Black Series 2 of 4 1984 Mercedes Benz 500SEC AMG 6.0

Part 2 of my Black Series, this 1984 Benz is the rarest of all four of my selections. This car features the high output AMG quad cam 6 liter V8 similar to the one found in the famous Hammer. What is particularly great about this 45,000 mile car is that it still has the work order with it documenting the AMG conversion. Since AMG records for cars like this are so scarce it is an added bonus to have a copy of the sales sheet.

The conversion process from plain 500SEC  happened  in 1988 at AMG Central in Westmont Illinois. This car had the stock 5.0 pulled at 15,000 miles do to a problem in favor of the big 6.0 block.  It had headers and exhaust added and a modified transmission out of a 560. The car has the 2.65 rear diff.

The engine was rebuilt under 10,000 miles ago and should be good for 400 horsepower and plenty of torque.

The buy-it-now is $30,000, but bidding is up to a reserve not met $22,000. The ask isn’t unreasonable, these are collector cars now. This car would get a little more for the seller had it not been a later conversion, but not by much as this still is a genuine period AMG vehicle not a backyard special with bolt ons.

The car comes with a lot of recent service and a very nice rating from me.

1984 Mercedes Benz 500SEC AMG 6.0 on eBay



2001 Volkswagen Eurovan MV

I’m not a fan of large vans and trucks. While they are good for some things, I don’t foresee the day when I’ll be needing that much space or hauling capacity, given my hobbies. If I did, however, I’d want to be creative about it. This is where the Eurovan comes in. I’ve seen less and less of these vans on the road as the years pass and was surprised that Volkswagen had the audacity to replace this workhorse, known as the Transporter in other markets, with a rebadged version of the Dodge Caravan. Unfortunately, most of the US market is too unaware to notice.

While not as legendary as the Vanagon that preceded it, the Eurovan initially came to the US in 1992 as a 1993 model with a 2.5 liter five cylinder engine that produced an unimpressive 108 horsepower. Volkswagen sold the Eurovan for one year before pulling it from the lineup. The Eurovan was reintroduced to the US market in 1999 and the second time around it packed a more potent version of the 2.8 VR6, putting out 201 horsepower. They stopped importing the Eurovan in 2003 and sadly, the traditional big VW box van has yet to be seen stateside once again. Here is a relatively well kept example of the MV trim level, with rear facing seats, table and rear bench that converts into a bed.

2001 Volkswagen Eurovan MV on

2001 Volkswagen Eurovan MV, 70,428 miles. VIN #WV2MB47021H129757

SAFETY FEATURES: Dual airbags, ABS, Traction Control, Child Safety Door Locks
INTERIOR FEATURES: Power Windows, Power door locks, heated seats, cruise control, tilt steering wheel, AM/FM Cassette, AC

Yet again, another underwhelming dealer description, but looking at a few of the Eurovans currently on the market, this seems to be a good combination of price, mileage and condition. The price is a few grand optimistic. On a good day, you may get close to $10,000 for such a Eurovan. When I owned two GTIs about ten years ago, I remember seeing a few of these around the dealer lot when they were new. They usually would only have one or two sitting around at any given time, and maybe one in the showroom. I was impressed with it’s build quality; the doors had a nice Geländewagen “thunk” to them. In time, I’m sure these vans, especially with the VR6 engine, will become more appreciated. They are certainly practical and a good option for the family man who dares to be different.


1977 Mercedes-Benz 280SL 5-speed manual

The late 1970s was a about the halfway point for the R107 Mercedes-Benz SL. Here in the US, the only SL on offer was the 450SL, powered by the 4.5 liter V8 producing 222 horsepower. This engine was teamed exclusively with a 4 speed automatic in the US market. If, however, you lived in other parts of the world, you could order the 182 horsepower, 2.8 liter twin cam inline six and even opt for a manual transmission with four or five gears. In the case of our feature car, it has the desirable combination of the 2.8 liter six with the five speed manual transmission.

1977 Mercedes-Benz 280SL 5-speed manual on eBay

A Mercedes SL with a 5 speed transmission? A rare car in the USA, because it was never directly imported by the Mercedes-Benz factory, but rare even in the home markets, with 1347 produced in 1977. This car was privately imported early in life to California, so has NO RUST and no evidence of accident history. We purchased the car some time ago, with a previous history of a long term owner. We bring our favorite Mercedes-Benz cars right away to a Mercedes-Benz Factory trained technician, for a thorough inspection and repair program.

