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2005 Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet

I imagine at some point people will wake up to the enormous performance value of the 996TT, but it seems we are not there yet. From its inception, the 911 Turbo always has been a diabolical car, difficult in its dynamics and threatening to send inattentive drivers into snap oversteer. As time wore on and the power produced from the 911’s turbocharged flat-six increased Porsche introduced twin-turbochargers, which helped reduce lag, and fitted the Turbo with an all-wheel drive system to help deliver power in a more controlled manner. Still, there remained sufficient power to overwhelm some and excite many. With more than 400 hp the 996 Turbo continued along the trajectory established by its predecessors, but now, because of its water-cooled engine and redesigned body, the love from many enthusiasts has been held at bay, leaving us with a performance bargain. The example seen here is a Black 2005 Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet, located in Georgia, with only 15,345 miles on it. The Turbo S was available only in 2005 as basically a 996 Turbo fitted with the X50 Power Package and ceramic brakes. For a performance value these are near impossible to beat.

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Year: 2005
Model: 911 Turbo S
Engine: 3.6 liter twin-turbocharged flat-6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 15,345 mi
Price: Reserve Auction ($69,900 Buy It Now)

This beautiful black beauty was purchased brand new in 2005 for $155,736.00. This was a special order vehicle with all the extras that makes this a very special and appealing vehicle. The car has never been in snow or around salt.She has been kept in a
heated and cooled garage and not used in the winter time.The car was really only driven on sundays with moderate driving.


I suppose it’s a testament to just how much of a bargain these cars are that I still look at this Buy It Now and wonder if it’s way too high. That said this appears in excellent shape and being a low-mileage one-owner vehicle certainly has loads of appeal even if this car is just approaching its first decade. I can’t say I come across 996TT Cabriolets all that often, even less so in the guise of the Turbo S, so for a buyer looking for blistering performance to go with a top-down motoring experience this could make for an excellent opportunity.



  1. MDriver
    MDriver December 12, 2014

    NICE find! too bad there is no love in the P-Car community for the 996 Turbo…though I think with the prices of Turbos rising like crazy…these will be the next to pop! and soon!
    this car from a performance perspective is still VERY relevant today with that monster X50 package…
    I’m not a rag-top guy, but at least it’s not a Tip!

  2. Greggiekay
    Greggiekay December 12, 2014

    sheesh, talk about a hair dryer

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