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I’ve assembled another group of auctions that are all no reserve and should give us a good glimpse into several classic (or soon to be) models. This group is oriented more towards driver-quality cars, as many of the no reserve auctions often are. Still, there are some strong deals to be had if you look…

Click for Details: 1999 Porsche Boxster

I know, the Boxster isn’t for everyone. But the 986 brought Porsche into a new age of success and offered a lightweight, driver-oriented and simple, no-frills convertible to the masses. They were reasonably affordable new, but are quickly becoming the cheapest way into Porsche ownership full stop. While they’re not without their issues, this particular car is a nice color combination and has the dreaded IMS bearing resolved. The accident history and lack of a “S” on the back will keep bidding modest, but right now this car could you yours for $6,000.

Click for Details: 1976 Volkswagen Van Westfalia

The mid-1970s Volkswagen Vans weren’t the most popular in the run. Today, they take a firm third-fiddle to the more popular later Vanagons and classic earlier Sambas. Yet look past the model year, and you’ll have vansportation for a much more modest budget. This one has undergone a light restoration and looks like a nice driver and weekend van. Bidding is still under $10,000 – for reference, less than the Samba heap we linked last time.

Click for Details: 1966 Volkswagen Squareback

If a bit more classic Volkswagen is your style, how about this clean survivor Squareback? It’s not going to be perfect (*few are!) but with Beetle and Karmann Ghia prices on a sharp rise, the Type III lineup is suddenly the budget option. Bidding here is still below $6,000 with a few hours to go.

Click for Details: 2001 BMW 740iL

Last week it was a sub-$6,000 E32 740iL, but today we’ve got the more popular replacement. This E38 looks awesome in black over gray, and while it doesn’t have the Sport options it is sure well equipped and looks to be in very good shape. Despite that, bidding is quiet; with two days to go, it’s just crested $3,000. Again, these E38s are the definition of a lot of car for your money.

Click for Details: 2005 Mercedes-Benz CL500

Of course, big BMW executives from the early ’00s aren’t the only massive value on the market. Take this Mercedes-Benz CL500 from 2005, for example. Sure, it’s not the best looking in the history of the company, nor is it the best built – and this one has the smallest motor you could get. But that still packed 320 horsepower into a big luxury pillarless coupe, and you can snap up the C215 right now for under $4,000.

Click for Details: 1987 Porsche 944 Turbo

Hey, another 944 Turbo, and again it’s an ’87. And like last time, this one is probably best considered a driver, though I think if you spent some time detailing it it would clean up well. Miles are reasonable and there are no warning flags I can spot here; despite that, a single $6,600 would boost its way into your garage. Looks like a good deal for short money!

Click for Details: 1980 BMW 635CSi

Early E24s are a thing of beauty – minus the clunky rear spoilers. But still there’s a lot to like in this early Euro 635CSi; it looks clean overall and the M90 is good for 215 horsepower (at least, in theory). The sport seats look a little tired but otherwise this seems like a reasonable deal on a classic BMW, as bidding so far is below $4,000 with a day to go.


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  1. I have a chance to buy a orange squareback several years ago for about $3,000 mostly restored. I kick myself a couple times a year for not buying it.

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