Double Take: 1995 Audi S6 Avant

If C4 S4s and S6s in good shape, such as yesterday’s feature listing 1993, are hard to come by, the limited run 1995 Avant version is especially so. Not many of these wagons were brought to the U.S.; depending on your source, a reported 300 made it here. Compare that to the “rare” E30 M3 (of which 5,000 were imported) or even Audi’s own super-rare Quattro – a staggering 663 of those made it here, though you wouldn’t know it. Plus, the nature of the S6 Avant meant they were snapped up by enthusiasts who used them, and often used them hard. Exact numbers still alive today are hard to come by, but figure it’s reasonably lower than the 300 original units. Back out the number with under 200,000 miles and the number gets much smaller. And to find two in a week in good condition with nice modifications? Time to play the lottery:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1995 Audi S6 Avant on Craigslist

Year: 1995
Model: S6 Avant
Engine: 2.2 liter turbocharged inline-5
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 176,000 mi
Price: $12,000

1995 Audi S6 Avant : Very Rare in this color combo and even more so in this condition w/ updates.

Black on Black, 2 owner car with full records from new.

This beautiful family supercar has been an absolute dream to own and drive. We’ve had her since 2002 (95k) and it’s by far the best car we’ve ever owned.
She was completely stock when we bought her from a wonderful lady who’s family are Audi nuts, they had an S6, S8, S4 and a new allroad (which is why they sold us the S6), all of them treated properly and fully dealer maintained with no expense spared.
After careful consideration and planning we decided to do some tasteful and modest upgrades to boost performance and safety, here’s the list that was done at 105k (2002):
Software Upgrade by Dave Jones (RevSport) with max boost to 16psi (approx 280hp).
RS2 Exhaust Cam
Stroming turbo back 3″ exhaust and hi-flow cat + dual Magnaflow muffles for a great sound
Porsche 993 turbo front calipers mated to A8 rotors w/ Porsche Pads
S4 all Aluminum Intercooler and cross-over pipe
Full Samco Silicone hose kit
Euro Lenses + upgraded bulbs
Clear Side Markers
Eibach Sport Springs + Bilstein shocks
Custom Camber plates
17″ OZ Superleggera Wheels (there are 2 extra wheels just in case) w/ 245/50/17 tires.
***all stock parts are still with us and come with the car, this includes the 4 Audi Avus wheels which have almost brand new Nokia studless snows on them.

As I mentioned, this car comes with full records from new, neatly organized in a folder. All maintenance and wear items have been replaced on time and always with best available parts. Oil and Filter have always been replaced at 5k intervals with Mobil 1, along with brake, coolant and PS/PB fluid done every 2 years.
Some highlights from the maintenance to showcase that this car needs nothing, and won’t for many years to come:
New Battery : 11/2014
Cooling hoses and temp sensors : 169k
New Clutch, slave cylinder and pressure plate : 168k
Timing Belt, all seals and rollers + waterpump : 168k
EFI Coils + plug wires : 165k
New Front Brake Pads and Fluid Flush : 162k
New Tires and 4 wheel alignment : 152k

Overall this car is a 9/10. It has been in a rust free environment it’s entire life and since we’ve owned it it’s been garaged at home and office, the paint and interior show accordingly.

Of course she has all the options available which include the Bose Stereo, 6 cd changer and recently updated to accept MP3 input. Front seats are full power adjustable w/ lumbar support and heated, the leather looks as new and has been maintained often. Rear seats are also full leather and heated. All electronics are fully functional and there are zero electrical gremlins (never had any issues). This car basically drives, operates and looks new.

If you have any questions or would like any additional photos please text me.

This car is quite desirable in double black, and the condition is quite good. The original pieces like the wheels come along, though I think the OZ wheels are a nice fit even if they’re a generation too new. A set of Boleros would really make this car pop, though. With detailed records, maintenance, and nice modifications, this car is certainly towards the top of the market. And it’s priced accordingly; $12,000 will narrow down the group interested in plunking down money on a 20 year old Audi wagon, but this package is pretty unique and desirable. While I’m personally not a fan of the grill treatment, overall this car ticks all the right boxes.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1995.5 Audi S6 Avant on Craigslist

Year: 1995.5
Model: S6 Avant
Engine: 2.2 liter turbocharged inline-5
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 122,222 mi
Price: $11,000

