2000 BMW 528i Touring

As each year passes, the list of performance estates offered here in the US dwindles. Audi pulled the plug on their A4 and A6 Avants recently and BMW no longer sells their 5 series Touring here. That mantle has been taken over by the aesthetically challenged 5 series Gran Turismo. Volkswagen still offers the Jetta Sportwagon, but the Passat Wagon is conspicuously absent from the current lineup. Mercedes still sells their venerable E class wagon here, and even offer up the E63 AMG Wagon at a shade under $100,000 for the power hungry. If we dial back about a decade or so, the selection of sporty estates was a bit more vast, and one of my favorites was the BMW 5 Series Touring. Offered with the 2.8 liter inline six or a 4.0 liter V8, the six cylinder version was the only one to offer buyers the chance to row their own gears. This 528i Touring for sale in New York is one of those Tourings so equipped.

2000 BMW 528i Touring on BMW Car Club of America Classifieds

Sport & premium packages, short-shift kit (545), new brake pads, all fluids flushed, third owner, over nine years of records, mechanically solid, great body, great interior, only minor wear on driver’s-side bolster, well cared for, daily driver.

The price on this one is a bit optimistic, somewhere between $6,500 to $8,000 is probably more like it. A more comprehensive description with regards to the car’s history and service records would have gone a long way towards assuring potential owners as well as possibly securing a bit more on the sale price. Still, it’s nice to see a few of these three pedal Tourings are still out there which haven’t been completely worn out. For the SUV averse, it’s a breath of fresh air.


2000 BMW E46 M3 GT Ex – ALMS racer

2000 BMW E46 M3 GT Ex – ALMS racer on eBay

BMW AG Motorsport ALMS car # 003 is up for sale and comes race ready with a fresh spare engine.

This ex Tommy Milner PTG Racing car is a chance for a turnkey factory BMW racer.

This M3 currently has a 450 horsepower P50B32 stroked to 3.4 liters by PTG. Power is routed through a 6 speed sequential racing gearbox.

Also included with the car is a brand new factory P54B32 3.2 liter good for 420 horsepower. The seller, Scottsdale Motorsport also says they can upgrade the car to a  P65B44 V8 with 530 horsepower if you so desired.

These factory cars are pretty sweet because they are purpose built, engines included. These inline six models were the predecessors to the E46 V8 powered GTR racers.

The car is pretty rare. Unfortunately the pricing puts it out of reach for many, the ask price is $348,000. You can go racing in an E46 M3 for a lot less than that, but you aren’t going to have a car so well setup or the genuine BMW, real deal, race engine. The seller says they will knock $69,000 off the price if you decide you don’t want the brand new spare engine. That gives you an idea of the level of race car you are dealing with. ALMS level competitive cars aren’t your backyard mechanic stripped down used E46 M3 with an exhaust tacked on.

Though the car isn’t that new, heck it is eligible for some historic racing, I suspect that for this type of car a new owner would want to put it through some pretty competitive racing. If historic racing is your thing feel free to bring this over to Watkins Glen for one of the events, I’m willing to help a new owner take it around the track. : )

2000 BMW E46 M3 GT Ex – ALMS racer on eBay

The seller has recent video of the car starting up and I’m sure you can find older video of it at speed.


2000 BMW 323i Touring

Welcome to the latest installment of “Cars that Should Have Been Built, But Never Were.” Today we have the BMW “M3” Touring.

It’s one of the more ironic trends in the US auto market in recent years. Wagons are on the rise in popularity, yet manufacturers are discontinuing all of the cool ones. Wagons like the S4 Avant and the V70R Estate that appealed to enthusiasts have been phased out, in favor of 4 cylinder, automatic boredom machines, leaving enthusiasts to take matters in to their own hands.

That’s exactly what the owner of this 323iT did. By combining the best of BMW wagons with later model M3 components, it has gone from a 170bhp family hauler to a 333bhp ass hauler. With all of the right M3 parts to make this car more than just an engine swap, the owner has overlooked nothing in the completeness of this transformation.

