1988 Volkswagen Fox For Sale

When I was young, oh so many years ago.  The only new VW I could even dream about owning was the Fox.  The Fox was like the step brother of the VW family.  Under powered, styled, and built the Fox was only available in the states from 1987-1993.  Although I would challenge you to find a Fox built in the 90’s.

Fast forward some 20 odd years and very few of these little econo boxes are still around.  The two door wagon models actually have aged pretty well in terms of styling.  This example is about as nice as I have seen in some time.

1988 Volkswagen Fox:

From the seller –

“We are selling our 1988 Volkswagen Fox GL, considering the age of the vehicle it is in extremely good condition. The best we can tell it has never been involved in any kind of wreck and has never had any paintwork. We purchased the car for our son to use while he did an engine swap on his BMW E30. He used the car to commute back and forth from college without any issues. Within the last 200 miles we have done the following work:

Replaced the alternator with a brand new one, not a reconditioned one

New Fuel Pump

New Fuel Filter

New Catalytic Converter

New O2 Sensor

New Exhaust Hangers

The timing belt and the injectors have been replaced within the past year

This is a very rare car, very seldom do you see them go up for sale, as of today there is not another one on ebay. The miles are not 100% accurate, according to the previous owner the odometer stopped working about six months before we purchased the car. If I had to estimate the miles I would say they are less then 130,000, but I have no real way to verify that. It is equipped with the well tested vw 1.8 liter engine, they run forever, get great gas mileage and are easy to work on. The brakes, steering and shifting are perfect, no issues. It is the GL wagon, which is more scarce then the non GL  version. The body is in fantastic shape, everything is straight and true. The hatchback includes the cargo area cover that allows you to store a bunch of stuff and keep it out of the sight of others. It has a stick shift, the boot around the stick shift needs to be replaced, we have been unable to locate a replacement. The drivers seat has a tear in the bolster, very common for a car of this age. Aside from those two issues the interior is in very good shape. the dash, the carpet, the carpeted floor mats, the headliner, everything is nice. Ever since we have owned the car we have not had a single drop of anything on our driveway. The car just had its oil changed. The wheels and tires on the car are NOT included with the car. They can be negotiated after the auction if someone is interested, otherwise the original black steelys will come with the car, tread is 65-70%. This is a no reserve auction, the car will sell to the highest bidder. We reserve the right to end the auction early as we have it advertised elsewhere. The new owner will not be disappointed, the new owner can drive it home, regardless where they live, with no problems. If anyone has any questions, or needs any additional information or pictures, just let us know.

This is a nice ride!!”

Neat car, I wish my parents bought me a Fox to run around in while I was doing a swap on my E30!

Anyhow, the wheels would have to stay, they are a great addition to the car and going back to the stock steelies would be a massive disappointment.  The recent work shows pride of ownership and this little Fox should not need much more to stay on the road for some time.

I must not be alone as there have been 26 bids on the car with a couple days to go.  She currently sits at $2,500 and it is conceivable that it could hit $3k before it is all said and done.


1989 Volkswagen Jetta GLI Finished in Helios Blue

1989 was my last summer working as a lot boy (official job title) on my uncle’s Volkswagen lot.  It was a great summer that comes with being 17 but also because of the great cars that VW was rolling out.  The G60 Corrado was just hitting showroom floors and a “special” GLI finished in Helios Blue was introduced as well.

What is a Helios exactly?  The term is used in the VW community with a great deal of awe and deference.  It is a 1,500 car run of GLI’s finished in a color somewhere between a blue and purple depending on the light.  The interior also carries the look and is one of the more unique you will find.

There are not many of these cars left, so when I see a clean one I have to give props.

1989 Volkswagen GTI GLI Helios:

From the seller –

“car is a real 1989 jetta gli helios
car is all OEM. except for these mods….
optima blue top battery
Foha trunk spoiler
hella heckblende
oem dealer option bosch fogs
oem gli 16v floormats
fischer cd holder in center console
gli dash plaque emblem
grey velour cloth dash mat
sony xplod deck with full sub wiring with 2 gauge wire to trunk.
amp and sub are in custom built 80’s suitcase. sub fires down under the suitcase. sounds great and completely hidden.
oem accordian shiftknob
sitting on rokkor coilovers
206k miles head rebuilt at 205k
runs and drives great and fires right up everytime
ALWAYS parked in the garage.
car does NOT have power windows anymore. regulators are all there as well as wiring behind the center console. i put it all back in. the only thing you would need is the power window center console power window door panels and switches. and regulators.
car has manual door cards from the 89 carat which is the same color as the helios interor.
also the power steering and a/c has been removed.
car has a brand new alternator, wheel bearings, head gasket, tie rod ends and ball joints, new plug wires, plugs
this car is an awesome car and i would not hesitate driving it across the country.
i have placed 2nd at one of the 2 shows i entered it in.
i constantly get compliments in this car everywhere i go.
anyways heres the pics. if you have any more questions let me know.

i am asking $4,000 firm.”

In looking at the pictures it is hard to see 200k miles on there.  If well cared for these cars wear pretty well but that can be a pretty big “if”.  Not sure about the lack of power steering or the ride height, I would prefer to get as close to stock as possible if it were me.  But, it’s not like there are a lot of other Helios cars to choose from.

$4k does not seem out of line, that is not a great deal of money for a daily that you could show on the weekends.



Low Mile 1993 Volkswagen Corrado SLC + Tons of Goodies For Sale

I have this recurring dream where I have a garage full of rare and obscure VW parts and a great car to put them on.  Don’t like your interior, swap it out with something different.  Want to try a another exhaust, that’s OK I am sure I have a few more laying around.

