Reader Ride: 1984 Mercedes 500SEL AMG 5.4

Carlton emailed me over the break with his stunning 500SEL AMG. While this car has mileage befitting it’s age and the patina to match, it is being sold as an authentic AMG equipped vehicle. The best part is that it is a NO RESERVE auction! With a little over a day to go, it’s currently at a bit over $8k!

1984 Mercedes 500SEL AMG 5.4 for sale on eBay

quote from the seller’s listing:

All I can say this is one fantastic Mercedes! I have owned many rare and unique cars and I can honestly say this one might be one of the neatest cars I have ever owned. I get many thumbs up. This AMG has presence! It has been a southern car for a majority of its life, hence no rust at all. For being 28yrs. old it is in very good condition. The paint is in fair shape and has a couple of flat spots in it. Also if you look at the front fender it has a spot of cancer the size of a half dollar. The rear window is delaminating, which is common with this vintage. This is a real AMG with all AMG parts stamped and verified. I have done all preventive maintainance and have added some performance inhancements. This particular Mercedes has the AMG catalog thrown at it with a no cost approach from the original purchaser. Below is a list of AMG options installed and the maintainance I have done. **********euro vehicle, eBay does not recognize VIN. It’s a 1984*************

AMG Options

AMG Areodynamics

full body kit

rear spoiler


tubular exhaust headers

5.4 liter modification to version lll


lowering kit

AMG 3pc Areo’s(new Toyo tires)

Interior Apointments

full leather treatment including dash and all surfaces your body touches

steering wheel

Recaro Ideal C seats(fully functioniing)

matching wood console

shift knob

full door wood kit

AMG rear logo

champaigne cooler center console(not working, but cool non the less, all parts there)


timing chain, rail, guides and tensioner

plugs, wires and valve adjustment

interior restoration

recharge A/C and replace belts

all fluids flushed and replaced


stainless 2.5 exhaust with X pipe into dual Magnaflow exhaust

As good as the pictures came out, this AMG is 28yrs old and shows some pantina. The exterior shows well, but I was going to have it painted. The dipped chrome trim has some paint flaking off, along with the front grille. The front spoiler has a crack in the middle, holding up well, but needs repair. The interior has been restored to like new condition. The leather is in fantastic shape with minimal wear. Most of the interior wood is in decent shape, excluding the dash trim pieces. To make this stand tall next to the leather I would have all wood restored. Mechanically this car is strong! I took it out the other day and ran with a Mustang GT. The top end seems endless! All service has been performed by a Mercedes Master tech and is spot on. This summer I took it to Atlanta and back with temps pushing 90 with the A/C blowing cold and the temp needle holding steady. There are a couple problem areas that will need attention. The first is the transmision. I’ve had it looked at and the tech said it is fine, it just shifts a little soft for me, I hear you can adjust it. Never tried. The vaccum needle bounces around at idle. Probably a vaccum line some where. Also the driver side and passenger side window switches are going bad. They work, but require a little force. This AMG is a piece of Mercedes history and I guarantee it is one of few optioned like this. It deserves to be restored and driven and definately appreaciated. There are a couple reasons I’m selling it: I dont get to drive it like I should or have the time to put into restoring it, secondly I’m buying a car I sold years ago and it’s for sale again, you know how it goes, wife say’s I can only have so many toy’s. Who ever wins this auction will be gettiing a great car and a piece of Mercedes and AMG history!

While this car needs some attention to be perfect, it is a great looking period piece and I hope it finds a loving new home. Good luck with the sale Carlton.

If you have a car that should be seen on our site, please email me!


1985 Mercedes-Benz 280SE

The 1980s were a boon time for gray market importers. This period left us with a lot of Mercedes-Benz models in the US that were not normally sold here. Such is the case with this 1985 280SE sedan. This model featured the M110 inline six, which was the final year for this engine in the S class, a powerplant which debuted in the 1974 R107SL.

This particular 280SE presents well with its low mileage, slimmer bumpers, flush headlights and tasteful velour interior.

1985 Mercedes-Benz 280SE on eBay

Presenting today: an exceptional 1985 Mercedes-Benz 280SE W126. This car has NUMEROUS outstanding attributes so we will start with some obvious ones… First, the 69,940 mileage total guarantees decades of use remains with the car. Second, the obviously garage-kept condition means that this car is FRESH. Panel fit, paint quality and chrome condition are above excellent. This car is a European delivery car, so it has the smaller integrated bumper system. Please note the original covered glass headlights: a superior lighting system that was usually removed during the importation process has been retained here. The paint has a truly deep luster, even better in person. The body condition shows a long-term high level of care, with an absolute minimum of chips or other minor imperfections.

