Low mile 1991 BMW M5 28k miles

Here is a pleasant surprise, a very original one owner E34 M5. The car is basically as new, except for the Dinan suspension that has replaced the factory self leveling items.

There isn’t much to say about a car this clean. It comes with proper documentation and looks ready to enjoy.

White isn’t my favorite color on the M5, but when looking for cars of this low mileage you can’t be too picky about color.

Bidding is up north of $15,000 with loads of time left and reserve not met.


1969 Mercedes-Benz 250CE 5 speed

The W114 and W115 are probably one of the more overlooked Mercedes-Benzes out there. The coupe version, however, retained the restrained gracefulness of the coupes from the Three Pointed Star of that era. This particular example, a 250CE with a 5 speed manual is certainly a rarity, so much so that even a self-processed Mercedes fan such as myself wasn’t aware of its existence.

The seller states:

This is a rare, 5-speed manual trans 250CE European import. This car has been restored to an unbeleivable standard and has been featured in The Star magazine. The mileage is 101000KM, approx 63K miles. Stunning paint and color combo. Everything works, the car drives as you would expect from this level of restoration. We have service receipts back to 1995 that include a new complete stainless steel exhaust, new Bilsteins all around and many little bits and pieces that indicate the owners took pride in maintaining this MB to a very high standard. A comparable “S” class coupe of the era in this condition would be at least twice the price of this CE.

The obvious attraction with this W114 coupe for me is, obviously the 5 speed manual transmission and the reliable M114 inline six. The obvious detraction is the price. I have never seen a W114 or W115 with an asking price of over $30,000, let alone over $40,000. Even considering the restoration and provenance, it just seems a bridge too far. Who knows, though. There may be a collector or museum out there who is looking for something along these exact lines and they’ll consider it a reasonable buy.


1982 BMW 345i Dietel Alpina Widebody

Editor’s note: Another encore performance car, we posted this one before shortly after it sold at Barrett Jackson Scotsdale. See the old write up here, https://germancarsforsaleblog.com/one-of-a-kind-1982-bmw-345i-dietelalpina/. ~Evan

Jon Voight got a bad rap for allegedly owning a Chrysler LeBaron on Seinfeld. It appears that Christopher Cross had better taste. Continuing on with the tuned BMW theme of late, here we have a very special Alpina E21, developed by Alpina’s US distributor, Dietel Enterprises.

The seller states:

You are bidding on a one-of-a-kind, 26,000 mile, 1982 BMW 345i Dietel/Alpina widebody (VIN # WBAAH310XC7454911). This special vehicle is well documented, and has a unique place in BMW/Alpina history. I have all of the documentation, which is organized in a custom made Alpina briefcase. I also have original copies of the magazines that this car has appeared in, which have been signed by Mike Dietel (Additionally I have two posters which have also been signed). The car is in very good condition, and I have not had any problems with it since I purchased it in January. Since I know you will ask, I am selling the car because I have purchased an Audi S5, and cannot afford to have both cars.

There are no problems that I am aware of, and the car looks and drives like you would expect of a 1980’s era car. I have listed, in detail, the history and specs on this car below. I have also copied the text from the 1984 Petersen Magazine article, which does a better job explaining the car than I could.

Car History

Dietel Enterprises was the sole Alpina distributor in the US during the 1980’s, and this particular car was specially built for popular singer Christopher Cross. Additionally, this car represents the final car built by Dietel Enterprises. Starting with a Euro spec 323, Dietel spent over $70,000 to create this unique 745i turbo powered E21.