For wagon enthusiasts and performance car lovers a like, this clean modified 323iT for sale in Chicago, IL represents the best of both worlds.

2000 BMW 323i Touring on Autotrader.com


Have you ever dreamed of owning a BMW wagon with all the performance of an M3? If so then this is the car for you! This 2000 BMW 323it has been fully and seamlessly converted into an M3 to create the ultimate in utility and performance. Lots of time, money, and dedication were put into ensuring that no shortcuts were taken, and it shows! The body of this car has about 130,000 miles on, but don’t let the high miles worry you. Every bit of the drivetrain on this car was swapped from a 2004 M3 coupe with 55,000 miles including: 3.2L 333 hp Inline 6 engine, 6-Speed manual transmission, Full rear end (including subframe, differential and axles), Brakes/Suspension (control arms, trailing arms, links, etc.), Gauge cluster that reflects the actual drivetrain mileage, Steering wheel, Exhaust, Trunk floor sectioned in (along with mobility kit), all welds seam-sealed, HVAC/Air conditioning/Cruise control/all electrical functions work as intended.

The car has also received some factory BMW (non-M3) and aftermarket upgrades. The front fenders/hood/headlights were converted to the 2002+ facelift parts, and brought with the addition of bi-xenon headlights. The front bumper and mirrors are M3 style, and the rest of the car still maintains all original paint in great condition. The interior features trim from the ZHP model 3 series and a Whalen Shift Machine stainless steel shift knob. Currently, the car sits on FK coilover suspension and 17′ Fikse FM10 wheels. This one-of-a-kind wagon is wolf in sheep’s clothing, but still turns heads with its good looks.

This car really speaks to my inner wagon geek, as it has almost everything I’d want in a wagon (minus AWD). There is no doubt that this car was someone’s labor of love, and it shows in the attention to detail. From the driveline to the interior, this is truly a car that BMW could have built.

Like I said, I love this car and the concept behind it, but in order for me to shell out that sort of money for something like this, I’d have to go over it with a fine toothed comb, as almost everything on this car has been gone through and modified. While that sounds good, the workmanship would need to be top notch in order to command the top dollar that this car is.

When it comes to putting a price tag on something like this, it ultimately comes down to what someone is willing to pay. This car is priced right up there with the 2004 M3 from which many of its parts came from, but at the end of the day, it’s just a modified 323iT, so where should the pricing fall? With a clean 2000 323iT priced just shy of $10,000, and a 2004 M3 going for $22,000, I’d think a fair value for this car to be somewhere in the $16,000 to $17,000 arena.


2000 BMW M5

A decade on, the E39 BMW M5 is still one of the most revered sports sedans to ever turn a wheel. With its 400 horsepower V8 and 6 speed manual transmission, this was a car designed to get you there in a hurry. Values on E39 M5s have fallen to a point where enthusiasts of more modest means can sample the greatness BMW offered at the turn of the century. This M5 for sale in Texas has been maintained to a high standard and has me itching to move back into a Bimmer in the near future.

2000 BMW M5 on eBay

2000 BMW M5 sports sedan, 59k miles, 6-speed manual, Titanium Silver w/ Black leather. Equipped w/ Navigation, sport seats, heated seats, Alcantara headliner, moonroof, etc. Nicest one around. This car has had its Maintenance II service done and recent oil/inspection service just 200 miles ago at the local BMW dealer. All service history from BMW and car is absolutely stunning. Also has a set of newer Michelin Pilot sports and the fit and finish of the alloy wheels impeccable (see pics). All lenses and dash gauges clear and crisp and the car still retains the factory BMW leather smell. Wood not dry or faded and all pixels in excellent shape. It is a nonsmoker and stays in the garage at all times. The car looks virtually new and you must see to believe it.

