Clean 1984 Audi 4000S Quattro For Sale

I am not an Audi guy, but I am a VW enthusiast which is kind of silly I suppose.  I have been watching this seller raffle off his Audi’s for a bit.  They are always well kept, rare, and worst of all local to me.

There may be time for me to become an Audi guy yet.  This 1984 4000S Quattro may be just the thing.

1984 Audi 4000S Quattro:

From the seller –

“Selling off a few of my Audi’s..This is a Very Rare one I have had for a few years..Beautiful 1984 4000s Quattro. Metallic schwartz Black exterior, brown interior. Rarest Year of the Audi 4000. Power windows, power mirrors, power sunroof/moonroof, power steering, power brakes, power locks, cruise control. ALL WORK! Since i have owned it I have done many things to the car. Last October I had VERY RARE BBS front air-dam sprayed to match car and grill as well. Also at that time installed 1 piece Glass original European Flat Cibie Headlights in Mint Condition and VERY RARE.  Has side skirts from 85-87 years that i should have sprayed, but did not. rear spoiler is mint. Front Bosch fog lights with factory switch in car. H&R Racing springs with bilsteins which allow the custom for this car Konig 17″ Wheels/Hankook Tires with 75%.  Xlerator High Performance Stainless muffler and exhaust tip. In the last month I have done the Heater Core replacement and also the timing belt/water pump/tensioner roller. The car always starts and runs perfect and i have never had a problem with it. Just felt it needed these things done to be perfect. front and rear locking diffs. Tint Windows. Just under 157k, but i have been driving the car a few days a week so that is going up slowly..Power windows work well, power locks work well. car has clifford alarm. Cruise control actually works too..rare!! interior is near mint condition, headliner sunroof, sun visors all look and work well. no rips or tears and carpet and mats are like new. dash has cracks and that the only problem but i do have a dash cover that is custom for the car. Factory gauges added in tripod on dash. Battery was relocated to the trunk to make the stereo system clean. custom trunk amp cover with amp underneath and battery power core so no lights dimming at high bass. Also a fan is installed to keep cool. Alpine Stereo, 2 10″ pioneer subs, 1700 total watts. Cover works and u can use trunk just like normal. the stereo is custom thru out. The 2 subs on rear dash under a custom cover with coaxial speakers next to them. front has tweeters in mirror cover and door speakers as well. 8 speaker system. Sounds absolutely amazing! works well and never had a problem. clutch, brakes, everything works well. 4 Custom courtesy lights added, 2 blue/green lights, 1 under each side floor to see the floor when u get in or out. One red light mounted between handbrake and shifter and one in the lighter ash tray. Never been in an accident, VERY straight without any rust whatsoever. All pics of car on photobucket. my id there is hoopster21 and u can find the folder with the pics. This car is one of a kind and one of the nicest in the usa from 1984. It was the 1984 winter games official car. Most are ruined and been smashed in the wrecking yards. This car has no rust whatsoever, not ever surface rust. the hood has some scratches and minor paint cracking. pacific northwest car entire life, this car is rock solid and as rare as you will find. first year quattro sedan in usa. Perfect Carfax.”

Neat car and incredibly rare.  I gather there are not many stateside that are still upright much less in this condition.  Not to say this is mint, given the angle and distance of the pictures I imagine this Audi has its share of patina.  The car has more than 150k so I would expect that.

But it has lived with someone who cares, which is important.  From the sounds of it is mechanically sound and rust free.  That makes for a great foundation… dings, nicks, and tears can all be fixed with minimal investment.  Body rot, widespread mechanical issues, and awful paint are serious business.

Bidding currently sits at a few hundred dollars with a buy it now of nearly $6k.  The buy it now won’t happen but this would be a great driver for $4.5k.  I will be curious to see where this one goes.


