2000 Porsche 911 Millennium Edition

I write up a lot of 911s and it’s pretty rare that I come across a model or edition I’ve never seen before, but that’s exactly what happened with this one. This is a 2000 Porsche 911 Millennium Edition, located in Chicago, with 50,150 miles on it. Never let it be said that Porsche can’t find a reason to release a special edition. Like many other such editions this 911 distinguishes itself from other 996 models through a variety of options and cosmetic enhancements. Those options definitely skew to the luxury side of the Porsche spectrum rather than the performance side as the Millennium Edition had pretty much every available option for the 911. Each was based on the Carrera 4 Coupe and they are pretty rare with only 911 total built.

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Year: 2000
Model: 911 Carrera 4
Engine: 3.4 liter flat-6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 50,150 mi
Price: $29,800 Buy It Now

2000 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Millennium Edition #879 Coupe

Violet Chromaflair Metallic Exterior over Millennium Natural +X99 Brown Leather Interior


MY2000 Special “Millennium” Package

Rear Center Console in Leather

Instrument Housing/Upper Panel in Leather

Leather Mid Air Vents Heat Control

Steering Column in Leather

3-Spoke Steering Wheel in Wood/Leather

Door Grip in Dark Wood/Leather

Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipes

Aluminum Instrument Dials

3.4 Liter 6 Cylinder Engine
-300 Horsepower-
-258 lb/ft of Torque-
RARE Millennium Package
Rear Wheel Drive
6-Speed Manual Transmission
18″ Alloy Wheels
Electric Sliding Roof w/Tilt
Speed Activated Rear Spoiler
Power Windows w/One Touch
Full Automatic Climate Control
Heatable Windshield Washer Nozzles
Power Heated Side Mirrors
Digital Sound Package
Headlights Washers
Rear Window Wiper
Litronic Headlights
Heated Front Seats
Cruise Control
Aluminum Instrument Dials
AM/FM Stereo
6-Disc CD Changer
Wood/Leather Steering Wheel

Extremely RARE #879!
Exceptional Condition Throughout!


I think the appeal for most interested buyers will be in the special Violet Chromaflair exterior and Natural Leather interior. Those make for a very interesting and unique combination and we can even see in these pictures the way the exterior paint shifts under various lighting conditions. I imagine the wood accents will be divisive as most people aren’t indifferent to such things on a 911: you either like the look or you hate it. For those who like it, those accents help to further separate these 911s from the pack and lend extra credence to the special edition moniker. This one has a set of non-standard wheels as the Millennium Edition came with chrome turbo twist wheels. Honestly, I like the wheels we see here a lot better, but there’s no word on the original wheels so interested buyers may want to inquire about them. The asking price isn’t too bad all things considered, as a Carrera 4 of this vintage should probably sell around $25K-$27K. So there’s a small premium for the Millennium Edition package here and I think those who are really looking for one of these shouldn’t be too surprised. I doubt there’s much collector appeal given the general market for the 996, but that just means buyers can enjoy these 911s without concern over long-term value.


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  1. IIRC they came with matching luggage

  2. some of the pictures make the interior look like the 997 terracotta…

  3. No mention of the IMS bearing or service records? This is why I don’t like the secondary market dealers.

  4. Never thought I’d think of $30k for a 996 as a good deal, but this things is gorgeous. It’s been haunting me for the past 24 hours.

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