1993 Audi 90CS Quattro

Let’s just say that you’re looking for an older Audi quattro, but you can’t stomach buying one that needs work or two that need work. That’s certainly understandable! Sure, they have more style than the A4, but those A4 prices are so low now and they’re pretty attractive to boot. Well, if you like the early A4 but want something a little more unique, there is the all-but-forgotten 90CS quattro. Based on the heavily revised B4 chassis, the 90CS quattro received body, interior and drive train updates over the 88-91 cars, making it a more comfortable highway cruiser and look a bit more upscale. This was the lowest point of Audis sales in the U.S. since the very early 1980s, so seeing these B4 90 quattros especially in good shape is a rare event, even in the Northeastern states. Today’s example is a lightly modified 93 in Emerald Green Mica:


Year: 1993
Model: 90CS Quattro
Engine: 2.8 liter V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 89,497 mi
Price: $6,750 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1993 Audi 90CS Quattro on eBay

Cleanest 90 I have ever seen, zero rust, super clean underneath, interior spotless no rips tears or smells after market head unit with iphone/usb jack 17 inch custom wheels with newer tires (2500miles), all electrics fully functional, no tears mint black leather, recent tuneup, fluids plugs etc. this car is a headturner and no matter where you are people acknowledge its condition. exceptional example hard to find one cleaner. Please contact with any questions or image requests. Mileage will continue to increase as I drive it occasionally for fun. Car is listed locally and I reserve the right to end auction early. Good luck bidding.


I’ll admit that I’ve been on an older Audi kick as of late, and I always have had a soft spot for these 90 quattros. They always felt like a bit of an underdog to me. The V6 was not as peaky as the 20V was, but it’s also not much quicker, and in comparison to the E36 chassis released in the U.S. in 1992, even the refreshed B4 chassis felt pretty dated and slow. Despite this, I think the 90 design has actually aged pretty well in comparison to the E36. These quattro models, especially sport editions with the rear open spoiler design, look pretty fresh even 20 years on. That rear end could just as easily have been one that adorned a 2003 A8.

Though not generally considered as robust as the early 4000 quattros, the 90 V6 quattro is no slouch and many have covered two to three times the miles that are on this car. Also not considered quite as good in the snow as the twin-locking differential early cars, for most people this is more than a capable snow machine and could easily outpace many newer cars in the white stuff. They’re fun cars to drive and make a nice noise even if they don’t get you there like a sports car will. Reasonably easy and relatively cheap to fix, this is a great opportunity to get into one of the nicest 90 quattros I’ve seen in a long time. While the modifications may not be to everyone’s taste they’re relatively understated and don’t detract from the car overall. $6,750 would be more than I would want to pay right now even for as clean a 90CSQ as this one is, but I don’t think it’s far out of line and would expect this car to fetch around $6,000 right now. For that amount, the cheaper B5 A4 might seem like a better deal, but given the option I think I’d rather have one of these!


1991 Audi 90 20V Quattro 2 for 1 project

Last month I wrote up a very clean Ginster Yellow 1990 Audi Coupe Quattro, a rare color on a rare car. However, if you thought that was rare, today’s Audi duo is nearly extinct – the Coupe Quattro’s twin 4 door brother, the 90 20V Quattro. The Coupe version outsold the sedan at a nearly three to one clip, and with massive depreciation and heavy use, few remain today. While it’s downright hard to find a one in good shape, I found a two-for-one deal driver/project on Ebay today. Winter is coming soon, and it’s time to start thinking about winter drivers and ice racing; few are better than the early Quattros in the snow:


Year: 1991
Model: 90 20V Quattro (x2)
Engine: 2.3 liter inline-5
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 159,605 and 161,514 mi
Price: No Reserve Auction, $2,700 opening bid

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1991 Audi 90 20V Quattro 2 for 1 on eBay

1991 Audi Sport 20V (Qty. 2)

Yes this auction is for two (2) Audi 90 Quattro 20V sedans. As you know, the 20V was brought into the United States for just 2 years (1990-1991)

These cars were imported as 2 door coupes and much rarer 4 door sedans as these are. Fewer than 500 sedans are believed to have been imported.

These are the 2nd gen Audi “Quattro’s” when AWD cars in the U.S. were pretty much unheard of. These 2.3L, 5 cyl, 164HP Quattro’s were developed for Rally racing in Europe at the time.They came with 5 speed transmissions, VDO gauges, differential lock and ABS, sport tuned suspensions, rear spoiler and BBS “mesh” wheels stock.

The main car is a great running vehicle. Bought from the original owner and sold new in Reno, NV where it has lived it’s rust free life. It drives/steers/stops fine and has that unmistakable exhaust growl of the rare Audi 5 cyl 20V engine. The interior needs cleaning and the seats been recovered in naugahyde. It has had an inexpensive repaint/respray as well. The front valance is cracked and needs repair. It has the optional Driver’s and Passenger’s power seats. However, Driver’s side seat motor is binding somewhere. It also has the Cold Weather Package-heated seats, heated windshield washer nozzles and heated door locks. Mileage-159,605

If that’s not enough, there is another Audi Sport 20V as a “parts car” or it would be possible to restore this one as well. It has an incredible cloth interior with little wear and would look nice in the other car. It has been a donor car for the last few years to the above car but is mainly complete. I consider it a parts car as there is a crack in the oil filter housing on the block and leaks oil. It might be able to be repaired by a competent welder. It also has no key and the steering wheel is locked making it pretty hard to steer as you can see by the odd angles of the wheels. We had this car loaded/unloaded by a forklift on a flatbed trailer. This car is NOT running at this time.

