Party Like It’s 1989 Week: 1989 Audi Quattro

It’s hard to remember that there was a time before the M3 and the 944, but before they rocked their flares into the collective consciousness of every school aged and school aged-acting boy there was the Quattro. For as the 944 brought Le Mans development and the M3 brought Touring Car development to the street, the Quattro was born in the fire-breathing World Rally Championship. The technology that filtered down created a extremely competent GT car; it wasn’t the fastest around a given corner, it wasn’t the fastest in a straight line, but it would be the fastest all year long. By 1989, though, the B2 chassis had been retired in favor of the new B3 – complete with a new Coupe. But Audi didn’t retire the Quattro without a bit of fanfare just yet; for 1989 the car was upgraded with a development of the Group B Sport Quattro motor now sporting 20 valves and electronic fuel injection. The motor is now as legendary as the car, and the combination of the two created perhaps the best all-around GT car of the 1980s; the “RR” Quattro.

A veritable highlight show of the line, the last of the run 1989-1991 Quattros featured the 20V motor, the chunky looks and box flares of the original covering the best 8″ wheels (okay, the Sport got 9″ wheels made from unobtanium), better suspension, ABS, smarter-on-the-road Torsen center differential, painted body color spoilers and the flush-mounted H1/H4 lights, new better steering wheel, the revised later dashboard – and of course, the best digital dashboard. What did all of this make? Arguably, the best Quattro, of course!

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Year: 1989
Model: Quattro
Engine: 2.2 liter turbocharged inline-5
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 280,000 km (173,983 mi)
Price: E. 44,444 ($60,719 today)

2226 cc
Number of Seats:
Number of doors :
2/3 doors
Fuel Consumption . comb. :
about 9.3 l/100 km
Emission class:
Number of owners :
part leather
Interior Color :

interior decoration

board computer
electric windows
Air conditioning (air conditioning )
Power Steering
Heated seats
Sport seats
Tuner / radio

outside amenities

Alloy wheels
Sports suspension


Non smoking vehicle
Maintenance Guide

Safety & Environment

all-wheel drive
electric windows
Fog lights

vehicle description

Quattro 20v , 2 owner, Full service history and documentation of body are restored and painted, many new parts used (photo CD on request) , rims newly painted, new Dunlop tires. Interior is original and still beautiful. The engine runs well , belt at 230,000 Km renewed in 2007 , new spark plugs. Car is in the Netherlands, near border, near Nijmegen .

These RR Quattros are pretty coveted in original form, but even I have a seriously hard time justifying the price of these cars currently. At anywhere from $40,000 to the over $60,000 asking price of this particular model, only the Sport and factory racers are valued higher. Many fans have taken the opportunity to replicate this car that was never imported to the U.S.; most recently we featured a near copycat 20V-swapped Quattro. Sure, some details are slightly different but overall most of the replicas are pretty true to the original. However, if you want the ultimate non-Sport Quattro to drive from the factory, the RR is the way to go, and you’ll pay M3 and 190E Evo money to get one. To the right person, that won’t matter; but I’d save half my money and buy the just as nice replica, change the lights and a few other odds and ends and have a lovely recreation of this – the best all-around Quattro ever made.


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  1. There is one on mobile with asking price of 80k Euro. That’s over $100k US.

  2. Post 1988 most of the panels were galvanized; a replica based on a US car would be 1986 or earlier. That fact alone makes this car worth more than a replica based on a US car.

  3. Miles, not sure where you got the info, however only the mainstream Audis had galvanised panels (100/200 and 80/90), the Ur-Quattro remained zinc free. Unfortunately.

    Hope this helps

  4. Martin
    I have been told that the later European 20 valve cars were at least partially galvanized by my mechanic – who is an ur quattro fanatic (who has put 20 valve engines into a number of US coupes).. After reading your post a few minutes ago google quickly produced the following:

  5. Sorry Miles but that is a myth busted by people in UK who’s cars rust quicker than any other in mainland Europe because of the weather conditions.
    I’ve also had few 20v body parts for one of my 20v turbo conversions and I can tell you, they were not galvanised.
    The article you sited was most likely written by someone who used the internet for their research and simply perpetuated the misconception.
    I’ve been around Ur-Quattro for 20 years and have all of the factory documentation including press releases, spec sheets and detailed workshop manuals for all years (something even dealers don’t). None of it mentions anything about them having been galvanised or having galvanised panels.
    Hope this helps.

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