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2006 Mercedes-Benz E500 Estate

Station wagon, estate, avant, whatever you want to call them, they are still popular. How did I come to that conclusion? Well, take a look at basically any German vehicle that is offered in both sedan and wagon and you’ll see that the wagon transacts at a higher price tag on the used market. This is especially true when it comes to high performance models like an Audi RS or AMG. A lot of that has to do with having your cake and eating it too, along with the exclusivity, as high performance wagons are made in extremely small numbers. However, even in standard base models, the wagons are still bringing premiums over sedans. Today’s car, a 2006 E500 Estate up for sale in California, follows that trend. Who says wagons are uncool?

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Year: 2006
Model: E500 Estate
VIN: WDBUH83J76X198457
Engine: 5.0 liter V8
Transmission: 5-speed automatic
Mileage: 133,711 mi
Location: Costa Mesa, California
Price: $7,995 Buy It Now

Selective Motor Cars is proud to offer this beautiful SILVER 2006 MERCEDES-BENZ E500 4MATIC WAGON 4 DOOR WAGON with 133711 miles available for sale. Here at Selective Motor Cars we take pride in our inventory. All of our vehicles are hand picked and go through a rigourous multi-point safety and smog inspection prior to being listed for sale to insure your satisfaction. A Must See And Drive Car – No Hidden Fees – No Games —– Please feel free to contact Selective Motor Cars for more information. Our enthusiastic staff members would love to speak with you and are ready to answer any questions that you might have. Financing is available on approved credit. Feel free to fill out an application on our website. We Urge You To Please Call To Confirm Car Is Still Available Before Visiting Our Dealership – Call 949-531-6090

Just to cut to the chase as there isn’t really much to say about a 2006 E500, this one with 133,000 miles has an asking price of $8,000. Reasonable, but consider a sedan with those kind of miles is $5,000. That price is probably $500 too high as well. This kind of price difference is holding true across the board too. These are all various nondescript examples as well, no crazy colors or fancy stuff, just regular production wagons. Given the influx of SUVs at almost every segment, this surprises me, but in a good way. If people are still buying wagons and then hopefully companies will still make them. Especially Audi RS and AMG, the more the merrier.

– Andrew


  1. Christian Long
    Christian Long April 3, 2020

    Love me some German long roofs. I only have 1 (A4 avant), but I would not mind also having an E320 Touring, and 3 series wagon.

  2. Woodie Man
    Woodie Man April 3, 2020

    Me too!

    Driving a 01 E46 5 speed longroof………so weird but I’m a wagonmaster! Practicality combined with no one else is driving one! Can’t be beat

  3. Greg
    Greg April 3, 2020

    My dad had the sedan version of this wagon. It had solid power and was well built but the steering feel was terrible as was the brake feel. Not really a fun car to drive if that matter to you.

  4. michael blechman
    michael blechman April 3, 2020

    my favorite station wagon was the oldsmobile vista cruiser from the late 60s… huge, plenty of seats and a huge engine to move it over 100mph on the freeway… sheer madness but chrome and leather fit for a rajah… this mercedes benz seems nice enough but Greg’s comment illustrates the basic fault of a lack luster driving experience… that with MB repair costs makes this a maybe at best…

  5. Rob
    Rob April 3, 2020

    I am selling a similar wagon, e500 silver with the ultra rare and great condition Pacific Blue interior. More recent service and sitting at 118k. Amazing car unfortunately I was assigned a different work from home job way before this issue so Im not driving it much.

  6. E88Guy
    E88Guy April 3, 2020

    Where’s it posted, Rob?

    I wouldn’t mind this but Greg’s driving impressions leave me wondering. Maybe I should hold out for an E61 535xi.

  7. Bryan
    Bryan April 4, 2020

    @Robert Perez Love your wagon, the blue interior is fantastic!!

  8. Robert Perez
    Robert Perez April 4, 2020

    Thanks the blue is super rare and the main reason I got the wagon plus it looks as new as can be I saw a white with blue but the blue had faded to an almost green color

    This was owned by an elderly woman with a garage so almost new back seats etc

  9. MR K
    MR K April 4, 2020

    Love your wagon Rob. I never knew you could get one of these with a blue interior. A lot of car for under 10k. Good luck with the sale.

  10. Rob
    Rob April 4, 2020

    @mr K Thanks a lot and totally agree, the v8 makes the biggest difference than your run of the mill 320 you see, plus the blue interior its a home run. Sucks to see it go but it really won’t get much usage at all

  11. Nate F.
    Nate F. April 23, 2020

    I love mine, add some stickier/shorter sidewall tires (19’s look killer) and these come to life.
    With the stock all seasons, it is understeer city unless you really set up the turn so that you are only steering until just past the apex then you can get on it hard.

    Maybe I am more easily impressed, but my dad who has a C5 Vette was truly surprised by the performance and handling.

    I push mine a lot harder than the average bear, but then again I have been known to give the odd sports coupe a run for the money on the interchange they added to my commute in my 140″ wheel base 1976 F350 so I feel like anything I drive gets the sports car treatment.

    It isn’t as fast as stuff coming out today, but will keep up with most stuff on the road in my day to day driving experience, especially running at 75+.

    The exhaust is a bit too subdued, but at the same time it saves me from getting negative attention.

    The transmission doesn’t shift blazingly quick/hard (probably a good thing for the sake of my transfer case), but if you teach it it, it will do a decent job. Down shifting to get it singing a little with the short runners of the intake engaged will do wonders, I put many a car to shame because I can carry more speed through the turn and then get on the gas sooner on the rough roads here without fear of losing control.

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