If you are tired of looking at average M5’s come take a look as it maybe the nicest one in existence. I have all the books, manuals, receipts, brochures, extra keys, original M5 floor mats, full spare w/ extra wheel and tools. This is destined to be a collector piece of BMW history and the compliments it receives from gawkers are endless. I have a clear, clean Texas title in my possession and has been serviced by a factory, authorized dealer. There are no stories w/ the car and it has not been modified or abused. It was sold to me on trade of a Ferrari I just delivered. Owned by a mature gentleman, BMW club member and very picky driver. No food or drink allowed inside and always kept pristine. Asking price of $22.9k.

Clean M5s with under 75,000 miles tend to hover right around the $20,000 mark these days, give or take. There’s a lot to like about this car, such as the full history, factory authorized servicing and ownership by a BMW club member. I’d say given the careful ownership, the asking price isn’t way off the mark.


749whp 2000 Audi A4 Avant

Last week, I posted an E63 AMG wagon, and while it’s an amazing grocery getter, it pales in comparison to this car on basically every front. Needless to say this is not your grandma’s grocery getter, the owner of this mind blowing A4 has spared no expense in making this one of the fastest, if not the fastest A4 Avant in the states.

Starting with a VR6 swap from a VW, and redoing…well…just about everything, this 749whp monster is the definition of sleeper.

749whp 2000 Audi A4 Avant on Audizine.com

I am putting for sale my 2000 B5 Avant with a VR6 swap. I don’t need to sell this car at the moment, so please don’t kick tires if you’re not serious. Also, if you’re gonna get sassy, save it. It would not be possible to replicate this car for the price. I know what I have into it, and I know it is way way more than the asking price. Currently located in Buffalo, NY. The car is originally from Virginia (lived there until this past October) and has never seen a Buffalo winter. Let me be clear with that up front. The underside of this car is rust free.

I’ve been piecing this car together over the past few years, and it has been through a number of renditions/setups. This setup makes almost 300WHP more than it did last year. I recently dyno’d at Innovative Tuning in April/May and made 794WHP at only 32psi. This turbo setup can be pushed into the low-40psi range as shown by a few drag VR6 cars around the US.  As it sits I ran a 10.9@ 137-138mph in the ¼-mile with me driving. If you’re a better driver, you will go faster. I am just a crappy drag racer, and also got booted from the track for not having a cage. It runs a 2.07 FATS time, which isn’t in this cars powerband at all. It runs these times with full interior, as it is driven on the street and on street tires. 3700lbs of fury. The car runs and drives like a stock car would, within reason. I say within reason because it has firm mounts etc so you do feel the engine, but its not overbearing at all.  

It cold starts just fine, and you can drive away as soon as you fire it up in the morning. There is no need to wait for it to warm up etc. Thought I suggest not pinning the throttle until oil temps come up, for obvious reasons. The exterior of the car is not perfect. It’s a “15-foot” car, not a show car. It still looks really good, but it does have flaws. However, a good paint restoration would go a long way in improving it. There are 2 small door dents on the passenger side, and 2 dents in the hood. Also, the drivers door has slight bubbling paint in one area that was there when I got the car. It has not spread at all, but you can pick up a new door for about $50 if it bothers you. Comes with High boost E85(32psi), Low Boost E85(22psi), and 93 octane maps. The 93 octane map isn’t for making power, it’s in case you find yourself unable to fill up with e85 in an emergency. Car can be re-tuned for C16/Q16 etc as you see fit, also. Has Launch Control, full electronic boost control with failsafes for overboost, IAT failsafe, Coolant temp failsafe, cold start rev-limit failsafe, boost-by-gear, no-lift shift etc. All 100% configurable. I know I’m forgetting tons of stuff, and am missing tons of little things in the parts list but I will add as I think of it. If you have any questions about the car please feel free to ask. I do not care to answer questions such as “how did you do the swap?” etc. There’s more than enough documentation around to figure that out.