1995.5 Audi S6 Avant

The Good:
-2.5 Bar Lehmann Tune/Chipset
-1.9 Bar Wastegate Spring
-Very Strong Clutch
-RS2 7200 Turbo
-RS2 Exhaust Manifold
-RS2 Fuel Injectors/034 Rep’s
-RS2 MAF Sensor
-2Bennett A Pillar Gauge Pod/Boost & Fuel Gauge
-2Bennett Digital Intercooler Gauge With Ash Tray Delete & Fuel Mix Gauge/Autometer
-2Bennett Rear Coilover Suspension
-2Bennett/Brembo Big Front Brake Kit With New Pads & New Slotted Rotors
-2Bennett Camber Caster Adjustment System
-Koni Yellow Externally Adjustable Strut Inserts Up Front With H&R Green’s
-Stromung 3 Inch Turbo Back Exhaust, 3 inch Downpipe
-Apikol Coil Conversion with Apikol Decorative Top Engine Cover
-Larger Upgraded Diverter Valve
-Samco Boost Hoses
-18 Inch Avus Wheels In Good Condition With New Summer Tires
-Super Low Miles @ 122,122
-Europa Blue Paint With White Interior, Rare!!
-Timing Belt, Rollers And Associated Components Replaced At 109,000
-Clean Colorado Title In My Name
-No Rust

The Bad:
-One Small Oil Leak In Front Of Engine. Never Registers As Losing Oil On Dipstick
-A/C Needs Recharge. Worked Nicely Three Years Ago And Has Slowly Faded Out
-Needs New Rear Brake Pads Causing Limp E-Brake
-Car Has Been To Burning Man Three Times……And Many Ski/Camping Trips
-Needs Green Antifreeze/Coolant Flushed Out And Replaced With Proper Fluid
-Sunroof Set Up For Manual Open/Close, Unplugged
-No Paperwork From Previous Owner
-Paint Has Swirls And Scratches And A Few Pings/Still Looks Sweet
-Interior Cleans Up Well But Shows Some Age

This Is A Sweet Old School Audi That I Have Cherished Since My Ownership. This Car Is Set Up More For The Street. Probably Not For Heading Out On A Flyfishing/Camping Adventure Anymore. Suspension Is Stiff Around Town But Perfect For Mountain Twisties. This Thing Runs Excellent And Can Out Perform Most Cars On The Road Easily. I’ve Put 10k Miles On This Car In My Three Year Ownership. Mostly My Weekend Car. It Had 112K When I Bought It. The Mods Were Completed By The Previous Owner. Previous Owner Was An Audi Enthusiast Who Bought A New 2013 S4 And Luckily Left This Car Sitting In The Lot At 5280 Motorsports Denver Needing Some New Coils And A Few Other Things. Since He Had His New S4, He Wasn’t In A Hurry To Fix It. I Was Able To Make An Offer To The PO Who Lives In Vail And He Accepted. Unfortunately He Lost All Service Records In A Move. At The Time, I Didn’t Care Because The Car Was So Sweet. I Was Soon Able To Confirm The Timing Belt And Associated Components, Brakes Pads Etc. With The Owner Of 5280 Motorsports In Denver As He Had Personally Done The Work. I’ve also inspected the components and they appear to be in very new condition. This Car Should Probably Go To An Audi Enthusiast Only And To Someone Who Is Able To Do Small Repairs As She Is An Older Car That Will Have Needs In The Future. Great Car As She Sits And Interested Parties Should See The Car In Person Before Negotiating And Have Finances Figured Out Before Contacting me. Price Is OBO!! Yes It Hurts To Let This Thing Go But I Recently Purchased A House And Need To Make Improvements. I Have A Tornado Red URS4 To Soften The Blow.
Send Emails With Questions So I Can Weed Out Those That Have No Real Intention of Purchase. I Will Respond To Those That Are Serious As Soon As I Can.
Thanks! Check Contact Box Above For Contact Info

Like the first example, this Europa Blue Mica example is overall in great shape. It has much lower miles, but the lighter interior shows more wear as is typical. The modifications here are a bit more extensive in the engine compartment but still desirable items, and overall the build is pretty similar between the two. While the B6 Ronal-made Avus wheels channel the original Speedline made units in design, they’re not the wheels that look right to me on this car. Again, I’d probably downsize and opt for some 17″ Boleros to really make this car pop. This car also has a non-original grill, but again it’s fairly minor and innocuous. As with the first, the condition, rarity, lower miles and modifications mean this car is priced towards the top of the market for these cars currently. However, in both cases, they’re about what clean E30 Tourings are trading for, and you’d be nuts to select one of those band-wagons over these two examples. Sure, they’re complicated older Audis that will require regular maintenance and sourcing parts isn’t always the easiest. But if you want arguably the best overall wagon Audi ever made, look no further. These Avants will continue to be highly sought and rare to find in the condition of this duo.

Thanks to our readers Ben, John, and Eric for these great spots!


