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1976 Volkswagen SP2

Here’s another alternative air-cooled Volkswagen from Brazil. We saw the Brasilia recently – Volkswagen do Brasil’s answer to the Golf platform and intended to extend the life of the Beetle platform. Here was their attempt to modernize the Karmann Ghia – the infamous SP2.

‘SP’ referenced São Paulo where the SP and SP2 were produced. The early model had a 1.6 liter flat-4, while the SP2 moved up to a 75 horsepower 1.7 air-cooled flat-4 mounted in the rear. The proportions of the body styling seemed to suggest the opposite though, with the long, low hood and hatchback GT profile looking more like a traditional sports car than any VW had before. Other period designs were borrowed – the Volkswagen 411, the Porsche 924 and Audi’s 100 Coupe S all had similar angles. But it was probably Volkswagen do Brasil’s own Karmann Ghia TC (Typ 145) that looked the most similar.

Only about 11,300 of these ultra-rare, Brazil-only SP2s were produced. They’re about as legendary as air-cooled VWs get in the U.S., so when one pops up for sale it’s worth a look:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1976 Volkswagen SP2 on eBay

Year: 1976
Model: SP2
VIN: 0000027001
Engine: 1.7 liter flat-4
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 6,552 mi
Price: $45,000 Buy It Now

“Road & Track Magazine” did a Article on this Very Rare 1976 VW SP2

Copy and Pace this to see the Article…It’s a Good Read

If you didn’t know better, you would think this Beautiful 1970tys Sports Car is from a Italian Manufacturer, but actually it’s a Special Volkswagen Sold Exclusively in Brazil

The Volkswagen SP2 is the Sexiest Sports Car You’ve Never Heard of…

This SP2 is “Very Low Mileage” with only 10,482 KM or “6552” Actual Miles from being stored inside and not driven much

The Low Mileage Shows Actual Miles on on the Title.

Has never had any Rust anywhere and never been in an accident…

The Original Tires that were made in Brazil were still on the car but they were dry rotted and cracked…I still have the Original Tires and the spare…I replaced with new tires so the car could be driven…

I bought this SP2 from the Original Owner. He Flew to Brazil and bought this off the Dealer Show Room New in 1976.

Some of the pictures are from when I first saw the car in the Storage Shed. ( Last Pictures in ebay ad )

I was at the owners house to look at a 1917 Oldsmobile Truck and when I was walking by an old shed .I thought I saw an old Porsche thru the window. I climbed thru the window because the door was locked to find this VW SP2.

I still thought it was a Porsche because I had never seen a VW-SP2…

There was dust all over the Car and I had to dust off the windows to see inside the Interior…(See Pictures”).

Luckily I had my phone with me and was able to Google “VW SP2”…When I Googled the VW and saw how Rare it was….I knew I had to try and Buy this Rare Car…

The VW-SP2 was Produced from 1972 thru 1976 in Brazil. Total Production was 10,205

1976 was the Last Year for Production. There was only 100 Produced in 1976 and my car was the First one Built in 1976… My Car is Serial Number of “0000027001”…This car is the “First” SP2 made for the 1976 Production run…

In 1976 Porsche 924 came out which looks Very Similar to the VW SP-2 so that is why it is the Last Year made…

These VW SP2 Sports Cars were Sold Exclusively in Brazil

I have read there was Only 2 Imported to United States.

I Contacted Barrett Jackson Auction and they have Never Sold a VW-SP2 thru their Auction… I think this VW will do very well at a Barrett Jackson Auction …I remember when there was Only One Amphicar at the Auction a few years back and the Bidding went Nuts for the Car…. I am certain this will be the Only VW-SP2 at the Auction…If it does not Sell on E-bay the next place it will be is at a Barrett Jackson Auction…

Most people in the US have ever seen one of these VW SP2 before…

Anyone who has seen my VW SP2 thinks it is an Older Porsche…

1973 July Road & Track Magazine tested the VW-SP2 in Brazil and said it was a well Built Car

Any Articles Written on the VW SP2 have Agreed that this is the Best Looking VW Ever Produced

This VW SP2 Final Production year was 1976 the same year that the Porsche 924 went into Production

From the factory the VW SP2 was given a Larger bore 1678 Displacement Engine and Larger Carburetors…

There was also a Special Cam Shaft Designed for the VW SP2 also

This VW SP2 came from the Factory with a 4-Speed and Front Disc Brakes, Full Gauges with a Tachometer also…

The Original Paint was faded and cracked so I did a New Show Quality Paint with the same color as factory. “See Pictures”

The seats are redone in Leather to look just like the Original Seats…I re-did the Bucket Seats because they were cracking…Door Panels are original and very nice…Doors shut real nice. Gaps in hatch and trunk are because they were not latched down in pictures…The Door Gaps are Real Nice…..All Factory out side Trim is in Excellent Condition. Factory Tail Lights and Head lights are all Very Nice.There is a crack in the dash pad.

We Pulled the Spark Plugs…Put Oil in the Cylinders then let it soak and then Hand Cranked the Engine…We Replaced all Fuel Lines…Flushed Out the Gas Tank…Rebuilt the Two Carburetors

We Bleed the Brake System and added new fluid, and did an oil change before starting the car…

The last pictures are when I found the VW SP2 in storage

This Rare Car is a Nice Running and Driving Car and a “Rare Car” to add to any Car Collection…

My cell is 303-332-8696

This car apparently sat for quite some time and necessitated a fair amount of sorting to get back on the road. While the description is a bit hard to read, I’m glad the seller took the time to get it back up and running. The result isn’t really concours-ready, but importantly it all appears to be there and could certainly be taken to the next level.

You probably wouldn’t want to get into this car as a potential driver – a basic early non-turbocharged 924 would pretty easily trump this car for a fraction of the price. But if you want to stun at a European-marque show, this one will do it. Most have never heard of the SP2, and those that have usually haven’t seen one in the flesh. The $45,000 asking price is quite high, but again relative to the rarity and obscurity probably isn’t all that outrageous to the right person.


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  1. Ed
    Ed March 25, 2019

    When I lived in Venezuela back in the 70s, a guy in our neighborhood had one. I used to see it sitting on his car port every day and thought it was such a good looking car, shame it was so rare. Looking back, I think that’s the only one I ever saw down there. Did see a few more when I went to Brazil for a month though.

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