10.95@137 Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGwknEU5-Gs

794whp dyno pull Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6MmXpNeI_A

3rd Gear Highway Pull Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYJPhkPK4NM

Idling walk-around Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wGh_yUxYMg

AAA 12v VR6 Engine: Full Port and gasket matched Cylinder Head. Ports are very oversized the entire length of the port Ferrea 1mm Super Alloy Intake and Exhaust Valves w/opened up valve seats Schrick 268 Cams Dual HD Valve Springs Brand new lightweight lifter set Integrated Engineering Tuscan Rifle-drilled Rods w/ARP Rod Bolts JE 9:1 82mm Forged Pistons ARP Main Studs ARP Head Studs ACL Race Bearings All new Seals Billet Crack Pipe Custom Coolant lines Custom AC Lines (AC works) External Oil Cooler Turbo Setup: Precision Ball-Bearing Billet 6766 T4 turbo Kinetic Exhaust manifold Tial 44mm Wastegate 3.5” 304 Stainless Tig Welded downpipe 3” 304 Stainless Tig Welded Exhaust w/2 Magnaflow straight-through mufflers Treadstone TR-10 intercooler w/custom piping Tial Q Blow off Valve 4” Intake w/Filter Drivetrain: S4 01E 6-speed transmission S4 rear differential, axles and driveshaft ClutchMasters FX850 Twin-disc clutch w/aluminum Flywheel USP Braided stainless clutch line with ClutchMasters FCV200 Flow Control Valve Stern Engine Mounts Stern Transmission Mounts AWE DTS Bar A8 Brake Upgrade w/ slotted rotors Koni Coilovers Brand new Front control arms 034 Billet Rear Diff Carrier Rota Grid 18×9.5 ET 20 38 Falken Azenis RT-615k 225x40x18 Tires Comes with: Spare S4 differential, Spare Axles for all 4 corners Fuel: Dual Bosch 044 Fuel Pumps Injector Dynamics 1600cc Injectors 034 VR6 billet fuel rail -8 Fuel Feed and -6 fuel return line Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator Swap parts: Custom Intake manifold w/75mm Mustang 5.0 Throttle Body Custom Engine Mounting Brackets (Keeps AC and Power Steering) OEM Transmission Adapter Plate OEM Longitudinal Oil Pan 034 Starter Ford Windstar OEM coilpack and Bosch 7-pin Ignition Module (Better Spark) Interior/Exterior: OEM RS4 Grill OEM RS4 Front Bumper w/Grills S4 Sideskirts RS4 interior door pulls MK5 GTI shift knob Dice iPod Converter

The most impressive thing about this car is that it didn’t come out of a high end race shop, rather it was built by an enthusiast in his garage using the best of the best parts, and a whole lot of know how, and a touch of imagination.

This is another one of those car that you just can’t put a price on, as a plain old 2000 Audi A4 Avant, this car is worth around $7000, add in the impressive parts list, and the $24,500 sale price is a bargain. It is practical, nope; would it make you giggle like a little girl on a regular basis, definitely.


Lower Mileage 2000 BMW 540 Wagon For Sale

It’s a wagon kind of week.  It took me some time to come around to the notion that the Germans do not make a very good SUV.  It’s not their fault, they really don’t want to, but the market demand in the states is just too lucrative to turn your back on.  Drive through any major, or not so major, metropolitan European city and you will find tons of touring wagons.  You may see the occasional SUV but this is the exception and not the rule.

Much of this may be due to gas prices and the tight confines these cars need to be wedged into.  The rest of it may be attributed to the fact that SUV’s are, well, kind of ugly.  I can’t remember the last time I saw one and said, “I gotta have that.”  It’s not that I have not tried, having owned a Touareg, XC90, Cayenne, and a X5 I figure I have tried more than most.  But I am over it, my next German family mover is going to be a German Wagon.  Something that looks a great deal like this.

2000 BMw 540 Wagon:

From the seller –

“I have worked in the automobile business in one form or another for over thirty years and this is one of or maybe the nicest 60,000 mile car I have ever seen. It is all original, unmolested, and as near new as any I have ever seen. The E39 BMW is held in the highest regard by BMW enthusiast and often referred to as the best 5series ever. Car and Driver call it the nearest to perfect automobile. This car handles with the agility of a 3series and the comfort of a 7series. One of the most satisfying cars you will  ever drive. Finding cars like this is my passion, driving it will be yours. This car is clean, fully serviced and ready to enjoy.”

