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1986 Treser Largo

Ahhhhh, the 80s. Tuners in the 80s were pushing the limits of their crafts, redefining performance and styling with cutting-edge technology. Of course, when I say ‘cutting edge’, I literally mean cutting. Take Walter Treser, for example. He not only lopped the top off of a Quattro to create his ‘Roadster’, but he also had at the roofline of the Type 44 to create the hatchback ‘Liner’ model. While Audi was busy sawing Quattros in half and removing about a foot to create their Sport Quattro, Treser went in a different direction. As in, the complete opposite. Apparently not satisfied that the Roadster and Liner were crazy enough, Treser chopped a 200 clean in half, stitched 12.6 inches into the middle of it, and created the ‘Largo’. I presume that the pronunciation is akin to the current President’s (for today, anyway) residence of choice, but all I can see is “Large-Oh”. And large it is. Audi themselves would later create their own Lang version of the V8, but Treser’s version appeared over half a decade earlier. To say they are rare is an understatement of…well, long proportions. But one can by yours today in Florida, if you’re up for a project:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1986 Treser Largo on Facebook Marketplace

Year: 1986
Model: Largo
Engine: 2.2 liter turbocharged inline-5
Transmission: 3-speed automatic
Mileage: 83,000 mi
Location: Holiday, Florida
Price: $20,000 Buy It Now

Hi I’m selling my 1986 audi treser largo very rare car only a few made this car was built by Walter treser this car had a TV and tray tables that folded out of the back seats has the 5cly turbo charged motor has 245/45/415 wheels to trx tires car is stretched and customized by Walter treser from Audi raceing engineering team im takeing offers on this car thanks give me a call or text me any time at [hidden information]

Some of Treser’s creations sported performance upgrades. He was fiddling with computer programing, and famously stuck a 928 fuel distributor on the CIS and just plugged the extra holes in an attempt to deliver greater flow rate. He also had his own fairly well designed body kits, wheels, and interior items. I say ‘fairly well’ because they’re not without fault, but for the time period, they were pretty slick. On the Liner and Largo, the engine performance was usually unchanged, so you got a stock 2.2 turbo inline-five hooked to a three-speed automatic and, for the sake of lack of complexity, they were front-drive only. You do get the neatish Superpfeile ground effects, the very slick dark taillights, and metric veined wheels that are fantastic to look at and virtually impossible to buy tires for. Other things of note? Well, I’d assume that inside it’s got a Treser steering wheel and some other neat additions, and the seller claims that it has a television and tray tables out back. Looking at it, it’s needs….everything. You’re looking at a hefty repair bill to mechanically get it sorted, a few grand for tires, it will probably need a full reupholstering of the interior following time in muggy Florida outside, and of course a paint job.

All this makes the $20,000 asking price a bit hard to swallow. But neat? Yeah, this car has that in spades. If you were flush with cash, bored, and wanted to win at a Radwood-style event, this would certainly suit your needs. But unfortunately this is likely to be one more bit of 80s tuner history that is firmly relegated to the trash can.



  1. Christian
    Christian January 9, 2021

    Neat piece of history for a type 44 enthusiast to buy, but I can’t believe he will get more than a few hundred dollars for it in the presented condition.

  2. james Fuerstenberg
    james Fuerstenberg January 9, 2021

    pretty ugly vehicle, poorly presented…good choice at $500 for running the 24 hrs of LeMons…

  3. Early8Q
    Early8Q January 9, 2021

    Those Treser creations were quite something, perhaps even a bit polarizing in their day. I recall the Audi dealer in Fairfield CT was also a Treser dealer and had a few cars in inventory back then. It was fun to walk around and look at them occasionally. I think they would sell the wheels and some body kits for a hefty sum as well if I recall correctly. Amazing to see this one and even more amazing is the price. Great find! Thanks for posting it!

  4. MR K
    MR K January 9, 2021

    This guy seems like a real character…..I see a 928 and a Mitsubishi Starion in the pictures.

    Also, gotta love how both the car being sold AND the trailer it’s on have completely flat tires.

  5. Ricky Weston
    Ricky Weston January 10, 2021

    I’m sure it was a somewhat cool car back in the day, but now it just looks like it’s ready for the crusher. Why even bother trying to sell something like that? It would cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix it up. It even looks like there is rust on the passenger front wheel arch/flare. Truly sad to see it in the state that it’s in. For $20k you’d think he could have at least inflated the tires.

  6. Early8q
    Early8q January 10, 2021

    @Ricky. I know what you mean. And although I can appreciate it for what it was, it’s difficult for me to imagine doing the work necessary even if it were mine. That said, it is one of those things that would be fun to witness someone else take on? And who knows it might be worth more than the sum of the parts and effort one day, to someone? I can’t imagine it, but would love to see it! I doubt it will make the Antiques Roadshow in my lifetime, but one never knows?

  7. KrautHammer
    KrautHammer January 11, 2021

    I know and remember these well. Its a “Lang” or LWB Limousine Type 44. Never sold in US to my knowledge. Neat piece of history. I wouldn’t take it for free though.

    Rare does not equal valuable.

  8. Carter
    Carter January 11, 2021

    @KrautHammer – this predates Audis Lang version I am reasonably sure. I believe that the only LWB ‘type 44s’ from the factory were the D11 V8s. To my knowledge there was no factory LWB at the time Treser launched the Largo. The Largo was launched at Frankfurt in 1985.


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