Lighting, lenses and other body fittings are as good as the day this car rolled out of the factory. Tire and rim condition are near perfect and ready to roll. The transmission shifts perfectly through the gears, The brakes, suspension and steering are in top operating condition. Road handling remains exemplary. We bring our Mercedes-Benz cars to a Factory Trained Technician for evaluation, and he came up with first off a clean report, and also some interesting observations.

This car is equipped with the Twin Cam M110 six cylinder engine. 1985 is the last year of production for this engine and it’s 185 horsepower rating is the highest for this engine series, allowing the car to achieve a genuine 130 mph top speed. For comparison sake, the efficiency of this engine, due to the pent-roof or near Hemi combustion chamber, exceeds the output of V-8 engines with a full liter more displacement. A very similar valve arrangement can be found in the 911 Porsche engine, which accounts for the high performance characteristics of both engine families.

The long term previous owner was also a petite person, and thus the seats have NO sagging or other wear abnormalities. The dash is in near perfect condition. The console, carpeting, door panels and headliner along with the wood and instrumentation are almost pristine. European market cars came with a velour interior, that has comfort levels UNATTAINABLE with leather or MB-Tex coverings used in USA market cars. The feel is best described as perfection in seating. Carpeting is as new. All interior fittings (wood, door panels etc) retain a near unused condition. All mechanical, electrical and climate control systems are in proper working order. All windows operate and function properly. The air condition works like it should and blows strong cold air.

The problem with many cars from the 1970s and 1980s is that the color combinations can be rather loud and/or dated. I’m a big fan of this burgundy over tan combination; tasteful for the period. When I was shopping around for my first car about 15 years ago, I test drove a gray market 1981 500SE sedan. It was metallic green in color and I was amazed how solid the car felt with 80,000 miles on the clock. It was as if I stepped into a new car. Ultimately, I selected a 1988 BMW 325is over the S class, but that driving experience has stayed with me all these years. These W126 S classes are quickly gaining stature with collectors. Examples like these are getting harder to find, and with a little less than a week left in the auction, I’m curious to see where the bidding will end.


2009 Mercedes-Benz CLK350 Coupe Grand Edition

From the Mercedes 230CE we featured a few days ago, let’s move on to a later, distantly related model: the CLK coupe. Here’s an example of one not often seen, the final year CLK350 Grand Edition.

Those that know me are aware of my penchant for Mercedes-Benzes. I’ve owned two C class sedans and between my mother, father and I, we’ve owned seven models from the marque. However, over the past 15 years, I’ve been less and less enamored with the styling direction on new models. Specifically, the E class coupe which replaced the CLK coupe in 2010. I was disappointed to see that it wasn’t a true pillarless coupe, as it has a small fixed window at the rear side corner. Also, a lot of new Mercedes-Benzes have a lot of chrome and LED lighting all over the place which makes them look a bit flash. Maybe this is attractive to some, but I prefer the more conservative days, such as when the W124 E class coupe roamed the showrooms.

I was, however, a fan of the CLK. My favorite was the Grand Edition coupe, a package offered only in 2009. For the coupe version, the sole color on offer was Palladium Silver with Tobacco leather and white stitching. I saw a new one in person at the dealership in 2009 and the color combination was striking. Nothing was excessive about the styling and it’s not an overtly large vehicle. Everything about this car just clicked for me. Unfortunately, the $57,000 entry price was too steep for me, even if the dealer had the car sit on their lot for several months and eventually marked it down to $44,000. Sadly, the car disappeared shortly after the markdown. I would love to own one of these someday, and here is a nice, low mileage example for sale.

2009 Mercedes-Benz CLK350 Coupe Grand Edition on eBay

You are viewing a very nice 2009 Mercedes CLK350 Grand Edition with the 3.5 engine. This car has been very well taken care of and it shows. It is a one owner, doctor owned. The mileage represented is actual. It has never been smoked in with a clean smell throughout. Not one door ding. The automatic tranny and V6 are both 100% with no signs of trouble. All electrical options are functioning properly. The very classy charcoal exterior is in great condition. No scratches or dings anywhere. The black/tan leather interior is also in great condition. No wear. Some of the options are: leather heated seats, sunroof, tinted windows and the 18 inch staggered AMG wheels. The tires have over 50% tread remaining for the new owner. This CLK will come with a full factory warranty. Extended warranty is available at the time of sale.