Depreciation special: 2003 Audi RS6 for Civic Money

Time for another foray into our continuing investigation of German supersedans whose value has plummeted more than 75%. Today is perhaps my favorite example of this group, the Audi RS6. A beast when it was born nearly 10 years ago, it’s no less monstrous today packing. While some choose big-displacement power and some go for turbochargers, Audi decided both would suffice in making an executive saloon that could spank contemporary Porsches. This subdued excess is my kind of indulgence, and watching their prices drop makes my dream garage tingle. The last RS6 we had was $19k with 116k miles. An additional 10k miles on this one brings a $1k price drop, ringing in at that most pedestrian of new-car prices, $17,995. Sure, there’s no warranty and it’ll surely demand plenty in maintenance, but these are massively outweighed by the fun and badass factor in my eyes.

2003 Audi RS6 for sale on eBay

I love this color.

Audi’s S- and RS- models have held a more consistent trajectory than some ///other performance divisions. While perhaps more subtle from the get-go, this has allowed them to be civilized without ever being called “too watered-down,” and this RS6 plays a big role in that family tree. Beefy, scary fast, and unabashedly made for road driving, these are near the top of my Audi RS fantasies. With prices coming firmly into the teens it’s becoming possible to stash a reasonable maintenance account for the inevitable transmission work, skip the brand-new car, and haul some big-boy ass.


1990 Audi 90 Quattro Coupe for sale

I love the Audi 90 Coupe. Seeing it instantly makes me think of a little early-90s spaceship flying up a snowy highway, especially so when in this fetching shade of Pearl White. The black trim along the bottom makes it a little less blobby, and 6-spoke wheels suit this generation of Audis quite well. Pretty high mileage at 174k, but that just makes it a ripe candidate for some RS2-engine action. A dealer is flipping it after 2 previous owners and while there’s no suggestion as to the reserve, starting at $1k points to a reasonable price.

1990 Audi 90 Quattro Coupe for sale on eBay

From the seller:

You are looking at one very rare Audi, the pictures speak for themselves! This here is a 1990 Audi Quattro Coupe. First owner 1990-2006, 2nd owner 2006-2012. Pearl white exterior with gray leather interior. Power heated memory recaro-inspired front seats, power sliding sunroof, power locks, and power adjustable mirrors. Other features include rear seat ski-pass through, auto climate control, cd player, zebrano wood,15″ MSW alloy wheels with newer brigestone potenzza rubber. The interior has no rips or tears in the leather, carpets are clean and have no odor issues. The exterior is in great condition as well with the original factory pin-stripe which is still intact. The body is free of any major dings, dents or scratches. On the picky side there is one small flake of paint the size of a penny that I touched up on the front passenger fender. The rear passenger fender has one very small bubble, but hardly half the size of a penny. My camera wouldn’t even pick these up…..again very small and very minor. Mechanically the car runs and drives beautiful, clutch feels good and no visible oil leaks on the driveway. No check lights or warning lights are on the dash. The car starts and idles like it should. The timing belt was performed at 115k. I have a stack of service reccords to go with the car. I acquired the car for a customer who simply could not come up with the funds which he promised. It was very frustrating as i spent a great deal of time hunting one down, as these models are very rare, and hard to find in good shape!

I’d love one of these little Quattro monsters. There aren’t a lot of small AWD coupes out there, the 325ix or older Impreza 2.5RS come to mind, but I think this model is the pick of the litter. If this pearly white can come in under $5k, I’d throw a ski rack on it and go for some fun in Lake Tahoe.


Sleeping giant: 1994 Audi Ur-S4 Monster for sale

There’s something in the water in Colorado. Or maybe it’s the altitude. Either way, we’ve seen some seriously badass Audis come from the Centennial State. This S4 looks like it could be just another mid-90s Audi, the visible FMIC and aftermarket wheels being the only tell-tale signs that this might be something special. Nothing alludes to just how special though. After a claimed $55k invested, it’s finishing its break-in period before the boost can be turned up to produce a Group B-esque 600hp from the 2.3L inline-5. I love that it’s not slammed, a stockish ride height maintained presumably for better charging of unpredictable mountain roads and conditions. Dirt, gravel, snow or tarmac will matter little to this beast though as it devours supercars all day long. If you’re ready to deal with a highly-tuned car but want to fly under the radar while carry the kids and some luggage, I can’t think of a better way to do it for under $20k.

