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2015 BMW M5 30 Jahre Edition

Like Porsche, BMW has gone crazy with the special editions recently, and who can blame them, really – slap some badges and a special color on a normal production car, announce it’s limited production, jack up the price; enthusiasts seems to love it these days.

In the case of the M5 30 Jahre Edition, which of course celebrated the European introduction of the model and not the US-market E28s, BMW announced in 2014 that they’d make 300 of the special edition M5s to commemorate the following year. These cars were auto-equipped with the Competition package, and the more than just badging, BMW Motorsport turned up the wick on them as well. Revised engine tuning yielded 600 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. Of course, the visual tweaks were much more noticeable than the power bump; 30 Jahres were produced solely in Frozen Dark Silver Metallic with dark chrome accents and special badging as well as 20″ Style M601 wheels with Jet Black accents outside, while inside black Merino leather was contrasted with ’30 Jahre M5′ embroidery, Alcantara interior trim, an Alcantara steering wheel, 30 Jahre door sills, and a 1/300 dashboard badge. One of these special editions has popped up for sale in Arizona, impressive since the claim is that only 30 made it here:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2015 BMW M5 30 Jahre Edition on eBay

Year: 2015
Model: M5 30 Jahre Edition
VIN: WBSFV9C53FD594309
Engine: 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8
Transmission: 7-speed M-DCT dual-clutch transmission
Mileage: 7,000 mi
Location: Mesa, Arizona
Price: $98,995 Buy It Now

30 Jahre M5!

This one is for sure to be a future collectible, especially in this condition. The Jahre M5 needs no introduction, as it is the leader in BMW performance; boasting it is the most powerful serial production automobile ever to be built by BMW M GmbH, as well as being the most powerful automobile ever in the brand’s model history.

1 of only 300 units built, WORLDWIDE. 30 units offered for sale in the US. This M5 was sold new in Canada at Bavaria BMW. The only, and original owner has spent some time with the car sitting in his Scottsdale, AZ garage, with occasional driving (as seen by the extremely low mileage). The original owner contracted with AZ Euros to have the car imported into the US, via a Box 3 import, with AZ Euros bringing the vehicle into US compliance with all US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. The vehicle was manufactured complying with EPA emissions standards of the US.

The vehicle is in excellent condition. The front clip and side mirrors are clear bra protected with no pitting. 30 Jahre M5 logos on the fender vents, door sills, dash, and seats. BMW Ceramic Brakes! Much more. Rest assured that this M5 is as clean as anything you’ll find, anywhere. Trades accepted.

Vehicle is located in Mesa, AZ. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Thank you.

So presuming none of these cars have yet been totaled, there are apparently 31 of the 30 Jahres here now, as this one is an import from Canada. The F10 pushed the M5 sticker price over $100,000; a Competition Package M5 cost around $102k in 2015, and the upgrade to the 30 Jahre would set you back an astonishing $138,275. That’s a lot of money for a few extra horsepower and some stitching. Today, with only 7,000 miles on the clock, this one is on the market for just shy of $100,000. Is it worth it? Well, it seems like a bit of a stretch. You can head down to your local BMW dealer and order up a brand new, and even faster, F90 M5, for a base price of $3k more than this one. Make mine Snapper Rocks Blue Metallic with Aragon Brown Merino leather, please! Or, you can sport for a few thousand more miles and grab this other 30 Jahre for sale on eBay for $13k less. Is anyone really sitting around thinking about collecting these cars today? I’m not sure. It more seems to be the best and brightest on any given week. Long term it will remain to be seen if the F10 – or any of the ‘hot V’ engines – survive the test of time.



  1. Ricky Weston
    Ricky Weston November 3, 2020

    I drove one of these generation M5 when it was new and I wasn’t impressed. Unlike the prior V10, this M5 just didn’t feel fast. And the turbo V8 doesn’t even sound good.

  2. ace10
    ace10 November 3, 2020

    Matte paint. A fad that (thankfully) ran its course and can now lie in rest next to spinner wheels and fart can exhausts.

  3. Doug
    Doug November 3, 2020

    Extra money for flat silver paint. Yay /s

  4. jchouston
    jchouston November 4, 2020

    I just want someone to tell me how to pronounce “Jahre.”

  5. Tripp
    Tripp November 6, 2020

    “ I just want someone to tell me how to pronounce “Jahre.””


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