This particular CLK is priced a few grand higher than your run of the mill 2009 CLK350, as most lower mileage CLK350s I’ve spotted these days are averaging in the $24,000 to $28,000 range. If this car could be had for just a shade under $30,000, I’d consider it well bought. These are great long distance cruisers and after owning a W203 C class (the chassis of which the C209 is based), I would highly recommend the car, as these models split the difference between sport and luxury rather well.


1984 Mercedes-Benz 230CE

I happened to watch the Top Gear special from Season 10 over the weekend, the episode where James May drove a 1985 Mercedes-Benz 230E across Botswana. The rugged nature of the W123 never ceases to amaze me. The coupe version was always a bit understated for such a personal vehicle, especially the diesel powered 300CD sold in the United States market. They are, however, just as reliable as their sedan and estate counterparts while adding a little bit of flair.

Here’s a 1984 230CE for sale near Hamburg, Germany, which would conveniently fall just under the 25 year importation requirement we are faced with in the US.

1984 Mercedes-Benz 230CE on eBay Germany

Mercedes-Benz W123 230CE in Petrol-Metallic with black leather interior.

Special features:
Black leather interior with rear headrests and center armrest, ABS (extra rare), electric Sunroof, heated seats, Becker Europa cassette radio, tinted glass, back lighting, height-adjustable seats, alloy wheels.

Demonstrator at Mercedes. Sold in August 1984 to a restaurant owner. Temporary change of ownership from 1988 to 1991. After 14 years in the hands of one owner in Hamburg, the car was sold to a 66 year old man, who is the last owner. To state: Non smoking vehicle. It appears to be always garaged, the parcel shelf is deep black and the leather is very well preserved. The car looks great. The paint seems to have been renewed once.

Technically the car is in good order and drives well. For immediate sale with TüV/AU, otherwise on request by appointment. Slight traces of the car’s age can not be overlooked. The defects I noticed: scratches on the front side windows and two porous seals the rear side windows. This can be renewed by agreement upon request. With buy it now, these will be new upon purchase.

Minimal rust can not be ruled out completely because of the vehicle’s age. But fear not, this car is solid from the ground up! The underbody makes a very good impression. Documents available are: vehicle registration, maintenance manuals, on-board portfolio with instructions, service book and radio manual. The service manual was not filled out, the mileage is not provable, but in relation to the condition of the leather it seems realistic.

I like the combination of rare options such as the ABS and heated seats along with the fact that this is a seldom seem four cylinder manual transmission model. Most W123 coupes you see for sale tend to be the 280CE models in Europe, while the US market was only offered the 300CD. After seeing a 280CE in new condition at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, I can’t get the image of that car out of my head. Someday I will own a Mercedes once again, and it certainly won’t be a new one. It’s going to be a classic, or perhaps even a youngtimer such as this 230CE, as they are referred to in Germany.


1980 Mercedes Benz Euro 380SE AMG very early

This is a very early W126 380SE, perhaps the earliest in the country.

The W126 wasn’t available in the states in 1980 so this car is a grey market model so you get the nice flush headlights.

The car has had an interesting past as the owner says it was sold by the the Southern California Police Department. It appears the car has seen some extended time in storage, but has since had some maintenance work, $3,000 worth, to get it back to road worthy status. It has covered 77,000 miles, always questionable with imported cars without good records.  The car has some AMG parts, rims, body kit, AMG look steering wheel. It also has white faced gauges and upgraded front seats, as well as a rear sun curtain. The stereo has been replaced with a more modern unit. I’m not a big fan of white cars, particularly ones with gold accents as this one has with all the gold badging. I do like the monochromatic look though with the painted grille, window trim, and wheel faces.

The ad is pretty weak, the seller doesn’t once mention the model Merc this is. The vin indicates it is a 380SE. Under the hood you can see the compact V8, it is missing a piece of the intake snorkel. There also appears to be an aftermarket alarm siren on the left side. It looks like a little cleaning under the hood could make things look a little fresher.