Mileage- 161,514

Thanks for looking and remember, one BID and this car will sell. Feel free to call/email with any questions. (775)843-7911


They say misery loves company, so if you’re ever concerned your broken Audi would need company, this one comes with a not-so-imaginary friend. That’s actually a nice bonus on a car like the 90 20V, which has some unique parts not found on other Audis, such as the brake assemblies. The running vehicle doesn’t seem to need much to be a reasonable daily driver, but the seller’s suggestion of restoring the parts car may be a bit of a reach. With older Audis having a spare of most items – especially electric – isn’t a bad plan. The parts car has the more desirable “quattro script” interior, but although labeled as “Sport” neither is the sport package of this car – those came with a unique version of the Coupe Quattro Speedline wheels. Although the repaint is a blue similar to Oceanic Blue Metallic, from the door sills it seems both of these cars were Lago Blue Metallic originally. I mention this only because Lago is famous for having clearcoat issues which may explain the repaint. With an opening bid at $2700 and no reserve, the seller is probably in the right ballpark for pricing – I would guess this duo would be worth no more than $4,000 in current state.


1987 Audi 4000CS Quattro

As a general rule, we don’t feature project cars on GCFSB.com, but occasionally a rare case comes up that warrants attention. Such is the case with today’s 1987 Audi 4000CS Quattro. Just as with the 90 20V quattros I wrote up the other day, finding a good example of one of these workhorses is quite hard. In general, they were ridden hard and put away wet, and when coupled with serious depreciation they have mostly faded into the corners of people’s minds. Despite this, the 4000CS Quattro remains the blueprint for Audi’s sales success – while the Turbo Quattro Coupe gained most of the attention, it was really the 4000 (80 in ROW) that brought the quattro drive train to the masses. Today’s example is one of the last of the B2 chassis to arrive in the U.S., a Tornado Red snow machine:


Year: 1987
Model: 4000CS Quattro
Engine: 2.2 liter inline-5
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 200,000+ mi
Price: $3,000

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1987 Audi 4000CS Quattro on Craigslist Boston

Selling my ’87 Audi 4000CS Quattro, this is a clean maintained 4000 with all of the desirable options. A true find for the right enthusiast. Just a little over 200k on the shell. Original owner was an Audi specialist in NH and I purchased it from the second owner who had it for more than a decade. I am going to start with the bad, I do not need to sell this car, just came across an opportunity to purchase a vintage rally car and I would like to go in that direction.

Car runs and drives but has a serious oil leak. It needs the valve cover gasket replaced. I have the part but have not replaced it yet as I also have a rebuilt head, ported. polished with a 272 cam and VW GTi 16v lifters to go on it and wanted to do it all the same time. Also has a noisy throw out bearing, but does not effect the operation of the clutch. Now the good…. (much longer list….) Rust repaired, both sides painted

-Red Leather…. Two (of 100 ever made!) complete sets, one drivers seat has bolster damage and one passengers seat is pretty trashed. Full sets of door cards for both.
-Quattro Script cloth seats…. Two complete sets front/rear and door cards. One mint the other 7 out of 10
-Two sets of stock wheels one painted white with good snow tires (Firestone Winterforce)
-One set of 15×7 Ronal R8’s with Dunlop’s
-Old School Jamex Lowering Springs
-Euro Glass Housings, wired with H4’s
-CD player that matches the factory red interior lighting
-Working Sunroof.
-Factory trip computer in perfect working order.
-New Windshield
-Recent brakes, all OEM Audi Calipers
-All recent fuel lines under hood

Uninstalled parts…..
-Good spare 2.2 had good compresion, 150k pulled out of a parts car
-Ported/Polished head with 16V GTi lifters and a Blausport 272 Cam, ready to bolt on.
-Full upper gasket set
-Blausport throttle body
-Blausport rear sway
-Short throw shifter
-OEM mud gaurds
-Boxes of spares

Link to the Bring a Trailer ad from when I bought the car a little over two years ago….http://bringatrailer.com/2011/03/03/1987-audi-4000-cs-quattro/

$3,000 with Ronals and all parts. Negotiable otherwise. Roof rack in pics not avail. Brad 978-790-0234


Like the Audi S6 Avant I wrote up the other day, this car has had some enthusiastic owners. The collection of parts is really one of the more impressive ones posted on one of these cars that I’ve ever seen. Work like the rust repair is something most 4000 owners don’t undertake but is a massive benefit for the next owner – rust on the rear arches is very common on these cars. The red interior, while not for everyone, is one of the more desirable and sought after interiors on this car, and it comes with two sets! Euro lights and a bunch of go-faster parts are also great, but the gems are the 15×7 Ronal factory option wheels; they can be found, but are pricey when you track them down.