Car Highlights

Magazine Appearances
1984 – Peterson’s Sports Car Graphic – Cover car 1984
2004 – Appeared in Roundel Magazine – July, 2004
2005 – Appeared in Total BMW Magazine – January, 2005

Special Features
– One off custom widebody fiberglass body work
– Chrome moly chassis reinforcements
– 3.3 liter 6-cylinder, KKK intercooled Turbo, Alpina adjustable boost
– 310 horsepower, 367 ft.lbs
– Euro 5 speed, 75% limited slip racing differential with special cooler, pump and filtration system
– 0-60 in 5.5 seconds, 0-100 in 14 seconds
– Fully adjustable Bilstein/Alpina coil over suspension
– Variable rate springs
– Adjustable custom strut rod and swivel drop link front sway bar system
– Adjustable rear sway bar
– M1 front brake rotors, with Lockheed Martin magnesium 4 piston calipers
– Vintage BBS 3 piece (restored) racing wheels
– Customized 6 series rear subframe
– Braided stainless lines throughout
– Full gauges
– Turbo heat shields and exhaust from cats back to large stainless steel Magna Flow mufflers with stainless steel chrome tips
– Very rare reconditioned Beige suede pigskin interior, ASS German seats

Vehicle Specs

BMW 345i
Vehicle Manufacturer BMW / Dietel Enterprises
Vehicle type: Front-engine, rear-drive, 4-passenger sedan
Curb Weight: 2,980 lbs
Price: $70,000 (est.)

Type: Inline 6-cylinder
Displacement (ci/cc): 3210/1958
Compression ratio: 7.5:1
Induction: L-Jetronic fuel injection
Valve gear: Singe overhead cam
Max. horsepower (SAE net): 310 hp @ 6000 rpm
Maximum torque (SAE net): 367 lbs/f ft @ 2600-4000 rpm
Redline: 6350 rpm
Emission control: Lambda sensor / 3-way catalytic converter
Fuel requirement: Unleaded premium

Transmission: Alpine close-ration 5-speed
Transmission ratios:
1st 3.42:1
2nd 2.07:1
3rd 1.47:1
4th 1.1.6:1
5th 1.00:1
Axle ratio: 3.07:1

Dimensions and Capacities
Wheelbase (in): 100
Length (in): 171
Width (in): 68
Height (in): 52.5
Track, F/R (in): 55/56.5
Minimum ground clearance (in): 4.6
Curb weight (lb): 2980
Weight distribution, F/R (%): 57/43
Oil capacity (qt): 6
Water capacity (qt): 11
Fuel capacity (gal): 13

Body and Frame
Chassis Unibody: Body Welded steel
Suspension: Front Independent, lower arms, strut/rod adjustable swaybar
Rear Independent (6-series), trailing arms, gas shocks, adjustable swaybar
Type: Power-assisted rack and pinion
Overall ratio: 21.2:1
Turns, lock-to-lock: 3.5
Turning radius (ft): 15.6

Front: 11.8-inch power-assisted vented disc
Rear: 10.5-inch power-assisted vented disc
Swept area (sq in): 473.88
Swept area per ton (sq in): 318.04

Wheels and Tires
Wheel type: 3-piece alloy
Wheel size (in): 15×9 front; 15×11 rear
Tire manufacturer & model: BFGoodrich Comp T/A
Tire construction & size: 225/50VR-15 front; 285/40VR-15 rear

0-30 (sec) 1.95
0-40 (sec) 3.00
0-50 (sec) 4.42
0-60 (sec) 5.50
0-70 (sec) 8.00
0-80 (sec) 10.02
Standing ¼-mile 13.75 sec @ 99.5 mph

Lateral acceleration (g): 0.85
Stopping Distances:
30-0 (ft/sec): 34/1.43
60-0 (ft/sec): 141/3.30

Fuel Economy
EPA estimate (mpg): N/A
Actual (mpg): 18 combined

Usually the first generation of a vehicle overshadows its successors, but the E21 3er is outshone by the legendary E30 3er that followed. This particular E21, however, has me looking at the first generation 3er in a whole new light. If you would run into this car on the street and happen to glance at it from the side, you might mistake it for a garden variety E21, especially with its sublime color. Look a little more closely, however, and it draws you in. That is, until it, it takes off and shows you those wide rear tires and dual exhaust.