The oddest thing I notice from the pictures is there appears to be something funky going on with the passenger side panel fit. Maybe this is a photo artifact, but things look a little wavy and I’d want to look at that more closely and judging by the description that comes off as a little inexperienced, I’d want that looked at in person or by an agent rather than by the seller.

The ask price is $7,500 with a reserve. The seller will not get any bids at that price. Maybe a $5,000 car at small time classics dealer lot with an in person transaction as an impulse by. On eBay, even with it being early, under 100K, and with the AMG parts, $7,000 will not be happening for at least a few more years.

Good looking car that still doesn’t seem 32 years old.

1980 Mercedes Benz Euro 380SE AMG on eBay


2009 Mercedes-Benz E63 Estate

I give a lot of credit to Mercedes-Benz for their willingness to let a select group of US buyers special order the last generation E class AMG wagon. The E55, introduced in 2005, featured the 5.5 supercharged AMG V8 that cranked out 469 horsepower. With the phasing out of the 5.5 liter supercharged engine, it made way for the E63, which brought us a family estate with over 500 horsepower.

These are rather unique cars, as only a few hundred were sold new. This 2009 E63 represents the last year for the W211 AMG estate.

2009 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Estate on AutoTrader

CARFAX Certified one owner. The most rare car on the road, only two for sale in the whole United States for 2009. 507 HP, black on black, leather seats. Third row seating. Low miles. Navigation, Harman-Kardan Sound System, Xenon lights, all service completed. This E63 is immaculate. It is powered by a 6.2L 507 HP engine. No dents, scratches, non-smoker.

Multi-Zone A/C, Adjustable Steering Wheel, Heated Driver Seat, Heated Passenger Seat, Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror, Adjustable Lumbar Support, Power Door Locks, Heated Power Mirrors, Variable, Rain and Speed Sensing Wipers.

The seller’s description in this ad was so bad that I had to massively edit it for the site. If it’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s dealers that try and sell unique cars like this and try and pass them off as your usual ex-rental Corolla. Also, I’d like to know how the Mercedes emblem on the tailgate was broken (there’s no ring around the three pointed star). All in all, a car of this stature deserves of a better presentation. With issues like these, it makes me wonder what else could have happened in this car’s past. When you spend this kind of money for a used car, you’ve just got to get it right.


1963 Mercedes Benz 300SE < 40,000 miles

The W112 and W111 Benz coupes are some of my favorites in terms of looks. This German market car still sports the European headlights, a German D sticker and the unique rear fog light option. What makes this one catch my eye is its very original condition and the less than 40,000 miles it has covered. Mercedes offered a number of their two door cars with two tone paint, the dark tops often giving the car a convertible appearance. I’m not a huge fan of white cars, but the white and navy blue of this one with the saddle interior is a good look. The wood on the dash shows signs of some improper cleaning, but there are several places that refinish Mercedes and other automotive wood to amazing looks.

The owner states the car was shipped stateside, to NYC, in 1980 and has spent a number of years, since 1994, stored in a garage in Florida. There is going to be a need to go over a few things, but the car comes with all receipts since 1980, which is very helpful. The owner says it has a new water pump, starter, alternator, and gas tank. These cars had the air ride suspension and it is very clear from the low rider look in the photos that this is going to need some attention. The bellows may need to be replaced amongst other things. This can be costly as not every local car shop will want to work on the system.

The inline six is a proven power plant perfect for sedate driving in this machine.

These cars are investment opportunities with this low mileage and original shape.  This one has bids up over $12,000 with the reserve not met. The seller has no eBay feedback so caveat emptor.

1963 Mercedes Benz 300SE on eBay


Caveat emptor

1985 Mercedes-Benz 300TD

“They don’t make ’em like they used to” is an overused term in society. However, if it ever applied to one durable good, it would be the Mercedes-Benz W123. These Benzes need no introduction on GCFSB, and here’s a quite desirable estate version and a final model year version at that.