These are pretty simple cars that can be an easy DIY project if you’re mechanically inclined, and most if not all of the parts are there to make this a really solid car on a reasonable budget. With the glut of parts included, you can pick your favorite color combination and sell the extra parts – between the wheels and interiors, you could fairly easily recoup at least half of the purchase price if not more. If you really wanted a great snow car or ice racer, they just don’t get much better than this!


1995 Audi S6 Avant

If the Porsche 944 Turbo remains the best value among German sports coupes, the 1992 to 1995 Audi S4 and S6 are solidly the best value in the fast executive saloon market. Not only can you purchase a very clean example for well under $10,000 (hard to do with either an M5 or 500E), but you can also get that speed in wagon form. Long considered one of the classics produced by Ingolstadt, these cars were snapped up by enthusiasts when they were undervalued in the early 2000s. Despite an uptick in their value on the market, you can still see clean examples regularly trading for $5,000 – but the good examples are getting harder to find. Today we found a solid looking example of what is to many the most desirable of the breed, a 1995 Audi S6 Avant:


Year: 1995
Model: S6 Avant
Engine: 2.2 liter turbocharged inline-5
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 170,994 mi
Price: No Reserve Auction, $2,999 opening bid

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1995 Audi S6 Avant on eBay


This auction is for a 1995 Audi s6 Avant with ~171,000 miles. I am the second owner and purchased the car from BMW of Mountain View (1st owner traded it in) in early 2009 with 149,000 miles on it. It’s been garaged for the entire time that I’ve owned it. I’ve changed the oil every 3,000 miles using OEM (Mann) filters and Mobile 1 full synthetic 15W-50 motor oil. It’s been power waxed and polished every 6 months or so and had Meguiar’s spray wax applied when washed in between those 6 month intervals. Techron fuel cleaner has been used in 1 year intervals. I have three keys (1) master key with separate electronic key fob (2) backup key identical to master key and (3) a valet key (doesn’t open the glove compartment). I have all original documentation and owner’s manual. The car has it’s original paint, it’s never been restored or touched up. As such, the front, hood, and headlights do have some pitting and rock chips. There are some parking lot dings (see pictures) and general use scuffs. Also, when I replaced the battery, I thought I had the radio code but I didn’t and so the radio is in safe mode and will need to be unlocked by Audi or replaced. The car has never been in an accident. See FULL DISCLOSURE section for additional details.

The car is fantastic, it’s been my baby for the last 4 years. It’s drives really well, the engine is smooth, and I’m going to miss it when it’s gone. My original intention was to fully restore this car, however, I just don’t have the time or space. It’s my second car and it spends a lot of it’s time in the garage (22,000 miles in 4 .5 years). I want someone with an appreciation for the original s cars to give it a good home.


· 1995 Audi S6 Avant

· 5-speed manual transmission (01E)

· AWD Quattro

· 2.2L I5 Turbo engine 226hp (AAN)

· Black exterior / Ecru (beige) interior with black dash and leather seats front and back

· Heated front and rear seats

· Rear third row flip out bench seat

· Power Sunroof

· Cruise Control

· Power seats with memory / power mirrors / power windows front and rear

· Power voltage gauge / oil temp gauge

· Keyless entry / automatic door locks


The car is more or less stock with a few key upgrades. It’s never been tracked, chipped or had anything done to the engine. Upgrades are as follows:

· Bilstein Sport Shocks (on stock springs, stock ride height).

· 034 Motorsport coil pack conversion (the original coils are on plug and get very hot, this new system has proven to be much more robust as the coils are separate from the plugs)

· Silicone coolant replacement hoses


I’ve done extensive maintenance to keep the car running smoothly and I’ve tried to use OEM as much as possible to keep it stock:

· Ignition switch replaced (OEM)

· Starter replaced (OEM)

· Valve cover gasket replaced (OEM)

· All 5 coil packs replaced (non-OEM, 034 Motorsport conversion kit)

· Spark plugs replaced (OEM)

· Brake Hydro-Accumulator (brake bomb) replaced (OEM)

· Battery replaced (non-OEM, Bosch)

· Auto door locking air-valve control unit replaced (OEM)

· Antenna base and mast replaced (OEM and non-OEM respectively)

· Front control arms replaced (OEM)

· Front tie-rod ends replaced (OEM)

· Steering Dampener replaced (OEM)

· Rear sway bar links replaced (OEM)

· Transmission mounts replaced (OEM)

· Center prop-shaft bearing replaced (non-OEM, 034 Motorsport)

· Center prop-shaft CV joints replaced, both ends (OEM)

· Fuel pump (in-the-tank) replaced (OEM)

· Fuel filter replaced (OEM)

· High pressure power steering hose rebuilt (sent to professional hose repair company in WA)

· Coolant system flushed and original blue G11 fluid replaced with newer pink G12 fluid (OEM)

· Transmission fluid changed (non-OEM, Pennzoil SynchroMesh)

· Front and rear brake rotors replaced (OEM)

· Front and rear rubber brake lines replaced (OEM)

· Shocks replaced (non-OEM, Bilstein)

· Dash bulbs replaced (except for temp gauge) (OEM)

· Leather shift boot replaced (OEM)


In the interest of being honest and open, here is a list of things that I’ve noticed that will need work or are wrong with the vehicle:

· The front tires are wearing and will probably need to ne replaced within a year (rears look great though)

· As far as I know it’s the original clutch although you wouldn’t really know it by driving it. I’ve babied it, always rev matching on downshifts and never done any crazy launches or anything. Being 171k miles though I would say this would be a replacement item to consider when purchasing.