Enter this low mile Corrado with a donor car and gads of parts.

1993 Volkswagen Corrado SLC:

From the seller –

“12/31/11: Been away from the forums for a few months, back on here now and even more motivated to sell than ever! NOW CONSIDERING TRADES TOO.

8/16/11: Lowered price. $9,000 takes it all. That leaves you room to sell what you don’t need and have a killer corrado for an amazing price. Let’s see someone step up and give these cars a good home.

8/14/11: Added gallery of parts car: http://www.kodakgallery.com/gallery/…1%3A1345526819

8/13/11: Added a few old photos of Car #2 to the photo link, added descriptions to photos & added ballpark prices (up for discussion) to last post in this thread
So, the time has come for me to sell the Corrado stuff I’ve been hoarding for the past 6ish years. Before I dive into the description, I wanted to let people know that I’m looking for a buyer who can take ALL of the below. For now, I’m not going to be entertaining ANY offers to sell off any parts from the collection or piece things out. Please don’t ask. Even if I have to lose a bit of money, I prefer to sell it to someone who can come and take it all away in one haul. If you can get it sooner, I’m willing to bend even more on the whole price for everything.

The cars are located at my parents’ home in Maryland. It has been almost 4 years since I was active in the Corrado community or went through all of the stuff, so my memory may be hazy about some of the details about everything. If you have questions, I’ll try to get you answers ASAP.”

$9k for all of this, I have seen lesser cars than this go for more than this.  Take it all, sort through what you want, sell the rest and drive your Rado with pride.  Doesn’t sound like such a bad deal if you ask me.  But I am a sucker for this sort of thing.

Click through the link for all the details on the Rado, the parts car, and the goodies.  Bravo to the seller for a thorough description of the pros and cons of both cars.  The seller seems to want it all gone, and soon.  Does $7.5k get it done?  If so you have a head start on making a very nice Rado nearly perfect.


Super Clean 1986 MK II Volkswagen Golf GTI For Sale

I am not sure what it is, while it is hard to find a clean MK I GTI.  It is exponentially more difficult to find a MK II in that sort of condition.  I have my theories as to why but the fact of the matter is that cars such as this are rare.

1986 Volkswagen Golf GTI:

From the seller –

“Up for auction is my 1986 GTI. This is a great original GTI. When was the last time you saw one Handles like a go-cart with Koni shocks on all four corners. Shifts are crisp and smooth with the Neuspeed short shift kit. Stops well with 4 wheel disc brakes. Interior features grey cloth sport seats with Red stripes. The exterior is Tornado Red with front and rear spoilers, black wheel house flares and tinted windows all around. Absolutely no rust, car has always been in CA or AZ. Original paint still shines. Interior front driver’s seat shows slight wear, no wear in passenger seat or backseat area. Door panels, dashboard, headliner and carpeting are all excellent. I have the original window sticker and build sheet, also the owner’s manual and service manual. Car comes with an extensive amount of service history. The car has 101k original miles and is in very good shape for a 25 year old car. It has an aftermarket radio/cd player in the dash but I have the original radio. It has a performance cat-back exhaust system, K&N air filter, upper and lower front strut bars, and rear upper strut bar. Car could use an A/C recharge and tires, but otherwise is in great condition. GTI enthusiasts take note!!! There are not many of these left out there in this condition. Experience Fahrvergnugen for yourself!!! You won’t regret it.”

It’s all there.  Is it a garage queen, no.  But this GTI could be a great driver or the basis for a fairly straight forward restoration.  There are 12 bids thus far, bidding sits at $1.9k with the reserve not met.  If you are truly interested in this GTI you have to look at the buy it now of $3,995 as bidding may well exceed that.  I mean, this is no time to be cheap…



Unrestored 1970 Volkswagen Squareback

Just before I was born, my dad had a yellow Squareback. Once I was born, the affinity for wagons continued with a Peugeot and a few Subarus, but I’ve always been disappointed that I didn’t get to enjoy the Type III. This 1970 model jumped off the page at me, looking like it’s ready for a Hot VWs photoshoot or the classics section at a Dubfest. My jaw dropped when I found out that it’s not an expensive restoration or detailed show car; this thing is original. It is in full, unrestored glory with only 86k miles. There are small modifications like the tires and roof racks as well as a CD player, but beyond that this a 1970 German Time Machine.

What the seller has to say:

This is a beautiful one of a kind unrestored 1970 VW Type lll Squareback. It would be hard to find a 41 year old type lll this well kept. The vehicle has always been garage kept and maintained. At 74,000 the heads were redone, tune up, and new belt / alternater. Lite modifications have been done, the car has been kept close to it’s original condition. New Coker Tires and crome rims were added last year, along with a roof rack. The interior was left completly stock. New seat covers were recently installed. A CD player was hung under the dash with carefull attention not to damage or modify the dash.

This car is a weekend driver, but could be used as a daily driver. I would drive this car from coast to coast with out any fear of a mechanical break down. Bid with confience, this car looks and runs like a 6-8 year old car, not a 41 year old car.

I love the tan, and the clean chrome, and the old school interior. All serve to underscore the beauty and simplicity of this car, four decades on. And seriously, what’s cooler than a 2-door wagon? In the dream stable, this would be the designated car for taking the kids to school or the grocery store. Hats off to the seller for taking such amazing care of this Squareback. I’d usually say it’s a little steep, but he deserves his $8,200 buy-it-now price.