Beautiful car, I would like to see some better pictures and some info on service history but… what can you do. I see lower mileage examples such as this knocking around the auctions but they are never running right and always seem to have unibody damage. Do your homework here buyers. I appreciate the seller’s enthusiasm for this wagon but the listing is a bit scant on details so be careful.

Almost $16k is a tough sale, regardless of condition. Something closer to $14k seems to be more accurate. I am guessing this auction is not going anywhere until the seller comes down in price a bit.


Daily Driver Special: 2000 Volkswagen GTI VR6 For Sale

Not every car on GCFSB can be rare, obscure, or exotic.  Sometimes there are just some out there that would make for a good everyday companion.

Case in point, this 2000 Volkswagen GTI VR6.  Looking back in the way way back machine I purchase one of the first MKIV VR6 GTI’s in the area.  I drove it right off the showroom floor and it stole my heart.  Before things started breaking I loved the rev happy engine and gobs of torque.  I have a couple friends that remember a spirited drive to the Oregon Coast and the GTI proved to be more than willing to provide many grins for all involved.

This example is not perfect but it is an exceptionally low mile example offered at no reserve.

2000 Volkswagen GTI VR6:

From the seller –

“Here we have a very low mileage 2000 Volkswagen Golf GTI GLX VR-6 with only 51,000 Original Miles! This golf runs and drives out excellent. It came in a trade in MASS and that is how we got it. The car runs and drives like new. The motor starts right up each time and it sounds solid with lots of power and torque. The clutch is perfect and it grabs strong. The outside shows some paint peeling of in the rear bumper/hatch. There is also some hail damage on the front hood and roof. The inside is very clean and well kept. Everything works as it should. The car has CD player, heated seats, sun-roof, leather seats, cruise etc. The tires are very good, I will also include another  4 tires with the car.  Over all a great running UNMOLESTED GTI VR6! We have a clean title. No check engine lights no warning lights no stories!”

Nice car, no reserve so it will go for nothing more than market.  It will need some PDR and the front and rear bumpers repainted.  Not sure why it is running on Nokian tires but if you are in a colder climate that is a nice selling point.

24 bids currently have it at $3.9k, I think at $5k this is a good value even with its faults.  There are tons of MKIV GTI’s out there with 130k out there so this low mileage example is a nice find.


1 Million Smackeroons: 2000 Mercedes CLK GTR Supersport For Sale

What on earth is this?

Well, it is a  Mercedes CLK GTR that was created for the FIA GT Championship series in 1997.  This is no grocery getter, it is a race car that is only made in road trim in order to meet homologation standards.

This one is number 17 or 25 cars produced.  This is not the sissy 6.9 liter V12 motor that produces 604 horsepower and has a top speed of 199 mph.  This Supersport has a 7.3 liter V12 and will go 234 mph.


2000 Mercedes CLK GTR:

From the seller –


VIN: WDB2973971Y000028

# 17 of 25 Clk GTRs made in the world, and it is 1 of

5 CLK GTR Super Sport built. USA street legal, federalized

on a Florida title. Mercedes-Benz-AMG 7.3 liter V12, 720

HP, 0-60 in 3.0 seconds, 0-100 in 5.2 seconds with a top

speed of 234 mph. Only 1,492 miles.”

Amazing car, speed costs money.  This car is plenty fast so if the $1 million dollar starting bid seems high, the reserve in the $1.7 million range may not be for you.

For that kind of money you could get a Carrera GT and a SLR and have money to spare.  But those cars are a dime a dozen compared to this race car.  I am not sure eBay is the audience the seller is looking for but I appreciate this dealer for bringing this car to light.




2000 BMW 528i Touring with 25,000 miles

We are all big fans of the BMW E39 M5 here at GCFSB, whether it’s the bottom rung 525i sedan or the sought after M5. While the M5 is the obvious choice, I’m partial to the Touring models, in part because I like 5 door vehicles and also because you don’t see them everyday. Finding any E39 with under 30,000 miles is a difficult task as time has marched on, and finding a Touring with that kind of mileage is even more tough. Well, here’s one with 25,000 miles on the clock for sale in Salt Lake City.

