1996 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S

Narrow body versus wide body, rear-wheel drive versus all-wheel drive. These are the choices Porsche buyers are presented with when considering a 993. While there were no power differences between the standard and S models there were still performance differences as they received revised suspension and in the case of the Carrera 4S, the 993 Turbo’s larger brakes. So whether you care only about performance or aesthetics or, as is most likely, some combination of both there are plenty of choices. While from time to time I will comes across a narrow-body coupe that looks just about perfect, my preference almost always leans towards the wide-body, especially on the 993 where the smoother curves of the car suit that wider rear really, really, well. Here we have one of those wide-body coupes, a Black 1996 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S, located in Brooklyn, with Cashmere leather interior and 60,127 miles on it.

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Year: 1996
Model: 911 Carrera 4S
Engine: 3.6 liter flat-6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 60,127 mi
Price: $79,900 Buy It Now

1996 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S WideBody “C4S”

Black with Cashmere leather interior
6-Speed Manual Transmission
60,127 miles

This is a very clean & solid Porsche in every way. It comes with the original window sticker, manuals, tools & spare tire

Bilstein PSS9 adjustable shocks have been installed & the car has been lowered to the European spec ride height.
They can easily be adjusted & raised to the US spec ride height.
Fister exhaust has been installed that gives the car an amazing sound.


Black and Tan is my favorite color combination so almost any car showcasing those colors is going to have a strong appeal to me. If push comes to shove I’d prefer a darker shade than the Cashmere interior we see here, but I still really enjoy the overall contrast these two colors present. When properly cleaned they look beautiful together. And this 993 C4S appears to fit that bill fairly well. The asking price is around where we’d expect to see a C4S with this mileage, but I’d guess it is a little on the high end if it hopes to sell in the near term. With that said, we do see much higher asking prices for low-mileage examples so there is collector appeal for these models, even if this particular Carrera, with 60K miles on it, is more likely to remain a driver.


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  1. That first picture is a perfectly captured angle of a dark 993 – soooooo beautiful.

  2. Major caution with this particular car, there are all kinds of roll back issues on the Carfax. I don’t know this dealer in particular but many of the dealers in that area are known as junk shops. They buy the pigs at auction, slap some lipstick on them and sell them to unsuspecting buyers. I know several in particular who will sit on cars for many many months till they get the buyer who doesn’t look at the Carfax, doesn’t come see the car and just has to have it.

  3. Anyone have a guess as to what that pearlescent car is behind the Porsche?

  4. I think that the photo is “squished” vertically exaggerating the width/length of everything. My guess is a silver 997 with the standard wheels.

  5. I agree with Vic… also the red caliper says its an S model

  6. Thanks for the heads up Howard. Wonder if it’s just a coincidence that the “free Carfax report” link on the eBay ad doesn’t resolve? http://dealer.carad.com/dealer2/viewitem/carfaxFreeReportLink?itemId=29174782&data=WP0AA2992TS320878

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