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1995.5 Audi S6 Avant

This S6 Avant sold for $8,182.52.

If you want in on the zenith of the BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche production – what many argue are the late 80s to mid 90s cars – you’re going to pay a lot of money for a prime example. But turn to Volkswagen and corporate partner Audi, and you’ll still be able to get into a legend for pennies on the dollar. Witness, the Audi S6 Avant.

I’ve previously covered just how special these cars are and to say that they’ve got a cult following is an Internet-breaking understatement. Seriously, tell an owner of one of these that he’s got just another car and you’re likely to end up with a bloody nose and an earfull of Ingolstadt. Yet prime condition S6 Avants are surprisingly hard to come by, in part because they were used heavily and more notably because so few came here originally. Here’s a great-looking black on black ‘95.5 to consider, though, and it’s no reserve to boot:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1995.5 Audi S6 Avant on eBay

Year: 1995.5
Model: S6 Avant
VIN: WAULA84A0SN121237
Engine: 2.2 liter turbocharged inline-5
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 115,200 mi
Location: Charlottesville, Virginia
Price: No Reserve Auction

About this vehicle
This 1995 Audi S6 is an original with updates to the drivetrain. The owner has had it for 1 year. The vehicle runs great and is not regularly driven.
Seller’s Notes
has a mild stage one chipset and a forge recirc valve.
beside the small dent in hood the body is amazing. some road chips as to be expected from the age. original paint

You can of course tell it’s a 95.5 by the lack of infrared receiver on the B-pillar and the lack of driver-actuated differential lock. But condition is far more important than that, and overall this lower-mileage S6 looks pretty stellar. Little is disclosed about specific maintenance so plan on a few thousand dollars to bring it fully up to snuff, but you’ll be rewarded with a package essentially without peer in the United States and one which will continue to appreciate if taken care of. Bidding has reacted to the opportunity so far, with already $7,000 pledged and several days to go. It’ll be interesting to see where this one ends, but double that figure wouldn’t really surprise me. Even at mid-teens, this car is far more approachable than most of its contemporaries.



  1. John
    John March 3, 2020

    I inquired about this one when it was for sale on Pittsburgh Craigslist in the spring of 2018. According to the seller then “My prior mechanic basically spun a bearing by driving it too hard and rebuilt the entire motor over a two plus year period.” I guess that explains the green paint on the turbo cold side.

    That seller also reported that it was repainted prior to 2012 by “Franko Body in Latrobe pa, a reputable shop.” It was also in an accident way back in ’96; there’s paperwork from that incident in this photo album I received back then:

    Based on the complicated history with the prior mechanic, I am not surprised to read in the eBay listing “this car sold on BAT last august for 12,250.00 and had a lot of problems.” Sounds like whoever gets it this time around will be much better off!

  2. Christian Long
    Christian Long March 5, 2020

    “this car sold on BAT last august for 12,250.00 and had a lot of problems.” Sounds about right for BAT, usually the cars are over-bid and condition is less than stated.

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