· There are three noticeable parking lot scratches/cracks/dings and a couple other minor paint issues that you can see from the pictures. (1) crack on the front bumper corner with (2) scratch on driver’s side front lower fender (3) ding above front driver’s side wheel well (4) rear roof spoiler paint is fading and has some visible defects (4) rear bumper corner trim piece paint is fading with visible defecting.

· It has the original paint and thus there is fair amount of pitting and rock chips in the front, hood and, headlights (see pictures).

· The radio works, however after replacing the battery it went into safe mode and I don’t have the radio code to unlock it. Fixes would be (1) call Audi and try to get a code from them (2) replace the radio head unit.

· The leather seats do show wear and the front driver seat is the most visible with some cracking in bolsters. The left torso bolster cracked open exposing the foam underneath and I’ve patched it with beige duct tape to stop further damage (see picture).

· It has not had the timing belt and water pump service. It’s been babied and garaged so the belt actually looks to be in really good condition but this was something that I had planned on doing soon and something you will want to factor in when purchasing. (I have the parts for this for DIYers).

· There is a very small coolant leak, it’s so small that it evaporates in the engine compartment as there are no drips on the floor. Just FYI.

· It didn’t come with any of the OEM floor mats for some reason. I have two rubber matts that fit decently from a first generation VW R32. There are no rear mats.


· New water pump and timing belt

· 8 OEM Mann oil filters / 8 OEM crush washers for oil drain plug (replace after every oil change)


Sellers, take note; full disclosure is such as great thing to see. The seller could likely have gotten away without disclosing things like the small coolant leak, but the attention to detail is reassuring when looking at purchasing a car such as this. Most of the cars that we feature on GCFSB are out of the reach of your average buyer, but these cars offer an opportunity to get a reasonably reliable daily driver that’s exotic and fun to drive while practical. There are items that are harder and more expensive to replace, but this is a car that you really can DIY and keep running for hundreds of thousands of miles. This car has a leg up on most with a well documented history of repair.

Mileage is on the higher side for many “normal” cars, but still in the reasonable range for one of these limited production cars. The interior is what I would prefer in Ecru; while it shows more wear than the black typically, with all of those windows having a black interior can eliminate the need for seat heaters. Speaking of seats, this car also has the third row option, making it even more functional as a family hauler. The silicone hoses and coil pack replacements are necessary items for the long term, and Bilsteins help to firm up the floaty ride many older Audis suffer from. This may not be the dream ride that many who look through these posts hope for, but it is a solid driver that offers high performance and practicality on a level few cars can attain. Watching the prices of 200 20V Turbo Quattro Avants rise over the past few years, one has to wonder when the market will similarly take off for these S6s.


1986 Porsche 944 Turbo

Last week I wrote up a spectacular looking Guards Red 1986 944 Turbo which drew a fair amount of interest from all of you, but gained little notice on eBay and failed to sell. Today we have another 1986 944 Turbo of a slightly different flavor; one of the triple white models. Like the red car, these models remain a very easy entry into classic high performance German motoring. Great build quality and longevity, fantastic driving experience and sedate but aggressive looks are all hallmarks of this model which remains undervalued compared to its contemporaries. If you missed out on the last one, here’s another opportunity to jump in to classic Porsche ownership on the bottom floor:


Year: 1986
Model: 944 Turbo
Engine: 2.5 liter turbocharged inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 74,637 mi
Price: $15,998 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1986 Porsche 944 Turbo on eBay

Service History
74,637 Miles
All Regular Scheduled Maintenance Performed
Passed Thorough Dealer Inspection
Dealer Maintained
Have Service Records
Have Original Manuals
Have All Keys
No Known Mechanical Problems
As-Is – Extended Warranty Available. Contact seller for details.

Condition Report
Excellent Interior
Excellent Carpets
Excellent Seats
Excellent Dashboard
Excellent Panels / Headliner
Excellent Exterior
Excellent Original Paint
Excellent Trim Condition
Excellent Glass Condition
No Visible Dents
No Visible Rust
No Known Accidents
No Known Bodywork
Fully Detailed

Features & Options
Ext / Int Color
White with White Full Leather Interior
Luxury Features
Air Conditioning
Climate Control System
Tilt Steering Wheel

Power Equipment
Power Steering
Power Windows
Power Locks
Power Mirrors
Power Driver’s Seat
Power Passenger Seat
Safety Features
Security System
Keyless Entry
Anti-Lock Brakes
Fog Lights
Intermittent Wipers
Rear Defogger

