and was recently brought to us and needed some attention. Our expert 30 year Porsche Mechanics have compltety gone through this car and brought everything it needed up to date. We have adjusted the vavles, replaced the plugs and caps, rotors, brakes, air filters, replaced all belts, replaced the chain cover seals, replaced the battery and cleaned and degreased the motor. The electronics have been sorted and are in excellent working order and the front fender was repainted due to a large dent it obtained while in storage. In addition we have the former owners file on this car that contains mostly dealer service records over the years.

$20k is about spot on for values of 964 Carreras. I personally would prefer the two wheel drive version but for those living in colder climates, it could be a bonus.


1991 Porsche 964 lightweight 3.3 Turbo

You are going to see several Porsche 964s this week as we all went out on a scavenger hunt for a reader/client request and I thought these would be worthy of posting.

My pick for this challenge hails from the United Kingdom. If money was no option you obviously go with the best you can afford. This 1991 964 isn’t the best money can buy, but at a £31,850 ask price it is getting up there. The car holds a resale value well as despite being in the U.K. it is left hand drive. This particular model is a lightweight version ready for track day with a cage, suspension work, and harnesses. It is a 3.3 turbo with 3.8 RS look body.

The vehicle appears to show some use, (is that rust around the engine compartment?), but the seller does not give mileage.

The seller, http://www.seanlockyear.co.uk, looks to specialize in some unique Porsches so I would bet it has been well sorted.  There are plenty of cheaper 964s out there, but I like that the seller describes this one as “Hang on it’ll be a wild ride!” I concur.



1966 Porsche 912

The 912 is one of those Porsches oft forgotten. Introduced in 1965 as an entry level alternative to the more powerful 911, the four cylinder 912 had a production run that spanned five years until the introduction of the 914, the mid-engined Porsche/VW collaboration. The 912 returned briefly to the US market in 1976 as the 912E, only being sold in the United States. This particular example has been well documented and preserved, still retaining the sought after California black plates.

The seller states:

This two owner car has been in sunny Southern California all its life and was in private collection for the last 15 years. Car still retains its original black and yellow California plates. Beautiful color combination that you do not see often. According to service records [can track mileage back from work performed from 99K to present] and previous owner this car has 128K miles. This is a rare 3 gauge with four speed transmission.

Has the proper horn button and steering wheel. Putting leather wrap on the wheel but could use refinishing. All numbers match. Engine #745905. Paint code is 6604. And VIN is 455742. Comes with factory 912 owners manual [not a reproduction]. The pans are all factory original and have no rust. Has 5 steel wheels which I believe have always been on this car. Factory Euro air cleaners with Solex carbs. Trunk has factory installed carpet which has never been changed and is still in good shape considering its age.

This car has a very high quality paint. All windows rubbers, bumpers, door handles, etc. were removed and car was taken down to metal for repaint. Here is a partial list of maintenance and repairs done in the last 18k miles. All work documented with receipts from very reputable shop.

Solex carbs rebuilt
Brakes and calipers
Engine rebuilt
Shocks and struts [Bilstein]
New clutch
Transmission rebuilt
Dash redone to factory specs with speaker holes
Seat reupholstered. Interior was always red [not a color change]

There are other smaller items. Just listed major repairs.

The 912 models obviously sell for less than their contemporary 911 siblings, but these smaller engined variants can regularly money similar to the later 911SC models. NADA is listing high retail at just shy of $20,000. With the history and documentation on this car, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it go in the mid $20k range.


Superbly restored 1965 Porsche 911

This well cared for, 74,000 mile, Porsche received engine and transmission overhaul work back in 1982 and more recently had a full cosmetic restoration. It really looks nice in black with white racing stripes. The owner says that the car has a custom exhaust and new radio amongst some upgrades. The bare metal respray cost $12,000 and there is $50,000 in total receipts. The car sits on 14″ Fuchs.
This is a real nice looker and from the description it sounds like the drive is great as well. It is currently bid up to $22,500, reserve not met, with several days left. The seller offers plenty of opportunity to visit the car in person and seems perfectly legit, but does have low eBay feedback numbers.


1972 Porsche 911 934.5 935 Widebody rolling chassis

This is a bit of an oddity. Someone spent a lot of time putting together a race/street 911 widebody, but either ran out of money or got bored before finding it an engine and transmission. Not much more to say, I don’t like seller’s who write their ads in all caps and underlined so I didn’t read much of the description. If you can make it through the visually stupefying description let us know what you think of this. I see it is quite the widebody and comes with 5 points and a roll cage. The opening ask price is $9500, no reserve, buy-it-now is at $25,000 (now way it will sell for that). If you want a project and like bright Dodge Challenger “sublime green” paint take a look at this.


There are 4 IMSA Porsches for sale on eBay

You’ve seen some of these before, but I thought I’d group them together here. Want to start a new race team? Pick and choose which one of these big time Porsches suit your needs. You can just imagine the sound of the turbos spooling up and picture the flames shooting out the exhaust on these bad boys. All come with race history.

Same owner as the 1981, maybe get a deal if you buy them both. Note the other cars in the background of the photos.

The bargain of the bunch.

4 pictures of each below in the same order as above.


High Mileage 1992 Mercedes 500E No reserve sale

200,000 mile 500E for sale with no reserve and an opening bid of $7,950. I’m a bit up in the air on this one, good deal or not? The price is far from the $40k you might pay for a super fine 500E. With Benz and Porsche engineering if the was well maintained the mileage shouldn’t be too scary right? The car looks almost completely stock other than the new radio and 18″ AMG wheels. It has apparently been serviced regularly by an authorized dealer. I am unclear as to what the seller means by saying the car was “used as real estate closing tool.”
The seller gives a list of recent maintenance items and fixes:

# Upper & Lower timing chain and rail replacement
# Full replacement transmission
# New air compressor
# New power steering box & pump
# Suspension and rubber mounts renewed
# New valve cover gaskets
# Recent Transmission Seals, (Trans. was pulled) – there are no oil or fluid leaks.
# New radiator
# New windshield wiper reservoir
# New front tires.
# Regular oil & filter changes
# Clean leather interior, wood is all nice.
# Newer Kenwood radio.

What do you folks think about this one? It looks pretty clean. I can’t imagine prices for a 500E will drop much lower than this even with high mileage.