Tuner Tuesday: 1990 Alpina B10 BiTurbo

When it comes of tuned BMWs, there’s no shortage of examples. Indeed, there are far more tuners of the popular Munich brand than all the others combined. From ABC Exclusive to Zender, everyone had their hand at modifying some series car into something a bit more. Sometimes more was tasteful, and othertimes it was garish – but all the way along, no firm has been consistently more effective at producing a quality product than Alpina. From their roots as a semi-factory race effort in the 1970s right through the dealer-offered cars of today, Alpina’s results have always been top-notch redefinition of the basic car. And while they have subsequently built faster cars, for me the best examples of the ethos of Alpina and its relation to BMW has always been the B10 BiTurbo. BMW built the screaming S38 powered M5, but Alpina provided its clients a private jet for the road:

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1984 Alpina B10 3.5

We’ve covered a lot of Alpina models on these pages, but today’s example was a new one to me. In fact, it may be a new one to you, too – because this might be the most rare Alpina model produced. Alpina didn’t have a lot to do with the early 7 series for a few reasons; one, they didn’t sell in big numbers and most of Alpina’s work was concentrated on the smaller and sportier 3,5 and 6 series. But BMW offered a factory hotrod itself in the turbocharged 745i in 1981, and at that point Alpina seemed to give up the ghost on development of the E23 – or did it? The problem was that in Great Britain, the 745i wasn’t available, so Alpina dealer Sytner had the company develop a specific U.K market model. Based upon the 735i, the B10 3.5 featured a 261 horsepower Alpina 3.5 liter motor, normal Alpina suspension upgrades and wheels and some subtle exterior and interior changes. Although these cars were not built in Germany, they are nonetheless considered real Alpinas. Only a scant 22 were built, and one is for sale today:

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Tuner Tuesday: 1989 Alpina B10 3.5/1

Alpina is a name which holds as much weight in enthusiast’s minds as names like AMG and Ruf, and for good reason. Since the infancy of BMW’s mainstream involvement in both motorsports and road cars, Alpina has been intrinsically linked to the marque and has developed some of the more memorable fast alternatives to BMW’s own M series. They have a different character; you could say they were less aggressive, but the signature Alpina Blue with large turbine wheels, character stripes and spoilers paired often with the combination of specially upholstered interiors replete with rich woods results in a package that many view is more special than the standard production cars. Their complete reworking of models right down to special engines and suspensions has resulted in a bespoke BMW made in limited quantities and with its own unique character:

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Tuner Tuesday: 1988 Alpina B10 3.5/1

I have a business plan to suggest to the audience; go to Japan, find all of the low mileage AMGs, Rufs and Alpinas that businessmen snapped up in the late 80s and early 90s, buy them and a large number of containers, and bring them over here to eager fans who snap up anything late 80s-spectacular quicker than a cocaine line at a Charlie Sheen party. What’s that? Someone’s already thought of it? We’ve seen a few repeat sellers pop up with surprisingly mint, lower mile examples of some rare German metal – all of which spent time in the land of the rising sun. Again today, it’s another Japanese-import Alpina – this time, an E34 based B10 3.5/1 model:

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Tuner Tuesday: 1993 Alpina B10 BiTurbo

Alpina has always struck me as one of the most thorough tuners in the world. Their research and development of engines, suspension and exhaust is second only to perhaps Ruf and AMG, thanks largely to their close associations with the factory. Inside the fit and finish of the cars is perhaps even better than they came originally; beautiful details that make the cars stand apart. And visually Alpinas have always been the best looking BMWs out there in my opinion; subtle aerodynamic tweaks, beautiful wheels and striking but tasteful “go faster” stripes that distinguish Munich’s best. But even amongst Alpinas there are special models, and the E34 B10 BiTurbo is one of them. Alpina took a normal 535i and made it’s own interpretation of what the M5 could be; instead of a high-revving twin cam S38, you got two turbochargers with enough torque to embarrass those boys from Affalterbach. Alpina achieved this through a full custom build; Mahle pistons, custom oil sprayers to cool the them, stronger connecting rods, sodium-filled valves and bespoke intake and exhaust systems – but then, Alpina’s never been shy about producing it’s own items. While all Alpinas are rare, the B10 BiTurbo was fairly popular; of the 1600-odd E34s Alpina built, a full 507 of them were B10s. There are quite a few kicking around Canada, but not many are in the U.S., making this 1993 example quite rare:

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Alpina-off: E34 v. E39 B10s

I’ve recently had the pleasure of writing up a few very cool Alpinas thanks to a new seller who seems to be flooding the market. Today, unlike the Japanese seller on eBay, there are two B10s that are already located in the Americas – Canada, to be specific, where it’s a bit easier to get these European market cars imported. So here we have two iterations of Alpina’s vision of the 5-series; in the E34, it’s a 1991 3.5/1 that was very similar in many regards to the B11 3.5/1 I featured Tuesday. On the newer end of the spectrum is the 1998 B10 V8; a huge jump in power to accompany the newer chassis. Which is your flavor? Let’s break down what you’d get with each:

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Tuner Tuesday Alpina-off – 1994 B10 Allrad Touring 6-speed and 1998 B12 5.7

Following up on last week’s Alpina B6 2.8 Touring, I have another post of the boutique manufacturer’s cars. It goes without saying that Alpinas are pretty special cars and quite limited production; however, a few sub-models are notable as being especially rare. Going above and beyond, these cars will really set you apart from the typical crowd – get specific about the configuration, and you can usually count on one hand the number of models that are the same as the one you’re looking at. That’s especially true when you see today’s Alpina twofer – two lesser seen models from a lesser seen manufacturer. Today I have, thanks to a great spot from our reader John, the #2 produced B10 Allrad Touring and the #123 B12 5.7. Which would be your flavor? Let’s start with the Touring first:

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Heap of the Week Twofer: 1985 Bitter SC and 1989 Alpina B10 3.5/1

While we usually don’t like to show cars that are not at least good examples of the respective marques that they represent, occasionally some oddballs pop up that are just too good to pass up. Today is such a case, with two unique vehicles popping up on Ebay that rarely get seen at all. Unfortunately, both are in need of a fair amount of work, so depending on your comfort level I wouldn’t really consider either of these cars a turn key, collector vehicle as they stand. However, with the right about know-how, determination and a fair amount of work I think both of these cars could be resurrected to their former glory; certainly, both would bring smiles at shows wherever they went. Let’s look first at the rare duck of the two, the Bitter SC:

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4WD Week: 1995 BMW Alpina B10 3.0 Allrad


The Audis, VWs, and even Porsches featured this week were no real surprises as those companies have been associated with AWD for quite some time. BMW’s ix models have been around for a while, but the company will (hopefully) always be associated with rear-wheel drive sports cars. This means that the obscure Golf Rallyes or Countrys pale in comparison to the rarity of this Alpina, one of just 64 produced. Based on the 525ix, Alpina did their magic to bump the horsepower up 20% to a more-sufficient 231hp. Mixed with all-season grip, this is a unique Bimmer indeed.

Year: 1995
Model: Alpina B10 3.0 Allrad
Engine: 2.5l inline-6
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 62,000
Price: $20,515


Click for more details: 1995 BMW Alpina B10 3.0 Allrad on Mobile.de


ALPINA B10 3.0 Allrad (all wheel drive) Number 13 of 64

A rare, almost impossible to find Alpina 4×4, collectible, only 64 produced worldwide. Original 99,959 km! 100% accident free and in perfect condition. Alpina delivered and registered Number 13, complete maintenance history, seamless service book, garaged vehicle.