1985 Mercedes-Benz 300D T on eBay

Up for sale is your opportunity to own a very rare European 1985 300TD wagon (VIN# 1231901F054663) with a 4-speed manual transmission. This Classic White (737G) on shadow blue one-owner wagon belonged to a diplomat and was obsessively maintained and cared for all its life. Every component is in good working order, every feature works (door locks, air conditioning, self-leveling suspension), and the car is mechanically sound (engine, transmission and clutch, tires, brakes, suspension, etc.). How cool would it be to own a European spec car that was not marketed and sold in the United States in 1985? This wagon was never federalized (although it comes with a clean and transferable Maryland title). Nothing has been altered or changed on the car and it is original and stock, with the exception of the right fender which was replaced due to a volleyball-sized dent near the front. The repainted fender is an exceptional color match and although not original, is much more attractive than the original, dented fender.
You will be the envy of all your Mercedes Benz friends and enthusiasts as your car has features that were never available on US market cars which include:

– OM617 5-cylinder naturally aspirated diesel engine with no emission controls
– European spec mechanical Bosch injection pump for high output
– European spec gearing and differential for high output
– Manual 4-speed transmission
– Manual climate control
– Manual windows
– Manual antenna and unique European Becker cassette stereo system
– Cloth interior in very good shape for its age and seat springs are in excellent condition
– Factory installed fire extinguisher under driver’s seat
– European spec front and rear bumpers
– European headlights with built in “City Lights” and vacuum height adjusters
– Rear fog light
– Hazard triangle
– Paint coordinated Mercedes Star hubcaps
In addition, you will be the talk of the town because your wagon has additional rare options which include:

– Second row headrests at all 3 positions
– Third row jump seat
– Luggage/roof rack
– Manual sunroof

While you cruise around town shifting gears or testing out the German engineered steering and suspension as you corner into a turn with your newer Michelin MXV 14 inch tires, you will be staying cool with your original R-12 air conditioning. No problem directing air flow to where it needs to be because the manual climate control system is much more reliable (and it has dual zone so driver and passenger can ride in comfort). And when the sun goes down and you want to drive by starlight, open the manual sunroof and continue on your journey. Visibility is great on the darkest of roads with European headlights and fog lights with height adjusters.

Need to haul a large item? Not a problem. Fold down second and third rows and you have a cavernous cargo area that can swallow large loads. Filled up the cargo area? Not a problem. Strap the rest of your load to the roof rack.

The odometer reads 257k kilometers (160k miles) and the speedometer also reads in kilometers. With proper care and maintenance the vehicle will continue to give you enjoyment and fulfill its purpose indefinitely. There are some minor scratches, and some rust (pictured) – all of which are repairable. This car was a driver, not a garage queen (even though when it wasn’t being driven, it was garaged). The scrapes and scratches come with a 26 year old, car but all are repairable. There are three blemishes that will need to be addressed, which are:

– Rust at the right rear door jamb in the seam above the rocker panel
– Rust spot at the rear hatch near the glass
– Bleach stain in the cargo area

None of these blemishes along with normal wear and tear are fatal, and can easily be addressed, treated, and fixed to get the car the way you envision it to be. Without them, and if the car were entirely original, given its condition and model, it would be a very high-dollar car. Because of these minor flaws, I concede that it’s not a $15k-plus car, but still believe it to be well above average. The paint is original (with the exception of the right fender, as noted) and shines. The interior is in very nice shape for its age with no color fade, very nice dashboard, and good seat springs.

Opportunity is knocking. This is your chance to seize it and own a very rare and desirable car. 1985 is also the last year of the W123 chassis and the OM617 5-cylinder diesel and is considered by many to be the best and most desirable year of the production series.

With just a couple days left, I’m surprised this auction hasn’t garnered more interest, given it’s one diplomat owner status. Granted, there are some few flaws and the rust that has eaten through the bottom of the door sill is cause for some concern. However, if this was anything other than a W123 Mercedes-Benz, I think I would be more cautious. For a car that can survive the harshest of environments and which has seen many examples cover hundreds of thousands of miles without breaking a sweat, I doubt a little rust will stand in its way of covering another 160,000 miles.


1995 Mercedes-Benz S320

People that know me know that I’m not a fan of large cars. Which is a problem because, living in the United States, it’s the land of big. If, however, I was in the need for a large car, at the top of that list would be the Mercedes-Benz S Class. Big, imposing and powerful, these cars are the go to transport for the rich and famous. Probably the most imposing of all S Classes has to be the 1992-1999 W140 model. Introduced during a global recession, they were derided as brash and unnecessarily large, which is a stigma from which they quite haven’t recovered.

Twenty years on from its introduction, prices are at bargain basement levels, which is a good thing and a bad thing. Good, because these extraordinary machines are within the reach of less than wealthy enthusiasts. Bad, because those who don’t buy wisely could be easily bankrupted in dealing with the car’s complexity. This is precisely why I prefer the smaller engined, less optioned S classes, as the maintenance costs are lower than the bigger engined models. Here is a clean, lower mileage 1995 S320 with the 3.2 liter inline six for $7,995 in California.

