2002 Mercedes-Benz C32 AMG

It’s been two decades since Mercedes-Benz absorbed AMG as their in-house tuning firm. Each year, more and more fast Benzes have appeared with the infamous badge on their posteriors, tipping off that extra juice under the skin to the casual observer. One AMG model that I feel went a bit unloved was the C32 AMG. Sandwiched between two V8 AMG C class models in the US market (the W202 C43 and W203 C55), the C32 offered more punch via the way of a Kompressor, or supercharger, as was the case with a number of AMG and non-AMG models in the Mercedes lineup at the time. A lot of early W203 C classes, including the C32, have been run hard and put up wet, but this C32 for sale in New Jersey appears to have led a fairly pampered life by the looks of it.

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1970 Mercedes 600 SWB only 46,000 miles

1970 Mercedes 600 SWB

Elaine from Seinfeld once got into a discussion about grace and how you can’t have a little grace and you can’t acquire grace, you either have it or you don’t. This car has grace and class in spades. The 600 is such a cool car. It is one of those vehicles where you’ll have just as much fun driving it as you will sitting in the back.

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Tuner Tuesday: 1983 Mercedes-Benz 500SEC AMG

About a month ago I wrote up a AMG-modified grey market 500SEC that scared people with it’s chromed Pentas, blacked out windows and questionable history. But perhaps if you can get by the again all-caps ad copy, this cranberry-colored grey market 1983 will be the one for you. Sporting the requisite AMG bits and period correct color-matched wheels, this 500SEC certainly looks the part – and the Moby Dick sized stack of receipts may mean this is the not-so-white whale you’ve been looking for:

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Old Faithfuls: 1984 Mercedes-Benz 240D & 1978 Mercedes-Benz 300CD

The chances are if you read GCFSB, you aren’t a big fan of the preeminent hybrid vehicle, the Toyota Prius. Still, the car does have its fans. I just get annoyed when I have to ride in one as a taxi. I’ve been known to wait until the next cab arrives because I can’t handle riding in these things. They are uncomfortable, especially when you go crashing about through potholes in an urban environment. The Prius makes me wax poetic for the days I spent in Europe shuffling around in Mercedes-Benz taxis, many of which are similar to the W123 model that we see here for sale in Maryland.

This particular late model 240D is a Euro market model, sure to appeal to those who like the slimmer bumpers and flush headlamps. With a 4-speed manual, you’ll be assured to get the most out of that tank of fuel, as well.

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1996 Mercedes-Benz C36


Usually the first of anything in the automotive world is rather revered. The BMW E30 M3, Audi UrQuattro and Porsche 930 Turbo come to mind. These are cars that moved the chains in the automotive performance world and as a result, are prized in the collector market today. But when it comes to high performance at Mercedes-Benz, the timeline is a little murky. From Hammers to the Porsche built 500E/E500, there were attempts from a bunch of different parties to make a fast Mercedes until the tuner AMG was absorbed as an in-house entity in the early 1990s.

This C36 AMG for sale in Arizona represents the beginning of the official relationship between Mercedes and AMG. Compared to later AMG hardware, not many of these C36s arrived stateside and it’s hard to find ones that have been lightly used. This silver one has a reasonable 77,000 miles on the clock and is the perfect Q-ship for someone who wants just a little more comfort than what the BMW E36 M3 provides.

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1992 Mercedes-Benz 500E

For a while, I thought the 500E/E500 wasn’t getting its fair shake in the collector market but it seems the tide is turning a bit. Traditionally it’s been the Mercedes coupes and convertibles that bring the big sums, and for a while, you could snag one of these hot rod E classes for reasonable sums. The window for such a deal seems to be closing, but this 500E for sale in California is on offer at no reserve, giving the potential for someone to get a bargain.

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1979 Mercedes-Benz 280S


Base model luxury sedan. A contradiction in terms, no? But, as the old saying goes, the world needs ditch diggers, too. And so it goes with the Mercedes-Benz S class. One model is going to have to be labeled as the “entry-level” model, so to speak. In the 1970s, that would be the 280S, a W116 with a dual carb version of the M110 inline-6. While not sold on these shores, naturally a few found their way over here via private importers. This one for sale in Florida is an eye popping shade of Signal Red with matching hubcaps and sans sunroof that comes with an interesting history.

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1993 Mercedes-Benz 500SEC


Fewer cars summed up the optimism and robust market of the mid to late 1990s than then Mercedes-Benz W140 S class. While it was released on the tail end of an economic downturn and derided for its decadence, this was an impressive car, not only because of its size. Mercedes packed a ton of features and the latest technology into this new S class that, as usual, had the competition scrambling to keep up. A two door SEC model was on offer, both in 5.0 liter V8 and 6.0 liter V12 format. This 1993 500SEC has traveled only 42,000 miles and offers someone the crack at executive comforts at a subcompact price.

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