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1979 Porsche 930

I have in many cases hesitated to post cars from this dealer. It isn’t uncommon for sellers, especially many of the dealers, to photoshop their cars so that they look that little bit extra special. This dealer appears to do it to a higher degree than many others and that always makes judging the condition of the car more difficult and generally raises questions. But this one is too pretty to pass by. It’s also not a shade we see very often on these early Turbos. This is a Minerva Blue Metallic 1979 Porsche 930, located in Indiana, with 75,764 miles on it. Going back to those pictures, we are provided with a wide range of detail shots that don’t appear touched up so we do get a good sense of various aspects of the car, including the interior, along with a closer look at that wonderful exterior blue. I always have a soft spot for these shades of blue and on the 930, with its various contrasting black trim pieces, I really find it to be an enticing color. As a ’79 MY 930 this one has the increased displacement and air-to-air intercooler of the 3.3 liter flat-six Porsche fitted in 1978 and also is the last model year in which Porsche would bring the 930 to US shores prior to its 6 year hiatus.

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Year: 1979
Model: 911 Turbo
Engine: 3.3 liter turbocharged flat-6
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 75,764 mi
Price: $129,895 Buy It Now

The legacy of the Porsche Turbo all began in 1975 with this beautiful first generation of stylish road warriors. Designed for raw speed and power, they were legendary for the wild ride they guaranteed – a pure racing experience full of under steer and over steer, and a challenge for even the most skilled driver. The modern day Turbo has its obvious improvements, but the aesthetic appeal of the retro Turbo and its place in history as the ground breaker makes this a generation to be revered.

The last of the early generation Turbo, the 1979 Turbo is perhaps the best, mainly due to the improved 3.3L engine and the introduction of the intercooler, which brought a substantial improvement in hp for US models, from 245hp-265hp. The ’79 also had the benefit of larger brakes with ventilated and cross-drilled brake rotors. Other engineering improvements over its predecessors were the more durable silicon-bronze valve guides (previously copper), and cylinder-head studs, improvements which saved owners many costly repairs.

The example featured here is a spectacular Original Minerva Blue Metallic repaint with Original Black Leather interior. Documented original 75,764 miles. Complete with COA. Previously received major service as part of a long history of regular maintenance. Recent tune-up includes removal of BOV manifold assembly and reseal, oil change, and new BOV gaskets and hood struts. Previous serviced improvements include a Clewett ICN System, Stainless Steel Exhaust, New Heater Box, New Wastegate, Braided Brake Lines, Front Brake Cooling Ducts, Front Chassis Brace, Upgraded Oil Cooler Lines, Aeroquip Braided Lines, Updated Tierods and Upgraded Short Shift Kit.

This is an absolutely beautiful example of the ’79 Turbo, and the windows out repaint in original and extremely rare Minerva Blue Metallic will take your breath away. There is a substantial catalog of service records with this vehicle, and includes original tool kit, all books, COA, spare, and 2 keys. We are comfortable calling this a Condition 2/3 and know this will be a treasured addition for any savvy classic car collector.

Abreu Motors wishes for every client to be completely satisfied, and thus strongly encourages interested buyers to complete a Pre-Purchase Inspection. Please ask about our 3-day Return Policy.


With an asking price of just under $130K this 930 makes for a nice contrast with the ’87 930 we featured over the weekend. The mileage of the ’87 was quite a bit lower – just under 40K miles versus over 75K here – which partially explains the nearly equal asking prices. I also suspect the overall condition of the ’87 to be a little better, but it’s very hard to look past the rare color on the 930 we see here. In either case you’re looking at a car with tremendous value on the current market as 930 prices have shown little hint of slowing down. Like the ’87 this ’79 930 is priced reasonably if everything on it checks out. Perhaps that’s a big if – the documentation doesn’t appear to go back too far and it has been repainted – but it remains a fantastic looking machine and if the worst case is that you get a beautiful 930 to drive, though with less long term potential, then that’s not a terrible overall position.



  1. Howard S
    Howard S December 30, 2015

    Minerva Blue is one of my all-time favorite Porsche colors, it looks fantastic on a 930. As Rob mentioned every picture has been photoshopped to such a degree you can’t get a real sense of the car. Also, there is so much greasy shiny stuff all over so many of the plastic, leather and rubber parts who knows what really lurks under all that slimy stuff.

    This seller is also on my list of sellers I would be very careful with. Last winter I was poking around about an RSA they had (and still have). I asked a couple simple questions about the original seats and package tray and despite trading a dozen emails with them I could not get a straight answer about those items. They also tend to list a lot of cars which have salvage titles, yet none of them have ever been in an accident, they’re all magically theft recoveries, stolen long ago and recovered.

    The 78 and 79 930’s are desirable given they were the last ones sold in the US until 86 and they had the 3.3 intercooled motor along with some other upgrades. This car has a ton of aftermarket parts which in itself is not a bad thing but it detracts from the value. All original cars are the ones which bring the top dollar. They highlight some service history but its 5 to 6 years old history and nothing recent. Interesting that a new turbo was bought in 12/08 and then had to be rebuilt in 7/2010. If you’re blowing up a turbo that quickly what are the rings and valves like, I am guessing a top end rebuild really needs to be done.

    I have seen quite a few 86-88 930’s in good driver condition with more complete maintenance / service and even rebuilds done which have sold in the 70’s and 80’s. There is a premium for the 78/9 930 but sorry its not a $130k car, not this one at least.

  2. Brad
    Brad December 30, 2015

    I write this as someone who is on his fifth pair of minerva blue sneakers and keep buying them on ebay because I cannot look down without seeing gorgeous shades of blue — my life needs this. Hey, the holy father emeritus loves red but I love

    I have noticed an explosion of minerva on the roads on all makes over the last two years. Toyota and Ford have nice attempts at this Porsche sublimity.

    My grandma used to play a game with me when I was a tot. She’d be watching old 1940s movies and between us we had already ascertained she had a crush all along on an actor named Cesar Romero. So I’d say constantly, “Grandma … Cesar Romero!” And she’d reply with a fainting sound and act.

    That is me over minerva blue!

  3. Jeff
    Jeff December 30, 2015

    Howard S’ voice of reason always saves me from myself. Thank you again Howard.

  4. MDriver
    MDriver December 31, 2015

    Wow..just WOW…
    my favorite Porsche color….every time I see a Minerva Blue Porsche (which is not very often at all)
    I am reminded of my moment of stupidity and not bidding more for a 996 GT3 in this great shade w/a beige leather interior….that AZ car was being sold by the owner because he had a new GT3RS that was waiting for him.
    oh well…

  5. M491
    M491 January 1, 2016

    Minerva or cobalt blue works on any 911 past or current. I have the an M491 bodied car in guards red and that gets comments from all types including grandma’s. I have to imagine this 930 body in Minerva must stop traffic.

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