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1988 BMW 535i

When I look through the history of E28 5-series I’ve written up, it’s not hard to notice a pattern. Most are modified, and most feature European-style modifications. Perhaps that annoys the purists and I’ll start off by saying a half-hearted ‘sorry’ to all of them, but here we go again.

It doesn’t take a much of a look to tell that this E28 has undergone the same series of modifications that the last ’87 535iS I looked had; namely, European headlights and bumpers and BBS Style 5s. But unlike that example, this one is done. As in, really, really done. If you’re looking for an as-new 535i with some stellar mods, check it out – but first, move the coffee away from the keyboard, especially as you get to the ‘price’ section:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1988 BMW 535i on eBay

Year: 1988
Model: 535i
VIN: WBADC7400J1717891
Engine: 3.4 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 84,784 mi
Location: Springfield, Illinois
Price: $49,900 Buy It Now

Representing the final year of the E28 chassis, this absolutely stunning 1988 BMW 535i is one of the finest examples you will ever find. Finished in (all original) and beautifully preserved Bronzite Beige Metallic, this classic 5-series adds European spec bumpers and front spoiler, painted mirrors and reupholstered sport seats in Llama Leather. The high quality suspension set-up of Bilstein sport dampers and Suspension Technique Dampers are complimented by refinished 17″ BBS Style 5 Wheels with M5 brake components. The 3.4 Liter M30 inline 6-cylinder is unmodified and comes extensively serviced. Matted with a smooth shifting 5-speed manual gearbox, this E28 drives as good as it looks. Under the hood you will find impeccable detail and cleanliness. Previous work includes new radiator and hoses, OEM exhaust, fuel lines, motor mounts, master & slave cylinders and more. This was a California owned car until late 2017 when it was sold to a Midwest buyer and kept in absolutely pristine condition. This car was features in Bimmer magazine in July 2013 and received several first place concourse awards. You simply cannot duplicate this vehicle and is a special example that we are excited to offer to the next owner. For more information, please contact a BMW sales specialist by calling 877-362-9753.

If this car looks familiar to you, you might peruse Bring a Trailer, where it failed to sell last year after bidding to $36,500. If that seems like a pretty fair price for this car, I’d have to at least in part agree; that’s a lot of coin for a non-M E28. However, the secondary question, as it was with the E21 Baur, is ‘can you build to this level of quality for less’. I’m honestly not sure that you could. This car is simply stunning – with two caveats. First, you have to like the color combination. It’s subtle, it’s refined, and to me, it really works. But I’m sure there are some that wish it were red, white, black, blue, silver…in short, any color BUT Bronzit. The second? Those pesky E28 M5s can certainly be had for less money, and if it were me I’d have a hard time walking away from the M for similar – or, less – money.



  1. John
    John April 2, 2020

    Car porn for sure!

  2. Fstntq
    Fstntq April 2, 2020

    Beautiful car from what we can see. Impressive array of underbody shots!

  3. Brad
    Brad April 2, 2020

    The combination of colors is beautiful. Maybe bronzit on its own is a bit blah, but the combo saves it.

  4. Ricky
    Ricky April 2, 2020

    Not sure I get this one. It’s been cleaned out and reupholstered, but the price is 30k miles mint all original money.

    I think it’s overpriced.

  5. michael blechman
    michael blechman April 2, 2020

    maybe if it were a 535is, just maybe if had much less milage, and a few other things like a gold bullion bar in the boot… there are several 535is’ around norcal that approximate this car for much less money.. that said it is a very nice car for someone… i’m about to offer my 2001 740i sports which has a completely new interior and shows very well is it worth over $25,000. usd? i wonder if the market is suffering a viral condition brought on by cabin fever? in any case good luck to all…

  6. Greg
    Greg April 3, 2020

    It seems there are a few of these “Ron P” level e28s floating around out there. E28s are great sedans, in many ways a high water mark for mid size German sedans. They are really cool cars but I am not sure they are worth this kind of money, even to most E28 enthusiasts. A really nice M5 or 500e would be a better way to spend $50k (or 36k) on a mid size sedan from the 80s/90s IMO.

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