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RS-spec: 1995 Audi S2 Avant

While in the U.S. the S6 Avant got all of the Audi accolades in 1995, in Europe several fast Audi wagons had been offered for some time. First of the new 20 valve turbo generation was the 200 Avant, just like in the U.S.; after that, though, the lines diverged. With the start of the C4, Audi offered the S4 in two configurations, sedan which was shared with the U.S. market, and Avant form which never came here. Additionally, there were two engine configurations; you could also get the 4.2 V8 and a 6-speed manual in your S4. When it came to the renamed S6, Audi upped those options with the addition of an automatic and the hotter “S6 Plus” version of the V8 wagon. But there was also another wagon available; the B4 based S2 Avant. The S2 came in three variants; the Coupe which many are familiar with, the quite rare sedan version, and the slightly less familiar Avant which didn’t come to the U.S.. I say slightly less familiar, because the S2 Avant was the notable base for one of the greatest wagons the world has ever seen – the iconic Porsche-built RS2. The RS2 was a fitting replacement for the equally iconic Sport Quattro, but the RS2 offered better road manners, more versatility and if anything was a bit quicker overall. It should be no surprise that, like the Sport Quattro, the limited run RS2 spawned a series of imitators who mimicked everything from the motor to the outside styling:

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Year: 1995
Model: S2
Engine: 2.2 liter turbocharged inline-5
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 65,520 mi
Price: GBP 7,495 Buy It Now ($11,066 Today)

am selling my recently acquired Audi RS/S2 Avant. I have negotiated a deal on an RS4 I have had my eye on for a long time so this is now available.
A quick Bullet point run down of the cars spec:
– 1995 M registration Audi s2 Avant
– ABY engine 2.2 5 Cylinder Turbo I5
– Ragussa Green
– 65502 miles
– 2 Owners
– MOT October 2015
– Full RS2 cosmetic conversion consisting
– Full RS2 brake conversion front and rear
– Genuine RS2 Alloys
– Recaro front bucket seats
– RS2 Exhaust Manifold
– RS2 Crossmember and Intercooler
– Cambelt changed last year at 64401 miles

Now for some details about the vehicles back ground. In 1999 the vehicle was involved in an accident and was written off as a cat d. At this point the vehicle was taken to a well renowned body shop and repaired at a cost of £3000. The owner at the time sourced a number of genuine RS2 items which included, RS2 front grill, RS2 front and rear bumpers, RS2 door mirrors, RS2 rear reflectors and lights, genuine rs2/Porsche front fog lights. All these items were professionally prepared, fitted to the vehicle and then painted. Whilst this was being done the engine was removed and sent to dialynx where Aelred Smith worked on the car adding a number of RS2 items namely exhaust manifold, front cross member and intercooler. On top of this an Rs2 oil cooler was also fitted.
Once complete the car was meticulously pieced together adding the final touches of the genuine Porsche/Audi RS2 brakes front and rear and the Genuine Audi RS2 Alloys. With all the work complete this looks exactly like an RS2.
Once it was sold to the second owner of the vehicle he continued to maintain it to the highest standard with receipts to prove culminating in the cambelt being changed last year in may 2014 and around 1k miles ago.
Now to be honest here is why I’m selling. The car is not quick enough. In my opinion the car needs the engine upgrading to Full RS2 spec to go with the looks. Secondly the despite a number of receipts there is no service book unfortunately.
Despite the faults this is an extremely clean Audi S2 avant. The bodywork is in fantastic condition despite it’s age and visually is stunning to look at. If you do have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact by email or text me on 07969828188

To me, it’s always a bit disappointing to see these conversions. Much like a real Quattro cut up to make a Sport conversion, something is lost in the process, and in this case it was an original S2. While I realize I’m in the minority of people who think this, I actually prefer the look of the S2 to the RS2. Now, that said; this one is pretty well done, and it was performed to save a crashed chassis. Does that make it better? That’s hard to say; it looks the part, but I wonder why after going through so much work it was then sold. Items like the original RS brakes, body pieces and Cup 1 alloys aren’t cheap to come by. It’s a bit odd, too, that the engine-out respray didn’t include more engine upgrades to match the factory RS2 pieces that were added. That leaves the next owner the opportunity to complete the package with RS2 spec engine bits or to go even farther. Also odd is that in the process of the conversion and respray, the builder left the original Ragussa Green Metallic color – that part, at least, I appreciate, because Ragussa is a great color. The seat choice is a bit odd to me, but they’re probably pretty comfortable. All in all, this is a clean chassis with lower miles, a nice conversion and a lot of potential. If you’re willing to overlook the salvage title and live in Canada, it could be a fun car to import and play pretend RS for an amount significantly less than most real RSs come to market for.


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  1. Jameson Gabriel
    Jameson Gabriel May 16, 2015

    If it didnt cost so much to ship to the US i would most def be interested. Ive been looking for s2 avants and 80 avants for some time now. This one is dope. I agree that i like the S2 better then the RS2 conversion in some ways, but the real deal RS2s are hard to beat.

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