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1988 Porsche 911 Turbo “Speedster”

I can’t say I’ve seen something like this before. This 1988 Porsche 911 Turbo started off innocent enough, but was converted to a Speedster body and I really don’t know how I feel about it. I actually enjoy the standard G-body Speedster quiet a lot and thankful that Porsche actually produced it. But this? My mind is struggling to process it. I think I know why.

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Year: 1988
Model: 911 Turbo
VIN: WP0EB0913JS170810
Engine: 3.3 liter turbocharged flat-6
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 46,908 mi
Location: Saddle Brook, New Jersey
Price: $89,888 Buy It Now

1988 Porsche 911 Turbo with Speedster Conversion.

Incredible Professional Conversion Using All OEM Porsche Parts.

Including Top, Rear Seat Delete, Windshield Posts, Cowl and all OEM Hardware

Best of Both Worlds With 930 Turbo Power on a Speedster Body.

Unique and Rare with Cold AC, Factory Sports Seats.

Top is in Excellent Condition and Interior is in Immaculate Condition.

Engine Runs As It Should and Clutch Shifts Perfectly. No Leaks Whatsoever.

Factory 18” Speedline OEM Wheels ( Worth Over $10k ).

On eBay They Are Selling Just The Speedster Conversion Parts for $60k.

See listing number #141724962443.

Tires are in Excellent Condition.

This Car Was Involved in a Theft Back in 1990’s and Recovered and All Speedster Parts Were Installed.

It Has a Rebuilt Title. No Evidence of Accident or Flood.

Pre-Purchase Inspections are Welcomed and We Accept Trade-ins.

Serious Inquiries Call or Text: (201) 978-5550

So it seems like this conversion was born more from an opportunity rather than someone taking a really nice 911 Turbo and slicing it up. The seller said the car already had an R-title from a theft and then the Speedster parts were fitted. I can not fathom how much the windshield and rear clam shell were given they are OEM Porsche parts, but I guess if you are going to do this, do it right. I think the whale tail is what is really messing with my brain when looking at this car. The Speedster is all about being a low slung tight package, but the rear wing just throws everyone off. Problem is, you can’t really get rid of the wing because it houses the intercooler. Also, I think the Cup-style wheels are too big for this car and I’m curious to see how Fuchs would have played.

I’m really surprised that this car is $89,888. Decent 1988 Turbos can still bring $100,000 if sorted, so you are basically taking a small discount with this one. Thing is, that discount might be because it carries the R-title. I guess if you really want both worlds of the top-off Speedster but white-knuckle acceleration, this is your car. However, I’m also concerned how it drives. Any Turbo from this era is not to be taken lightly even in an experienced driver’s hands, so who knows what removing the roof did to this car. I can’t imagine there wouldn’t be some twist when this thing spools up, and it even looks like this one is modified too. No thank you for me on this one.

– Andrew


  1. Tirefriar
    Tirefriar August 10, 2020

    The original 964 speedsters fetch close to 200k today. all of a sudden this one for $89k doesn’t seem all that bad…agree on the whale tale-ectomy.

  2. fstntq
    fstntq August 10, 2020

    A lot to wade through here. I can’t imagine it was inexpensive to build and if I were spending that kind of money I would have worked on the tail some more. It seems to be a custom intercooler that is about 2 x as thick as stock. Maybe go with stock and a duck spoiler? Or 2 small intercooler like they do today? Does it have a 5 spd or still 4spd. When constructing for a few more dollars I would have upgraded at the time.
    What is the smaller “exhaust” port exiting to the outside of the drivers side muffler? Seems short dollars if all is up to snuff and done well. You just have to deal with the mishmash looks including Euro rear end.

  3. Andrew
    Andrew August 10, 2020

    @fstntq That is the dump for the external wastegate on the turbocharger. The way the 3.3 is setup, you can do a custom exhaust to have the wastegate dump straight to atmosphere. That leads me to believe this car is modified in more ways than one.

  4. michael blechman
    michael blechman August 10, 2020

    scary in too many ways…

  5. Robert
    Robert August 10, 2020

    I love they did this with a salvage title. I agree the Whale tail needs to go. A more clever intercooler solution needs to be sourced.

  6. Howard Silvers
    Howard Silvers August 10, 2020

    The original 911 Speedster was the 89 last of the G series cars, not the 964 Speedster. The 89 Speedsters still are worth more than the 964 speedsters, even though they made more of the 89’s. The 89 had the wie body, and except for a very few examples the 964 was a standard body. No wide body 964 speedsters came to the US.

    This car’s been making the rounds. I echo the comments on the spoiler, otherwise Id bet its a very fun car to have.

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