1987 BMW 735i 5-speed Euro-Spec

Much like the E23 that it replaced, we just don’t seem to see a lot of good condition E32s cruising around these days. In comparison to the E34 that was launched at the same time and shared much of the technology, it’s interesting that this is the case; is it that 7-series owners just didn’t care for their cars as well, or expected something different from them? Certainly the German ultra-luxury market witnesses the greatest depreciation this side of a Nissan product, resulting in expensive cars in the hands of those who sometimes can’t afford or aren’t willing to maintain them. We’ve certainly seen our fair share of 750iL wrecks, for example – cars that just could never be brought back from the brink. But it still surprises me that we don’t see more of the 735i, especially the fairly rare 5-speed variants. We’ve listed them before, and I think one of the comments was “does a 7 series really fit with a manual?” Having grown up with one in the household, I can say it’s an emphatic yes. It may not have been the preferred transmission for the E32, but it transformed it from a sedate luxury car to a sports sedan with a luxury bias. It felt much quicker than it probably should have and drove more of less just like a heavier version of the 5 series – which is to say, quite well. But they’re very rare to see, so when this 1987 European-spec model popped up I was sure excited:

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1987 BMW 735i

When the conversation comes around to talking about BMWs from the 1980s, the E30 and original M3 would no doubt be a centerpiece of the discussion. The E24 6 series coupe, however, is fast becoming a collector favorite as we saw from our recent highlights during Shark Week. But what about this sleek coupe’s saloon sibling, the 7 series? Long forgotten and overshadowed at the time by the beloved W126 Mercedes-Benz S class, the E23 is a car longing for some attention. Unlike the 6 series, there are few left in mint condition, as most were used by executives and VIPs who moved on from them rather quickly, which left these cars in the hands of second hand buyers who picked them up on the cheap and were less than fastidious with care.

This 1987 735i for sale in Missouri, however, is an awesome example of the last year of this model and has well under 100,000 miles on the odometer. This car is a serious treat for any executive car enthusiast of the era.

Year: 1987
Model: 735i
Engine: 3.5 liter inline-6
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 86,864 mi
Price: $7,000 Buy It Now

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This is a time capsule, pristine BMW E23, 735i with only 86k miles. all original, clean title. All maintenance is up to date.The car drives/handles perfectly. A/C blows cold and has been converted to R134. It has an Alpine head unit w/iPod jack. I have most maintenance records for the car and some of it its listed below:

3/10 Replaced driveshaft, rear suspension links, new front coil springs.
4/11 Repair both power headrests
5/11 Balance tires, adjust valves, install Bosal exhaust.
6/11 Rebuilt fuel injectors, cleaned throttle body
7/11 New Kumho tires.
9/11 Oil filter (Mobil 1, 5W-30)
2/12 @ 79K Brake fluid.
6/12 @ 82K Battery.
6/13 New A/C condenser, Dryer, O-rings, used compressor, and R-134 as stated above.
6/13 @ 86k Oil filter, Oil change (Mobil 1, 5W-30), BMW Coolant, Flush radiator, spark plugs, Distributor cap and ignition rotor.

The transmission has been replaced by BMW sometimes back, and the new one has been serviced recently. (I have receipt for oil/filter kit/gssket..from Pelican Parts).

This is an amazing car, never planned on selling it but a business opportunity came up and I have to come up with extra $$$. But WILL NOT SELL FOR LESS THAN ASKED PRICE.

This 735i is a car that will raise few eyebrows, as the beige paintwork and BBS wheels accentuate its sublime nature. The red leather interior, though, is a nice touch and a departure from the usual tan, black and gray upholstery most often seen on these models. Even though the outside may not shout at you, a vibrant color like this would make this car a nice place to spend some time in. While the seller is firm on his price, I don’t think this is an unreasonable ask. You would be hard pressed to get into an E24 in similar condition and even lesser E30s are pulling more in value these days. The iPod jack is a nice touch and one of those few modifications I would personally carry out on a classic vehicle. A large sedan might go against the grain of BMW’s old tagline “The Ultimate Driving Machine,” but for those who do a lot of highway cruising and want something out of the luxury sedan norm, this might just fit the bill. You’d certainly be in scarce company at the next BMW club concours with a 7er like this.


1988 BMW 735i 5-speed manual

It always seems that whenever I come across an uncommon car to feature on GCFSB, another one follows shortly thereafter. We featured an BMW 735i in May with a rare manual transmission. It was a quite clean example even though it was closing in on 200,000 miles. Now here comes another 735i 5-speed manual for sale in Tennessee with slightly less miles but looking just as mint as the one featured two months ago.


