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1994 BMW 525i


A couple of weeks ago I wrote up a 1995 530i. I noted that despite classically handsome styling and a spot-on chassis, the E34 5-series has remained curiously under appreciated, with the exception perhaps of the M5 variant.  At the time, I admitted that the particular example I posted (an automatic with the relatively underpowered 3.0 V8) wasn’t exactly the best of the range. This 525i probably offers a better all round package than the 530i, and is more likely to be attractive to those looking for a cheap but dynamic daily driver. While it’s not in quite the same condition as that other car, this one arguably has a better engine and comes in a better color, with a more competitive asking price. It also features that all important third pedal.

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Coupe d’Etat: Superb Volkswagen Corrado Roundup

Following up on the 10,000 mile 1993 Corrado SLC from two weeks ago, today I have a lovely trio of Corrados to take a look at. Covering the model years and changes from 1990 to 1994, these three are low mile, impeccable condition and it’s a stroke of luck to see them all at the same time. As the expensive Corrado sold rather slowly on these shores, numbers have always been a bit short and now that the first models can be registered as antiques in most states they’re firmly into collector territory. As the Corrado is pretty well known on these pages, I won’t go into extreme model history today as we’re looking at three examples. For an excellent look at the history of the Corrado, take some time to read the Hemming’s take on it back in 2013. The previously mentioned 10,000 mile Corrado failed to meet its reserve despite shocking bidding which ended at $27,400. Clearly, there’s a market for these clean examples, so is any the match for the 1993?

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1994 Porsche 968

As a kid, the Porsche 911 was one of those cars that I always lusted after but for some reason, the thrill of that sports car has faded with me over the years. A combination of steep cost of entry and a bit of ubiquity have left me longing for a more uncommon option. One car which has always been on my radar is the Porsche 968. These cars are more rare than the 911, and the combination of the transaxle layout, big four-cylinder engine and practicality are too enticing to ignore. This 968 for sale in Northern Virginia has just crossed 100,000 miles. For those looking for a driver rather than a show queen, this car is a good option.

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1994 Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Coupe

I mentioned in yesterday’s post the relative difficulty in finding interesting 911 Coupes and that difficulty becomes even more pronounced when looking at the 964. We don’t see a lot of 964s in general compared with other models and a good Coupe is even more rare. The one we see here, a Guards Red 1994 Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Coupe with Tan leather interior, I think is well worth our consideration. 1994 marked the end of the 964’s run as we began to see the much-heralded debut of the 993. As we’ve mentioned before when discussing the 964, they led a tumultuous existence, never really beloved by 911 fans and to my mind in a constant state of flux; there’s such a wide diversity of models that it almost seems as if Porsche was restless. Perhaps that was in response to the 964’s muted reception, perhaps there were engineering factors, as we know with the 964 Turbo. Regardless of what went on while the 964 was new, the model has seen somewhat of a resurgence in recent years and excellent examples have begun to garner a good deal more appeal. We witnessed this last week when Seinfeld’s Polar Silver ’94 Turbo S Flatnose sold for over $1M. Those are exceedingly rare and special machines, but such numbers do speak to the increasing popularity of the model and even the standard cars are seeing greater values. This one should stretch just how far the market is willing to go.

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1994 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 30 Jahre Edition

The Porsche 911 has been around for so long that there are numerous special editions attached to its history. One which we’ll highlight today is a 911 that the US market never saw, the 964 based 30 Jahre. These turbo look 911s were built in honor of the car’s 30th anniversary. While 911 of these “Jubi” editions were supposed to be built, only 896 have been proven to have been produced. In addition to the turbo look body, a few features help one distinguish a Jubi, including the titanium inlay on the shift knob, woven 911 lettering on the backs of the rear backrests and a titanium plaque on the rear shelf with the car’s production number. Only a few colors were offered, with Viola Metallic being the most popular. Other hues included Amethyst Metallic, Arctic Silver Metallic and a handful of Black Metallic and Guards Red cars. This Viola Metallic example for sale in the United Kingdom has just crossed the 20,000 mile mark and comes with a hefty price tag.

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