1995 Mercedes-Benz S320 on Hemmings Motor News Classifieds

1995 Mercedes-Benz S320 Sedan, 69k actual miles, oil changed every 3k. Californian car, approximately 4k miles per year, possibly one of the lowest mileage cars of this type in the country,
Sparkling unmarked metallic silver, soft gray leather. Fully loaded, tinted windows, alloy wheels, garaged, non-smoker, this car is in 9.5 condition (10 is new). Drives and feels like new, fabulous value,
$7,995, this is the one you’ve been waiting for.

I’m sure there are naysayers out there who would think this buy is way too risky and not worth it, but, well, I’m the kind of person that likes risk. Given the owner is open to negotiations, this represents a lot of car for the money. While you could buy a perfectly good subcompact car for about twice the price, I’d rather take a flyer on this S320 and just figure in the extra cash going forward for the maintenance and repairs and enjoy a big, comfortable, stately cruiser.


Last minute RARE 1981 Mercedes 600SLC AMG

I’m not sure how this one snuck by me until now so I apologize to any of you potential buyers as there is less than a day left on this auction.

What we have is a 380SLC that has, according to the seller, a genuine AMG 6.0 liter conversion, again according to the seller, a bored out 5.6 V8.

I’d obviously like to know what documentation there is on this, the seller makes some claims that seem legit, but we know how many different variations there are of undocumented AMG cars from this era. I’d also love to see the dataplate and if there are any AMG work stickers on the sills.

The basics as the seller tells them are:

560 powerplant bored .40 over to 600 powerplant producing over 400hp

This vehicle exterior color is AMG BLACK with AMG GRAY LEATHER

This very RARE SLC started as a 380 SLC, then was transfored to a 600 SLC AMG by the North America AMG Factory in Chicago in the 1980’s, modifications are:

560 MB Powerplant that is Bored .40 over to a 600 MB Powerplant

Complete Front and Rear Euro Bumper Conversion

Complete AMG Black Paint Job

AMG Front Fenders

AMG Black Hammer Wheels

AMG Suspension (white coils)

AMG Heavy Duty Rear End

Complete AMG GRAY Leather Interior with Recaro Seats

AMG Dials

The Coversion Cost were between $60,000.00 to $85,000.000, this AMG has never been restored since it left the AMG Factory in the 1980’s.

The seats on this are very expensive and sought after power Recaros. Those genuine flat face AMG wheels also can be a challenge to find as original, good condition pieces.

It would be interesting to know if the engine is from the factory, the real one in Germany, or if the machine work was done in the states, not that it would really effect the value on this very interesting one off.

Period AMG cars like this, particularly ones that involve engine work, are very special. I’ve said this before, but this kind of conversion done later in life would not be nearly as special as this one completed in the 1980s.

The car looks great, the “Hammer” floor mats I could do without as the only AMG Hammer is the W124 based model. No doubt though this R107 SL has some Hammer like performance. The car has seen a good deal of use, 112,296 miles, something we don’t always see on a rarity like this, but why not. The AMG engines are reliable and the Mercedes auto transmissions normally up to the task.

A few things I note on a quick glance, the exhaust has been replaced at some point, at least the tips stand out as not looking contemporary with the car. I really want to crawl around this car, look at the exhaust, does it have AMG headers for instance? Also the front fenders have vents that strike me as a bit odd. If this car was destined for a hot climate maybe AMG would have added those for heat, but Mercedes were equipped to handle the 5.6 liter stock and AMG wasn’t known for cutting holes in their street creations. So these may have been added later, but maybe not. I kind of think that look, unless functional, goes better on Koenig style cars.

This car is listed on the dealer’s website at $29,999 and right now it is sitting with no reserve with many bids at $25,100. That price shows that these cars are valued. What makes this one especially rare, but maybe not more desirable, is that it is a SLC model rather than the drop top SL. You can expect a stiffer chassis with the fixed roof, though outside of their rallying, this era of SL was never really thought of as the type of car you really throw around corners.

Very cool, very rare car, that most would walk right by not knowing how special it is. Note to the future owner post up more info on this car or send us a photo of the dataplate for deciphering.

1981 Mercedes 600SLC AMG on eBay