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Roll the Dice? “1973” BMW 2002 Turbo

Most of our ‘Roll the Dice’ series involve cheap asking prices, needy restoration candidates, or oddball cars that are great values. This is not one of those.

The BMW 2002 is a legendary giant killer, and the predecessor of the market darling M3. Introduced before the M1 and 3.0CSL, BMW’s Motorsport division designed and modified the E10-based model to such an extent that it received its own model code – E20. A KKK turbocharger was fit to the M10 2.0 inline-4, generating 8 lbs. of boost at 3,500 rpm and a screaming 170 horsepower. Only available in two colors, the expensive ($6,600 list price in 1974) 2002 Turbo sold in scant numbers – a total of 1,672 were produced. And since all things special BMW are highly prized in today’s market, you can bet that when 2002 Turbos come to market, those in the know take notice.

So, how is this one a ‘Roll of the Dice’?

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Year: “1973”
Model: 2002 Turbo
Engine: 2.0 liter turbocharged inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 65,500 mi
Price: Reserve Auction

This 1973 BMW 2002 Turbo . It is equipped with a 5 Speed Manual transmission. The vehicle is Silver with a Black interior.
– 1974 BMW 2002 Turbo A Bavarian Masterpiece
This is the ideal driver’s car with proper cosmetics displaying an attractive patina. The interior is believed to be original while the exterior paint is an older re-paint in the original color. Remarkably the underside is very nicely detailed and solid and the engine compartment is nicely detailed and correct.

Well, several things strike me as odd – not least of which is the claimed production model year. All production 2002 Turbos were made between 1974 and 1975 model years, and the seller lists several times “1973”, but then also 1974. There were a few (12) pre-production turbos produced for 1973, but it seems quite unlikely that this would be one of those (especially with no mention of the pre-production status). The rest of the car appears to have the correct items for a 2002 Turbo, but the later build is reinforced by the lack of “obrut” decals on the front – they were only available correctly on early examples. However, one of the few details the seller offers is that the car was resprayed in what appears to the correct original 060 Polaris Metallic. It’s possible that the decals are replacements.

The second odd item really comes down to the seller’s complete lack of information. The photos are very pretty, but offer little substantive detail. We don’t know the chassis number. The description includes only conflicting information and generalities. That’s strange, because if the ad is to be believed, the car has two notable and rare options; the 13″ Campagnolo alloys (which are not mentioned) and the 5-speed manual option (which is, but only in passing). Although a shot of under the car is provided, no engine bay shots are disclosed, nor any pictures of rust-prone areas on the 2002 chassis. It does look like the suspension is newer from the undercarriage shot, though.

Obviously, such a rare car has some sellers who either know more about this particular chassis or are willing to overlook these items. Bidding has so far hit $45,000 with the reserve still on. Since, if the car’s history and condition pan out, it’s worth easily double that amount or more, there’s likely a long way to go before the reserve is broken. But, in my view the seller could do themselves quite a few more favors in disclosing more information and would likely get more bids as a result.