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1978 Porsche 928

We talk a lot about period specific and period correct cars around here and this 1978 Porsche 928 seems to fit that bill just about as much as possible. While I’ve said frequently that I think the 928 design still looks great today, we wouldn’t confuse one with a modern car. It has pop-up headlights and is a bit more pointy than it is round, neither of which we see much on today’s designs. But really it is the colors of this one that plant it firmly in the ’70s. The exterior is said to be Apple Green Metallic and the interior is Brown with pasha seat inserts. I’m not at all familiar with Apple Green Metallic on a Porsche so I’m not sure if this is its original color or not, but the interior is one that we’ve seen before from this period. It’s wild and the contrast with the metallic green exterior certainly is pronounced. I cannot imagine any manufacturer would offer such a combination today, nor am I sure anyone would buy it, but it certainly makes for an interesting looking 928!

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Year: 1978
Model: 928
Engine: 4.5 liter V8
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 178,577 km (110,962 mi)
Price: $33,500 Buy It Now


** Original Miles: 178,577 Kilometers (110,962 Miles)

** Exterior Color: Apple Green Metallic

** Interior Color: Brown Pasha (Checkered)

** Power Train: 4.5L V8 SOHC Engine with Bosch K-Jetronic Fuel Injection, 219HP/268TRQ

** Transmission: 5 Speed Manual Transmission

** Factory Production Years: 1977-1995


** Heavily Documented: Bill of Sale(s), Transfer Docs, Import Docs, German and U.S. Maintenance and Repair Invoices, Insurance Records, Original Factory Manuals, 2 Sets of Keys, Spare Tire and Jack Assembly, Factory Carpets (Copies Available Upon Request)

!!! 2 U.S. Owner Vehicle !!! Remarkable Condition !!! Rare !!! Collectible !!!

*** REDUCED SALE PRICE: $37,500 USD ***

*** CALL (480) 299-2996 FOR MORE DETAILS ***

Disclaimer: Any Sales Tax, Title Fees, License Fees, Registration Fees, Dealer Doc Fees, Finance Charges, Emission Testing Fees and Compliance Fees related to the sale of this vehicle are additional to the Sale Price.

Not everyone is going to like this combination, but if you want something that will stand outside the norm then this’ll do it. I think the exterior actually will have quite a bit of appeal. It’s a very attractive green that fits the lines of the 928 well and we definitely don’t see examples like it very often. The interior should prove much more divisive as dark brown doesn’t really have a lot of fans, but the checkerboard pattern helps liven things up amidst all of that darkness. This is a somewhat earthy combination and the sort of thing we did see during the ’70s and perhaps at no other time. Overall the condition looks quite good both inside and out and what we see shows a lot of promise with regard to its level of care. The engine bay looks very nicely detailed. I don’t know that everything here is original, but it mostly looks the way you’d hope and expect. As with any 928 you’ll want to have a close look at its maintenance documents and have a PPI performed.

From the ad it sounds like this originally was a German market 928 that at some point made its way over to the States. Naturally buyers will be looking for all of the typical documentation (it is said to be heavily documented), which hopefully will include all the details related to its importation. Given that this 928 has a rather high asking price you’ll also want to verify its original colors just to know whether Apple Green was how it left the factory.

The last ’78 928 we featured was in really nice shape as well, but came in at more than $10K less than this one. The colors were a little more standard though it did have a similarly unique pasha interior. That 928 came well documented, was from a very reputable seller, and sold quite quickly. At the asking price of the one here I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon, but if these colors are original and all of the documentation checks out, then we would probably expect a little higher price than for the Silver one.



  1. fstntq
    fstntq July 23, 2018

    Just looking to jump into the 928 fray myself. I spent a little time behind the wheel of a ROW 78 928 5spd back in the mid 80’s. Very cool color combo. I have never seen polished phone dials. I like them and they provide a nice factory pop against the green.

  2. pmichaelg
    pmichaelg July 24, 2018

    The engine bay looks fantastic.

    The interior nice and original.

    The exterior, however, has plenty of updates. A ’78 928 didn’t offer the rub strips or the ‘S’ front/rear spoilers. Chromed rims were probably done sometime in the ’80s. Also, I would bet a Dinkelacker that color is not original.

    Not that there is anything wrong with any of that – the car looks very nice.

  3. audifan
    audifan July 24, 2018

    The color looks like Lindgruen Metallic which was only available on 911s. Nevertheless, it looks perfect together with the gorgeous Pasha interior. Note to seller:If you have to have a stupid fake German front plate, at least get it right. It would be 1 to 3 letters for the city and then letter(s) BEFORE number(s).

  4. Carter
    Carter July 25, 2018

    @audifan – Porsche lists Lindgruen Metallic as an offering in the Special Colors section of the 1978 brochure for the 928.

  5. audifan
    audifan July 25, 2018

    @Carter: Thank you. I did not know that. Another thing learned.

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