Year: 1988
Model: 735i
Engine: 3.5 liter inline six
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 173,000 miles
Price: $6,500

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Excellent condition. Engine runs strong. Clutch is strong and transmission shifts smooth. New BMW OE wheels and new tires. Manual 5-speed transmission is factory original. Only about 1,200 manual 735i models made. Upholstery is good and leather seats are perfect. Dash is perfect and no cracks. All gauges and switches working and air is cold. After market stereo with Bluetooth. (Original radio is available) Many new parts. Paint is good and no rust. Any questions call 423-584-1689. More pictures available upon request.


The 735i 5-speed we featured previously was for sale at $4,800. While this car has less miles, it isn’t a whole lot less. These E32s can test both your patience and your budget, so $6,500 for a big luxury sedan with a third pedal and limited market in this country is probably a big ask. But, similar to the one we featured back in May, the exterior and interior look quite tidy. Like the 300SE featured last Tuesday, a big saloon with a manual transmission like this is exactly what I would want for those long haul trips.


1988 BMW 735i 5-speed Manual

When it was introduced, the E32 7 series would finally be the car that would allow BMW to take the executive car fight right to Stuttgart’s doorstep. It’s predecessor was long an afterthought amongst luxury car buyers, rather, it was more for the extrovert that wanted a bit of sport in his big sedan package. The E32 changed that in 1988, offering short and long wheelbase models and choice of engine options, which included a series of six cylinder engines, a diesel variant and the ultimate 5.0 liter V12 750iL. This was an era where you could still order a manual transmission in most BMW models, and you could certainly have one if you wanted in the 735 model. It was a rare option indeed, and one rarely seen in the US. However, this 735i for sale in California has the 5-speed manual gearbox and looks to be in pretty decent shape after covering almost 200,000 miles.


Year: 1988
Model: 735i
Engine: 3.5 liter inline six
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 192,900 miles
Price: $4,800

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1988 735i BMW rare 5-speed. Very clean all original black paint and leather interior. BBS wheels. Hofco III alarm. Power locks, seats, windows and mirrors. A great car to add to someones collection. Purchased from Newport Auto Center dealer with 6,061 miles in June 1988. All maintenance records available.


Normally, most people would run like the wind at the mere mention of a 7 series with high mileage, but this has worn its age and mileage well. According to the seller, the paint is original and all service records are available. One good thing about this 735i is you won’t have to worry about the headaches and cost of maintaining a 12 cylinder engine, so running it on somewhat of a budget should be within reason, save for errant electrical gremlins. If this 7 is as clean as it looks, it’s a lot of car for the money, with the added twist of the uncommon third pedal. Thanks to our reader Jason for bringing this car to our attention!


Low-mileage 1986 BMW 735i “time-capsule” for sale

The other day I was driving next to an older woman in a light blue E30 325i. I glanced at it, ready to move on as the ubiquity of the 3-series makes it hard to get excited, but I couldn’t stop looking. It was perfect. The chrome trim, the paint, the panels and stock basket-weave wheels were all immaculate. Seeing it offered a rare glimpse into how attractive these cars were brand-new, gleaming at a BMW dealership, itching to take the everyday sports-sedan to a whole new level. Time, dirt, and neglect too often relegate older cars to forgettable “old beater” status, completely separate from how great they once were.

Today’s 735i is one such car, a shining example of how great 80s BMWs were completely stock. The original owner drove it for 1 year and 11k miles and traded it in, where the seller’s parents picked up and kept it in perfect condition while driving it just 33k miles over the last 24 years. It’s not the most collectible vintage Bimmer, but it is a gorgeous example of the North American flagship.

1986 BMW 735i for sale on eBay

The description from a dutiful offspring:

This 1986 BMW 735i is a rare find indeed! Always kept in a garage and never driven hard. Only 44,500 pampered miles. I am selling this car for my parents who have kept this vehicle in immaculate condition since purchasing it in 1987 from Frank Hilson BMW in Fort Lauderdale. The original (and only other) owner traded it with 11,000 miles. All service records, owner manuals and brochures have been impeccably maintained for the next owner.

The Bronzit Beige Exterior and Perl Beige Leather Interior are a classic BMW combination. Bubinga wood trimming on the doors and instrument panel. Even the toolbox in the trunk lid is flawless. The 3.5 liter 6-cylinder inline engine is recognized by BMW enthusiasts as one of the most reliable and well designed engines ever built. This 735i is loaded with every available option from the sunroof to the all stainless steel exhaust system.

The pictures tell the story. The only flaws are 2 light cosmetic scratches on the hood and a very small parking lot ding on the driver’s side. This is a 1986 BMW in a time capsule!