Tuned 1994 Audi S4 for sale on eBay

An exhaustive list from the builder/seller:

Black on Black 1994 Audi S4, 118k. This car has got to be one of the very few nice ones left. It has a completely built motor, everything on it is essentially brand new (literally), all the goods you expect to find on a car of this caliber are there. Never in an accident, have traced the history of the car all the way back by talking with previous owners. Car currently has a 13psi tune on it for engine break-in purposes, approximately ~500 miles on the motor since being built, needs to have a final tune (that’s it) done to bring it up to its 600whp capability (proper break-in procedure was done on motor). I have a binder full of every receipt for every part put on the car, including all the final tolerances the motor was built to (engine build done by Ridge Reamer of Colorado). Car has a $55k agreed upon value insurance policy on it, based off of past 2 years of receipts spent on it, so if you don’t think it’s a good buy at $20k, then don’t bid on it, you won’t find another UrS like this…simple as that. I am happy to answer any questions or take additional photos upon request. This has been a west coast (rust-free) car that has been garaged its entire life (will provide previous owner’s detailed accountings of its past). Ebay’s AutoCheck says lists the car as a grey market car. The car was brought into the U.S. from Canada legally in 2008 and I have all documentation from Audi N. America that shows it conforms to U.S. DOT standards. Title is clear Colorado title.

*Car just got the clean bill of health from local Audi shop and compression was pulled on motor showing that it is breaking in perfectly.

I am probably leaving out a lot, but modifications are as follows:

1994 Audi S4 (Black/Black) – Canadian Spec (no rear seat heaters, KM/h speedometer, daytime running lights)

Engine – Bottom End
– AAN bottom end (2.3L displacement)
– Scat Connecting Rods (144mm)
– JE 8.5:1-compression pistons (82.5mm)
– Stock metal head gasket, bored to 82.5mm
– ARP main and head studs
– Audi 7A oil pan (jet hot coated) – larger oil holding capacity
– *New AAN oil pump (OEM Audi)
– 034 Motorsports Coated Main Bearings
– 034 Motorsports Coated Rod Bearings
– 034 Motorsports lightweight lifters
– 034 Motorsports Port/Polish on cylinder head (240/160 cfm)
– 034 Titanium Valve Spring Retainers
– 7A intake and exhaust camshafts
– 7A valve cover (powder coated white)
– Apikol High Flow Intake Manifold (powder coated red)
– 034 Motorsports High Rate Valve Spring Set
– 034 Motorsports .5mm oversize intake and exhaust valves
– Custom Lovefab tubular header (T4 outlet)
– Precision GT35R with Billet compressor wheel
– 034 Motorsports/Garrett Extra Large Intercooler w/ custom Apikol pipes
– Tial 44mm wastegate (silver)
– 034 Motorsports 850cc high impedance injectors
– Bosch 044 Fuel Pump (relayed)
– Earl’s -8AN Speed Flex fuel lines
– 034 Motorsports 60mm Fuel Pump Bracket
– 034 Motorsports 20V Fuel Rail
– 034 Motorsports Density Line Motor Mounts
– 034 Motorsports Density Line Transmission Mounts
– Apikol Snub Mount
– Apikol 3″ custom downpipe (heat shield wrapped)
– 2Bennett 25 row oil cooler w/ducting
– *New AAN Timing belt covers (OEM Audi)
– *New Serp. Belt Tensioner (OEM Audi)
– 034 Motorsports 3″ Turbo-Back Exhaust (single muffler)
– 034 Motorsports High Output Coil Kit
– 034 Motorsports Phenolic Intake Spacer
– HKS 4″ shallow air filter
– 034 Motorsports Turbo Heat Shield
– 034 Motorsports V-banded catch can
– Aeroquip push-on catch can hose
– Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator (0-100 psi)
– Tial 50mm Blow-off valve (silver)
– 10 gallon Fuel Cell mounted in trunk (w/vent line)

– Apikol Rear Differential Mount (red)
– Weldon/Apikol 26mm Rear Sway Bar Kit (most updated version)
– 92′ Spec 28mm front sway bar (red)
– Apikol rear subframe bushings (blue)
– Apikol rear differential crossmember bushings (blue)
– Advanced Automotion B5 S4 6 Speed Transmission (cyro-treated 1 and 2 gears and WPC treated mainshaft, high bias 4:1 center differential)
– Apikol Short Shifter
– 034 Motorsports/Eurospec Billet 6-puck clutch with Aluminum Flywheel