The car runs great!! The low total mileage of 115,031 represents a large amount of remaining use. Driving feel is fantastic: maneuverable, tight, responsive are all words that come to mind. Most W107 SL cars were produced with V-8 engines, mostly to satisfy the US market. The MUCH lighter twin cam six cylinder engine coupled with a 5 speed transmission gives a completely different feel. The high output engine has a definite growl and the manual transmission is a perfect match. Also, as a technical note: automatic transmissions absorb approximately 35 horsepower, where a manual transmission absorbs only 8 -10 horsepower. It makes for a better feel when the engine starts out with 185 horsepower.

While going over the car, we check over and service the brake system, cooling system, all fluids, electrical systems etc. We are happy to report that all systems are go, only needing basic operations to bring them up to date. As usual, the electrical systems on 107 Mercedes-Benz cars are quite trouble free, and this car has all working gauges, lights horns etc. Air conditioning and heating systems have been serviced and are operating properly. Water temperature and oil pressure all operate at proper levels, as befitting a low mileage car.

Chrome fittings are in excellent condition, including grille, bumpers handles and body trim. Lenses and lights all operate properly, and look great. The no-rust body and chassis is very straight and original, complemented by the blue metallic paint color. We do a polish operation on all of our cars, to bring up a fresh shine, and while the paint is presentable, there are a few chips and nicks etc, as well as varying levels of paint shine quality over the totality of the body panels. Overall, the paint is in good condition.

The red interior of this car is in excellent condition, and also very outstanding visually. All the chrome trims on the sides of the seats are intact, which is a bit rare. Carpets and dash trim look great with only a few cracks on the top of the dash pad (see photos). Also, there is a matching body color hardtop included in the sale, in excellent condition. Please note: the convertible top canvas is not present. The top frame work is stowed under the metal boot lid.

In summary, this is probably the best specification W107 SL to buy, and this car in specific is a recommended buy. It is such a different feel than a regular V-8 / automatic car, the difference is night and day, as well as a great color combination.

Blue metallic teamed with a red interior is a combination not often seen on the R107. The slimmer Euro bumpers also lend a more lithe look to this roadster than the heavy crash bumpers mandated by the US government. The only thing I’d change to finish off the package would be to add the flush fitting Euro headlights. Values of R107s have been rising across the board, as enthusiasts begin to recognize the strengths of the series. This is a nicely kept example for someone who wants a little more sporting of a drive. If this SL could be had for between $12,000 to $15,000, it would be well bought.


Black Series 1 of 4 1989 Mercedes Benz 560SEC AMG

This is the first of four black W126 AMG cars on sale now in a range of prices. Take your pick.

This first one is a Euro spec car sporting only 32,000 miles. The car looks to be a stage 2 AMG model with cosmetic and suspension work. The AMG kit and wheels along with the sleekness of the Euro headlights and body really make this a nice looker. The car includes the taller trunk spoiler, which you don’t always see on AMG cars, more commonly just seeing the shorter lip spoiler. Perhaps this is not an AMG part, but that would seem odd.

This being a later model W126 it has some refinements that the earlier models didn’t have inside. This one has an AMG steering wheel and also has a modern radio.It also still retains the 300 kph AMG speedo.

This car looks great, shiny paint, clean interior. The chrome has all been blacked out, black rims, and even blacked out emblems complete the murdered look. Clear corner lenses also help the look.  This is a car for more than just a casual Benz enthusiast, but one who wants a truly nice original specimen. The 300 horsepower engine will provide for easy highway cruising though if the car was pressed into daily service.

The car is up with no reserve and has bids up to $13,000. The low miles, no reserve, and this being the big 5.6 liter engine make for a good buying opportunity. There aren’t too many left out there in this shape, expect a premium for sure. With high mile run of the mill W126 coupes trading hands for less than $5,000 you can expect to see close to 4x that for this one. If you prefer the widebody version of this car there is a nearly identical one in that flavor for sale now too which I’ll post up as well.

1989 Mercedes Benz 560SEC AMG on eBay


1998 Mercedes-Benz S600 with 10,000 miles

This car is sure to set off some comment chatter. There’s been a lot of talk about what it takes to maintain an upper end German luxury car and whether it is worth it in the end. With the W126 S class rising in popularity amongst collectors, the W140 S class has now entered the gray area of not quite collectable but too old to be on most used car buyers’ radar. This example of the flagship S600 has the rare four seat option and has covered a mere 10,000 miles.