The bottom line is that you will still look classy as hell driving this car, and the venerable M30 3.4L inline-6 has a lot of miles left to pull you around while swaddled in gorgeous and nearly-perfect leather. Despite no reserve, bidding is slow with just one bid at the opening price of $7,500. That seems like inexpensive for a car that looks like a million bucks.


1986 BMW 735i Euro 5-Speed LSD No Reserve

A find from the bargain bin here. This grey market 735i is up for sale on eBay with no reserve and a price currently well under $1,000. Sure the car has over 200,000 miles on it, but the seller seems very confident in its reliability. Several things set this 7 series apart from others including the Zender style body kit, limited slip differential, 5 speed manual, and the unique euro only interior appointments.

The car has a few things wrong with it, but nothing you couldn’t leave and just enjoy the car as is. A nice looking ride that will sell to the highest bidder.



1980 BMW 735i Touring Prototype

I’ve admitted it before, I’m not a big fan of sport utility vehicles. Coming across this rare BMW prototype reminds me why I like wagons so much. I remember seeing this 735i Touring on eBay about a decade ago, and now it’s current owner in Newton, Massachusetts has it up for sale again on eBay, with no reserve.

The seller states:

1980 BMW 735i Touring with 9,042 miles today. This is a Euro model and eBay does not like the VIN which is WBA68410007432544 It was built in June 1980 and is titled as a 1981.

Per the site stationwagon.com http://www.stationwagon.com/gallery/198x_BMW_735i.html

“This car was built on the BMW production line for display at the Frankfurt Auto Show. There were only two cars made like this. It was built on the 735i chassis – and is a European model. This was never a production car. Details include – – 8,179 original miles, tan cloth interior, a manual sunroof and windows, roof rack, alloy wheels & automatic transmission. The car was imported to the US and brought up to DOT and EPA standards in Ohio.”

This car was purchased on eBay in 2000 with 8,179 miles and was amongst a collection of approximately 100 cars owned by a noted collector in New Hampshire. It was then purchased in 8/2003 with 8,300 miles from the collector’s estate sale until it was purchased by me in November 2010 with 9,002 miles. I had service performed on the car, tuned it up, replaced mechanical and safety items and brought the car back onto the road. It runs and drives fine. It is currently inspected and on the road with a Massachusetts December 2010 inspection sticker. I would have no hesitation using this car as an everyday vehicle.

Unfortunately I do not have the space to keep it unless I give it to my 16 year old as his every day car and sell his. This rare beautiful vehicle deserves better than that. The negatives to the car are: 6 spots where the paint has lifted and there is surface rust underneath. Also the straight pipe in the exhaust is rusty. It was able to pass inspection but I don’t know how many more years it has left. There is a small rip in the center armrest in the rear seat. I have tried to clean up the interior but it hasn’t been warm enough since I purchased the car to do an outstanding job.

The starting price of this auction is $7,000 with no reserve. Given the history of this vehicle, and based on recent sales of clean E23 7 series, I’d take a stab and say anything in the $10 to $15k range would be realistic. Unlike an M1 or Z8, the desirability and value won’t ever be as high, but there’s no denying the historical significance of this vehicle. Given that it was built on the BMW assembly line and foreshadowed BMW Touring models to come, it deserves to be preserved for future generations. Having visited the BMW Museum in Munich two years ago, and after seeing the exhibits, it would be great to see this prototype in such a collection.


1988 BMW 735i 5 speed with under 40k miles

Clean, low mileage E32 7 series aren’t very common these days. Those with a manual transmission are even less common, no matter the condition. Here’s a clean 735i 5 speed with just over 37,000 miles out on Long Island.

1988 BMW 735i 5 speed on eBay

The seller states:

This beautiful, never abused, and always maintained driving machine has had two local (Hamptons) owners since new. It’s been diligently serviced right here at Joe’s Garage for many years and is no exception to our 27 year commitment to quality of offering ready to safely drive and own vehicles.

All original paint, with one small ding on left side door(no paint abrasion- see photos), all mechanics and accesories properly working, and ready to drive anywhere. Tires have most of ther original and evenly worn tread, but prudence would suggest replacement, purely because of their age(we can easily do that if you call us to arrange).

NADA is listing high retail at $5,000 for a 1988 735i. There’s a few bids and a couple days left in the auction, so I’d wager to say this number will be met and most likely exceeded, as examples like these are rare. This car also has a good, neutral color for resale, the manual transmission makes it attractive to enthusiasts and there is the advantage of this car not having the complex V12 and expensive repair bills.