– H&R Race Springs (blue)
– Bilstein Sport Shocks
– Stop Tech (332 x 32 rotors) – Silver
– OZ Ultraleggera 17 x 8″ wheels
– Hankook 245/45/17 Ventus V12 Evo Tires
– professionally painted black rear calipers
– *new e-brake cables (OEM Audi)

Exterior/Interior Modifications
– S6 Rear Bumper – professionally painted and installed
– OEM Rear Spoiler (also have black trunk lid without spoiler if preferred) – professionally painted and installed @ 118k (i.e. no rust on current trunk lid around mounting bolts)
– S6 Front Bumper (w/LLtek lower valence) – professionally painted and installed
– Corbeau 3″ 5 Point Competition Harnesses (Driver and Passenger – Black)
– Audi TT 6 Speed Shift knob
– Corbeau FX1 Pro Microsuede seats
– Corbeau seat brackets (modified fixed Audi 4000 brackets)
– McCulloch HID kit
– Hella Euro headlight lenses
– Euro headlight washer -delete trim
– Kamei Sport Mesh Grille
– S6 Sport Steering Wheel Conversion (full S6 column swap w/ S6 column switches, i.e. no cutting of clock spring required)
– 1993 S4 Complete Carbon Fiber Interior
– 1992 S4 Side View (Full-Size) Mirrors

Other Notables
*New fender liners (all 4) – (OEM Audi)
*New mid-door and lower moldings (OEM Audi)
*New Febi-Bilstein tie rod ends
*New Febi-Bilstein control arms
*New Febi-Bilstein subframe bushings (front)
– powder coated front and rear subframes
– powder coated front strut housings
– powder coated strut bar
– powder coated engine mounts, arms, tie rods, etc…

Extras (not installed):
– V8 rear differential (painted red)
– black rear trunk lid (without spoiler)

The car’s AC system has been deleted to make room for the intercooler. Also the fuel cell does not have a fuel level sender unit in it, therefore the gas gauge on instrument cluster does not work. The Corbeau brackets do not slide back and forth either, they can be modified to have a slider installed again, but currently are fixed. Lastly, the entire steering column was swapped to an S6 steering column to make use of the factory S6 steering wheel and in the process some of the stalk controls do not work (i.e. windshield wiper lever is reversed and high beams don’t work), these features will be fixed before delivery of car is made.

I love this car. For the work done, the starting bid of $19,500 and described price as $20k seems reasonable. If you disagree, well, then these aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Spend a bit of time in the cockpit thanks to youtube though and it’s hard to say no to the sound of the classic Audi turbo’d five-cylinder spooling up and ripping away.


2009 Spyker C8 Spyder

While the Spyker is not a German vehicle, it has an Audi V8 and craftsmanship akin to what we are used to from the Fatherland. I thought it was about time to shed some light on this exotic. The name Spyker originated from two Dutch brothers, Jacobus and Hendrik-Jan Spijker. They founded the firm in 1880 and one of their first notable projects was the construction of the Golden Carriage used by the Dutch Royal Family to this day. In 1900, they debuted their first automobiles and three years later, they created the 60 HP, which was the world’s first four wheel drive car with a single engine and four wheel brakes. During World War I, the company manufactured airplanes and aircraft engines, similar to other contemporary manufacturers that had switched their production to military applications.

After World War I, Spyker went bankrupt and ceased production in 1922. Resurrected in 1999, the new Spyker vehicles pay homage to the company’s aircraft heritage. Their slogan is Nulla tenaci invia est via, which in Latin means “For the tenacious, no road is impassable.” The new cars were dubbed the C8 Laviolette and C8 Spyder, and employed Audi’s 4.2 liter V8. These cars are exceptionally well made, employing a great deal of old world craftsmanship in the way of quilted leather, turned aluminum and an intriguing shifter mechanism with exposed linkage. Spyker was owned and subsequently sold off by Swedish Automobile AB to North Street Capital, whose managing partner is a racing enthusiast. It is not quite clear what the future holds for Spyker, but nevertheless, these are very unique, well made vehicles. This particular 2009 Spyder presents nicely with low mileage and black accentuates the aluminum accents well.

