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Month: December 2016

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1970 Porsche 911T Coupe

I like cars that have names. There tends to be a history attached to them that makes the entire package more interesting. This 1970 Porsche 911T is named Albert because the exterior is painted Albert Blue. Ok, so it isn’t a very original name, but it works. What is original is almost everything else on this 911. The paint from which Albert got its name is not original, though it is said to be the correct color per the CoA. The radio is an updated unit of the original and the seller thinks the dash pad has been replaced, but that can’t be confirmed. The engine and transmission have both been rebuilt, but are matching to the car. So we’re not looking at a 100% as-it-left-the-factory 911, but among early examples in unrestored condition this is one of the better and most original I can recall seeing. The seller describes it as one of the “most honest” he’s seen and that seems a fitting description. This is no garage queen or expertly restored 911 where every nut and crevice gleams. But it presents really well and has had a nice life. Cheers Albert!

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1998 Mercedes-Benz E320 Wagon

Earlier this week I looked at a W124 wagon that I thought was a great buy for both the short and long term. Today is another Mercedes wagon and the successor of the W124 — the W210. The W210 wagon still sold reasonably well compared to the legendary W123 and W124 thanks to the introduction of an all new 4matic system and well,  it’s a Mercedes wagon. This E320 wagon for sale in New York offers a ton of value for very little money and even better, it’s in a rare color.

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1988 Porsche 924S with 25,000 Miles

Strange though it may seem, the 1988 Porsche 924S is not a model we often write up. We do feature just about every Special Edition 924S I find, as they’re a really neat fly-under-the-radar package. This isn’t one of those cars. It’s a “plain” 1988 924S, which you can immediately identify by it being Guards Red (all the SE models were black). But as I said in my article about limited 924 models back in September, the 1988 S is a subtle upgrade and the one to have if you don’t go with a hard-to-find SE. The compression bump meant 160 horsepower, and coupled with the 944 driveline bits underneath it was a fun, sporty car. However, best of all – and unlike most of their other watercooled brethren of the same ilk, these 924S models are often overlooked by the market.

But there are a few reasons to look at this particular 924. First, the ’88 models are pretty hard to find. They accounted for only 2,190 sales (including the 500 Special Edition models) compared to the near 7,000 1987s sold. But above scarcity, it’s in pristine condition with only a claimed 25,000 miles covered since new. And while it seems most of the really nice late 924s that come to market are automatics, this one is a 5-speed manual:

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1987 Porsche 930 Coupe

There is always a place for subtlety in the car world and while subtle hardly applies to the Porsche 930, among modified examples it’s a term that can make sense. It’s rare that I feature a modified 930 as most of those I come across appear in questionable condition or simply seem overdone. Here we have a definite exception. This 930’s modifications are limited to the engine so from the outside it appears almost completely original. It also happens to come in a very attractive Dark Blue over Tan leather interior. For fans of dark colors it’s a nice alternative to the more common Black 930. Under the skin, a K27 turbo, upgraded intercooler, and Andial fuel system are said to raise power to “more than” 385 hp. That’s a substantial gain over the stock car’s 282 hp and given the already engaging dynamics of a 930 it’s sure to be extremely attention grabbing for any driver!

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