1985 Volkswagen Transporter 2 door truck

For over 60 years, the Volkswagen Transporter has been famous for being a workhorse the world over. Recently, Volkswagen has abandoned efforts to market the Transporter in the United States, where it was known as the Vanagon and later the Eurovan. That is a shame because all we are left with is a poor effort at badge engineering by taking a Chrysler minivan and slapping a Volkswagen badge on it. When will manufacturers learn? The Transporter featured below is the seldom seen in the US truck version and has undergone an overhaul, complete with a Subaru 2.5 RS engine swap.

The seller states:

1985 VW Vanagon Single Cab Pickup Ground up “restosturbish” (part restore, part refurbish). 2.5L Subaru Impreza RS motor installed (6,200 miles on motor) Custom installed A/C. Rebuilt 4 speed transmission KEP stage 2 clutch. New CV joints, brakes, master cylinder and clutch slave. Dash has speedo and clock (no tach). Custom roll cage and driving lights modeled after VW Tristar. Custom all weather fabric pickup bed cover. Custom oak wood slats install on pickup bed. Modified vehicle interior out of Vanagon pasenger van. Vehicle driven 1,200 miles since restosturbish. Speedo mileage is not actual. Pickup will have genuine heavy duty VW Vanagon mudflaps installed prior to shipping.

I’ve seen truck versions of the Transporter sell for well into the $20,000 range, with some clean examples going for $30,000 and higher. While this isn’t an original example, I am intrigued by the Subaru engine and the reliability that would come along with it. Compact pickup trucks have recently been disappearing from the automotive landscape here in the US, and while this isn’t the smallest of trucks, this T3 sure makes for an interesting proposition and is one that would be durable enough to stand the test of time.


How many miles is too many? Audi Ur-Quattro for sale

In a meeting with a sports psychologist yesterday, he brought up the concept of “re-framing,” and how important it is to be resilient and positive. This can be challenging with cars, especially older European ones. When the list of things fixed starts taking up pages, it can test ones loyalty to their car. But then fixing it, helping it get healthy and last a little longer, can be extremely rewarding. So sure, 193k miles on a rare rally car may seem like a lot, and the “this this and this fixed, needs a little of this and that and the some more this” can be intimidating, but we can re-frame this situation: This is a really clean Ur-Quattro, progenitor of the box-fender, all-wheel drive and turbo madness, and it’s still running pretty strong. Each thing you inevitably fix on it is more of a donation to the Awesome Old German Car Foundation than the money pit.

The description is a bit dense, but if you feel like seeing the creeping signs of age in the attention needed, check out the link.

Despite my best efforts, I’m an optimist. I truly think owning and slowly improving this car would be more rewarding than frustrating. The exterior is truly gorgeous here; it’s begging for some attention in the interior and maybe a 20V swap down the line. Bid up to a reserve not-met at $4,550 at time of writing, if it stays below $7,000 I’m going to put this on the “good deal” list.


2001 M Coupe For Sale in Virginia

Update: 2.9.2011 From the comments the current owner is noting the care is now available again:

The care is available for sale again in California. Now has 33,500 miles. Time for me to pass it along to the next enthusiast. Always garaged, detailed, still excellent condition, stock suspension still available, Sirius/XM added, 4 additional rims mounted with Kumho Ecstas. $31,000. Contact me at tstiegler@cooley.com

Originally posted January 2009

The 2001 BMW M Coupe is the first year to get the fantastic S54 engine that’s shared with the e46 M3. This is the first one I’ve seen listed for sale below $25k.


quote from seller’s listing:

Sadly the coupe has to go. 2001 M Coupe, S54 Engine, 315 HP, Titanium Silver, Black and Red interior. 27,xxx miles, new Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3’s on stock wheels, DA Koni’s / TCKline Springs and Camber Plates, Strong Strut Front and Butt Strut, Rogue Engineering Rear Shock Mounts, Front Sway Bar, B&B Stainless Exhaust, Fosgate head unit with removable faceplate, Hawk HPS pads. Stock springs, struts and front sway bar included. Dealer maintained and serviced

27k miles and an asking of $24k? What could possibly be wrong with this car? I like all the modifications, but they do tend to devalue a car in the eyes of enthusiast buyers. And it also has that terrible two tone interior, red and black leather. But at this price, I’d consider it a bargain purchase and have the leather dyed!


