1993 Audi S4

Unfortunately I’m going to date myself here, but when I was in high school I had a love affair with Borbet Type C wheels. Sure, I loved BBSs, but the Type C was my then favorite – to the point where I had cut out the advertisement from Car and Driver that said in German “Lust after new wheels?” with an image of the Type C at the bottom and mounted it in my school locker. It was a brilliant ad campaign, and in the early to mid 1990s it was the wheel I wanted. When I got my first Audi – a 4000CS quattro – high on the list of “wants” was a set of 16″ Borbets. I saw them later at my first Audi event in 1997 at Lime Rock park, notably adorning two of my favorite models; a V8 quattro and S6 Avant. It was so memorable, in fact, that I took a photo of these cars in line with my favorite wheels – a photo I still have today. So, you’d think that when a set of my favorite wheels popped up on a period application like this 1993 Audi S4, I’d be super excited. But just to show how priorities change, I now find myself wishing it was wearing the original Fuchs-made 5-spokes. How weird is that?

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1993 Audi S4 on eBay

Year: 1993
Model: S4
Engine: 2.2 liter turbocharged inline-5
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 135,000 mi
Price: $7,250 Buy It Now

Hi Everyone!
Due to unexpected circumstances, I have to sell my 1993 Audi URS4. This car is extremely clean, unmolested, 3 owner car with very low miles. Details are below:
Exterior Color: Emerald Green Pearl (paint is in great shape with only some minor imperfections)
Interior Color: White with Carbon Fiber package (great condition)
Interior Mods: Boost and EGT Gauge.
Miles: ~135,000K (all highway miles)
Engine: 2.2L 20V with no performance mods. Runs very quiet / smooth and makes full 1.5 bar of boost pressure. Properly maintained with no oil leaks.
Transmission: 5-speed. Shifts very smooth. No issues at all.
Suspension: OEM Spec Components. Ride is very smooth and everything feels extremely tight. Alignment is straight.
Wheel Set 1: 17×7.5″ Borbet Type C on performance tires
Wheel Set 2: OEM wheels on Blizzak snow tires
The bad: Cruise control doesn’t work. Engine temp gauge doesn’t work.

Located in Kansas City, MO
Message me directly or call/ text: 816-806-6990

At least this example does come with those original wheels, and although the pictures don’t do the car much justice overall it appears to be a pretty good example. I’d love for some better pictures and a different color combination, personally – but with a short list of needs and in mostly original form, this S4 looks like a solid purchase.


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  1. Nice looking S4…

    And, (15 odd years ago) I had a set of Borbet Cs (w/ Blizzaks) on my CoupeQ…and 16″ BBS RNs, and a 17″ set of Moda basket weaves too. 17″s on that car visually looked like 20″s might on almost any modern car. Had to chime in with the flashback! Double tie in – I replaced my wood shift knob with the leather urS4 knob.

    Audi memories…

  2. Of all the Audis made, to me, the 90’s models were the ugliest of them all.

  3. Of all the Audis made, to me, the current models are the ugliest of them all.

  4. @ Carter
    Your comments on your dream wheels while in High School brought back long forgotten memories on the wheels I wanted to have on my new 944, in the 80’s.
    My dream wheels were color matched (white) ‘MOMO Idea wheels’ (hideous!!!).
    Today, just like you, my original cookie cutters were perfect!

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