Leather Steering Wheel
Leather Gear Shifter
Audio / Video
Factory System


Compared to the Guards Red 1986 944 Turbo I wrote up last week, this car looks to be as nice but has more miles and a higher asking price. The red car also had recent expensive maintenance taken care of and a fully documented history. Despite that it failed to sell with a high bid of $12,000. Hard to believe, considering what its contemporaries are demanding in price these days, but the market speaks. I do like the triple white look of this car, but the dealer/questionable maintenance aspect on one of these worries me a bit. However, the white heavy-bolstered sport seats show little signs of wear, as does the car overall, perhaps pointing towards careful previous ownership. Being a dealer, you can be sure the asking price is on the higher side and even though I prefer the white on this car, I think overall the red car would have been a smarter buy for the long term. Still though, this car is a good value even if it is priced a few thousand dollars on the high side. All you have to do is think about the condition E30 M3 this money would buy and you really can start to appreciate how much more value for your money the 944 Turbo is right now. Simply put, there is no better bang for your buck in German motoring!


Tuner Tuesday – 1986 Porsche 911 Turbo DP 935

In the world of tuners of the 1980s, there were bonkers cars like the Treser Quattro Roadster we featured last week, and then there were the seriously bonkers cars. What separated them was a level of taste, power and money. Design Performance Motorsport, better known as DP Motorsport, was one of the home of some of the most outrageous street cars available in the 1980s. Starting with their racing connections at Kremer and Porsche, they helped to develop the bodywork for the 935 silhouette cars with their radical slant noses – an interpretation of the rules that took advantage of a lack of specification for where the headlights needed to be located. This resulted in not only a more aerodynamic nose on the car, but one that was capable of generating downforce – something that the 935 took full advantage of.

DP saw the opportunity to bring this loophole to the public roads, and did so with the DP935. Not only looking the part, the modified motors pumped out a then astonishing 400 horsepower and the ridiculously wide rubber helped transfer that to the road. The ridiculous looks were accompanied by some ridiculous pricing, and as a result not many were made. However, a few did make it to the U.S. and somehow escaped all of the government seizures of drug-cartel car collections. Today’s example is one of the DP935 Series 2, intended for the U.S. and missing the signature 935 front bumper with integrated headlights, instead adopting a more factory slantnose look:


Year: 1986
Model: DP935
Engine: 3.3 liter turbocharged flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 27,500 mi
Price: $109,500

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1986 Porsche 911 Turbo DP935 at RPM Sports Cars

Black/black, 27,500 mi, very rare US version 935 DP stage II street model based on a 1986 US model 911 Turbo, twin plug 412 HP Deman Motorsport engine with dyno sheet, K29 turbo, rare 5-speed, brand new Zuffenhaus 17-inch “Fuchs” wheels powder coated black, Bilstein coilover suspension with Brembo GTP brakes, fuel cell, DP intercooler, oil cooler and race exhaust, DP seats, white gauges and piping, RUF steering wheel, special center console, fresh major service with engine and transmission reseal by Rennsport/Mike Callas, immaculate condition, $109,500


An interesting counterpoint to the understated Rufs, the DP 935s don’t seem to hold the same value. As DP 935s go, however, this car is about as understated as they come. While some may prefer the wild stripes and massive nose that accompanied most of the DP cars, this all black model looks great without them and flies low on the radar. The 17” wheel upgrade is tastefully done even for black wheels, and fills out the fenders more than the crazy 15” stock that originally came on these cars. Those original 15”x11” wheels are neat to look at, but try buying tires for them now! Going to 17” opens up some good tire options and are more practical, as well as giving the car a slightly less clownish appearance.

The Deman motor is welcome addition as they’re well known for building solid products, and although out of place the Ruf steering wheel looks nice. As a DP935 build then, this car has lost a lot of its originality but makes up for it with some tasteful resto-modifiction. It is neat that it was originally a 930, since some of the DP cars were built on a regular 911 chassis. The price point is sure high, but in comparison to the Ruf motored car at $100,000, this may seem like a better deal. Still, it’s possible to get into a very clean 930 for half of this amount, and my feeling is that the rarity and appeal of the DP935 build isn’t strong enough to justify the higher price tag, even if it does look pretty menacing.


Motorsport Monday – 1999 Picchio SRP2

Few things make me happier than seeing Martini Racing stripes on a car. There were several versions, and all of them are awesome. That said, as I showed the other day with the 1977 Porsche 924 Martini Racing Championship Limited Edition, those stripes can show up on cars that don’t have much in the way of sporting credentials. Thankfully, that’s not the case with the example that sports some of the most famous stripes in German racing history. While not the top tier of prototype racing, the SRP2 class was still a formidable race class with sub-2,000 lb weight and 400 horsepower stuck to the ground with racing slicks and downforce. Although the chassis was built in Italy by Picchio, this SRP2 was powered my a race modified S50 M3 motor and ran with BMW Roundels adorning its nose and tail. Not as successful as the more powerful contemporaries like the Ferrari 333SP, it’s consequently not worth quite as much when they come to the market, as this one has today:

Year: 1999
Model: Picchio SRP2
Engine: 3.0 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: N/A
Price: $79,900

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1999 Picchio SRP2 on Race-Cars.com


