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1969 Porsche 912 Soft-window Targa

Let’s check back in on my favorite quirky Porsche: the Soft-window Targa. As I’ve mentioned before, the Soft-window Targa was Porsche’s engineering solution to a problem they anticipated would occur, but never actually did. It’s sort of a window into the development process that even made it into production, if only for a short time. Because Porsche suspected that increasingly stringent safety regulations would render the cabriolet obsolete they sought to get out in front of these regulations and produce a model that would provide both the full open-cockpit feel of a convertible and also the safety of a fixed roll hoop. The Soft-window Targa was both an ingenious and somewhat ridiculous solution to that problem. I say ridiculous because to me these have never really looked right; they’ve always look like someone’s garage project, even if a well executed one. The idea did work, but Porsche quickly introduced the fixed hard-window version with which we are all familiar and the soft-window drifted off into the sunset. We do still see them from time to time and they are generally pretty popular with collectors due to their rarity and, I think, in part because of their interesting engineering. They certainly make for a fine talking piece. For whatever reason we’ve seen quite a few more examples of the 912 of late rather than the 911 and today is no different. Here we have a very pretty Irish Green 1969 Porsche 912 Soft-window Targa, located in California, with what appears to be 109,000 miles on it.

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Year: 1969
Model: 912 Soft-window Targa
Engine: 1.6 liter flat-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 109,000 mi
Price: Reserve Auction

Testing the market for my Porsche 912
Its a very rare Soft Window build in 1969
There are only 13 of them known in 69, not like the other years.
109.000 Miles Matching Numbers Car.
1582cc / 90hp
New Soft Window
Un-restored car, and great daily driver.
Zero Rust.
Fully Documented with COA, Owners Manual , Tools Service records etc.
I dont need any help selling this car!6

For those with a keen interest in these Porsches, the 912 can make a nice alternative if one would like to avoid the typical six-figure price tag of the 911 Soft window. Coming from the ’69 model year, this one also is one of the very few of the long-wheelbase models and as such should command a bit more attention. Its condition is a study in contrasts as the exterior looks in rather good shape, but the interior, while not in terrible shape, presents as a bit more worn. However, for what is said to be an unrestored example overall it isn’t looking too bad. The seller says he’s testing the market so we can expect a reasonably high reserve. Bidding currently sits at $51,900, which for a 912 that needs a little TLC is pretty good money. The reserve remains unmet though so we’ll have to see whether bidding can move high enough to end in a sale.