1998 Mercedes-Benz S600 on Hemmings Motor News

1998 Mercedes-Benz S600 V12

Another gorgeous Mercedes with just 10,000 miles – everything is in brand new condition
and this too was stored in a heated storage facility for many years. The color combination
is a stunning “champagne beige” color both inside and out. The car has every option available.
Even the carpet looks as though no one has ever stepped foot in the car. You can own this gorgeous car for a fraction of the cost to buy one new.

Offered at $45,000

The asking price of $45,000 is way off the map from anything I’ve seen in terms of W140 values, but this could quite possibly be the lowest mileage S600 available, as only a few hundred were made for the 1998 model year. While $45,000 is a mere fraction of the original $132,000 list price, I could not see this car pulling more than $25,000. The old rule of Mercedes sedans (with exception of some AMG models) not pulling as much on resale as coupes and convertibles is in effect here.

One must keep in mind the complexity of the W140 versus its predecessor, the W126. From the oil and fuel consumption to complex features such as a rear view mirror that is electronically actuated, this is neither an easy or cheap car in terms of upkeep.


2003 Audi RS6 for sale

The RS6 has always been an object of lust for me. The dark silver it usually comes in has always been a shining example for me of how great the right car can look in what amounts to a shade of grey. Thus, I was surprised when this black example caught my eye with such ferocity. The black looks lethal with those flared wheel arches, and makes the silver mirrors and grill trim pop like I haven’t seen. Matched with the well-documented beast under the hood and a sub-$20k price, this is one hot Audi.

2003 Audi RS6 for sale on eBay

I hate eBay dealers for their absolute lack of “description.”

That said, 116k miles is within reason, and the $19k Buy-It-Now is a great deal for a car that was more than 4 times that new. If only it were a wagon and manual, it would be perfect. As we never got either of those (damn you, German car companies! Just kidding, I love you… but really), this would have to do as the ultimate mountain mobber. You’ll just have to rent skis instead of taking your own, but that should be no problem with what you have left over from this deal.


1000 horsepower 2000 BMW 323ci M3 clone, kind of

You probably read that title and wondered how someone juiced a 2 liter M52 engine to 1000 horsepower. In reality this 323ci isn’t packing some massively nitroused or turboed inline six BMW engine, but instead a full race 410 cubic inch Chevy small block with a supercharger.

There has to be a bit of crazy sparkle in the eye of the gent who thought this conversion up, not to mention more than a couch full of spare change. This car has been around the net for a number of years, gathering its share of cheers and jeers.

The 2000 323ci has a salvage title so the car itself was probably sitting around awaiting a less interesting fate or was purchased for a song. Somehow, perhaps after an evening of drinking in the garage, someone got the idea of dropping an engine worth 10 times the value of the car up front, the seller says there is $40,000 invested in the engine. The seller lists the engine has having dyno sheets showing 850 honest horsepower before the addition of the supercharger, which is being claimed to push the beast to close to 1000 horse power. The engine a bored over 350 was pulled from a World of Outlaws sprint car and is mated to a GM 700R transmission. I’d probably want to see updated dyno sheets and I’d think twice about wagering on there really being Veyron horsepower at the rear wheels.

The car itself has had a BMW M3 GTR widebody kit added along with some M badges. A few extra holes in the body work have been added, presumably to help with heat. The trunk is filled with a fuel cell.

Inside the car looks stock other than the new autobox shifter and a redone digital dash.

The seller gives mileage as 5,000, who knows what exactly that refers to. Probably would be worth knowing how much track time the engine saw before the transplant.  I suspect it has seen some hard miles since the conversion. The ask price is $30,000. Some other crazy might buy it for that much. I’d be a bit scared of the longevity of something like this, but the hard work has been done so even if something breaks it would be easier to replace the second time. This would be pretty fun to surprise some people out on the street, but the novelty may wear off pretty quickly as this is probably two complete handfulls to keep in straight line. I’ve posted a few videos below showing the car as it appeared back in 2007, thankfully it has lost the ridiculous wing since these were made.

1000 horsepower 2000 BMW 323ci on eBay



1998 BMW 318ti M Sport

The BMW 318ti, or Compact, as it was known, was a bit of a step child in the overall scheme of the 1990s BMW lineup. Attempting to snag buyers who were looking for a way to get into a BMW at a lesser price, the 318ti looked promising with it’s rear drive chassis and looks that were indistinguishable from other E36 models forward of the A pillar. However, an engine that was a bit short on power, lower rent dashboard and a rear suspension that made use of the E30’s semi trailing arms showed the lengths BMW was willing to dilute things to gain market share.