The Italian race car manufacturer Picchio produces racing cars and supplies research and technical assistance to racing teams and manufacturers worldwide. Picchio has raced in the Sports Racing World Cup, later known as the FIA Sports Car Championship, as well as in the U.S. Grand American Series, most recenty in the Daytona Prototype class. This Picchio, MB1, was constructed in 1999 and was sponsored by and wore the world famous Martini livery reminiscent of the great Sports Racing and Formula One cars of the 1960’s until the 1980’s. Gianni Giudice and Raffaele Raimondi first raced the Martini Picchio in the FIA Sports Car Championship at the 500km of Monza. The Picchio finished 4th in class and 9th overall, behind four Ferrari 333SP’s. At Spa the Picchio was unable to finish but at the RAC Tourist Trophy at Donington, the Picchio came 4th in class and 15th overall in front of 18,000 spectators. The Martini Picchio was running a close second at the Sports Racing World Cup at Brno when a wheel nut problem sidelined the car. In 2000 the Picchio was entered by GPM Racing with works support and driven by Mauro Prospero and Angelo Amadori. At the Aprimatic Trophy Race at Monza the car was able to achieve its first podium with a strong 3rd place finish. Other races entered that year include Catalunya, Spa, Donnington as well as Brno where it finished 7th. The car was then brought to the United States with its sister car to compete in the 2002 Grand American Road Racing Series with the very successful G & W Motorsports Team. The team was managed by the 24 Hours of Le Mans winner Price Cobb. Research to date indicates that this chassis, MB1, was used as the test and promotional car to help introduce the Picchio brand into the United States. The sister car, painted a bright yellow, achieved multiple podiums with drivers Darren Law and Andy Lally including 2nd place finishes at the Nextel 250 at Miami Homestead, the Yamaha Indy 400 at California Speedway and the United Auto 200 at Pheonix. The Picchio also finshed 6th in class at the Rolex 24 at Daytona. Picchio later became the first foreign manufacturer to be approved to construct cars for the Grand American Series new Daytona Prototype class. Because of its use as a test/ promotional car in the U.S. This Picchio has relatively little race time on its chassis/ engine/ gearbox. It was last exercised at the Italian Cars at Daytona event in November where it was easily the quickest car there running 1:57’s with a middle aged amateur driver on Hoosier grooved tires. The Martini Picchio is constructed of tubular steel with riveted and glued aluminum monocoques and the bodywork is fiberglass. The engine is a BMW M series 3 litre six cylinder built by Amaroli Racing Engine in Italy and produces about 420 horsepower and has very good compression and leakdown numbers. The gearbox is a five speed Hewland FT200 that was very recently completely refreshed including a new clutch assembly. The car comes with no spares but all parts are available in the U.S. at Shawn Bayliff Racing in North Carolina. The car retains its striking and original European Martini Racing livery. This Martini Picchio has demonstrated speed and success and was among the quickest of all the cars in its class in both Europe and the Untied States. The BMW powerplant ensures that running costs will be low and reliability will be high. The Picchio is a very special and fantastic looking and driving historic racing car that can be acquired for a fraction of the cost of similar historic endurance racing cars. It also happens to be among the few, if not THE last of the Martini sponsored cars. By having FIA international racing history, this would allow the car to be eligible for most historic racing series wordwide. This is an investment level car that will provide great ownership and driving pleasure at a very low entry price in addition to low running costs. $79,900 US DOLLARS car is located in Vero Beach, Florida. USA. International & Domestic shipping gladly arranged. Showroom Hours: M-F 8:30 am to 5:00pm

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Gianni Giudice and Raffaele Raimondi first raced the Martini Picchio in the FIA Sports Car Championship at the 500km of Monza. The Picchio finished 4th in class and 9th overall, behind four Ferrari 333SP’s. At Spa the Picchio was unable to finish but at the RAC Tourist Trophy at Donington, the Picchio came 4th in class and 15th overall in front of 18,000 spectators. The Martini Picchio was running a close second at the Sports Racing World Cup at Brno when a wheel nut problem sidelined the car. In 2000 the Picchio was entered by GPM Racing with works support and driven by Mauro Prospero and Angelo Amadori. At the Aprimatic Trophy Race at Monza the car was able to achieve its first podium with a strong 3rd place finish. Other races entered that year include Catalunya, Spa, Donnington as well as Brno where it finished 7th.

Performance Data

Class: FIA SRP 2


Engine Builder: Amadori Racing
Manufacturer: BMW
Type: 6 cylinder
Displacement: 3,000cc
Horsepower: 420

Fuel System

Fuel Cell


Manfacturer: Hewland
Type: FT 200


Construction: Fiberglass


Type: Alloy skinned tube frame
Builder: Picchio
Front Suspension: inboard shocks
Rear Suspension: inboard shocks
Brakes: AP Racing
Wheels: Speedline Corse




While $80,000 may sound like an awful lot of money to spend on an old, outdated race car, in my opinion it’s a bit of a deal. I’ve been going to the track for years, and watched countless souls (myself included) spend lots of money to make their road cars into race cars. Let’s say you want to buy and track an older M3. Yes, the entry price will be lower, but soon you’ll be trailering it, putting a cage in, upgrading everything imaginable, and guess what? You’ll spend the same amount, if not more, and you’re car won’t be anywhere close to as fast as this thing car will be. Plus, you’ll have completely ruined a perfectly good road car. Why not be more environmentally friendly, and buy a used race car?

