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2008 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

Right near the top of the list of car that will cause me to lose my license, the C63 AMG is one car that I could really get myself in to trouble in.  I had the opportunity to drive one in my brief career as a valet, and this car scared me.  Even though the 6.2L is detuned for the C63, with only 450bhp compared to the 500bhp offered in other models, it’s still enough to give the driver perma-grin.

This Steel Grey Metallic, on Grey leather C63 for sale in Dallas, TX is simply stunning.  With AMG seats, navigation, and power everything, this car has everything I would need in a sports sedan.  The styling on these cars is spot on, it’s juut enough to let you know that the car is serious, but not so much that it’s obnoxious.

2008 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG on




This rare and exquisite C63 is in excellent condition inside and out. The New body style Mercedes C63 AMG Sports Luxury Sedan combines cutting edge styling, safety, luxury, exhilarating performance, technology and unmatched build quality. Many have considered the New body style C63 AMG Model to be the ultimate high performance sedan ever built.

This C63 AMG offers a spacious cabin, plush leather trimmed interior, an abundance of comfort and convenience options and a super responsive 6.3 Liter DOHC V-8 engine. The quality and craftsmanship of the build is exceptional; no wonder Mercedes has earned a timeless reputation for quality, elegance, performance and cutting edge styling that shadows all other car manufacturers.

The exterior is finished in a smooth and glossy Steel Grey Metallic complemented with a super clean and fresh Grey/Black Leather Interior. The exterior is in excellent condition and the interior is also in excellent condition; super clean and fresh. This C63 AMG is Super Sharp! This color combination is beautiful; you cannot go wrong!

When it comes to sports sedans, or any car for that matter, I’m generally more attracted to cars with manual transmissions, I just plain like it better.  In this case, I think it’s a good thing that it has the paddle shifting 7-speed, because it would be just too tempting to leave every stop light in a cloud of smoke.

The pricing on this car is quite reasonable, and at $37,950 it’s almost $9,000 below retail.  While this may seem like a bargain, the buyer should keep in mind the added cost of gas, and tickets.  Because if they’re anything like me it will be tough to resist mashing the throttle at every opportunity.



  1. Larry
    Larry June 26, 2012

    Another outrageous sedan – in a (very) good way.

    If given the choice, all other things being relatively equal (price, mileage, age, etc.), would you go for the C63, the RS4, or would you ditch both in favor of an M3 sedan?

    For me, the RS4 feels a bit more special, and has a 6-speed manual and quattro. That latter item makes it a viable daily driver here in New England.

  2. brian
    brian June 26, 2012

    All things equal for a daily driver it would be the RS4, the M3, and then the C63. Living in New England Quattro is key, if that was not a factor, M3 all day long.

  3. Larry
    Larry June 26, 2012

    Agreed. The M3 would be pure ticket bait.

    Fortunately for my license and insurance rates, it’s hard to justify spending $40K on a comparable E90 M3 that I can only drive 8 months of the year.

    Reality sucks sometimes.

  4. Harrison
    Harrison June 26, 2012

    For a C63 this is pretty much a Mooch model. No Premium 1 or Premium 2 package. So no Xenon lights or folding seats.

    Car sold originally in Illinois so likely rust issues, perhaps.

    There’s a reason it’s so far below retail.

    If you look at the CarFAX you’ll see it was sent to auction. That means the MB dealer that got this car in passed on it. Probably for a reason.

    VMI shows it had an engine mount replaced as well as suspension linkage and a torsion bar. This was done under warranty which sounds suspicious to me…

    Also the place selling this car sells a TON of cars… they bought it at auction CHEAP which means nobody else was bidding which, to me, means damaged goods.

    Pass on this puppy!

  5. Larry
    Larry June 26, 2012

    Wow, I didn’t think you could even find an AMG model without at least Premium 1. Isn’t leather interior in Premium 1?

    It does sound like a lot of questions to be answer if someone was interested in buying it.

  6. Harrison
    Harrison June 26, 2012

    The leather is a separate option on the C whether AMG or not.

    This is NOT a car I would buy unless I had the vehicle fully inspected by a nearby MB dealer. Plus since it’s out of warranty… well with so many unanswered questions I must point out a quote from the movie Ronin:

    “Where there’s doubt there is none.”

  7. Miha4x4
    Miha4x4 June 27, 2012

    Rust on 2008 Mercedes ? I don’t think so , so what it’s from Illinois ? Wholesale book on this car is 34k , dealer has to make some profit, nothing wrong about it. Buy one certified from Mercedes dealer would cost you arround 43k . Ðœ3 is a better track car but in the real life this car 10 times more fun.
    Take of the badges and you got ultimate sleeper .

  8. Harrison
    Harrison June 27, 2012

    They put salt on the roads in Illinois, right? Salt causes rust, right?

    I live in California and if I had to choose there’s no way I’m getting an Illinois car.

    Be that as it may… the car didn’t sell for $36,950.00, there is the issue of the VMI which I pointed out, and it’s essentially a base model with Navi. What not spend a little more and get some options? Why did the last MB dealer pass on it?

    And I’m sure they didn’t pay “34k” for this vehicle…

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