2001 Porsche 911 Turbo Coupe

For my personal cars, I like them as unique and as special as possible. Naturally this can be difficult to achieve if you don’t have an unlimited budget and certain cars can be hard to find, but this is something I try to seek. Of course that doesn’t mean wrap the car in gold leaf, and we can all agree that certain color combos aren’t exactly beautiful, but you know what I mean. Today’s car, a 2001 Porsche 911 Turbo, is right in my wheelhouse when it comes to being unique. It certainly looks like a normal black 996 Turbo, which is true until you open the doors.

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Year: 2001
Model: 911 Turbo Coupe
VIN: WP0AB29921S685491
Engine: 3.6 liter twin-turbocharged flat-6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 61,468 mi
Location: Cary, Illinois
Price: $64,800 Buy It Now

2001 Porsche 911 Turbo Coupe
Black over Boxster Red Leather
Factory Options:
PCM – Turbo (Originally $3,540)
Navigation System

Rear Center Console in Carbon Fiber (Originally $1,595)

3-Spoke Steering Wheel in Carbon/Leather (Originally $1,180)

Carbon/Aluminum Shift Knob and Brake Handle (Originally $865)

Driver’s Power Lumbar Support (Originally $375)

Wheel Caps w/Colored Crest (Originally $170)
CD Changer
Vehicle Highlights:
3.6 Liter Twin Turbo Flat 6 Cylinder Engine
-415 Horsepower
6-Speed Manual Transmission
All Wheel Drive
18-Inch Alloy Wheels
Heated Leather Front Sport Seats

This will wake you up in the morning. What we are looking at in this cabin is a whole lot of Boxster Red leather and a pile of carbon fiber trim. Personally, I love this. If this was just a plain black leather interior, I wouldn’t have given it a second look. But this? Sign me up. I can’t imagine the conversations the normally conservative Germans were having as this car made it’s way down the production line, but I bet there were some laughs. I know a lot of you will say this interior is awful, and I totally get it, but this is what excites me.

What maybe doesn’t excite me so much is the price tag of $65,000. That is a heavy premium for a 2001 with 62,000 miles. I know prices are creeping up on these, but I still think this is a heavy ask. I could understanding somewhere in the $50,000 range, but the dealer is asking the moon for something that only appeals to a certain group of buyers. I’m curious to see how long it lasts.

– Andrew

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  1. That interior is just fantastic! And, back from a time when having carbon fiber in your car was actually meant it was something special.

  2. Too much of a good thing. Black over red is a combo I like, but not when the red is everywhere. The vents, the steering wheel inserts, the speaker grills; it’s over the top. All that red also makes the carbon fiber look garish. Too bad, less could have been more.

  3. The prior accident indicates it is likely clearly over-priced.

  4. Not Boxster Red leather, FYI. As for price: 2001 is the least desirable 996 Turbo year (no glovebox, shiny plastics interior, less stiff frame, and heavier solid spoke wheels), and with the bad CarFax $65K is a decent asking price. Any other model year and clean CarFax this would be $75K all day long. And rising fast right now.

  5. Not a fan of that particular red. I owned a heavily tuned (by a previous owner) 996 turbo and it was ridiculously fast. Too fast for me. I think a stock or x50 996 turbo is a great car but unfortunately in this market they have become overpriced. Cars like this were selling for low $40s car a year or two ago, which admittedly was a pretty good deal for the performance. Things have really changed and now people are asking (and getting) 50% more. To me this is a $45k car. As a side note I would avoid 2001 turbos as they are based on the 996.1 chassis. The 2002-2005 cars are based on the 996.2 which has a much more rigid chassis even though they look identical. Oh, and the 2002+ cars have a glove compartment.

  6. I like the color combo…of course, I owned a silver over lobster 911SC …but this one is 10K overpriced…and Greg raises good points.

  7. Red plastered over everything isn’t doing the 996 fisher-price interior any favors here.

  8. I don’t know why everybody rags on the 996 interiors. What’s wrong with them? I just don’t get it?

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