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1972 Mercedes-Benz 350SL AMG

Produced from 1971 to 1989, the R107/C107 second longest series in the Mercedes-Benz line up (second only to the G series). The R107 was the successor to the legendary W113 chassis and combined the nimble chassis with V8 power making these cars the benchmark for sports coupes in the ‘70s and well in to the ‘80s.

So how does on improve upon one of the most iconic German cars of all time? In this case, it was as simple as going on a shopping spree in the AMG accessory catalog. From 1980 through 1985 Merecedes AMG only offered an aftermarket catalog, rather than the turn-key cars that it does today. At some point in the early ‘80s, this car received the LL Cool J video treatment, with a full AMG interior, body kit, color matched Ronals, euro lights, and full monochrome paint making this an amazing period car.

This beautiful low mileage Signal Red 350SL for sale in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA is a time capsule of ‘80s tuning.

1972 Mercedes-Benz 350SL AMG on eBay

Classic Mercedes-Benz 1972 350SL AMG. Has 78,260 original miles documented. Title reads 77,621 actual miles. Truly a rare find. I also have a copy of the title when I bought the car. If you look up the lady’s name it says her age of 81 years, a unique name. The radiator has the original two stickers, they usually peel off after 60k miles. In one year I have put a little over 600 miles on it. New paint job last summer. I have pictures of how I found it. The paint was covering all the chrome, so I repainted it the same way. Has both original blue license plates. Both doors close with ease just release and shut. AMG interior parts, steering wheel. Color matched complete speedometer. Exterior Ronal R9s, complete body kit AMG front spoiler, AMG door wings, rear air dam spoiler and trunk spoiler. Delete chrome. Paint match. First AMG body kit built for the 107s. Repainted all red, AMG did that in its early years covering all chrome.

The wind deflector is not included in the sale. If the winner is interested in the OEM exhaust system let me know. Comes with owners manual and complete tool set, first aid kit, hard top tool. The engine and transmission are in great condition, performance exhaust system. Great suspension, the car rides firm and smooth. This amazing 1972 R107 350SL AMG has no, I mean no rust anywhere. Very rare for a 40 year old car. Complete tune up, changed all filters and fluids. Runs like a champion as it should. Just has a few cons: the drivers side power window works, but slow to go up just at the end. One big crack on the center console. Clock stopped ticking, light works. The rest is in great condition, everything works, A/C, heater, power windows, radio, you name it and it works. All padding under the carpet in the car is in very good condition. The trunk has the padding as well. Rare. I’ve seen others but none like mine. Fantastic Mercedes-Benz 350SL roadster. The first in the US. Own history. The soft top is original and in good shape. I would just change the plastic windows.


I’m generally not a Mercedes-Benz fan, and that’s no real secret, but add AMG to the equation, and you have my attention.  As a huge fan of ‘80s automotive styling (I know  it’s strange) I love the monochromatic look of this car, and can picture myself driving this as an extra in an LL Cool J, or Bel Biv Devoe video.

Lust aside, there are a few things that concerns me about this car, and at the top of the list is the discrepancy between the odometer, and the title. While it’s only 639 miles, I’d be curious to see if there is any documentation explaining the variance. The only other concern I have is the “too good to be true” pricing. Average retail on a 1972 350SL is in the $15,000 ballpark, considering the low mileage, and the old school AMG upgrades, the $9,000 buy it now price is a steal.

Assuming that the documented miles all check out this is a great car. It’s not an OEM restoration, which could be the reason for the price being so much lower than the market, but it’s a great time capsule of early AMG tuning, which to me is more valuable than a 100% original car.



  1. Larry
    Larry August 2, 2012

    I agree, Brian, something doesn’t feel right on this. Other than the obvious WAY TOO MUCH RED, at least for my tastes (even the fog light surrounds, hood ornament, etc.) Also a bit strange that the “the wind deflector is not included in the sale” (what is he going to replace it with?)

    Among the reasonable list of things that need attention, the seller mentions plastic window replacement. This is a pretty common issue. Not sure I’ve ever seen the plastic windows on these look that great.

    The euro-conversion parts make this car a lot more appealing though, and at this price, there’s room to “un-red” a few things to make the overall look a bit more palatable for those of us not interesting in constantly seeing red.

  2. Larry
    Larry August 2, 2012

    Oh, wait. When the seller said the “wind deflector,” he/she probably meant the wind blocker, not one of the spoilers. Forget that part of my rant.

    GCFSB needs an comment edit feature.

  3. ggkthx
    ggkthx August 3, 2012

    I disagree on the monochromatic look, it looks bad IMO.

  4. Slim Chance
    Slim Chance August 3, 2012

    I think strangulation is necessary for the next bumpkin who spells Manual “Manuel”. A Manual is something that contains data. Manuel is a dude.

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