2009 Spyker C8 Spyder on eBay

2009 Spyker C8 Spyder Convertible

Exterior color: Jet Black
Interior color: Tan

Included Optional Equipment: V8, 6 Speed Manual Transmission. Low Miles. Came from a Exotic car collection. Rare and hard to find. Accessories included with vehicle: 2 Master Keys. Owner’s Manual

This Spyker is basically a three year old brand new car. New, these were just shy of $220,000. I can’t imagine that they have appreciated beyond that original asking price. If I had to estimate, anywhere between $180,000 to $190,000 should be a reasonable offer for this supercar. If a Ferrari or Lamborghini is too mainstream for you, but an Audi R8 a bit too sterile, the Spyker combines exclusivity, coachbuilt quality and reliable, German performance in one wild package.


Mean Santa’s Sleigh: 2001 S4 w/ OEM RS4 widebody

Let’s take a moment away from last-minute Christmas plans and get a little selfish. I’m very happy with my new car, but if there’s one out there that makes me feel funny inside still, it’s the B5 RS4. The first time I saw one was on a school trip to Paris in high school. I saw the low-slung, wide-shouldered uber-S4 parked on the street. As I pulled myself away to continue walking with the group, we turned a corner and I was confronted by another one. They left a lasting impression, and dug an “RS” shaped hole in my heart that exists to this day.

As Walter said in The Big Lebowski, “If you will it, dude, it is no dream.” This RS4 clone is the result of someone choosing to will the dream to reality. We still can’t import RS4s, but if you feel like coughing up the massive change required to get OEM panels, you can get something that looks like it. Featured in a eurotuner that I poured over, this car does a whole lot more than just look the part. 570hp at all four wheels takes it to a whole new level of insanity. If money were no object, this would be my dream.

2001 Audi S4 with RS4+ conversion for sale on eBay

The very eurotuner-worthy but purposeful description and parts list:

No expense has been spared to build this wagon. Previously owned by Adam of SDR Research in Colorado, it just received some fresh upgrades to bring it up to date with new technology and a new pump gas tune by Tony @ EPL. This car been been featured in Euro Tuner and is well known in the Audi community. Please see an extensive list of modifications below, I am sure I forgot a few things…


2001 Audi S4 avant
72k on the chassis
Clean title


Full OEM RS4 wide body conversion
Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera pearl white paint
SDR Research carbon fiber hood with hood pins
Matte black exterior trim / emblems / mirrors / roof rails
15% window tint


Full OEM RS4 interior conversion (seats, carbon fiber trim, shifter, steering wheel) – back seat is not installed
Custom suede seat inserts (higher quality that OEM)


EPL custom pump gas tune (570 AWHP / 560 AWTQ)
3.0L stroker short block
3.0 Audi V6 crank
CP pistons 82.5mm (8.5 to 1 compression)
Pauter rods with oil rifling for the pin
Block machine bored / honed and internally balanced to 9,500 rpm
ARP main cap studs
O-ringed block
2.8 custom ported / flowed heads
Cat titanium valve springs / retainers
RS4 intake cams
2.7 exhaust cams
New valve guides / valve stem seals
Seven angle valve job
Tial 770R turbo kit
Custom Apikol intercoolers with bar and plate cores and ER cabron fiber shrouds
Hand fabricated divorced down pipes with 3 inch dual center section and V band clamps
Sportec catback exhaust with AWE center muffler
RS4 OEM Y-pipe
SDR Research carbon fiber Y-pipe (no longer installed)
RS4 intake manifold
Apikol snub mount
Aquamist water / methanol injection system
AMD custom methanol tank (trunk mounted)
Zeitronix wide band O2 sensor / ETG probe / boost sensor with interior digital display
AMD custom fuel system (dual Bosch 044 fuel pumps)
AMD custom breather system
EPL 80mm MAF
EPL 72lb injectors


