1994 Porsche 911 RS America – REVISIT


The Midnight Blue 1994 Porsche 911 RS America we featured in early March is back up for sale and again looks to be struggling to garner sufficient attention to meet the seller’s asking price. With one of the rarer color choices available on these cars and pretty reasonable mileage we’ll have to see if this one can finally find the right buyer.

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The below post originally appeared on our site March 1, 2015:

After what seemed like a run of RS Americas back in the Fall, it has now been a while since we have featured one so why not check back in on what was a rapidly accelerating market for these special 964s. The RS America, of course, was Porsche’s answer to US demand for something akin to the 964 Carrera RS. Based on the Carrera 2, the RS America shared the same powerplant and gearbox with other 964 models, but was lightened through a basic stripping of the interior, including the removal of the rear seats, and then fitted with sport suspension and whale tail. They were never really intended as a full replication of the European Carrera RS, but still provided buyers a Carrera 2 with far fewer luxuries and thus lighter overall weight. Available in only a small range of colors, with the majority produced in Black, White, or Red, here we have one of the optional colors: a Midnight Blue Metallic 1994 Porsche RS America, located in California, with 52,987 miles on it that appears to have been fitted with three of the four available options: A/C, sunroof, and radio.


Year: 1994
Model: 911 RS America
Engine: 3.6 liter flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 52,987 mi
Price: Reserve auction ($129,500 Buy It Now)

Chequered Flag International is pleased to offer this 1994 911 RS Coupe in Midnight Blue with Black cloth interior. 52,987 miles with clean CARFAX of course. Perfect rust and accident free body with very good original paint (buyer to verify). Lovely interior, not smoked in. Uncracked dash, great roof liner, door panels and carpets. Seats are all great with the exception of one of the rear jump seat backs which has a small hole (shown) – I’m trying to source the fabric and replace that panel if and when. Just serviced and checked. New clutch assembly just fitted. Mechanically absolutely superb and a delight to drive. A/C is cold, sunroof and windows function well. Factoid – around 700 RS America’s produced in 93 & 94 of which only 67 or so were 94’s. I believe a total of seven were built in Midnight Blue. Comes with all its books including it’s maintenance book stamped to 22k in 2000 and with it’s option code sticker. Plus comprehensive records dating back to new. Plus: two keys, toolkit, jack, air pump, etc. Inspections encouraged, all sales AS-IS. Sales tax and license fees due if delivered in California.


While the BIN price is on the high end, I’m still quite surprised this auction sits with zero bids. There may be some detail that is escaping me, but this looks to be a fairly well-documented RS America in original condition that comes with all of its books and appears in pretty good shape inside and out. Perhaps demand for these has begun to wane, but given that most any rare variant of the 964 has continued to do very well on the market, I would be surprised by that. For anyone interested in one of these this may be one to pay attention to because if interest remains low then there could be some value found here.


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  1. We’re going on six months with this car on the market. IIRC the original ask was closer to $180k. The issue at hand is an RSA was a 50k car 18 months ago, a couple of pristine low miles examples have sold in the the mid 100’s, but 50k mile examples aren’t doing a buck thirty.

  2. I do not understand the ever increasing premium these cars are receiving over the regular 964 C2. There is nothing truly special about them, unlike the real 964RS. The sport seats, M030 suspension and 17″ Cup wheels were all optional on the regular 964. The cloth seating surfaces, RS door panels, rear seat delete, wing and RS badging are the only “special” things about it. So special that they were $10k less than the regular C2 when new. I do appreciate the stripped down nature but when equipped with a/c and sunroof they are no lighter than an equivalent C2 . This particular car has a/c and sunroof but does not have the locking diff-why bother? These are badge engineering specials. There is nothing RS about them.

  3. Dealers were stuck with them when they were new. The only thing special is the limited production numbers and they weight 150 pounds less than a standard C2.

  4. The 964 RS America was similar to the 911 3.2 Club Sport of the 80’s. Both not like the European RS, they were still low production track oriented cars, hence getting a premium today.
    @ Greg
    The 964 RS America’s had RS VIN numbers, because Porsche considered them to be an RS, for the US Market.

  5. Every 911 for the North American Market with a MY of 1993 and 1994 has RS in the VIN number, the RS in the VIN means nothing.

    I dont think there is any comparison to the Club Sport built in the late 80’s…. IIRC the total number of CS’s built in the late 80’s for the US market was about 25. Thats a far far cry from the 700 plus RSA’s built.

    There is another blue RSA with about the same miles as this one on Rennlist for $100k.

  6. @ Howard S

    Incorrect. The RSA had a VIN specific to the RSA.

  7. Every 911 produced for the North American market for model year 1993 and 1994 has an RS in the VIN number, its nothing special.

  8. RSA’s have different VIN numbers, see below:


  9. Thats just a typical model designation that all standardized modern VIN numbers include. Just like a Cab has a different number than a standard coupe. Its nothing special and Porsche had to do it.

  10. Nothing special, hence selling 3 to 4 times more than a regular 964.

  11. The VIN designation is nothing special, every VIN has a designator in that digit.

    The point is this… its not the VIN number that makes it special. Porsche didn’t create a special VIN number to designate the RSA, the VIN format requires it. You had stated originally that the “RS” in the VIN number was special, thats also incorrect.

    The RSA is NOT similar to the Club Sport produced in the late 80’s.

  12. @ Howard S

    We are not going to agree and the bottom line is that the market has/will decide how much the RSA has/will be valued today and in the future.
    It’s a beautiful Saturday morning and I haven’t driven my RSA in months. Good time to drive it over to Starbucks…..

  13. The market always decides, that’s the beauty of capitalism. Having spent 20 years as a trader on 4 different derivatives exchanges, I am a big believer in capitalism.

    The point I make is this: You stated that the “RS” in the VIN was special, it’s not. Every 93 and 94 964 has “RS” in the VIN number. Further, you said that the RSA is similar to the Club Sport from the late 1980’s, it’s not. Porsche built about 25 CS’s where as they built over 700 RSA’s.

    I love to blow past the local Starbucks on my Ducati or in one of my 911’s and see all the guys posing next to the Harley’s they don’t ride and the cars they don’t drive. Get out and drive the thing like you stole it. Better yet, take it to a track day and let it do what it was born to do.

  14. It looks like we are in the same profession. I live and die by the markets 🙂
    I do drive my cars, but seem to do it a month at a time. I think on Tuesday I will be in mood for something more relaxing… maybe the 560 SL….

  15. The old 560’s are making a come back. About 2 years ago I sold an all original 86 with 94k on it. My father had purchased it new and I maintained it for him. The car was a gem. The huge bus like steering wheel was pure MB. Enjoy!

  16. Very true. I aquired the last month production ’89 560 SL with very low miles last year and it was appraised by the insurance company for more than I paid two weeks later at $46k.
    Hagerty now puts clean low mile examples at $70k.

  17. Its the internet … we all buy way below the market and sell way above! Everyone beats the global capital markets too! LOL

  18. This RSA sold with price unknown and an asking price of $129,500.

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