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1992 Porsche 968 Coupe

The 968 occupies a strange space in the Porsche world. Limited in production, good looking, well-built and with good chassis dynamics and performance, it should have all of the hallmarks of a collector car in today’s market. Many prominent automobile publications have bashed you over the head with that, too – it’s not just me banging on here. Petrolicious posts an article (the same one, usually…) seemingly every week about the Porsche 968 Club Sport, Hemmings has repeatedly said it’s the best of the breed, and Hagerty told you to get on board in 2018 and buy one. And when Bring a Trailer sold one in late 2017 at $36,250, it seemed 2018 was poised to be the year of exploding values on the 968.

But it wasn’t. Bring a Trailer has, so far to date, failed to present a match to that one-off. It’s not for lack of trying – quite a few have come up since, including a Club Sport, but they’re all below $30,000. For reference, they’re selling at about the same price as E30 325is – and I’d argue that they’re a lot nicer. So here we are in 2021, wondering exactly where the values on these cars will head. Today’s clean Guards Red coupe is priced right below that 2017 sale from BaT – so is it a deal?

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Year: 1992
Model: 968 Coupe
VIN: WP0AA2962NS820662
Engine: 3.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 51,800 mi
Location: Flowery Branch, Georgia
Price: $35,000 Buy It Now

1992 Porsche 968. Only 595 ’92 Coupes Sold in the US Market! Vin WP0AA2962NS820662. 51,739 Miles. 6-Speed Manual. Guards Red. Black Leather Interior. Clean Carfax. Clean Title. Timing Belt Service Done Recently. Books, Manuals, Partial Service Records, 2 Keys, Tools, Air-Compressor, Spare and a Jack. This great looking 968 comes in the classic colors of Guards Red on Black Leather interior, and the overall condition of this Porsche is quite nice. The car was registered new in Bethlehem, PA, where it remained until 2011. In September of that year, and with little less than 23K miles on the odometer, the car was purchased by a PCA member from the Los Angeles area, where it remained under his care until earlier this month. The car now resides on the showroom floor of our dealership in Oakwood, GA. The Guards Red paint on this 968 is very shiny, and from the photos you can see how emanating and presentable this car really is. It’s definitely a stand out on our country Georgia roads. The Black Leather interior is equally nice, and everything has been nicely preserved. Everything is fully operational, including the AC and the sunroof. The stock radio has been upgraded with a modern JVC unit, which sounds great. The stock OEM 17” Porsche wheels are fitted with Yokahama Advan Sport tires which are barely 2 years old and have plenty of tread. The performance of this 968 is spot on and nothing misses a beat! The essential timing belt service has been completed at 42K miles, which also included a new water pump and new front discs and pads. The 968 market has exploded, and these cars are rapidly climbing in demand/price. Low mile examples like this one will make for a great investment, and for a very reliable and fun to drive classic Porsche. Collector car financing available at competitive rates. Vehicle Disclaimer: We make every effort to provide you the most accurate, up-to-the-minute information on all of our vehicles in our inventory. However, please do verify with us before purchasing that all the information is correct and up to date. For Ebay users: All questions and negotiations need to take place before the purchase. If you wish to purchase the vehicle via clicking the “Buy Now” button, make sure that you are ready to pay for the car the same day for the price advertised. If that is not the case, the car will be reposted right away. It is the buyer’s responsibility to examine all the photos and ask questions in regards to the condition of the car. Due to the age of the vehicle, the car is sold as is, without warranty.

Guards Red is a great look on these 968s, and its no surprise that it’s the second most popular color they were delivered to North America in. The thing is, that number is still incredibly small; some 548 brought over here in that color means that seeing one of these new was about as unlikely as seeing a Phoenix Yellow M3 coupe – read: pretty infrequently. Somewhat ironically, the two 968 coupes I’ve driven were both this color; one back in the 90s when it was effectively new, and one in the early 2000s at Lime Rock Park. Both times I came away enamored; they might not be as punchy as the Turbo, but they’ve got a lot of grunt and they look great. This one is very nice; lower mileage, timing belt done, clean throughout, clean history from what’s disclosed. It’s priced at the top of the 968 Coupe market, but then it probably should be. This car doesn’t have the appeal of the original M3, but it’s probably a smarter choice for most and offers a similar experience in a lot of ways at a fraction of the price.



  1. Jim Fuerstenberg
    Jim Fuerstenberg March 13, 2021

    these are really great cars. An old roommate of mine had one. Even thought this one may be priced a bit above market, it is a great value for the car. Definitely better than an E30. They are plenty fast with excellent handling

  2. Ed
    Ed March 13, 2021

    I owned a ’90 325is and a ’94 968 at the same time and loved them both. The 325is was damn near perfect and I still regret selling it in 1998. The 968 felt more special though – not to mention rare. The performance was on another level and the handling was amazing. When we were buying a house I put both on the market planning to let go the one that sold first, keeping the other. The 968 sold the very next day so I kept the 325is for a few more years. I miss them both.

  3. JA
    JA March 14, 2021

    The reason they haven’t popped is they are not “iconic.” Everyone knows what a 911 looks like, what a 944 looks like and what a 928 looks like. While Porsche’s “idea” was to blend the 928 looks and the 964 looks for a “corporate face” left this car in a confusing place w/ the lens of the 2021 person on the street. If I drive my 928, I get thumbs up and “love it”. If I drove the 968 I sold I got “what is it” and confusion. It’s short run hurt too. the body of “I lusted for this car” fan base is very small. It’s a fine drive, but the chassis was dated at this point (goes back to the 924) and – ironically – the missing turbo lag takes the “fun”/”woah” out of it. I’d take an 89 944 turbo over this all day.

  4. RPM
    RPM March 15, 2021

    Having driven both 944S2s, 951s, and 968s I have to disagree. The 968 suspension equals the 951 and the torque makes the car far more usable in the corners.

    That said, this dealer is high on his own stash. There are some $35k 968s out there, but this isn’t one. Paint chips, decrepit fender guards, and shrinking rubber side sill seams don’t add up to that value. Guards Red is the most boring 968 color. The interior is all black, rather than the two tone tan and black of some. What’s with the lack of interior pictures? And you’d have to be high to buy a 968 without closeups of the impossible to find or fix rear hatch seal.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the 968 and owned one. Find a pristine coupe with LSD and sport seats in Amazon Green or another cool early 90s color and you might get there. This one, no.

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