Recent improvements:
3-phase paint and polish. (Color 309 Artic Silver Metalic)
Underside chassis and body Dinitrol (rust proofing) treatment
Automatic transmission fluid flush
Four new tires, two new shock absorbers, whole new exhaust system
New battery, new E34 Business radio/CD
Extra: Two original, very rare, Alpina Recaro E34 sport seats.
Prepared for export


No crazy stripes or interior here (although it comes with Alpina Recaros, which should be installed ASAP), but the lovely bodykit and wheels are there. These days, our solitary Alpina B7 offering can be had with AWD, but this is a cool rarity as we reach the end of 4WD Week. It’s in the Netherlands and a ways away from importation, but if you’re an Alpina nut who likes the snow, this could open some interesting doors. They made some Tourings as well…


1990 BMW Alpina B10 Biturbo

Our love for all things Alpina is no secret here at GCFSB. Power, style and rarity augment the standard BMW desirability. Today’s E34 B10 comes stacked with the 3.5L M30 boosted by two turbos, with the manual boost control allowing for 300 to 360hp. Not sure why you’d turn it down on this car, but whatever. Beyond the performance, it’s fitted with the classic Alpina kit, including protrusive spoilers and near-perfect 20-spoke wheels. The audacious body kit is tempered by a beautiful green and omission of the usual Alpina techno-crazy lines. All the better to blow your doors off with, my dear. This car looks good from every angle and boasts serious performance gains over any E34, M5 or otherwise.

1990 BMW Alpina B10 Biturbo for sale on eBay Canada

This is an excellent 1990 BMW ALPINA B10 Bi-Turbo, which has covered 231,900 Kilometers (144k Miles). since new. It was originally sold in Germany. We imported it to Vancouver, Canada in 2005 and is now registered in British Columbia, Canada. The VIN number is: WAPBATL000B750135 It is a #135 of 507 produced worldwide. This exquisite automobile is powered by smooth and ferociously powerful 3.5L Twin Turbo, Intercooled M30 6-cylinder motor mated to Getrag 290/5-speed manual transmission. It is equipped with Catalytic converters. The motor is rated at 360HP and 400lb/f of torque. The performance is astounding, 0–60 in 5.1 seconds, top speed is 181MPH. The turbo lag is minimal. It has factory manual boost control varying boost from 0.4 bar to 0.8 bar (300 – 360HP). As it can be seen from the photographs, this piece of automotive history is in excellent condition. The body and paint are excellent, no dents, visible rust or rock chips. The wheels are 100% true; there are no curb marks. Very rare M5 body trim (rear bumper and lower body moldings). New factory Alpina Clutch. New Continental Extreme Contact tires. Ignition wires, cap, rotor and plugs just replaced as well. Excellent cosmetic condition. Fully sorted mechanically. The interior is very clean, no cracks on the dash. All electrical accessories work – power windows, mirrors, sunroof, climate control with ice cold AC. It drives great. We have complete service history since the day the car landed in Canada. We can provide copies to seriously interested parties.

Complete safety and mechanical inspections were performed on this vehicle as part of our reconditioning process. There are no oil leaks; all fluids and filters have been replaced. The brakes are good. All suspension bushings are fine, the self-leveling suspension shocks do not leak. Independent party pre-purchase inspection at your expense prior to bidding is welcomed and strongly encouraged.

A NOTE TO OUR USA CUSTOMERS: As this vehicle is 22 years old, it is exempt from US EPA compliance requirements. DOT compliance work (headlights, side marker lights, etc.) must be performed by US Registered Importer. We can put you in touch with a reputable and knowledgeable Registered Importer who has imported Alpina’s in the past and is ready to process this one.

144k miles and $22,000 are not small numbers, but they’re a bit more reasonable taken in the context of getting behind the wheel of a true Alpina. A few dollars will need to be spent to get it US legal today, or you could wait a few more years for when it’s 25 years old. Regardless, I could look at this car all day, and many of these pictures will be going in my “desktops” folder. It’s too bad they’re all of the B10 stationary, as this angry green monster looks like it wants to be ripping apart asphalt and rubber every minute of the day.