In all seriousness, yes, it will cost more to run a car like this, and no, it’s not for beginners. But, you could have one heck of a ride around the track at your local event and blow everyone’s doors off. If your budget was slightly higher, you could look into running it at vintage race events, because as an ex-FIA raced car, it’s sure to be eligible though it may not be competitive – you’d likely be running against some older Group C cars. Imagine the stories you’d have to tell your friends, though – “Yeah, Bob, so I was running door to door with one of the Rothman’s 962s when the Nissan R90Cs came ripping by both of us!” That sure beats most of my track stories.

The car looks to be in great condition and not used up with some recent servicing thrown in. The Speedline alloys are some of my favorites ever raced. And did I mention it has Martini Racing stripes? The cheapest way to build a great race car is to buy one that’s already done. I’d love to turn this down a notch by installing a stock S54, put some more affordable and harder wearing rubber on it, and still blow away everyone at the club track events while having it even a bit more cost effective. When that gets old, turn it back up to 10 with the racing motor and go to the vintage racing. In prototype terms, it doesn’t get much cheaper than this – and there are very few cars that you could buy for this amount that would be faster around a track!


1993 Porsche 911 RS America

Back in the days before Porsche fully realized they could charge their prospective customers more for offering a pared down, track ready version of their cars, they cooked up a version of the 964 for the U.S. market to appease the lack of U.S. bound RS models. While the RS America lacked some of the cool racing bred details of the European market 964 Carrera RS, Porsche at least offered it to the market at the lowest price point of the market range. Since you had to option in most of the comfort features that buyers want in these cars, a fair amount of prospective buyers passed on the RS America went instead to its more portly and well appointed brethren. Still, as the lightest of the 911s out of the box, these became a favorite amongst Porsche Club racers and weekend auto crossers, who typically modified them to the nines. That’s why it’s so rare to find an unmolested example such as today’s Guards Red 1993 :

Year: 1993
Model: 911 RS America
Engine: 3.6 liter flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 67,000 mi
Price: $79,000 Buy It Now

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Guards Red on Black, 5-speed, #438/701, AC, Sunroof, Limited Slip, complete service and maintenance history, 67k miles, collector condition. It is very rare to find one of these cars that is still completely stock/as delivered from manufacturer. The body and paint on this car is in near perfect condition, it has almost no flaws. All the paint is 100% original with exception of the front bumper cover and has never been damaged. All the factory RS America badges and decals are still on the car.

The interior is also pristine and 100% original and correct with the exception of the new Infinity Speakers. No bolster wear and no smoking. Mechanically it is 100% stock and original. The only modification is the installation of H&R Euro ROW ride height springs, which came stock on all of these cars delivered outside of the U.S. Everything in and on the car works perfectly as it should, even the A/C blows cold, which is uncommon on older Porsches. All original owners manuals, booklets, original keys, tool kit, and RS America supplements.

This is a very good collector Porsche. Just over 700 ever made, many of which were turned into track cars.


For a while in the late 90s, these cars could be had on the cheap. I new a man who went through a string of them, and they always were $25,000 – $35,000 cars. Like the E30 M3, those days appear to be long gone and the RS America – despite its bargain roots – now commands the strongest money this side of a Turbo in the 964 lineup. This holds especially true for pristine examples like this one. Perhaps the market has finally corrected Porsche’s original pricing error in a very German touch.

Finding a stock example such as this really is a treat. As the seller notes, most have been modified for track use and few seem to be in original specification, never mind pristine condition. Unmodified except for Euro-market springs, this is a re-optioned car with A/C and sunroof, both desirable options for the owner long-term, though they soften the hard-edged true nature of the RS. That leads me to my main complaint of the RS America – like most Porsches in the 1990s, it just never really felt special enough compared to what I knew was available across the pond. Though I admit Midnight Blue is my favorite on these cars, this Guards Red example looks so excellent it might be enough to change my mind. The spoiler, stance and wheels give the RS America the look that suits the car well, but I’m still left scratching my head, wondering if the RS America is really an $80,000 car today.


1993 Italdesign Aztec

I have a lot of respect for Bob Lutz and Chrysler in at least one way; in 1989, they came out with the Viper concept, and because of such an overwhelmingly positive response, said that it was going to go into production as is. Of course, that wasn’t true and when the production Viper arrived the next year, it was a lot less hard-edged than the original concept. That’s true of nearly every concept car that goes into production; they’re outrageous for the shows, then watered down for public consumption. Apparently, no one told that to Giugiaro’s Italdesign when they decided to take their hybrid Audi/Lancia/Spaceship directly to the market. If the complete lack of practicality didn’t cool prospective buyer’s desire to own one, surely the $225,000 entry price did. A bit of an oddity to see anywhere but on posters, there is one for sale today in Germany:

Year: 1993
Model: Aztec
Engine: 2.2 liter turbocharged inline-5
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 7,000 km (4,350 mi)
Price: €129,000 ($172,279 today)