2000 Audi RS4 Avant, 1 of 4 in the USA

I preface this entry by stating that my favorite estate vehicle of all time is the Audi RS2. This high performance version of the Audi 90 estate was built in the same factory as the legendary Mercedes-Benz W124 500E/E500 and had some tasty Porsche styling bits to compliment it’s 2.2 liter, 20 valve 5 cylinder turbo engine. As a follow up, Audi introduced the A4 based RS4 in 1999, but never imported this vehicle to the US. Or did they…..?

2000 Audi RS4 Avant on VW Vortex

The seller states:

I’m posting this for a very good client of mine. He had 3 of these brought into the United States in 2001 and they are all legit for the USA. It was hemogenized and has a full 17 digit VIN Number. I’ve personally sat in this car and driven it and it is unbelievable. He bought 3, sold off one back in 2001 and currently has two of them (his and hers). This vehicle has not been beaten on any whatsoever (couple are in their early 70’s) just true Audi enthusiasts. Vehicle holds a clean Colorado title and is located in Aspen, CO. Seriously enquires only please.

2000 Audi RS4 quatto advant (only made as avants)

Blue Exterior (I would assume Nogaro)
Black Recaro Leather
35,000 Miles

Manual Transmission

*Car is certified for US use by DOT and EPA. Accordingly, Germany only parts are available from Audi US. Colorado titled.*

Audi Factory Racing Department (RS) slotted rotors and calipers, Audi Factory Racing Department sport cat and exhaust system, remote escort radar/laser detector, hood bra, Audi bright leveling headlights, new updated Audi Factory Boge shocks, sport/racing seat belt harness system, newly replaced factory Bose speakers, XM radio installed and ECU factory Audi Racing Department remapped for 91 octane gasoline. Germany 98 octane. $3,500 remapping essential, according to Factory Audi Racing Department, to eliminate detonation.

Purchased the vehicle in Germany with 2300 miles

No accidents

Title not salvage

Two keys

Never smoked it

Service records available

Brand new tires on stock RS4 wheels and brand new Blizzaks on a secondary set of wheels.
Vehicle is being offered at $49,000. Again, serious enquires only please. This vehicle was owned the right way and I am doing this as a favor for a client!

As much as I like this RS4, the $49,000 asking price is too high in my opinion, even if a value on such a rare car is hard to place. At this price point, I simply couldn’t drive this car in good conscience on a regular basis. If it were about $15,000 cheaper, this would be a seriously tempting piece. One thing is certain though, the cool factor for this car is off the charts and you’ll never see yourself coming and going on the street, unless RS4 clones suddenly become all the rage.


2003 MINI Cooper S, Original Owner, 37k Miles

OK, so it may be half German, but BMW had enough influence in the design of the new MINI in 2002 that I thought it wouldn’t hurt to include one, as it has been almost a year since we featured one here on GCFSB. Here we have an early example of the Cooper S with low miles being sold by its original owner.

The seller states:

I and the car are located in Seattle. I am the private owner and I have the clear title in my hand.

Here are the Carfax details (you will get a copy)

VIN: WMWRE33463TD62474
1.6L L4 FI DOHC 16V

No accident / damage reported to CARFAX

I am the private owner of this very low miles Mini Cooper S. It has 37,400 miles and comes with an after market Borla exhaust and K&N airfilter. The car has new brakes, brand new tires and a fully documented, paid check up inspection from a local Mini specialist. Mechanically, the car is perfect. I suspect it is one of the lower mileage 2003 Mini’s in the area. Car is black with dark grey interior. Fully loaded options to include iPhone jack and sunroof. However, no nav. Clean car fax. This has been our driver for the last few years. Never a problem. A very special low miles MINI S.