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  1. UrS6 avants are as good as it get for speed wagon freaks… too bad the avants are double the price of the sedans in equal condition. Still fair money for what you get if you’re a wagon guy. I couldn’t quite swallow the price of entry to a nice UrS avant so had to settle for a 6-speed allroad. Coilovers and a LT-1 swap for the allroad when the time comes will cure its ills… the S6 avant that Audi should have made without the timing chain issues in the C5 cars.

  2. As Carter pointed out to me, I should say the timing chains in the B6 S4 avant… which still looks like a C5 S6 avant to me… Add to that the C5 S6 avant only came to the US with an automatic transmission ( can’t have an automatic, non starter) and the B6 S4 avant has the timing chains issue ( can’t have the looming repair bill, non starter), the only logical choice is the bulletproof UrS6 avant. Which is why they command the money they bring and are still a bargain to the speed wagon crowd.

  3. The C5 S6 Avant only came as a five speed manual in the US. It had a timing belt, not chain, on the 20V five cylinder motor. It was one of my all time favorite quattros.

    To John, the seller, if you are out there, selling this car to you is a great memory of mine. It was an amazing experience from CO to PA and back….

  4. Sorry for taking this off the rails with the Audi chassis codes… timing belt/chain… auto/manual… S4/S6 confusion. The C4 UrS6 avant with the 2.2 liter 5 cylinder 20v turbo, of which there are 2 fine examples posted above, are amazing cars worth the price of admission. If you don’t need a wagon the sedan versions are an even better value. Now back to our regularly scheduled program… Carter, GCFSB, Early8q, and all the other Audi wagon freaks out there… Great cars and people.

  5. Thanks Singlecross!

    Yeah, a bit of confusion here. For the U.S. market:
    C4 S6 = 1995/1995.5, turbocharged inline-5 AAN. Manual only.
    C5 S6 = 2002/2003, 4.2 V8 (ANK?). Automatic only.

    Both are belt driven.

    Let’s not forget that the 4.2 V8 and auto was also available in the C4, just not in the U.S. market (as was a S4 Avant 92-94) The 6-speed manual was also available in the C5, just similarly not in the U.S..

    Thanks everyone for the comments!

  6. @ Singlecross. I fumbled! Sorry for confusing myself publicly on the C4/C5 detail. I know better, but I fumbled. Thanks for the correction. In the mean time I am still having fun thinking about all of them. Great cars and people indeed!

  7. I own this car’s twin, which took me three years of patient searching to find. I sent an immediate deposit sight unseen and couldn’t be happier with the purchase- largely due to the previous owners treating the car is it deserved, with regular open-checkbook maintenance. This car is worth every penny of $12K, especially with the tasteful modifications and evident care.

    Mine has been flawless over two years of ownership. The interior still looks and smells new, believe it or not, and there’s not a ding on the car. These were made at the peak of Audi’s quality, especially evident with the interior materials and construction.

    Mine has the 6-speed upgrade and RS2 bits with MTM chip. Will easily embarrass most cars encountered at 80-120. The smoothness of the engine with its freight-train like torque is really addictive, and good fun in a versatile shape.

  8. Also, please note this car is a 1995 and not 1995.5.

    Mine is the latter, one of the last produced in December 1995, but some prefer the 95-model year due to the differential lock. The differences are well documented online.

  9. Chris,
    There are two cars in this post. The first is a ’95, the second (possibly sold) is indeed a ‘95.5.

    I did the same thing: spent years searching, finally found what I thought was THE one and put a deposit down sight unseen. Unfortunately my luck wasn’t as good as yours. The previous owner had a great deal of work done on the car (including a full respray) and it was obvious the people doing the mechanical work had no idea what they were doing. I’ve spent a great deal of time undoing bad mods and correcting a LOT of screw-ups (some subtle, some blatant) and it’s slowly becoming the car I thought I bought. Oopsss.

    This isn’t the first time I’ve bought a car sight unseen. My first S4 I picked up without even seeing a picture! I was lucky with that one, though.

  10. Off subject but a note on the timing issue on the B6/7 S4’s. I personally believe this is over hyped. There are many many cars that go big miles with no issues. My current personal car has 100K on it and does not rattle in the slightest.

  11. @LJH; I’d agree, similar to the IMS problem for the 911. However, it’s been a game changer in the market, dropping the residual value substantially. Even if it’s an issue, it’s not even as expensive as many major Porsche services and given the package and performance, it’s still a very impressive car and arguably a good value. But it’s the new Audi “THE SKY IS FALLING” model, and for that I’m somewhat grateful as the early models endured that for a bit too long.

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