2000 BMW 528i Touring on eBay

2000 BMW 528iaT – wagon/touring with automatic transmission. Basically this is a new car. Near concours condition. I purchased this from the original owner at approximately 18k miles. It was stored in a heated garage and has seen only a handful of winter road condition drives. All records available. Regarding the price – book values and so forth don’t apply. The car is worth what interested parties wish pay. This is a nearly new 2000 BMW 5- Series luxury car for less than half of its original new price. To make it truely concours perfect (replace with OEM or repaint front bumper cover, minor door ding removal and a concours level detail job). I am not a motivated seller and only wish to sell this car if it affords me to purchase/own another car of interest to me on my list. I will consider trades or partial (plus or minus money) trades on the following BMW cars of which all must be in the same superb condition of this car – 128i, 135i, 1999-2002 Z3 M-Coupe, E30/E36/E46 M3, E46 M5, Z4 Coupe, Z4 M-Coupe, 2006 or later X3, MINI Clubman or Countryman and VW R32 MK4 or MK5.

The only thing that would sweeten the deal for me with this package is, you guessed it, a manual transmission. Thankfully, one could order that transmission in six cylinder Tourings in the US market. At almost $20,000, this is a lot of coin for an E39 Touring, no matter the mileage. One could buy an M5 for that price; even one that might not have that much more mileage than this Touring. If this car could be had for between $14,000 to $15,000, it would represent a good deal. These E39 Tourings are one of my favorite BMW models. It emerged from an era when BMW was at its best. After visiting the BMW stand at the Washington, DC Autoshow this week, I pine for the days of cleaner styling and fewer electronic gimmicks.


2000 E39 BMW M5 With 19k Miles For Sale

It must take some herculean self control to care for a E39 M5 with this sort of mileage.  It’s not as though you can hop in and take a spur of the moment spin to Vegas.  This is a garage queen through and through.  To the point where it even has forgone some of the common upgrades (screen, DVD nav, etc) in the spirit remaining 100% stock.

2000 E39 M5:

From the seller –

“This is one of the most gorgeous examples of the E39 M5 that you will likely ever see.  Shown in stunning jet black with the solid black leather interior, this garage queen has a mere 19,821 actual miles on the odometer.  Owned and lovingly maintained by several collectors over the years, no expense has been spared, no maintenance overlooked to keep this high performance automobile running at the high level that it was designed for.  Just within the past two years all fluids have been changed with OE factory specified products including transmission, differential, brakes, coolant and of course, engine oil.  Inspection II has already been performed, and all rubber parts including belts, hoses, weather stripping are either like new or have been replaced.  The car has a new set of Michelin tires installed in early 2011 and there are only minor imperfections in the wheels.  Difficult to see in the pictures is a professionally installed Passport SR1 remote radar detector, with sensors in the front and rear of the car and a discretely mounted display unit under the dash.  The common instrument panel pixel drop-out problem that so many E39s suffer from has been repaired with a lifetime warranty.  This car is 100% original and unmodified.  The E39 M5 is becoming more and more rare, and extremely low mileage examples like this are nearly impossible to find any more.

If you are shopping for an M5 you probably know all about the car and the plethora of standard features that come on this car including CD changer, navigation, ABS, side and head air bags, rear air bags, etc.  This car also has the factory shades.

The paint is excellent with some minor imperfections from rock chips and road debris, typical for a car with this mileage. The interior looks and smells like new with little to no visible wear, no odors or stains.  The car comes with both keys, all manuals, service records, and 2008 navigation disks.”

Beautiful car, the interior photos show just how well it has been cared for.  Some (not I) would say the $33.5k asking price is on the high side.  I am of the opinion that cars in this sort of condition should fetch this sort of price.  The seller is an enthusiast and active on the M5 Board, he knows fair market value for his vehicle.

Best of luck to the seller and an early congratulations to the lucky new owner of this beautiful M car.