More pics:


Based on the year and mileage, it’s fair to say this example will probably sell in the $12k to $14k range. For those following this board, you might have seen my Mercedes-Benz C230 up for sale. I sold it to a close friend last week and purchased a 2006 Cooper S with the 6 speed manual for just a little over $15k. I’ve owned an E30 BMW 325is, two Volkswagen GTIs with the 2.0 engine and two Mercedes-Benz C230 sedans (a W202 and W203). This Cooper S is hands down my favorite car I have ever owned. It’s small without being cartoonish, the supercharged and intercooled engine provides effortless power in every gear and the handling is beyond reproach. I’ve bonded with this car in a way I never did with my last Mercedes. This much is certain, I won’t be letting the mighty Cooper S out of my grasp anytime soon. Hopefully this particular MINI featured here finds a good home.


1990 Mercedes Koenig Specials 560SEC Widebody

Koenig Specials started tuning Mercedes in 1984. They did work on Ferrari and Porsche as well and in most cases the finished project was significantly wider than it started. For Benzs K.S. offered supercharged and twin turbo variants. Customers were able to ask for pretty much anything they wanted. The trade mark though is those monster flares with tires as wide as they are tall, this one features 335/35/17 tires out back.

There is not a lot of description here, but the pictures do speak for themselves. The car has 33,000 miles. It would be great if it came with provenance/ownership history. Sometimes with cars like these it is hard to know what is stock and what isn’t underneath the obvious.

The interior has been totally customized with everything from a TV to a trunk mounted DVD an VHS player and lots of extra wood. 5 point harness and stylized Koenig gauges go along with the period cell phone.

The looks of Koenig cars can be polarizing, I for one like the monochromatic scheme in something other than white. No one can argue the exclusiveness of these nor their outrageous cost when new. Lots of bidding has this one up to $28,000 with the reserve not met or about quadruple what a decent standard 560SEC will cost you.


1985 Merkur XR4Ti WRC Replica

Rallying has always fascinated me. In my opinion, it could very well be the most demanding of motorsports. It has also brought us some of the most legendary sporting cars to hit the streets, including the Audi Quattro, Lancia Delta Integrale and Renault R5 Turbo. A lesser known example to hit the circuit was the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth driven by Didier Auriol in 1988. An enthusiast in Canada has a replica of this very race car for sale, albeit based on the North American Merkur version of the Sierra.

The seller states:

1985 Merkur XR4Ti, 2.3lt Turbo 300+ HP, 5 Speed, Quaif LSD and much more. Replica of Didier Auriol’s WRC winning Panach Sierra Cosworth in ’88 Tour De Corse. Street legal & passes Ontario E-testing and safety inspections. Car was built to 2006 CARS rally regulations. Minimal upgrades to bring up to current rules.
This car ran in the ’07 & ’08 Targa Newfoundland tarmac Rally in Open Class. Car is amzingly fast and an absolute blast to drive and could be even faster and finish higher with an experienced crew. Never crashed or wrecked.

Car is highly modified. Car was featured in the January 2010 Performance Ford Magazine and been shown at the All Ford Nationals in Carlisle many times. This car can easily be configured to run gravel with only a few minor changes and it fits in the Group 5 class, Max Attack as well as the Classic division. This would be an excellent car to campain for the 2WD championship. Car comes with many many extra parts, 8 tires (Michelin Asphalt), 20 wheels, spare body pannels&glass, mechanical components, trans, diffs etc. Never been wrecked or crashed. Car has less than 3,000 miles on it since it was built!


-Ford 2.3 lt Lima turbo block .020” overbore, balanced and knife edge crank, shotpeened con-rods, Sealed Power coated pistons, compression lowered to 7.5:1, modified oiling system with external cooler, ARP hardware throughout, Esslinger aluminum flywheel.