Dahlback Racing V2 clutch
Single mass steel flywheel
Stern engine mounts
RS4 transmission mounts
Apikol rear differential mount
AWE drive train stabilizier
Stasis built 6-speed transmission (OEM gear ratios)
Stasis 4:1 center differential
Quaiffe rear limited slip differential


H-sport front / rear sway bars
Stasis Motorsport coilovers with remote reservoirs
Stasis Alcon 328mm Mono4 4 piston front brake kit
Stasis Alcon 298mm 2-piece rotors
Stern adjustable control arms
OEM aluminum front uprights
18 x 9.5 Weds Sport SA-67R wheels (20.5 lbs. each)
275/35/18 Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires


Optima yellow top battery (relocated to the rear)
Alpine head unit
Focal 5-channel amplifier
Focal speakers
Escort Passport laser jammer

Why? Because racewagon. This thing has been done to the nines and the result is truly special. From the well-chosen laundry list of tuner parts (I always love seeing Dahlback pop up!) to the Lamborghini white paint and black wheels & trim, this exact car has been in my dreams for years. There’s no market to compare this to, but for those looks and this level of ponies, its $48k asking price seems fair to me. Cheaper and more powerful than the reigning wagon-champ Cadillac CTS-V and terrifyingly expensive to replicate, it’s sad the creator of such a wonderful machine doesn’t have it anymore, but some Audi nut with a decently-sized wallet can reap the benefits without having to go through the craziness of putting all the pieces together.

Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is an RS4 clone to keep the M5 company.


2003 Audi RS6 for sale

The RS6 has always been an object of lust for me. The dark silver it usually comes in has always been a shining example for me of how great the right car can look in what amounts to a shade of grey. Thus, I was surprised when this black example caught my eye with such ferocity. The black looks lethal with those flared wheel arches, and makes the silver mirrors and grill trim pop like I haven’t seen. Matched with the well-documented beast under the hood and a sub-$20k price, this is one hot Audi.

2003 Audi RS6 for sale on eBay

I hate eBay dealers for their absolute lack of “description.”

That said, 116k miles is within reason, and the $19k Buy-It-Now is a great deal for a car that was more than 4 times that new. If only it were a wagon and manual, it would be perfect. As we never got either of those (damn you, German car companies! Just kidding, I love you… but really), this would have to do as the ultimate mountain mobber. You’ll just have to rent skis instead of taking your own, but that should be no problem with what you have left over from this deal.


No-reserve 1990 Audi V8 Quattro for sale

Before the Audi got the A1-8 nomenclature going strong, their non-sequential nomenclatures were a little more confusing, but the cars were no less awesome for their day. The V8 eventually became the A8, but still was a big ol’ sedan with a stout 3.6L V8 with 250hp and Quattro all-wheel drive. Not up to today’s monster-horsepower standards, but was good for the day. Today’s example has 146k miles on the clock and looks clean inside and out. With a no-reserve auction, this could be a cheap way into some big German luxury.

1990 Audi V8 Quattro for sale on eBay with no reserve

An enthusiastic but straight-forward description from the seller:

Now here is a rare one. Just traded, here is a 1990 Audi V-8 Quattro and this one will amaze you. Right off the get go I’m gonna tell you that you won’t find a better running or better looking Audi regardless of the year. Mechanically you can’t fault the car for anything whatsoever as the V8 motor is quiet and dry, the automatic shifts perfectly, there are no puddles under the car and this one is as comfortable going down the road as you could want. Tight as a drum, no squeaks or rattles and tracks straight as a die. The odometer reads 146k and the title reads exempt by federal law as the car is over 10 years old. The body doesn’t have a dent of any consequence and there isn’t a speck of rust anywhere either on it or under it and the original black paint is in excellent shape and this car has not been buffed or waxed and it still looks fantastic. All the buttons work except the drivers side rear window but the window motor is fine as it tries hard but the window is taped in the up position and if that stops you from bidding on this one, shame on you. The interior has never seen a cigarette so there are no bad smells and the genuine leather seats should by all rights be cracked or split but that is not the case here as the leather is in beautiful condition with no rips or tears, a fresh and clean dash, carpets and headliner and a trunk that looks un used. If you were looking for a car that will offer all the luxury of a much later model and you didn’t want to pay a ton of money for a luxury sedan, here is a car that will always be worth whatever you pay for it now as long as you maintain it the way the original owner did and this one will be sold with no reserve so thanks for looking and good luck with the auction.