Still, I like the 318ti. When they first arrived on the scene, I wasn’t too fond of the rear styling, as I thought it looked a bit ill-proportioned. Time, it seems, has been kind to this model but few good examples still exist. Here is a neat example with the sport package for sale in California.

1998 BMW 318ti M Sport on eBay


“M” Wheels, “M” Spoiler, “M” Interior, “M” Sport Power Mirrors, “M” Badges Everywhere. Excellent Interior, Great Original Paint, Good Tires, New Sony Radio W/CD. 5 Speed Stick, Power Sunroof, Power Windows, Power Door Locks, Power Sport Mirrors. Recently serviced at 142,269.0 miles by Performance European.

1. Replaced catalytic converter
2. Replaced cam sensor
3. Replaced crankcase vent valve
4. Oil and filter changed
5. Installed new radiator
6. Replaced AC and main drive belts
7. Checked brake pads, Front 45%, Rear 90% of pads remaining
8. Checked brake fluid
9. Checked power steering fluid
10. Checked cooling system level and hose condition
11. Checked wiper/ washer system
12. Checked battery level and condition
13. Checked tire condition and set pressures
14. Lubricated door and hood hinges
15. Replaced air filter
16. Passed Smog in last 30 days

The Car is also listed locally on Cragslist. Winning buyer will be the first to make sucessful payment arrangements.

One thing I like about this 318ti is is rear spoiler. It adds a bit of visual length to the car and helps to round off its bobbed off tail. The asking price of $6,500 seems a little bit dear given the mileage. At $1,000 to $1,500 less, this car would work well as an efficient commuter car or an attractive alternative for autocrossing to the usual Miatas and Coopers that are out there tearing up the parking lot circuits.


Extra-clean 1988 BMW M5 for sale in Utah

Fellow GCFSBer Paul forwarded me this E28 M5 as he experiences the same mental obsession for M5s I had while I was hunting for mine, albeit focused on E39s. With the car finally out of the shop after getting fully squared away post-purchase, it’s amazing how the stress of spent dollars is immediately drowned out by the sweet inline-6, the smiles in the corners washing away the anguish of reattaching the steering box. Today’s M5 has just 106k miles, which puts it in “very nice” territory. Shame he didn’t decide to sell it 7k miles ago, as sub-100k mile M5s induce more drool from the fanboys. There isn’t a lot of information on the listing, but it looks extremely clean outside and in, including the mythical uncracked dashboard. $20k seems a little optimistic, and is a threshold usually reserved for cars far below 100k miles. That said, the market on these has been on a plateau for a while and might start edging up. For someone looking for the cleanest of M5s, this could well be worth it.

1988 BMW M5 for sale on Hemmings

Very basic info from the seller:

1988 BMW M5, This M5 has only 106,000 miles and features a 256 HP and 243 pound-feet of torque, at the time of production it was considered to be the “fastest sedan on the planet.” Standard equipment includes a full natural tan leather interior and list of comforts such as power seats, cruise control, heated seats, a 5-speed transmission, brad new Yokohama tires with new original rims from BMW, and an 8 speaker AM/FM, Cassette, 10 Disc CD changer stereo system.

A lot of questions will need to be asked before coughing up $20k for this. But if it is truly as clean as it looks, this is a hot M5.


1987 BMW 325i Convertible

The E30 BMW 3 series needs no introduction here at GCFSB. The darling of the range is most certainly the M3. This model represents Genesis, which has garnered the attention of enthusiasts, driving prices into the $20,000 to $30,000 range for top notch examples. This has subsequently increased interest in other E30 models in the lineup. The convertible wouldn’t be my first choice if I was in the market for an E30, but this example for sale in The Hamptons is making the right noises.

1987 BMW 325i Convertible on eBay

This is a 1987 BMW 325i Convertible with 79642 original miles. This car is in very nice condition, interior was restored in 2010 and is beautiful. This car has been owned by a local owner of a high end car repair shop and has been properly serviced throughout. There is a factory hard top as well that can be purchased separately.

This black on red color combination looks like a million dollars. It’s a nice departure from the usual red and white 325i convertibles you come across. Hats off to the upholsterer who recovered the seats, because it looks exactly like it did in 1987. The asking price of $11,000 is a little higher than what I’ve seen lately, but 80,000 miles is not that much for a 24 year old car. All the rubber, brightwork and paint look in good order, except for a few blemishes on the leading edge of the hood. The only thing putting me off is the automatic transmission, however, for certain buyers, this would be a plus.

As the saying goes, buy the best you can afford. This particular 325i convertible is certainly up there with the best the market currently has on offer.