-Cast iron head, extensively ported with larger valves, Ford Motorsport A237 roller camshaft, Race Engineering adjustable cam gear, custom made engine mounts.

-SC50 T3/T04e Turbo, ATR downpipe with Tial external wastegate, full 3” front to rear exhaust with catalytic converter in place, Turbosmart dual stage boost controller, Turbosmart Supersonic blow-off valve, RS500 style Intercooler, Custom C&R aluminum dual pass racing radiator w/dual fans, Custom made Phil Marshal intake manifold, Walboro 255 fuel pump, 42 lb/hr injectors, SDS programmable stand-a-lone engine management system from Western Motorsports with A/F ratio manual adjust & A/F readout with data logging, engine HP is estimated at around 300 @ 15 psi boost (low setting) and turbo is rated to 30 psi but never run at that level. Sorry no dyno sheet available as it was road tuned.

-Ford Ranger serpentine belt conversion for simplification and ease of obtaining replacement parts. Also allows for much better & larger alternator options.

-Mustang WorldClass T5 5-speed trans, Goldstar 4 puck racing clutch, MGW racing shifter, 1 piece HD Mustang driveshaft, David Godfrey billet aluminum clutch quadrant and manual clutch adjuster.

-7.5” XR4Ti/Sierra diff with 3.64:1 gear on a Quaif LSD, MC2 HD poly diff mount, Powerflex Polly bushed throughout.

-Rear disk brake conversion using Thunderbird Turbocoupe cross drilled rotors & Calipers, front Mustang PBR 2 pot brake conversion with Contour SVT cross drilled & grooved rotors, EBC Red-Stuff pads all around, David Godfrey master cylinder adapter with a Thunderbird master cylinder, Willwood manual bias valve mounted to the hydraulic handbrake, hydraulic handbrake from Demon Tweeks.

-Front Leda coilovers with 500 lb springs, rear Gaz shocks with 750 lb inboard springs.

-Larger Ford Sierra Cosworth swaybars f&r

-Custom David Godfrey front strut bar with Caster/Camber adjuster plates

-Fiberglass body kit from MC Rally (mostly RS but RS500 wings)

-8xFactory Ford 16×7.5 RS wheels with 8xMichelin PilotSport Cup tires (4 used, 4 new), also 12×15” Mustang 10 hole rims for mounting of Gravel tires.

-Custom made skid plate with copies of original Ford 909 WRC cross member & front tow hooks

-1x Sparco Rev Racing FIA Cert seat, 2xSchroth 6 point harnesses good to end of 2010, Sparco quick release steering wheel, Custom instrument cluster with all Autometer gauges (tach, speedo, fuel, coolant temp, oil temp, exhaust temp, oil pressure, boost, voltage), Terratrip 303+ Rally computer with remote display & reset

-Terraphone Intercom system + 2 TerraPhone practice headsets, wired for 2-way radio with Motorola antenna mount on roof, video camera mount, Custom roll cage by CSC Racing in Newmarket- Ontario (will need 1 additional roof cross brace added to comply with latest rules), Sparco co-driver foot rest, 2 Fire Extinguishers, Triangle kit and more.

-Euro Ford Sierra headlights, fog lights all relayed. Panel switches for auxiliary lights . Air horns with additional co-driver foot switch. Moroso battery box mounted in rear seat area with new sealed Optima Yellow Top batter, battery kill switch in dash & labeled. 3 or 4 sets of vehicle keys.

-Many boxes of spare parts, engine parts, f&r subframes, body parts (doors, hood), diffs, , Factory shop manuals, and much much more included with car.

The seller states the vehicle was appraised at $35,000, so I’d guess the reserve is north of $20,000. Race cars are never an easy sell, but given this vehicle is street legal, it may just fit the bill for a certain buyer. It certainly is a nice tribute to an important part of WRC history, and would make a great conversation piece for vintage race events.