Cleanliness and reasonable miles make this a nice car. A no-reserve auction makes this a potential steal. Sitting just over $1k with 2 bids and 3 days left, someone could be looking good for less than 10% of this car’s sticker price. Anything less than $5k and I think the buyer will be very happy.


2001 Audi S8 for sale

Within a couple of hours this past weekend, I drove past a manufacturer-plated, not-yet-for-sale 2012 S8 several times. With some extreme antennas and wires attached and two guys sitting inside examining a laptop, it must have been testing some manner of new equipment. Pushing the envelope of what big sedans can be is nothing new for the S8, and it made me think back to the original, Ronin-famed D2 S8 with it’s aluminum space frame and good-for-the-time 335hp 4.2-liter V8. The progression of S8s have been fantastic, but not to the extent where the original has lost much of its cache. Sure, it doesn’t have a V10 or twin-turbo V8 and is a couple hundred horsepower shy of those engines, but it still looks great and must still be a hoot to drive. So, while you could spend over $100k on the 2012 D4 (when it comes), or $50-70k for a used D3, you could get today’s D2 S8 in classic silver for under $9k.

2001 Audi S8 for sale on eBay

Seller’s Description:

Vision Custom Cars is pleased to offer you this 2001 Audi S8. You can own this car for a mere fraction of its original price.

I drove this car about 50 miles and noticed no problems with brake fade, no odd noises, and no blown speakers and no odd shakes or electrical issues of any kind. We serviced the car, detailed it, and took pics. All accessories worked well and the car on the whole seemed to run out exceptionally well. You could definitely tell it was well cared for. When I returned and checked it out in the shop I found no additional issues. The brakes seemed to have plenty of life left and the matching set of Michelin tires look to have plenty of life left on them as well.

The Good:

extra clean car – no rust – awesome color combo – leather seats with a ton of adjustments – great bose stereo – all aluminum lightweight chassis/body – just serviced and needs nothing – beautiful Audi – priced low! – xenon lights – rear & side sun shades – park sensors – tinted windows – all the toys! – Navigation

The Bad:

the rear sunshade sticks, other than that there really is nothing to note on the car, there is far less wear than normal for the miles. This car was VERY well cared for.

… This car qualifies for up to a 4 Year Warranty!

Provided the seller is being honest, having a rear sunshade the sticks be the only problem is incredible. 170k miles is a lot, but the bottom of the market for these can’t be much lower. A 4-year warranty would make it that much sweeter (but probably make the final price a bit more sour). Buy it for a winter cruiser and sell it for the same next year. Or drive it until until the wheels fall off. Either way, it’s a good price for a luxurious, quick, and well taken care-of sedan that looks like 10 times the asking price.


Clean 1983 Audi UrQuattro for sale

Today we have an UrQ that has been taken care of since it was born. Owned by car dealership owners and service managers, it’s one of the nicest and least-molested examples I’ve seen in a while. It comes in clean original black with Audi graphics and just-right Ronal wheels; no 17s needed to look badass here. Each owner has meticulously kept maintenance records, and while almost 30 years and 140k miles have left it short of perfection, it’s a darn nice example of an increasingly rare car.

1983 Audi Ur Quattro for sale on eBay

A thorough history showing a beloved car:

Hello, I have for sale an exceptional 1983 Audi Ur Quattro. This particular example is Montego Black metallic, with a chocolate brown leather interior. I have personally owned this vehicle since 1997. I am the fourth owner and purchased it with 91,000 miles on the odometer. It currently has about 139,000 miles and is still going strong. This URQ was originally delivered to Porsche Audi North in Dublin, Ohio. It was placed into service on 8/18/83. As far as I can determine, this URQ was delivered on 3/29/84 as a lease to the owner of Midwestern VW. “Bob Fergus was a successful Volkswagen dealer and the local importer for Ohio, Missouri and Kentucky. Furthermore, he was well known as a privateer in motor racing. He took part in SCCA events, driving cars of various marques like Siata, MG and Austin-Healey. Later on he also campaigned Ferraris.” The second owner bought the car when it came off lease in 1987. The third owner who purchased the car in 1993 was a service manager at Byers Imports in Columbus, Ohio, so he spared no expense or time in maintaining the car. Every conceivable record of work done to the car from the first owner, second, third, and myself is included in the sale. This is a truly comprehensive and complete list of maintenance history documented with original receipts and an organized word document of what work was done, how much it cost, by what shop, and at what mileage. It is apparent through all of this maintenance history that the car was always very well taken care of at no expense. Along with this substantial documentation are all manuals including warranty book, owner’s manual, radio guide, and an official factory repair manual. Further factory repair procedures are also available which were originally meant for dealership use.

All necessary oil changes have been completed in a timely fashion during my ownership with Syntec and the correct Audi o.e.m. filters. Recently, in the past few years other work done has included but is not limited to: new misc. hoses and tubing, radiator recore and fluid flush, rebuilt interior switch lights, oxs sensor replacement, n.o.s. radio replacement, plugs, wires, cap, and rotor, driver window regulator replacement, various rubber isolator mounts replaced, c.v. boot replaced, manifold redecked with new studs, replace timing belt, tensioners, water pump, seals, valves adjusted, fuel injector seals, etc, etc.
The car is extremely close to stock with the only known up-grades being the desirable wider Audi ronal wheels, uprated Audi 5000 turbo, period performance chip, slight tint, and Stebro stainless exhaust sans cat. That is it. I have tried to keep things original and period as much as possible, sometimes a frustrating and time consuming hobby…
…Items of concern that do not necessarily require immediate attention are a probable need for a new passenger front disc (mild metallic chatter on braking), the a.c. does not hold freon (although all the parts are there), the power door locks no longer work (although the parts are there), cruise control does not work, the diff panel light does not light up, and the e-brake does not function. Sporadically there is a hot-start issue. Body-wise you can see the items I will call out – surface rust on the sill of both sides (has not progressed in 10 years so I never fixed it), paint flaking on rear driver wheel lip (caused by previous owner’s large wheel choice), rust on the leading edges of both the trunk lid and hood lip (n.o.s. hood, one steel deck lid, and one fiberglass deck lid included in sale for replacement), and a slight gouge in the bumper corner in a parking lot mishap.I believe that this small scrape and a driver’s side door dent accounts for both “issues” reported on the vehicle history. Structurally, the wheel tubs, shock towers, and underside of the car show rust-free. The URQ shows better than average general wear for its age and mileage. The car was never driven in snow, but I definitely drove in the rain (it is a Quattro after all). Please take a look at the pictures and videos in the listing and on my imageshack account for a complete tour of the URQ. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I currently have the car registered in Michigan with a clean Michigan title in my name. If you would like to inspect the car in person, that can be arranged.
Other desirable extras which come with the purchase of the URQ are a beautiful, rare fiberglass factory replacement deck with all trim included, a steel deck lid, extra spoiler, n.o.s. hood with the e-coat still on it, new window regulator and misc. regulator parts, extra tail lamps and light bar, and three containers full of misc. parts both new and used, an extra spare tire, original roll-up tool kit, and two keys.
This URQ was always stored winters, but thoroughly enjoyed in the no-salt months. I am selling now because I do not get the chance to use it as much as I would like, and would appreciate it going to a new home. Thank you.

This is a clean, well-looked-after example of a car that changed the automotive landscape forever. I’m actually a little sad that it’s never been driven in the snow. It has a few spots that would need attention before it was 100% perfect, but it seems like a really great driver that could keep you happily in Audi world for a while. Though small, the amount of work needed makes me surprised to see the 17 bids pushing it up to $10k already. I would have guessed high single-digit thousands, but I guess we’re nearing the time for the Quattro to join it’s box-fendered 80s brethren like the E30 M3 and Delta Integrale as high-dollar rarities. The price is also a testament to a well-written and complete ad, illustrating that this Quattro has never been neglected, and hopefully never will be.