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7000 km, Displacement: 2200, Year: 1988, 183 kW (249 hp), number of owners: 1, Petrol, Transmission: Manual, Year 5/1993 Colour: Silver metallic

Vehicle description:
In ITALDESIGN in Turin from world-renowned designer GIUGIARO about 20 copies of this mobile DESIGN STUDY were created and offered at a price of DM 500,000. 5 Cylinder turbo 2.2 liter engine from Audi with 183 kW (250 bhp), four-wheel drive, the body is made of aluminum, steel and carbon and wonderfully constructed!
The car is in original condition with original paint and comes from a COLLECTION, which was disbanded due to age of the owner! A highlight for any collection! Also, exchange or trade-in possible! By the way: Designers GIUGIARO not only designed the VW GOLF and other models, but also models for Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Alfa, Lotus, Ford, BMW (M1), and so-on google you’ll find everything about and around this extraordinary vehicle and its designer.


Outrageous is a pretty good descriptor for this car. Now, I know what you’re saying – it’s not German! But bare with me – aside from the Audi power plant, Italdesign is now owned by Lamborghini (nee Audi), and these cars were assembled with the help of Motoren Tecnik Mayer (MTM) – noted not only as a premier Audi tuner, but Mayer was an ex-Audi engineer. So, if the M1 can be considered German this car should be too. The design is pretty futuristic by 1988 standards, but to me it looks a bit like a Fiero GT that went horribly right. The exterior appears pretty much no-compromise and has interesting features like an external Manometer, which clearly indicates how much of a man you are for driving this beast. Note the dial goes to 11.

Being old and Italian, you can be sure that some of those Speak-n-Spell era electrics aren’t working working particularly well. On the bright side, it appears the passengers can play Contra or Legend of Zelda while you’re driving, which is probably a good thing since the lack of roof ensures you won’t be entertaining them with your conversation at any speed above 10 m.p.h.. As a super-limited production exotic roadsters go, this might not only be an affordable option, but it might even be practical. “What?!?!” you say? Well, it’s got a Audi engine that’s good for the best part of a half million miles without too much work. It probably even gets respectable fuel economy when you’re not flogging it. The drive train is sourced from a Lancia Delta Integrale – World Rally Champion spec-stuff there. And worry about the famous Italian tin worm fades when you ready that the body is mostly carbon fiber and aluminum. All that’s left are those infallible Italian electronics – hey, they could never go wrong! In all seriousness, if you’re going to drop over $150,000 on an occasional car, you might as well make it one that makes every occasion you drive it special. Porsches? Bentleys? Ferraris? Pedestrian. You don’t see them sporting gull-wing tonneau covers, do you? And you probably wouldn’t even drive your GT2 or 458 in the rain, so why do they even have roofs? See, the more you think about it, the more sense it makes….


1977 Porsche 924 Martini Racing Championship Limited Edition

Back in July, I reviewed a 1978 Porsche 924 Limited Edition that was for sale for $3,700. To me, that car looked to be a fantastic deal. Sure, the 924 is the red-headed step-child of Porsche, but it was a clean and original driver for under $4,000. Hard to beat that in Porsche terms! Today, I found another “Limited Edition” 924 from 1977. In true Porsche form, they sure managed to make a lot of special editions of the 924! This car is one of the slightly less rare Martini Racing Championship edition cars, of which there were 3,000 produced. While the 1978 car was understated in silver, this 1977 shouts out its sporting connections with some pretty fantastic side stripes and a wild interior:

Year: 1977
Model: 924 Martini Racing Limited Edition
Engine: 2.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 34,000 mi
Price: $7,999 Buy It Now

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Comes with Certificate of Authenticity & An Original 1977 Print Advertisement

This car has been babied! It has never seen a flake of snow!!!


“The first limited-edition 924 was labeled the Martini Edition and factory order number M426. Also known as the Championship Edition, it was a celebration vehicle of Porsches racing triumphs. It was distinguished by front and rear sway bars, leather covered steering wheel, red-white-blue Martini Rossi striped on the outside and on the headrests, white alloy rims, black vinyl seats, and red carpet. The vehicles were built from December 1976 through March 1977.”



I can’t say that this car really looks to be in mint condition. Clean, yes, but not near-spotless like the 1978 silver car. Perhaps that’s the fault of the photos, or perhaps the car just is a bit tired. I love the side stripes and the color matched wheels, but I can’t say that I’m a fan of tribute cars (even from the factory) without real sporting credentials. Sure, the sway bars are a nice addition, but this was mostly an appearance package – the antithesis of Martini Racing. Miles are low, but not museum low, so this is a driver – but at one dollar short of $8,000, I can’t see how this car is more than twice the 1978 I reviewed. That car was appropriately priced and shown; this car seems to be carrying a 100 percent plus premium, in my opinion. It comes with a certificate of authenticity if you needed it (do people fake these cars?), so perhaps it’s ready for someone to take to their local Porsche show for a few trips down memory lane. It’s hard to find these for sale and in decent shape these days, and despite the premium, it’s undoubtedly the cheapest Martini Porsche you can buy.