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1995 Porsche 928GTS

Now here is quite possibly the best 1995 928 GTS in the world. Originally an American car, this example has spent the past three years with a Porsche collector in Germany. Before being bought by the collector, it was owned by a major 928 enthusiast who was responsible for creating the 928 Registry; a resource that has become invaluable to 928 owners and prospective buyers looking to research the history of particular 928’s. He was the second owner, and purchased it from the original owner back in 2000 in Orlando, Florida. The second owner sold the GTS back in 2012 to the German collector for (I believe) $107,500.

Now, you may think that the asking price is somewhat absurd, but you will probably never find a GTS in this condition ever again, anywhere. Since the supply of mint 928 GTS 5-speeds is small and fixed, it doesn’t take much demand to make prices go “sky high.” Also, in the world of collectible Porsche’s, $132,000 (the approximate equivalent of 125.500 euro’s) isn’t that much. Furthermore, this is one of only 30 1995 928 GTS five-speeds originally sent to the United States. With a quick search on the 928 Registry, it is one of 9 1995 North American GTS’s painted in Midnight Blue, and one of only 5 5-speeds. Also, according to the registry, it is one of only eight (probably fewer) 1995 5-speeds with under 20,000 original miles.

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RS-spec: 1995 Audi S2 Avant

While in the U.S. the S6 Avant got all of the Audi accolades in 1995, in Europe several fast Audi wagons had been offered for some time. First of the new 20 valve turbo generation was the 200 Avant, just like in the U.S.; after that, though, the lines diverged. With the start of the C4, Audi offered the S4 in two configurations, sedan which was shared with the U.S. market, and Avant form which never came here. Additionally, there were two engine configurations; you could also get the 4.2 V8 and a 6-speed manual in your S4. When it came to the renamed S6, Audi upped those options with the addition of an automatic and the hotter “S6 Plus” version of the V8 wagon. But there was also another wagon available; the B4 based S2 Avant. The S2 came in three variants; the Coupe which many are familiar with, the quite rare sedan version, and the slightly less familiar Avant which didn’t come to the U.S.. I say slightly less familiar, because the S2 Avant was the notable base for one of the greatest wagons the world has ever seen – the iconic Porsche-built RS2. The RS2 was a fitting replacement for the equally iconic Sport Quattro, but the RS2 offered better road manners, more versatility and if anything was a bit quicker overall. It should be no surprise that, like the Sport Quattro, the limited run RS2 spawned a series of imitators who mimicked everything from the motor to the outside styling:

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1995 Audi 90 quattro

The good week for Audis continues with another car that’s frankly rare to find in reasonable condition anymore; the B4 Audi 90 quattro. The 90 was a bit long in the tooth in 1995 and slated for replacement by the updated A4. However, squint a bit and you realize that outside of the reshaped bumper covers the A4 shared many design cues with the B4 Audi. It’s a handsome car, and like the ’95 A6 I wrote up the other day it’s extremely competent. The V6 was coupled to the venerable but updated quattro all-wheel drive via a 5-speed manual transmission. While not the fastest car out there, the B4 focused on more luxury at a time when all of the major manufacturers seems to be backing away from sport just a bit. You won’t confuse this car with an M3, but that said it’s a fair bit more quiet, refined and quicker than a 4000 quattro. However, the car was a veritable sales flop compared to the 4000 – Audi only sold about 3,330 of the B4 90 quattros in the U.S. in total, compared to the nearly 16,000 4000 quattros sold. Rare? You bet:

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1995 Audi A6 2.8 quattro 5-speed

On the surface, the C4 Audi 100/A6 quattro wasn’t a very exciting car. Compared to the turbocharged inline-5s that the V6 cars replaced, they seemed a little vanilla and uninspiring. Sure, on paper the V6 put out more power with more instant response than the venerable turbo units, but as an enthusiast it just felt like Audi gave up. Over the run of the non-turbo C4, Audi changed several items; the nomenclature changed from the longstanding “100” to the new “A6″ nameplate in 1995. That change, as with the similar S6, accompanied new bumper covers, projector beam headlights, revised badge language and new 16″ wheels. The changes were subtle versus the earlier 100, but all in all the changes made the A6 feel more upscale and polished than the 100 had been. The motor and drivetrain didn’t change though, with virtually all of the non-S C4s being sold in automatic and quattro form. The A6 seemed to be the workhorse of a subset of luxury buyers who had left Mercedes-Benz and just wanted the confidence of all-wheel drive without the inconvenience of having to move your right arm and left leg often. Every once in a while, though, someone specified a 5-speed transmission, and it’s worth sitting up and taking note – especially when it’s improbably low miles and near perfect condition:

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1992 Porsche 968

$_4 (1)

For a good number of years, the Porsche 968 was a rather nice, if unorthodox, way of sidling into the P-car club at a more affordable level than a 911. However, as the last of these water-cooled sports cars ages, the want is strong for many enthusiasts. Outlets such as flüssig magazine have been singing the praises of the 968 for quite some time, helping to cultivate interest and motivate those new to the marque to preserve them for future generations. This first year 968 Coupe for sale in North Carolina is equipped with the 4-speed tiptronic automatic and painted in a rather unique hue of Violet Blue. This certainly isn’t the way most of us would want our 968, but is there a place in the collector market for such an oddball?

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